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Malaysia 2006-2013 (Kuala Lumpur, Kedha, Penang (George Town), Pahang, Genting Highlands, Port Dickson). Cool country!

Colorful Yellow… Love it :) Time to change? Everything Herbs Shopping Blue for you
I love this old town t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f142894153.2pHACMdz.jpg Feeling kinda peaceful there t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f142894155.QPiEoIy5.jpg Have I told you I love red door(s)?
t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f142894157.ovnRg7kh.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f142894158.Zl2Rchhb.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f142894159.M6IBkV7o.jpg Classic tea with milk t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f142894161.kjSSdTwK.jpg
Eggs, anyone? One of the best beef noodles One of the best beef noodles t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f142894165.UcL9ftV3.jpg Laksa
Satay… in Malaysia t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f142894168.Fq2927jZ.jpg Going up Raining Wishing Ribbons
t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f142894172.eJIGxcnp.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f142894173.S4KqUXHU.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f142894174.ZwJkYQd0.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f142894175.gIObha2T.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f142894176.U0TvSPlm.jpg
t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f142894179.cHh2gEjz.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f142894177.IjcTHMyZ.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f142894178.vHEOJHyK.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f142894181.bAffj6Ub.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f142894180.3HMQYh4j.jpg
4 Faced Buddha t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f142894183.5kSDtyqs.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f142894184.dnrq0tyS.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f142894186.NPhbCANs.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f142894189.P9v44w1T.jpg
t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f142894187.klsWcmEv.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f142894188.tgV3Exeb.jpg Pink rose @ Fraser's Hill A lovely misty day! Tea Plantation
Strawberry Farm Tea Plantation Chillin' The Smokehouse @ Cameron Highlands My cozy corner
Pepper Mutton, SO GOOD !! Tandoori chicken Healting Naan Bread Butterflies @ the Butterfly Farm : Cameron Highlands. Snow Wash your car
Modern Fashion Centre, Modern indeed Beautiful Penang All packed Buildings, Sky and the sea :) SPF 50 would help efficiently
Colorful Penang See The Penang Bridge (Jambatan Pulau Pinang? Burning hot day Swimming Time Sky @ Sungai Selangor Dam
SPLASH dam. Nuts, anyone? Different kinds of beverage. 'Kickapoo Joy Juice' & F&N 'Nasi....Goreng Ayum' is yummy!
Flags everywhere t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f132624370.2MQKoKNj.jpg Malaysian food @ Batu Cave Kedah at night Kedah in the evening
Feeding pigeons @ Batu Caves The  Batu Caves (the sacred place for the Hindu's in Malaysia) Thaipusam - Malaysia Pagoda of 10,000 Buddhas, the signature emblem of Kek Lok Si Temple An ornate doorway at the temple.
9 of the 10,000 Buddhas 10,000 Buddhas Golden warrior figure at Kek Lok Si temple The goddess of mercy at the Chinese Kek Lok Si Temple. Kek Lok Si Temple Complex
Mercy Golden warrior figure at Kek Lok Si temple Skydiving in Penang Flags everywhere :) Pretty in Pink?
Veenai Odeon cinema B Mathavan Store in Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia Decorative carvings outside the Sri Mariamman Hindu temple in Penang Crystal balled Lion Tigers on the wall
Well decorated doors at the temple Everything is well-furnished Roti, OMG.. so good! On one of the central streets, Lebuh Chulia Which one?
Cold ! Mermaid @ Believe it or NOT Heaven..up there Yup, I was in Malaysia I LOVE COLA
A rooftop garden Pouring To another side A gateway to heaven t3%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f122450120.7SX43NAz.jpg
orchid Garden Been waiting for a princess A sweet Malaysian policeman Pull me Great view from Sunway Hotels & Resorts
Sunway Lagoon Theme Park t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f132623487.vnjNb1EV.jpg PETRONAS Twin Towers t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f132623488.JbfXRQdR.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f132623489.UDZdoudd.jpg
t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f132623508.6SAMOdH8.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f132623491.sKGmulYA.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f132623492.JmX9QMMc.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f132623494.wvwyRHc6.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f132623495.NHZo7mAI.jpg
t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f132624369.lAmGFGkk.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f132624372.YGkHQcXR.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f132624377.wDELRRTV.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f132624380.w6PwsSOv.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f132624381.YVkClra8.jpg
t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f132624382.ZEXX6tSw.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f132623512.PgiwOqMx.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f132624383.A3XQ7Pbi.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f132624385.SduU33sY.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f132624387.s7tMCyyI.jpg
To Another Side The Famous Fraser's Hill Clock Tower, Malaysia What time is it? t3%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f122450104.r4Z91cVx.jpg Malaysia is not always hot
t3%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f122450099.aMf97uaf.jpg View at Fraser's Hill t9%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f152055872.QCo3bI1K.jpg t9%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f152055873.v7Euf8Xz.jpg t9%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f152055874.FW9TXUOl.jpg
t9%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f152055875.yJeBC0Hn.jpg t9%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f152055876.pOw9qDxv.jpg t9%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f152055877.11mxpHKf.jpg t9%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f152055878.nUsarHDO.jpg t9%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f152055879.8S8PeFoQ.jpg
t9%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f152055880.qNbX8Pfc.jpg t9%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f152055881.GIOSOyll.jpg t9%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f152055882.OHCExDVf.jpg t9%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f152055883.XDzNnQ4T.jpg t9%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f152055884.bLgEZKd0.jpg
t9%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f152055885.5xDW7Gwy.jpg t9%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f152055886.4dPGy2lD.jpg t9%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f152055887.WmZPkIfo.jpg t9%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f152055888.8AYHrnzN.jpg t9%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f152055889.krbGTegJ.jpg
t9%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f152055890.wUQnJK9k.jpg t9%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f152055891.wka1Dtk7.jpg t9%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f152055892.bvlp3oKg.jpg t9%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f152055893.ug1hg3RG.jpg t9%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f152055894.8Py4ifwV.jpg
t9%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f152055895.tuqcpuK7.jpg t9%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f152055896.zw7qw9GP.jpg t9%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f152055897.ipNL2CL9.jpg t9%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f152055898.pK3WaC6k.jpg t9%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f152055899.pLhKWJ6W.jpg
t9%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f152055900.w25HNhb8.jpg t9%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f152055901.N0m6ITpV.jpg t9%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f152055902.cW0IqxUo.jpg