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Linda01-Sep-2010 20:14
I am sending a little belated 'Welcome Back' - it is great to be able to reconnect with you across the country via your new Galleries... viewing life 'though your lens' once again. I took a big break in 2010 as well and am just making my way back... sending you best wishes and cheers, from Linda, in Calgary.
Cowichan Valley Camera Club25-Jul-2010 03:41
Hi Rosemary,
Thank-you for coming by and looking at the CVCC's photo galleries and leaving your nice comment on my photo of the spotted towhee. I have looked at some of your photos and they are lovely. I'll come and visit often.
Kathy W.
Rod Darrah29-May-2010 21:06
Hi Rosemary , Found you again ,,,,,, still great ! Rod
Inga Morozoff21-Apr-2010 00:23
Welcome back Rosemary! I'm glad to see you uploading again. You've been missed by many!
Rod Darrah25-Mar-2010 09:42
Hi Rosemary , I came back for another look and your images are gone ! Will you be re-loading ? Rod
Mike Stobbs22-Feb-2010 04:32
What has happened to all your images....??? I hope you will be posting again sometime soon....take care Rosemary....

Guest 05-Jan-2010 01:51
Thanks Rosemary for your kind words-you have some great images-enjoyed viewing your site.
Happy New Year
Harris Brown
Alicia Quist 13-Nov-2009 15:57
I just came across your gallery while researching the MacLean Creek horse herd in which I took photographs of yesterday (The same Belgian type Stallion that you too have photos of!) Your work is so incredible, and I am truly inspired as an artist and aspiring photographer. Living in High River as well, I recognize some of the photographs you have taken. They are just remarkable!
Keep up the good work! You are truly an inspiration!
Anthony Morrissey-Ready 25-Oct-2009 21:30
What fantastic photos. Self prtraits are the best. You haven't aged a bit. Let 'er pound.
Roy Joseph Shea 15-Sep-2009 00:30
Rosemary - I'm here in Bradford Mass, Your sister Frances is at my sisters place in Wilmington, I enjoyed your pictures, you really have talent. I said to Frances that you should come to Brazil to take some wonderful pictures there. Frances responded, "she's afraid of bugs". Probably Frances is the one who is afraid of bugs. Take care and keep up the good works. Roy
Jeff Germo01-Sep-2009 01:55
Just had a quick look at your galleries. I'm going to come back when I have more time. I love your work. Keep it up!
Flo Hendry25-Aug-2009 19:48
Wonderful set of galleries! Love the down home feel to many. Wildlife and rustic charm Added you to my favorites. Flo
Rody Graumans31-Jul-2009 08:25
I enjoyed my stay. It was refreshing and I need inspiration.
Thanks! And keep up the authentic work
Rod Darrah11-Jul-2009 16:38
Hi Rosemary , stopped by again for another look .......... still great and your winter shots are stunning , Rod
Dennis Hippern 06-Jul-2009 03:34
Hello Rosemary,
I have been looking over your photos and am very impressed. I will take more time to view all your galleries more carefully. Wishing you all the best from N.S.
Randy 01-Jul-2009 04:17
I happened on to your galleries, and I just noticed I've spent nearly 2 hours enjoying your work. Whay talent you have! Bravo!
Dianne 12-Jun-2009 03:08
Great pictures !
Robert D. McAlpine19-May-2009 12:05
I really enjoyed wandering through your galleries - really beautiful bird shots, especially. Thanks for sharing. Hello from the East!
Piotr Lykowski23-Apr-2009 17:25
Amazig photos. Shows, that you love it, you make that.
Best regards from Poland
Guest 15-Apr-2009 17:06
ive been on a lot of sites but ive got to say yours is the best ive seen.keep up the good work.cindy
The Ellisons22-Feb-2009 14:45
We thoroughly enjoyed browsing through your galleries and have bookmarked you as a favourite so we can return and look at the rest soon. We wish we could spend our daily lives in the Rocky Mountain foothills... But we are nevertheless very grateful that we got to spend so many holidays in Canada at least.
Thanks for sharing.
Guest 18-Feb-2009 22:18
Hi Rosemary-thanks for your kind words. I enjoyed your images as well. Are you photographing any Snowy Owls up your way?
Harris Brown
DR. DANIEL 13-Feb-2009 22:40
Saturday, 14 february 2009

