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Eating Driving Hiking and Waving goodbye to 2011 : Taiwan

Thousand photos… trimmed down to hundreds for people to see, to appreciate the beauty of Asia, to share our amazing trip, and for those that will never set foot in Taiwan, you are welcome to travel digitally by viewing this album

We drove around from one place to another.. visited Chinese temples, old town - old buildings, blue sea - gray sea, tried Chinese food, checked out botanical gardens, national park and so much more… within 12 days.. Beautiful ending of 2011 and a fresh start of 2012 indeed… Amazing Asia <3

This spot is mine, because I was faster :P Ready to explore.. The Old and The New t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140851154.SwNfU95D.jpg A sleigh is sooooo 1979… a bike is much faster
I assume the dog got confused and the truth's never been told Night market.. [F]ashion and [F]ood share similarity Hard to choose what to eat.. but no stinky tofu PLEASE BBQ and Daiso for 39! Colorful evening
Our Christmas Dinner :) A city of tunnels Tiny human The entrance The entrance
I honestly think that the Canon EOS AD is annoying but it's at the right place to advertise I somehow look so small :P t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140851238.lgmrQnyr.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140851240.I91KjyNG.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140851241.OPYCZvtE.jpg
Fast elevator… 1010m/min View from Taiwan 101 View from Taiwan 101 View from Taiwan 101 t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140851249.K70yRkGM.jpg
Huge damper Huge damper Squeeze squeeza da cow ;) t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140851255.Jt1dEzAt.jpg Tiny creatures
Sparkling Genie outside a vase Blocks t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140851266.USdXhNMY.jpg Another night market..
Gas station This looks so familiar Somehow everything looks tiny Interesting looking port Stranger weather.. cold and wet
Tunnels along the two-tone sea Blue and Blue Posing by the beach where we couldn't swim t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140851308.PBAGbgzW.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140851310.wH9smQBz.jpg
t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140851312.CXB8tKCQ.jpg Walking down to the beach So many Don'ts t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140851318.ldoHIvjy.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140851319.uR3z3CWL.jpg
It looks OK but we were not hungry :P Thanks Ears Felt like I was at the psycho hospital Chinese sausages Had no clue what it was but I ate anyway :)
Pretty Mild soup Checking out the supermarket Wandering around at night Colorful palms.. thought I was in Phuket Morning shopping.. didn't get anything :P
Tiny book Observing before exploring Aim high, shoot high :P Going up there, soon Love this blue water
t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140851401.2zenaGuo.jpg Tea or Coffee? t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140851404.b4rc04rZ.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140851405.gjFlwJmy.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140851406.67HpScTQ.jpg
t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140851407.tvWnpgUW.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140851411.Ovd9sNgw.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140851412.SbnrJDu8.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140851414.MlKrFgti.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140851418.gt60QxDj.jpg
Water of youth t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140851420.FMFdjRa0.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140851421.R2uiYFZM.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140851424.WyjHArnJ.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140851425.HkGS36tJ.jpg
t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140851426.RmJ20L1c.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140851429.tTx64zc6.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140851430.VsnTMiu7.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140851432.kM7VOHNC.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140851433.uzUbpfr1.jpg
t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140851434.pmP96c6u.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140851436.rMNxVF4L.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140851437.6yDipmOF.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140851440.7iUWWumq.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140851441.WTU4a5Xx.jpg
t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140851443.owcStH9O.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140851444.zxLwgwGr.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140851445.aRpvd5pr.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140851446.bvK4DRqo.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140851447.t2W2aCxQ.jpg
t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140851448.Fhcdpoyc.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140851449.LMQM6dyJ.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140851450.wFdXaEJH.jpg Beef noodles.. soooo yummy t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140851452.7VxDucly.jpg
Asian looking lady with salapao :D t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140851455.iaovl6Lj.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140851693.cuqAl0qS.jpg Beautiful blue sky t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140851698.OXFhuZpJ.jpg
t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140851700.vaBwxkyZ.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140851702.P3gk2dUt.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140851704.9Lu5D0Kr.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140851707.Ij84duq4.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140851711.bBfMSrPP.jpg
