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madge 28-Jun-2015 11:39
love your photos
Amy 27-Jun-2015 19:39
I am going to spend hours looking at these. They are beyond beautiful. Thanks for sharing!
John 13-Sep-2011 18:30
Thanks for the link. Nice pictures of Yellowstone the "SUPERVOLCANO"...
Researchers report the super-volcano underneath the state of Wyoming has been rising at a record rate since 2004. Its floor has gone up three inches per year for the last three years indicating the fastest rate since records began in 1923.
Anyhow, I love the train stuff, Great Pictures!!
"Un bon croquis vaut mieux qu'un long discours"
Keep up the Excellent Work!
Thanks Again..

D. Lee Green 30-Aug-2011 15:04
Your work is absolutely breathtaking. Wonderful work on the Fairway Reunion Concert at the Barrow Center. I am a fan of your work!
Elton Scifres17-Aug-2010 14:47
Hey Rudi! Glad to see you are still clicking. I just took a look around your site and am amazed as always at the quality of your work. Thanks for your comments on my wedding shots. Coming from you it means a lot. Weddings are not something I seek out and I them to be a little scary and a LOT of work. However, they do bring in a little money to support my hobby.
Barbar Smith 23-Jun-2010 03:08
Beautiful work, beautiful art! We have very similiar tastes...I enjoy the close up crops too! Wish I had the money for the cameras you must have. Yet you still have to know how to see things...admire your work. Take care.
Ray Johnson 07-Jun-2010 18:16

Great shots! Wish mine had turned out as nice. We had bought a new camera just before the cruise, and I really didnt have an opportunity to learn how to use it properly. Most of my shots are dark and grainy. Very disappointed and saddened by that. I have not had a chance to see if I can fix them somehow.

In any event, it was a great cruise. Hope your travels back home were better after we left you Seattle.

Take care,
Ray & Shari Johnson (Your neigbors from A304 on Island Princess)
Jan 10-Feb-2009 02:11
Wow! Just got your site in a e-mail. Many places near me. Beautiful photos. Guess I'll have to google you to see who you are.
prissel 05-Nov-2007 02:23 went online before I was done with the here again...
prissel 05-Nov-2007 02:21
Hi Rudi,
didn't see you in Yahoo 4 a while..... do U still play pool? Just wanted to say HI... and yes, your homepage is a nice one... tons of super pictures.

Many greetings from Detroit
Peg Price15-Oct-2007 23:41
I really enjoyed viewing your work, Rudi. You've inspired me with your creativity and the beautiful presentation of your images. I especially love your animal shots....the love comes through.
Keep up the wonderful work.
Peg Price
Guest 27-Jun-2007 13:08
You got some mad skills.
rudiman31-Mar-2007 03:06
Appreciate the comments and God Bless you as well Armando!!!! Thanks.
Armando J. Rodriguez, Jr.19-Mar-2007 02:21
Always love to visit your galleries often. God bless, and keep up the good work,
Guest 08-Mar-2007 12:14
In awe.
Kevin Giannini02-Nov-2006 23:22
Rudi - Such a wide variety of top quality images. I get jealous everytime I view these. Just wonderful.
CLUMSEY 29-Aug-2006 02:22
Rudi all these pictures are awesome. You do great work. God Bless
HDR14-Aug-2006 18:23
Hi Rudi,
I am impressed, thanks for sharing your great work.
Bye, Hans (Sri Lanka)
rudiman25-Jul-2006 04:17
Thanks Mike, i think its a little of both :)
Mike Forhan 24-Jul-2006 14:29
I have looked at many albums and can see that you are either lucky at being in the right place at the right time, or have a great creative edge to your work. I think it is probably the later. This work among other artist is the type of style that I try to emulate. Thankyou for sharing it with all of us.
Guest 09-Jul-2006 20:31
My Christian friend,
Such God-given talent. May He bless you and yours as you give Him first place in your heart. Thank you for sharing.
Betty Boop (no more)
rudiman30-Apr-2006 19:16
Thanks Kevin, I appreciate that!!! Thanks for checking them out.
Kevin Giannini28-Apr-2006 16:30
You have a wide variety of very creative images. Always a pleasure to stop by...
maria-magdalena 27-Apr-2006 16:35
Excellent site, I like it! You have done very good job
rudiman07-Feb-2006 03:31
Thanks Jim!!! Can't wait for NASCAR to start again.
rudiman07-Feb-2006 03:30
Thanks for the nice words Lin.
Jim Anderson 06-Feb-2006 12:32
Love the Nascar pics!!! Keep up the nice work.
Guest 03-Feb-2006 07:12
These pictures are fantastic.
I did not know you had such great talents in photography among others!!
excellent work!!
rudiman02-Feb-2006 21:20
Thanks Tom!!!
rudiman02-Feb-2006 21:20
Thanks Aaron!!!
Tom Lun02-Feb-2006 09:44