Dear Rosemary,

Return a small favor. Here, in Romania,I'm a chief editor of a litterary and cultural magazine. I could, with your permission, to illustrate one of the upcoming issues with photos/pictures taken of you? In college editorial staff I have collaborators in Germany and USA and I be very honored if You have agreed to join my team, to promote world together in litterature and art photography.Magazine called Orizont Literar Contemporan / Horizon Literary, and publish poetry, prose, essays, literary criticism. Our internet adress is: Waiting for the answer to this letter and wishing you health, inspiration and all the best. Sincerely,
Daniel DRAGOMIRESCU-writer and journalist, member of the Writers Union of Romania

Dr. Daniel 13-Feb-2009 21:50
Congratulations, your photos are reely wonderful!

An writer from Romania
Martine 11-Feb-2009 20:36
Hi! I'm a girl from Norway, and I wondered if I might be permitted to use your beautiful animal photos in a website ? I can write that you have taken the photos.

Sincerely Martine Olsen :)
Gary Irwin26-Dec-2008 23:27
Hi Rosemary; You have a lot of variety and some real gems. Keep up the great work!
Gary in Ontario
skhin26-Dec-2008 09:18
Hi Rosemary,
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

heather21-Nov-2008 14:58
Gorgeous pics Rosemary, I've really enjoyed looking through your galleries. Thanks for your kind comments on mine, very much appreciated.
Gilles Korent19-Oct-2008 01:16
Hi Rosemary,
You have some wonderful galleries. A trip to see the polar bears is also on my dream list so congratulations on having been there. Great imagery. Well done.
Warm regards. Gilles
Ruth Chao11-Oct-2008 04:20
Interesting galleries and stunning photographs of wildlife. Love the polar bear photo, it is one of a kind. Hope to see more of your work soon!

Jeff Tupper 23-Sep-2008 00:37
G'day Rosemary!
As a lover of Alberta, Calgary (& most things Canadian!), I really enjoyed your gallery - well done! We have family in Calgary (son Jason runs 'Down Under Travel' in Kensington!), and hope to be visiting again in the Fall of '09.
I have some pics on of your backyard!!
Best wishes,
Jeff - Perth, Western Australia
Martine Verhaeghe 07-Sep-2008 09:53
Hello Rosemary,
thanks for your reaction on my photo on the Weathercam Brugge !
And your Pbase-photo's are so beautiful ....they take my breath away.
Have a nice day in your corner of paradise...
Martine Brugge Belgium
ALLEN LLOYD10-Aug-2008 20:49
Thanks Rosemary.I love your work also.Please sign my guestbook.
Ingrid E 25-Jul-2008 10:23
I just love your shots, Your Horsegalleries.
They are wonderfull!
Can i plase use your horsepictures in a game called ""?
I can link your gallery and write your photograph name in every horse i use your pictures in. Please mail me Back, thanks. :)

Friendly hugs from Ingrid E, Norway :)
Jeffee Gourley Art and Photography29-Jun-2008 20:27
Couldn't believe you just started. It is nice that you have done something right away
for other to enjoy your work.
Linda05-Jun-2008 00:50
Rosemary, thank you for visiting my galleries and for your feedback. It is interesting to me that we are almost neighbors - I living in Calgary. Your Calgary Gallery and Alberta photos are inspiring to me - you capture much of the spirit of our home. Thank you and I hope that we keep in touch. Cheers for now, from Linda
LynnH02-Jun-2008 11:58
You have some very wonderful photos here. I have added you to my favorites so I can come back for more when I have time.
Degsy31-May-2008 00:44
Enjoyed browsing your galleries, interesting subjects.
Have a great weekend!!
Dean Eades BirdMad - BirdGuides Photo of the Year Winner 15-May-2008 17:14
Great Gallery