t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140851715.yQW9GkVC.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140851717.X3WepyIJ.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140851719.bDbIvBle.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140851721.f0HQH0ih.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140851725.JeQ31yLr.jpg
t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140851727.GPHHC7C1.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140851731.75mFLPWN.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140851733.haY0rMn2.jpg Yah I know I look tiny t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140851738.tanCJKQ8.jpg
t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140851740.0Bw3rs4F.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140851742.LEnkAzPl.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140851745.BgtH1H5N.jpg Where? t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140851756.OwT9Zeo0.jpg
t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140851758.GIzWNocT.jpg LOL Looking so serious Strong but fragile ;) t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140851768.xNBWziY8.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140851771.SUrWV93d.jpg
Don't wait for me? :P This is the right way t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140851787.sx45Pm8x.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140851789.yZ1ZtT7N.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140851795.ZdWemfcm.jpg
t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140851801.79FhIrt8.jpg I'll stay at the end of the bridge :P t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140851805.y6sOetoZ.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140851807.P6FJ6C4z.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140851809.8It5Jpln.jpg
Shaking… t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140851816.KlXpEJF4.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140851818.VCk4dz16.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140851820.XbmOSvtH.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140851822.N8iJrLmH.jpg
so… what would you like to order? :P t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140851826.5uxMYYVY.jpg Hot and Sour soup Roll roll roll t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140851832.4haychDH.jpg
t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140851834.fPbPGZtP.jpg Interesting stuff at 7-11 in Taiwan Self-portrait by the window while Mario is in the toilet :P Finally, got to see a blue sky t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140852501.HaaIHKXt.jpg
t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140852509.0I3Z9Gf8.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140852511.es2gMH67.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140852513.AyBbgADj.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140852516.AjSZ0y93.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140852518.DenE6WQd.jpg
t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140852520.RxzQomXi.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140852522.kHQg5DoF.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140852524.NopcRanv.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140852526.2IqeoBVD.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140852528.lHTkfs9Z.jpg
t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140852530.AaGuej3X.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140852532.mDr8iGV8.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140852536.k5PerVVP.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140852543.tVoGPUN2.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140852544.LAaxO2vk.jpg
t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140852545.ZFO75PCr.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140852547.BrzepWdI.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140852548.yk95tuM8.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140852549.TxT9cMS0.jpg Coldddd
t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140852551.uQvo9ucJ.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140852552.bGjiXhLu.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140852556.H46qW1DV.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140852559.XK1RfOfs.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140852560.kVkv0Odf.jpg
t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140852561.zt8LRZy9.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140852563.tjMH2zJA.jpg Amazingly blue… Amazingly blue… Amazingly blue…
t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140852567.FfAYKMug.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140852568.90McWtCt.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140852570.u3LylV89.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140852571.lGzAmaIC.jpg That's pretty high, isn't it? :)
t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140852573.RaflhvvJ.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140852574.06ms0YKM.jpg Nobody told me that icy hill is slippery LOL Back in actions like nothing happened :P t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140852580.7kNcGoDM.jpg
Didn't learn my lesson :) t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140852582.XMfPOUQx.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140852583.t0JAP9GG.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140852584.rdrPLl2u.jpg Wooden hotel by the lake
Cold and hungry.. but I could manage to smile, like usual :P jingle balls A set of mild food.. pretty good though A set of mild food.. pretty good though t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140852590.L0SrNETq.jpg
Sun Moon Lake The pier at the Sun Moon Lake The pier at the Sun Moon Lake It looks interesting but we agree to skip trying this LOL No, I didn't try to snatch the ball.. it's not what it looks like
Ma'am For once in my life I made a bowl of noodles for Mario :) Breakfast by the lake This.. I'd say… you get what you see (saw) Happy to see home :)
The cloud and a mountain are friends Sun Moon Lake Sit, and enjoy the view Observing deck Fortune telling machine.. came out, it's written in Chinese.. well, what was I expecting?!
