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Siam Ocean World

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Siam Ocean World (B1-B2 floor) @ the Paragon Mall, Bangkok

Looks so soft Clown Anemonefish (Clownfish) Nemo is found! Siam Ocean World Garden eel Giant Spider Crab
Pufferfish/Boxfish Pufferfish/Boxfish Attention !! Flying Gernard. Loving the reflection Flatfish, yes they are flat
Siam Ocean World Hold on tight !! Siam Ocean World Hide and Seek? Cleaning Shrimp
Cleaner Shrimp Harlequin Clown Shrimp Siam Ocean World Lionfish Pipefish... looks like a green crocodile
Siam Ocean World Siam Ocean World Siam Ocean World Kisses? Hiker!
Siam Ocean World Siam Ocean World Siam Ocean World Japanese Pinecone Fish Siam Ocean World
Nautilus Nautilus Siam Ocean World Love all these colors! Siam Ocean World
Siam Ocean World Moray Eel Paddle fish Siam Ocean World Siam Ocean World
Underwater World Siam Ocean World Siam Ocean World Siam Ocean World Scary-looking tank
Siam Ocean World Looking at me? or my camera?! Vivid Colors Super fast and energetic fish Open Ocean - 270 degree tunnel
Surrounded and surrendered :) Glass bottom boat A Gangster feeding @ 13.00 PM + 16.30 PM A Gangster
Batman Siam Ocean World Siam Ocean World Siam Ocean World Too close (yet too far) :P Mr. Sharp Teeth
Cute Nose (But stay away from me, please!) Siam Ocean World Up-Side-Down Sea jelly Moon Jelly Siam Ocean World
Moon Jelly Siam Ocean World Siam Ocean World nursery Deep Reef
Entry Level + Lower Level Humphead Maori Wrasse 6.00M Mexican Axolotl (Mexican salamander) Mexican Axolotl (Mexican salamander)
Siam Ocean World (Paraya / Vampire Fish / Blood sucking candiru) - Eat Piranha Nibbling a carrot Rocky Shore - African Penguins resting : )
Diving.. no fish? Floating Around Siam Ocean World Reminds me of coconut trees Sea Apple
Refish tank. Refreshments, anyone? :P Tuk Tuk Hammerhead Shark t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f135602587.98yMl2pI.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f135602588.Kww1i0ka.jpg
t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f135602589.8255IGMF.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f135602590.eMyJjxwZ.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f135602591.AUjmACaf.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f135602592.dVg7GDiF.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f135602593.BQVpovw7.jpg
t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f135602594.Py6fUnxs.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f135602595.oFSUny5D.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f135602596.6qS7X7dI.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f135602597.BXaFlA7K.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f135602598.JGXVtOcd.jpg
t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f135602599.Z2szispo.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f135602600.XNeMg3WO.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f135602601.cHTLvQDz.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f135602602.h6qrz6ZX.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f135602603.REMzcXEC.jpg
t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f135602604.0kefmhDR.jpg t4%2f79%2f926979%2f4%2f135602605.g8eiUrN4.jpg