Website :
Gen Hanson 14-May-2008 04:08
Hello Rosemary: Excellent photo of horses in hoarfrost. May I ask permission to use it on my website (University of Idaho, graduate degree) on equines and plant toxicity? It would be located in the section on environmental factors contributing to levels of toxicity. It's by far the best of horses and frost I've seen. Thanks very much. Gen Hanson;
imashutterbug 08-May-2008 20:09
I just wanted to say that I have spent a few enjoyable days, off and on, viewing your galleries. I am an Albertan also, and have been in many of the places that you have photographed. You do it so well. I love all your nature and wildlife photos especially. Wonderful work!
Isabelle Rault07-May-2008 08:06
je viens de decouvrir votre galerie, il y a des choses magnifiques que je reve de voir en vrai, je reviendrai regarder encore et encore
bonne continuation
Christian Lallier08-Mar-2008 11:21
Hi Rosemary
thanks for your comments
I like specially your selfportraits but not only.
Make a liitle bit more attention on your composition and it will be great.
Best Regards
1eyedjack07-Mar-2008 19:59
Great Galleries & Pics. You did a great job on all of them.
I am starting a Vacation/Travel/Places Gallery,check it from time to time.
Thanks for the great inspiration in your photos.
Joel Chavez 24-Jan-2008 22:10
Hello Rosemary:

Many congratulations for your pics!
They're amazing!
Watching them one can realize how beatifull Canada is!
Can I ask something?
Do you have a brand/model of Camera/SLR you prefer/recommed?
If you can write me I would appreciate a lot!

Gilles Korent14-Jan-2008 18:18
Hello Rosemary,
Thank you for your message yesterday.
Nice galleries you have here .... well done.
I really like the polar bears as one of my dreams is to make there one day.
Best regards.
Guest 16-Dec-2007 11:55
Rosemary, Thanks so much for visiting my gallery and your kind word. I enjoyed viewing your photographs. The Polar bears are wonderful, what a great opportunity. I look forward to seeing more.
Guest 27-Nov-2007 01:55
Nice to meet a fellow photographer that also lives in Alberta. Thank you for visiting my gallery and for the nice comments.

Roy Berger
Andreas Exner21-Nov-2007 03:28
Hello Rosemary, I have enjoyed visiting your galleries. What a treat!
You are great nature photographer.
Thank you for your nice comments about my images from Yellowstone Park.
tidelinetramp18-Nov-2007 13:14
Rosemary, thanks for commenting on some of my photos. Yours are interesting. When you come to Nova Scotia again, check out the village of Bear River. It's a great place to take pictures. Also, the Cape Split hike trail is a nice place to hike. Well, there's lots of good places here to experience. Dale
Matthew Fletcher17-Nov-2007 13:40
Hi Rosemary - great galleries. I really love the outdoor Canada shots, especially like the fall shots. Nice work!
Georges Lachaîne, Élaine Presseau17-Nov-2007 03:36
Great galleries! my favarite, Polar bears, Nature-wuild and free.
Melvina Weatherby18-Oct-2007 02:01
Awesome Photography
Matt Latham04-Oct-2007 12:54
Great work here - well done Rosemary!
Jim McKinlock26-Sep-2007 00:26
I love your galleries, you certainly take advantage of the golden hour in many, nicely done.
Brent Powell23-Sep-2007 05:29
Hi Rosemary, I am soooooo jealous that you have all those great bird opportunities in your own backyard! Only been shooting since 2006, you are ahead of the curve. I looked at your travel and bird pics and you have a good eye. Your bird pics are 1st class. I've added you to my favs so I can keep up with what you have going on. Nice work kiddo!!
murray newell17-Sep-2007 04:12
nice stuff
B. Shortall - BCS Photography16-Sep-2007 14:29
I enjoyed your travels!!! Great galleries! Thanks for the comments on my galleries.
Esa Ervasti15-Sep-2007 04:18
Amazing amount of top pictures in a such short time (one year!), well done Rosemary!
Thanks for visiting my pages!
Muskrat's Photos12-Sep-2007 02:14
You have an amazingly diverse and beautiful gallery of images. I thoroughly enjoyed viewing them! I particularly enjoyed the Bird have some awesome shots!!!
Maarten Ligtenberg11-Sep-2007 20:19
Apart from all the great nature pictures I really like your Europe impressions as well. Maarten
Andy08-Sep-2007 03:51
Rosemary - After an enjoyable look through your galleries, I think that if we were to trade places we may have taken the same pictures....of course my wife would be confused!
Brent Andersen05-Aug-2007 01:03
Great galleries, Rosemary. I paid particular attention to your wildlife gallery. You did wonderful work with that 500mm lens. Hmm, just what I need. Thanks also for visiting my place. Brent
Inga Morozoff29-Jul-2007 00:41
Lovely galleries! We are definitly blessed to live in such a beautiful country/province.

