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Felicity Plantation
28 December 2006 Coleen Perilloux Landry

Felicity Plantation

Vacherie, Louisiana

Because of construction being done to the house from damages suffered in Hurricanes Katrina and Rita it was not possible to get a closer shot of the house.
Built in 1846 by Valcour Aime' as a wedding gift to his daughter, Felicite Emma, and her spouse, Septime Fortier, this house is built of cypress with wooden columns. It has wide central hallways on both the upper and lower floors with high-ceilinged rooms opening from them. There are several red Italian marble mantelpieces in many of the rooms.
In the late 1800's the house and property were purchased by Saturnine Waguespack and in 1901 Felicity was combined with St. Joseph plantation to form the St. Joseph Plantation and Manufacturing Company, known for its sugar cane production. Both St. Joseph and Felicity have many beautiful live oaks on the property that are registered with the Live Oak Society and named for family members.
Descendants of the Waguespack family still occupy this majestic mansion facing the Mississippi River along the Great River Road.
The movie "The Skeleton Key" was filmed here. In 2013 the movie "12 Years a Slave" was filmed here.

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acezn1 19-Jun-2017 11:48
I will buy this house and its plantation soon.
Marianne Hardey 10-Jan-2016 21:11
Gladys Sulm, my grandmother was a wonderful woman. My brother and I also called her Grandy. Brian Harrington in the previous post is my cousin. The home is owned by St. Joseph P & M. I have many pictures of visits when I was younger and more recently with my own children before Grandy passed away. She is buried next to my mother Gladys Sulm Mateer. I had heard that a new series called Underground was filming there. I hope the proceeds help to restore this beautiful home. By the way, the attic is awesome. My grandmother used to tell us stories about my mother, her sister and two brothers playing up there. I found and kept an old chipped piece of slate that came of the roof up there. My little piece of history that I brought home to Virginia. I Hope they open it up to tours like St. Joe.
Brian Harrington 10-Jan-2013 07:27
Gladys Sulm, or Grandy as we called her was my grandmother, my mom grew up their. Grandy died at age 98 five years ago . The house and St. Joe,s plantation are still owned by the family. Todd I assume that sale had to be to the Waugepaks, no other owners, been in our family since late 1800,s
Todd 17-Nov-2012 11:41
My great grandfather grew up in this house, they sold during the flood fear to, of all places, Bank of America.
Guest 15-Jun-2012 14:06
Well, the film Twelve Years A Slave is suppose to be filmed at Felicity Plantation...filming will begin 25 June for seven weeks. Please post comments if you see any celebs hanging
"Bean" 09-May-2012 20:44
I saw someone posted in 2009 that this house was being restored to be opened for touring. I live in the area and passed by there just yesterday. It didn't look like any work is going on there and there are still lots of no trespassing signs. I haven't ever heard any rumors of it being opened to the public.
Jai 10-Dec-2011 18:15
I absolutely love this house. I'm obsessed with Plantations so much. I looked up planatations in the US and you'll be suprised how many are in each state, more int he southern states though,, but I must say I'ma huge fan of the LA,MS plantations because of the history.
Victoria 07-Dec-2011 10:15
I'm from South Africa & in 2010 my husband & I made a special trip to the US, just to visit these beautiful, graceful homes. Unfortunately, we were unable to visit Felicity Plantation due to it being restored at the time. But we had such a lovely visit to St Joseph Plantation! Thank you to those who preserve these homes!
Luis 22-Jul-2011 11:03
No Mirrors!!! Quote from Skeleton Key of course :-)
James 26-May-2011 17:46
There are remains of the garden of Valcour Aime, it is in private hands and extremely overgrown. The fort and icehouse are the most substantial remains. There is also a remaining mass of brick that was part of his sugar mill.

Felicity is a lovely house, simple but elegant. She needs some cosmetic work but the structure is now sound.
guest 08-Apr-2011 20:31
Shortly after the Skeleton Key was released, I had the opportunity to vist this house and meet Ms. Sulm. She was a very nice lady. She showed me some of her paintings and gave me a picture card she had sketched of the plantation with a write up about it. I have it framed in my living room. I look foward to the day I can tour Felicity again with my family. It is a beautiful piece of Louisiana history.
a.fortier 15-Mar-2011 14:06
Guest 11-Mar-2011 04:35
Cannot wait till this home opens for tours. I was born on the river in New Orleans; however, I've moved to Tampa during middle school. I would just love to own a property like this, and remodel the home to it's original glory.
Kim 21-Feb-2011 18:03
To the previous poster, Ms. Sulm was my great-grandmother! How great that she was your teacher!
Guest 09-Nov-2010 16:55
My fourth grade teacher Ms. Sulm lived in this house. I wonder if her relatives are still around?
Shannon 18-Oct-2009 17:50
Visited this plantation in June of 2009. After building the courage we turned down the driveway, knowing it was the house from Skeleton Key and wanting to get a better look. The problem is, there are TONS of "no trespassing" signs which makes sense cause this a real home and not open to the public. But, we saw from the street that there was a giant dumpster in the front yard, and figured it was being remodeled. When we got up to the front, the workers were very friendly. The two older men we spoke with were born and raised in the area, and speak French, German and English! They told us the place IS in fact being remodeled and WILL be open to the public in the next few years, just like Laura and Oak Alley! I guess this means I will be back for another visit in 4-5 years!
Guest 21-Sep-2009 03:44
I love all plantation houses, they are unique, cozy. And built with high ceilings sure they would be more luxurious and expensive and luminous like 500sque villas, especially sorrounded by large and old trees, that the older they get they soak age up as wisdom and Immanence. The Architecture is even superb and italian marble is so expensive and yet adds the luxury and boldness of a flourishing 700'. The light and elegant detailed facade in these houses even seen from miles calls your sight with respectful admiration. This beautiful landscape recalls a victorian shady past and sumptuous like a flower
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JacobP. 06-Jul-2009 17:48
I visited this great mansion during Spring Break of 2009. I am from Georgia and my favorite movie is The Skeleton Key, and it always will be! This house should definetly be preserved as a landmark and should be visited by many people. Louisiana is perhaps the Greatest Place Ever, well besides Disney, of coarse! ( :
Susan Carlin Paycer 05-Jul-2009 23:00
Saw Skelleton Key and was intreigued by this Plantation Home. I am from NOLA but live in Florida now. I love these old houses. Try to visit as many as I can. I will try to go and see this one next time I go home
Guest 27-Jun-2009 07:24
The people, who care enough, are Milton Freewater.
Melody Smoak 23-Jun-2009 19:45
I will visit this house one day. I loved the movie The Skeleton Key. Thank God for people who care enough to restore old homes.
Guest 09-Nov-2008 03:08
Felicite Aime Fortier was my 4th great grandmother. I hope to see this house in person one day, since there's nothing left of Valcour's place.
Sandra 06-Jul-2008 01:54
Love this house.Classic plantation
Mechelle 19-Jun-2008 04:35
This is the house used in the movie, The Skeleton Key, with Kate Hudson.
yannick Beunard27-Jul-2007 19:53
Superb house ...its reminds me Normandie , in France !