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cooking @ home: favorite images from our food galleries 0 - 6

All food we prepared in our kitchen (except for the bottled beer, etc).
Our few photos of restaurant food are posted in the non-food galleries.
rotelle pasta with peas and tomato sauce prosciutto garnished breadsticks and pickled pepperoncini frying plantains (recipe) mint chocolate chip ice cream and homemade blueberry pie sauteed morels with parsley and parmesan cheese
parboiling sausages spicey dogs on buns grilled lamb served over fava beans neyron (2004) (info) mushroom onion pepper cheesesteak sandwich surf and turf - grilling soft shell crabs and steaks
mussels meuniere cep and bluefoot omelette wild chanterelle and agaricus omelette Wild chanterelle saute steaming hot homemade chicken soup
oyster stew prawns in cream sauce wild salmon grilled salmon (info) filet mignon and Wild chanterelles (info)
okra for gumbo (info) clams in zuppa pot male and female (orange) grilled sea scallops (recipe) eggplant frying in hot oil for lake palace eggplant pasta with tomato sauce (recipe)
stuffed tomato oranges and olives black beans pancetta red onions
spaghetti chitarra closeup of clams for zuppa cockle clams tater tots strawberry
rigatoni macro kumquats beerz i love my honey stock making 071303
broth from freezer to oven beef roast freezer to oven pot roast, mashed potatoes mushroom (large) sauteeing bacon for refried beans indian eggplant slice
squash blossoms fresh figs opal basil mushroom saute mushroom saute
mushroom onion pepper cheesesteak ingredients Wild cauliflower mushroom saute for Wild chanterelle risotto italian style lesso steak, wild mushrooms, pan roasted potatoes
grilling burgers & shrimp (high ISO showing hot coals) burgers (info) rib roast served 4 new years meal (2005) flank steak 1
mojito chicken grilling freezer to oven beef roast, sauteed mushrooms grilled ribeye and asparagus roast pork loin roast pork loin 2
grilled chicken thighs done leftover chili pot roast and pasta ribeye steaks on grill 24 july 2005 browning sausages sausages with peperonata sauce, pan roasted potatoes, sauteed baby bok choi
jota (info) pinto beans finished cooking shredded meat and beans chuckie reductionist no tomato chili (recipe) leftover beef stew
cooked rotini pasta with rau ram sprigs gumbo, finished, in soup pot zuppa is served swordfish steak grilling swordfish steaks grilling
kung pao shrimp Apr 04 sea bass with wild mushroom sauce, beans with Canadian bacon and garlic malpeque oysters 2 white snapper white snapper in papillote preparation
chesapeake and malpeque oysters just shucked chesapeake oyster leftover grilled salmon with mesclun shrimp and peas for rice salad tuna steaks
grilled tuna, garlic potato salad cooking eggs and taters together asparagus done (detailed recipe) beef stew fava beans neyron (cooked salad with fava beans) (info)
pan-grilled red taters rotini pasta and tomato sauce (large) beans with Canadian bacon and garlic family trad poultry stuffing (large) rigatoni pasta and tomato sauce with rau ram sprig (large) 22 March 05
pepperoni deep-dish pizza (large) homemade beef ragu and rigatoni pasta 05 July 05 pasta tomato sauce preparation pan roasting red potatoes flapjacks
italian style rice and cheese cakes prep 1 refried pinto beans and cheese simple camping cuisine flapjacks and sausages pasta with sauteed zucchini / garlic sauce
curried cauliflower with peas pasta with beets and sausage with gorgonzola pasta with tuna caper tomato sauce salami, hard boiled eggs and pepperoncini tartines 2005
pasta puttanesca rigatoni pasta with tomato sauce, parmesan 22 july 05 linguine pasta with pesto zucchini frittata rigatoni pasta with tomato sauce 05 August 05
antipasto (large) macerated strawberries radishes and fennel (dip in seasoned olive oil) vanilla pudding with dark rum and strawberries pudding
kiwi and berries fresh figs beech mushrooms black trumpet chanterelle, beech and honey mushrooms honey mushroom saute
mesclun salad with sauteed black trumpet chanterelle mushrooms prosciutto, mozzarella and olives (large) strawberries in balsamic vinegar reduction charcoal grilled ribeye steak, grilled zucchini, pan roasted potatoes, tomato salad porterhouse steak, sauteed beech and honey mushrooms, mesclun salad with sauteed black trumpet chanterelle mushrooms
grilled sockeye salmon, sauteed maitake mushrooms, grilled potatoes florida green sea beans ribeye steaks on grill 18 august 2005 cajun style stewed andouille sausage and chicken watermelon
mustard greens red corn wild copper river salmon en ravigote over green french lentils fearless franks, labor day, 2005 anchovy, soft egg and basil pesto tapenade sandwich
blues in pot suppli di riso preparation suppli di riso huevos rancheros freestone peach
fresh fig (macro) chiltepin chili flower (1:1 macro) black trumpet, china giant oyster, beech, honey mushrooms one on the vine serrano de bergerac
turkey day trails of cream chicken stew base rotini pasta macro1 artichokes
or a nice icy martini... blood orange Indian eggplant - preferred sliced chorizo charcoal - grilled chicken breast with aji sauce, eggplant chorizo relish, tomato salad
making sauce napoletano (browning the beef and pork) thyme flowers (macro) thyme flowers and a finger brown and green lentils cooking chiltepin bush
chiltepin indian eggplant slices abstract fat2 cheesesteak ingredients _DSC3043 beef for grinding.jpg
frying Indian eggplant rr Wild chanterelles, edible gold (1st harvest 2006) (HDR) pom pom mushroom crostini lamb shank casserole over rigatoni
strip steak, salad and lentils lesso noodle soup with aioli 3 way black bean chili dry - aged ribeye steak Wellfleet oyster
crab cakes kalonji seeds, garlic and ginger puree, tomatoes tiramisu dusted with chocolate powder tiramisu antipasto plate
lemon verbena flan Homemade Eggnog deviled eggs tartines 2006 #2 enoki mushroom soup
Christmas Eve zuppa eggie-weggs Refried Pinto Beans Yorkshire Pudding 2007 Collard Greens and Rice