Bud Hensley19-Jul-2007 02:12
Rosemary - Fantastic galleries! Thanks for stopping by and checking out mine... you've given me some inspiration for better organization :) Love the wildlife signs and great to meet another nature freak!

bluewatermonk18-Jul-2007 04:03
Rosemary, You have a STUNNING collection of work here. I have been browsing a bit and am pleased to be able to see what you have accomplished here!
Thank you for dropping by my Exilim Gallery, I am more than just glad to be able to invoke a sense of peacefulness.
Dean Eades BirdMad - BirdGuides Photo of the Year Winner 15-Jul-2007 11:45
Nice Gallery
Guest 16-Jun-2007 11:42
One of the best photo collections here.
Terry Thormin15-May-2007 01:32
Hi Rosemary. Thanks for looking at my galleries. I had a quick look at your bird galleries and you have obviously added many new photos since the last time I checked your bird photos out. I will have to take the time to look in more detail as you certainly have some great photos there. I did want to let you know that one of your photos that you have labelled a common redpoll is a hoary. I believe it is the tenth photo in your finch gallery, and it is a male with a slight pink flush to the breast and very little streaking on the breast. Keep up the good work.
mickey evans01-May-2007 05:28
love your birds, Rosemary
Mikey Evans
Andrija Kasom11-Apr-2007 07:04
Dear Rosemary,
You have so nice photos in yours portfolio...Excellent...Greetings from Montenegro, old/new country in Europa...I will come back with pleasure...
Rod Darrah09-Apr-2007 18:50
Hi Rosemary , came back for another broese of your images ...... some really great piccies here , Trust that you are still having fun taking them . Rod
Reyno12-Mar-2007 19:26
Excellent gallery with lots of beautiful images. Good job Rosemary.

Best regards,
Nick Anich11-Mar-2007 23:42
Thanks for your kind comments. The bobcats were wild (digiscoped) and it's amazing how many more herps are in the southern U.S. and how often you see them out and about. You have some great photos, they make me miss winter.
Guest 07-Mar-2007 11:31
Great work, your photo galleries are fantastic.
Matt Latham07-Mar-2007 05:38
Rosemary, I have just finished browsing your galleries and they are excellent - well done and keep it up. You sound very enthusiastic which is what its all about!
Paula Krugerud06-Mar-2007 00:27
Hi Rosemary,
Thank you for stopping by my galleries! I've purused some of yours and am completely impressed and delighted! What awesome work you do, I will continue to look through your photos!
Paula Krugerud
freddie perez02-Mar-2007 11:43
Hi Rosemary! Great pictures, lovely landscapes, lovely country. Thanks for creating these galleries. I especially love the ocean and coastal shots having lived in a coastal area myself for a number of years they have reminded me of where I lived and you have captured some lovely details and atmosphere of coastal areas. Well done. Keep adding. All the best to you, Freddie Perez.
Dean Eades BirdMad - BirdGuides Photo of the Year Winner 25-Feb-2007 23:06
nice Gallery
Roy Birger Nilsen24-Feb-2007 21:29
Thanks for visiting my galleries and leaving such nice comments,I`ll keep a track on your uploads!:-)
yoram shpirer24-Feb-2007 18:03
Hi Rosemary
I'm glad I came across your galleries; you have some superb Birds shots. Definitely added to my favorites list!
BeauxPoint Photography09-Jan-2007 06:08
Thank you for the compliment. But, I must say your galleries are really a treat for the eyes and a great pictorial of a part of our "blue marble" which is quite opposite to our neck-of-the-woods.
Jack Destiny23-Dec-2006 03:08
Beautifull work Rosemary!
Thank you for your visit to my gallery.
Michael Broam28-Nov-2006 23:07
Rosemary, thanks for visiting my gallery. I enjoyed seeing Canada through your lens :)
Pic Chick22-Oct-2006 04:41
Thanks for visiting my galleries Rosemary - I really enjoyed my quick trip through some of yours. I will be back when I can spend more time - some great shots here!
tristan 10-Sep-2006 00:58
tristan 10-Sep-2006 00:58
i like the grizzlys and the goats, the flowers are awsome!!!!!:) you are an awsome photographer:)
Guest 02-Sep-2006 00:11
Lovely galleries! I am also new to photography and a fellow Albertan! Keep up the great work, i really enjoyed browsing through your images.