What an amazing collection of stunning images! All your photos have great composition, colours and pattern. Very impressive. Keep up the good work.

Guest 12-Jan-2006 12:58
Hi Rudi,

I was really amazed by the eagle pictures that you posted over on DP so I decided to take a look at your Pbase galleries.

Let me tell ya' - I was not disappointed. You have some amazing galleries. I have the Bigma and a 10d. I just wish that I could make it as an effective combination as you have. I wish I knew how you got the effect that you achieved with the paths and the autumn foliage. That is a really nice touch. You have so many great pictures that it would be difficult to pick out favorites. One thing though - you will have to get more #24 in your NASCAR

If you want, stop by and take a look at my Pbase galleries at

rudiman10-Jan-2006 19:18
Thanks Yuli, send me an e-mail and i'll see if i can help you out some.
Yuli 10-Jan-2006 08:10
Hi Rudiman..
You've got an excellent galleries here...I love it !
I'm newbie in this digital photographic thingy..
Would like to learn the basic technic from you if you dont mind..
...keep up with that good shots ^_^ !!!
rudiman22-Nov-2005 02:49
Thanks Roger. It can be work sometimes :-)
Roger 20-Nov-2005 12:00
excellent photography...I won't call it great "work" though, since I don't consider the Art of Photography as being "work" sem to be a naturally gifted artisan in this field...thoroughly impressed...
rudiman30-Oct-2005 06:12
Did you get banned Wayne? I have no idea why if you did. I dont go there to much lately, send me an e-mail sometime, ok. Thanks for the comments bro.
Wayne Birch 30-Oct-2005 06:07
Hi Rudi, you old phart!
You might know what happened with me and DP, but I'm still dumb-founded as to why???
I don't know why?
I've got some photos still on Flickr ( ) and still love
my Bigma and 300D. The more I use them the better I capture stuff. You've got some
excellent photos on PBASE and wish that i could be part of the old gang on DP. All the best
and keep shooting!! :-)
moon(S'pore) 30-Oct-2005 05:54
more shooting.... nice pics
keep it up!!
lin 30-Oct-2005 04:15
excellent galleries.
best catured!!
well done
thnx for sharing.
rudiman11-Oct-2005 02:26
Thanks Ron, i bookmarked your site and will check it out. I agree, its nice to meet other locals with the same passion.
Ron Lutz II11-Oct-2005 02:09
It's always fun to find a fellow PA shooter! Nice work!
rudiman29-Sep-2005 14:43
Send me an e-mail florian, i'll be glad to help you out.
florian 28-Sep-2005 10:58
hi rudiman, i am aforeigner, and impressend by the quality and the variety of your pics, I'd like to ask some more basic questions. I would like to start shooting macro, but my budget is limited. i am interested in the lens you use, but i'd like to know first : what can I shoot with that, and without flash ? I never tried n aperture 2.8, nad for example is a flash necessary for pics of insects or flowers ? If yes, is the flash of my camera enough ? If no, what should I buy ?
Thank to let me know...and again congratulations
rudiman21-Jul-2005 23:27
Hi Jim. I shoot all handheld macro's. I use the Sigma super 500DG flash with a homemade softbox, or a stofen omnibounce depending what i feel like that day. I try to keep my settings between this: f/11 - f/20, 1/125th - 1/200th sec. and iso 100-200.
Jim Lanyon21-Jul-2005 23:15
Hi there,