The positive energy from this temple was REALLY good Wanna make some noise.. wasn't allowed to t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140852636.TlZjm6hP.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140852637.xcBUKQzu.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140852638.rZwqZ7kI.jpg
Running around Huh? eggs again t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140852643.hYr9MKYD.jpg Going up
Me… pretending to be so energetic climbing up LOL :P Foggy Temple Foggy Temple Foggy Temple Heaven on the hill
Hello…. from the ground I … see…. myself ;) Spiral May my wish come true :D Merry X'mas
t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140852658.B9ol4y9x.jpg Ghost town, it seems like Blossom Their territory Fresh and Wet
t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140852663.quqhfFbN.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140852664.1MlNhdYM.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140852665.0MNyW39X.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140852666.mZKjWgc6.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140852667.RMBgUqOo.jpg
t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140852668.ECeJWhUK.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140852669.6A8VBG8E.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140852670.UhPjbr9N.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140852671.bBtowIUU.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140852672.2XcyZ0Nz.jpg
t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140852673.4DTnCXTg.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140852675.TmUgSWF2.jpg Finally.. no fog and the sky looked beautiful Another tunnel t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140852678.pPg87Jgy.jpg
Cold wind, warm water… Life I'm not a good dancer but at least I didn't step on his toes Pasta night at Fatty (I know the restaurant doesn't sound convincing enough) shopping street
Movement Canal Balls For a second, I was confused regarding the Newton's laws of gravity Freshly made snack and it smells so darn good
It was hard to just look and not biting it Nice..  :) There was not much to clean in Taiwan Typical pose Beards
Found my UV protector Great colors… interesting flowers Shiny Bee The leaves that are up side down t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140852795.qZ25HURH.jpg
t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140852796.xDhyqPuS.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140852797.Z8JRixxA.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140852798.eFG1UhjD.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140852799.jw3psv54.jpg Learning by poking :P
Wood or Stone? t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140852802.xu8mpd4j.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140852803.rzXnn57E.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140852804.Ifuspjio.jpg Nah.. not the center of the universe :D
t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140852806.kvjClJxs.jpg Oh my… face says it all LOL t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140852810.EDXaOy8i.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140852813.zjJZVjMY.jpg Juicy Sugarcane
Is that Hotdog or no dog meat?? Orange juice anyone? Freshly squeezed Spider man Toys It looks inviting indeed.. anyone wants fresh and clean veggies?
Suddenly I feel TALL :P Was hoping no one would come out from that door Small pond This place needs a few bottles of Windex Beautiful sky at the temple
Too bad we couldn't speak Chinese or I would have asked what those things are Iced coffee.. I find it cool.. pretty strong tho Dripping Ice cubes.. strong Espresso or Americano? Walking street I tried to blend well LOL
Colors can really attract my attention Why not? ;) Smelled good Mud shrimps… pretty crispy and meat-less.. no we didn't eat them raw t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140853207.LUi2EGjh.jpg
Wanted to try but I'd have missed Thai spicy seafood sauce tho Signature dishes Crispy oysters, mud shrimps and crispy crabs Nuggets of deep fried oyster with leeks & Crispy mud shrimps : A can't-miss Snacks
Snacks t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140853214.xByWO9qL.jpg A very long queue to buy Chinese steamed buns.. Gotta admit that Taiwanese have high discipline First day of 2012 Wish made.. time to throw a coin
t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140853218.zIILbYfs.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140853219.E3LJ3Js0.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140853220.Gw1GpkXo.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140853221.Q9wFDi9Y.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140853222.y3FeQtUP.jpg
t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140853223.RoWtZVOY.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140853225.mkkD0Ws1.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140853226.MCxm6cdY.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140853227.5SeMzOUz.jpg Lantern shop
That bird didn't listen to me Dusty Big trees at the old temple Wooden temple Backlit Sassie
t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140853236.Os96mREq.jpg Treasures ;) This could be our village Local drink :P
t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140853244.nJlLWy5n.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140853245.XSBBsyXq.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140853246.n3M8BSao.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140853247.oGUKX65H.jpg Herbs
t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140853249.bV7BXKk8.jpg I was told that these are fish t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140853251.RHGtBfla.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140853252.NlJ9LKZf.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140853256.LUR7zTEx.jpg
Cuttlefish Balls Ingredients :) Doesn't matter how old we are, some of us just loveeee playing games t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140853262.QuRV3huJ.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140853263.PDEXxsCy.jpg
t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140853265.IQlKEdAc.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140853267.X6LlrC5K.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140853269.8wxe5aAX.jpg Goose, anyone? Fish soup.. really good one
The most difficult meal so far, eating fish soup with bones with chopsticks t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140853274.URGp9eaq.jpg Frog Eggs This shop has the longest queue ever! I admire his chopstick skill.. wait a min.. he is a Chinese
t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140853278.aaQD2wup.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140853383.CWb1Ejlf.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140853385.KEDAh6u0.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140853390.1u24a8SV.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140853392.z0lJ7ydZ.jpg
t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140853393.2VFSZJll.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140853397.wO3k5IqX.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140853398.y9nyOBk0.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140853399.TQ3qYSAu.jpg The prince was near
I've got no poisoned apple. Don't listen to that bird Youtiao .. a big and long Patonggoh t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140853624.vxqcM2jq.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140853625.adgD47cR.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140853626.BoJVmL74.jpg
t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140853629.gHSgq31b.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140853632.QvAkeMaj.jpg Fresh scone @ Smith & Hsu t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f140853635.Wl9CWUWh.jpg Dude! Can I borrow your boots for a sec
Still want his boots :P