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Robert Scanlon | profile | all galleries >> Colombia 2017 tree view | thumbnails | slideshow

Colombia 2017

Azure-naped Jay.jpg Bananaquit male.jpg Great Antshrike female.jpg Green-tailed Goldenthroat.jpg Grey Seedeater.jpg
Ornage-fronted Yellow-Finch.jpg Piratic Flycatcher.jpg Red winged Tanager female 1.jpg Red winged Tanager male 1.jpg Rusty-margined Flycatcher 2.jpg
Rusty-margined Flycatcher 3.jpg Short-crested Flycatcher 2.jpg Short-crested Flycatcher.jpg Social Flycatcher 2.jpg Social Flycatcher.jpg
Wedge-tailed Grass-Finch 1.jpg Wedge-tailed Grass-Finch 2.jpg White-naped Seedeater.jpg Wire-tailed Manakin imm male.jpg Wire-tailed Manakin.jpg
amazonian antshrike female.jpg amazonian black tyrant 1.jpg andean teal.jpg andean tit-spinetail.jpg apolinars marsh wren 1.jpg
apolinars marsh wren 2.jpg bananaquit female.jpg black manakin.jpg black-chinned antbird female.jpg black-tailed trogon.jpg
blackish-grey antshrike male 1.jpg blackish-grey antshrike male 2.jpg blue-headed parrot.jpg bogota rail.jpg bronzy Jacamar front 1.jpg
bronzy Jacamar front 2.jpg bronzy Jacamar rear 1.jpg bronzy jacamar 3.jpg brown jacamar.jpg cherries antwren.jpg
chestnut woodpecker.jpg chestnut-fronted macaw portrait.jpg chestnut-fronted macaw.jpg chestnut-winged cinclodes no 2.jpg chestnut-winged cinclodes.jpg
cinereous antshrike male 22.jpg cinnamon attila 1.jpg cinnamon attila 2.jpg cinnamon attila 3.jpg cobalt-winged parakeet record shot.jpg
crested oropendola.jpg gilded barbet.jpg golden-headed manakin.jpg golden-spangled piculet female 1.jpg golden-spangled piculet female 2.jpg
golden-spangled piculet female 3.jpg golden-spangled piculet male.jpg green-bearded helmetcrest.jpg green-tailed jacamar 1.jpg green-tailed jacamar with morpha.jpg
grey-headed kite.jpg imeri warbling antbird.jpg imm blackish grey antshrike.jpg mouse-coloured antshrike female.jpg noble snipe.jpg
orinoco softtail record shot.jpg palm tanager.jpg plumbeous sierra finch female.jpg plumbeous sierra finch male.jpg roadside hawk 2.jpg
roadside hawk.jpg rufous-crowned elaenia 2.jpg rufous-crowned elaenia 4.jpg rufous-crowned elaenia 5.jpg rufous-crowned elaenia.jpg
silver-beaked tanager female.jpg slate-coloured hawk.jpg swallow-winged puffbird 2.jpg swallow-winged puffbird.jpg tawny antpitta.jpg
tropical gnatcatcher.jpg wedge-billed woodcreeper.jpg white-bearded hermit.jpg white-browed antbird female.jpg white-browed antbird male.jpg
white-browed purpletuft.jpg white-flanked antwren male.jpg white-fringed antwren.jpg white-lored tyrannulet.jpg wire-tailed manakin male 1.jpg
wire-tailed manakin male 2 front.jpg wire-tailed manakin male 3.jpg yellow crowned manakin.jpg yellow-rumped cacique.jpg yellow-tufted woodpecker.jpg