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Dallas Hyatt | profile | all galleries >> The Alameda Antiques and Collectibles Fair tree view | thumbnails | slideshow

The Alameda Antiques and Collectibles Fair

I love the Alameda Antiques Fair! You never know what you're going to find. The variety of art and stuff and people are fantastic. And the farther back you go, the funkier it gets.
And it's huge! You can't even dream of seeing the whole thing one day. Just try.
Bring your walking shoes. And a hat. And lots of money. Oh, and don't forget your camera.

All photographs Copyright Dallas Hyatt
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I AM The Party Garfield Whirligig and Crane Old Glass Bottles Egyptian Goddess Blue Face
Odd Assortment of Stuff Wooden Cat Wearing Bikini Embroidered badges Furry Boots Clutch
Mr & Mrs Claus with Frankenstein Bill Ding Skeleton and Statues Hats Dummy Head
Pretty / Scary Hers / His Canada Dry Cold Pop Big Rat Gluten Free Antiques
Milkshake Mixer EVETING WORKS GOOD Stanford Mermaid Brand Scallops and Oysters Big Bird
Chickens Colgate and Kellogg's Vases and Shipping Containers DSC07481.jpg DSC07479.jpg
DSC07476.jpg C Merry Christmas! Red Suitcases
Alameda Point P1020044.jpg P1020042.jpg Leather Belts P1020039.jpg
P1020036.jpg Glass Reflection Jars Candle Holders Self Portrait
Tubs Rainbow Umbrella Metal Tree
Various Beasts (Extinct, Imaginary and Otherwise) DSC_0955.jpg Van / Quilt Thumb Up Letters
Blue Chairs Reach Marilyn Very Creepy Baby
Buddha Cat Cracked Head Junk Jewelry Raccoon Zebra
Scouting for a Deal Mink Scarf DSC_0881.jpg STOP 9:27
San Francisco Bay DSC_0873.jpg Sold DSC_0869.jpg
DSC_0867.jpg DSC_0863.jpg DSC_0856.jpg DSC_0852.jpg Panda and Welder
Sails DSC_0844.jpg Gumby and Friend Scary Bunnies DSC_0839.jpg
DSC_0837.jpg DSC_0828.jpg Hello... Sheep Port of Oakland
SF Quitting Time Fan Surf Purse
Alien Lamp Piggy Bank Big Oakland Cranes
Hats Disney Workin' those angels overtime IMG_3469.jpg
IMG_3473.jpg IMG_3465.jpg Culture Mix Darth Vader Grizzly Serenade
Abstract Artwork Detail Scary Clown Orange Pig Candelabra
Torso and Two Chairs Nude Art Exit
Heads Dolls pins
P8020144.jpg P8020138.jpg P8020132.jpg P8020131.jpg P8020128.jpg
P8020121.jpg P8020118.jpg P8020116.jpg P8020110.jpg P8020106.jpg
P8020103.jpg P8020100.jpg P8020098.jpg P8020088.jpg P8020086.jpg
P8020079.jpg P8020076.jpg P8020072.jpg P8020071.jpg P8020061.jpg
P8020058.jpg P8020055.jpg P8020054.jpg 3 Owls and a Cat P8020039.jpg
P8020036.jpg P8020033.jpg P8020029.jpg
Runway Mirror
Broken Christmas Memories
P3040155.jpg P3040247.jpg P3040279.jpg
P3040280.jpg P6040186.jpg P3040288.jpg P6040131.jpg
P6040251.jpg PC030095.jpg PC030028.jpg Christmas in the Port of Oakland
P6040152.jpg P6040158.jpg P6040252.jpg
P3040260.jpg P6040255.jpg P6040254.jpg P3040176.jpg
Bay Bridge P6040226.jpg Old and New
Plates P3040228.jpg P3040292.jpg
P6040236.jpg P6040175.jpg Street Corner
Windows P6040184.jpg PC030083.jpg
P3040201.jpg PC030106.jpg
P3040258.jpg P3040182.jpg
P3040181.jpg P6040256.jpg P6040209.jpg
PC030102.jpg PC030098.jpg
P3040183.jpg P3040166.jpg Heart P3040252.jpg P3040223.jpg
P6040204.jpg P6040239.jpg P3040297.jpg
P3040205.jpg PC030067.jpg P3040317.jpg
P3040170.jpg Shoppers PC030063.jpg P6040140.jpg
P6040257.jpg P6040234.jpg P6040144.jpg P3040321.jpg P3040271.jpg
P6040148.jpg P6040222.jpg P3040184.jpg PC030026.jpg
Getting a leg up on the competition P3040274.jpg P6040143.jpg
P3040250.jpg PC030058.jpg PC030071.jpg
P6040174.jpg Dice P6040258.jpg P3040300.jpg
P3040263.jpg PC030082.jpg P3040225.jpg Mirror
P3040302.jpg P6040214.jpg P6040142.jpg Steins
P6040187.jpg P3040218.jpg PC030085.jpg P6040127.jpg
PC030056.jpg P3040232.jpg P3040178.jpg PC030036.jpg
P6040207.jpg P3040233.jpg P3040249.jpg Ghirardelli
Happy Halloween! P6040241.jpg P6040163.jpg
P3040276.jpg P6040147.jpg P3040190.jpg Global Economy P6040191.jpg
P3040162.jpg PC030031.jpg P6040150.jpg P3040269.jpg
PC030079.jpg P6040134.jpg Lunch
P3040282.jpg P3040254.jpg P3040206.jpg
PC030078.jpg P3040202.jpg
History Is Edited P6040117.jpg P3040211.jpg
P6040228.jpg P6040194.jpg P3040298.jpg P3040210.jpg
Change P3040193.jpg PC030111.jpg Artist at Work
P3040316.jpg PA020106.JP P3040295.jpg
Mixed Messages P6040192.jpg
P3040177.jpg P6040156.jpg P3040237.jpg
P3040157.jpg PC030046.jpg
Wooden pails P6040220.jpg PC030113.jpg Texas
PC030066.jpg World Knowledge Generations PC030034.jpg P6040244.jpg
Someone's old memories for sale Terry and Max PC030054.jpg Shoes
P3040220.jpg P3040251.jpg P6040161.jpg