I was prompted to visit (again) after seeing some of your excellent
macro shots on dpreview. I know you are using a 105mm macro lens, but can I ask about your technique? Tripod, onboard flash etc...

rudiman03-Jul-2005 03:40
Thanks Keith, i'm using the Sigma 105mm. macro for all the closeups.
keith 03-Jul-2005 02:35

inspiring photos,we'relooking into a rebelxt and checking out dpreview, question, what macro lense did you use for the photos of bugs and of water droplets on leaf?
rudiman21-Jun-2005 03:24
I sent you an e-mail Mark, thanks for the nice comment as well. Have a great time.
rudiman25-Feb-2005 02:47
Thanks Michael, the Murdock one is called Edwardian Script ITC and the woodpecker i have no idea. I dont think it was anything special. Thanks for looking and the nice comment.
Michael 24-Feb-2005 23:30
Hi there,

I think your pictures look great. I wondered if you can tell me the names of the fonts you have used for the titles of:

Pileated Woodpecker -
Murdock Hall -

Rob Schroeter 27-Jan-2005 14:30
Rudi, it means a lot coming from you that you commented so positively on my work. Your portfolio here is absolutely without a doubt - a large set of incredible work. Very impressive stuff
Jim Lanyon 19-Dec-2004 10:25
Hi mate,

I really enjoyed the Alaskan series. Some of the photographs are compelling.


Naturephoto Monique11-Dec-2004 23:49
Very nice gallerys, your chipmunks are so cute!
Betty 16-Nov-2004 03:15
Rudi-man - thanks for the invitation to your site. God has certainly blessed you with incredible talent. (My privilege to have met you.)
rudiman27-Oct-2004 23:43
Thank you Jack, i sent you an e-mail pertaining to post processing.
Jack Collison 27-Oct-2004 22:15
your October pictures with the fall follage all aglow are Outstanding!!
How do you get that effect? Your photos look like the paintings of the religious painter Thomas KenKaid. Simply beautiful!!
sue 27-Jul-2004 05:30
Wow !!! beautiful picture of newlyweds on beach!!!!!!! can't wait to see more!!!!!!!!
Guest 16-May-2004 02:11
You're such a creative person. I like your digital paintings and sketches galleries the most! I'm also a Photoshop newbie. Could you tell me how you did the paintings and sketches?

Thanks. And I'll come for a visit now and then. Keep up the great work.
Kristie 01-May-2004 00:13
T the pictures are wonderful as always.... I believe they get more so everytime I see your work... I miss you my friend.... I hope you and your family are well.... see you soon..... take care
marlene 19-Apr-2004 08:43
beauty is in the eye of the beholder
and these photos are truely beautiful
a true work of 'art' rudi
God bless :)))
Luke 29-Mar-2004 18:36
nice pics! great site! alot of the country I grew up in, keep up the good work.
rudiman28-Mar-2004 17:40
Gracias por aspecto y los comentarios agradables. Traduzco este vía un sitio Web ya que no sé español, espero que esto trabaje okey.
F García Robles28-Mar-2004 05:27
Interesantes fotografias
Gracias por compartirlas
Saludos desde España
Cricket 07-Mar-2004 23:44
Great pics Tim, keep up the great work and thanks for sharing..
Sharon 07-Mar-2004 12:43
Love your pics and your website. Great!
nina 25-Feb-2004 02:47
nina was here
Diana 22-Feb-2004 05:46
This looks great Rudi......but you always did take great the work...God Bless my friend
Kari 17-Feb-2004 23:16
great job on the pictures. I am truly impressed. Keep up the good work.
Kate 08-Feb-2004 06:26
I am impressed with your web site. Great pictures! You definitely have an eye for this line of work.
Ogre 25-Jan-2004 03:04
Great shotz, I have to admit I'm very impressed by your vision! Thx for sharing it with us!
heather 05-Jan-2004 20:41
great pictures!
Tgirl 30-Nov-2003 04:57
I am 20 shades of impressed !! You have a great eye for photography and thank you ever so much for sharing ! I want you to do my portfolio ! :D Incredible work, really ... glad we are finally getting to see it !