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This is an aerial shot of the base at Etain, France. I did not shoot this photo.

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marjorie carlton holland 22-Aug-2014 04:23
My sister just found Google maps, street view etc etc which shows the whole housing area. Daddy and us kids and mom were stationed there '63-'65, Daddy waiting for us to join him and housing a year prior. We always walked into town and Mama figired out quickly to give us 2 francs, because the loaf of bread would be hollowed out if we only bought one. Daddy was CWO-4 James W. Carlton and I think he was in supply. We kids loved it there; hard to explain to people how we survived without television for two years, but it was great. I wish I could get in touch with my old friends.
Marco 20-Jun-2014 11:11
Hello ALEX
I assume you speak about camp Tournebride close to Frescaty air base. It is located in Montigny les Metz (google map link :,6.1166515,1051m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m2!3m1!1s0x4794dc1b6074b6a9:0x596be4b635bba669) and hangars were used by French army up to 2004 or 2005.
Alex Bolton 13-May-2014 15:37
Alex Bolton
I was stationed at Tournbride, "right outside Metz" 60 to 63. As a truck mechanic on our 5 tons tractors we kept them running for the 84th. I was with Ceccarine, Ciampa, Webb, Townley and many others.
Guest 05-Jan-2014 22:17
My name is Jack Bache, and I was a Sp5 stationed with ADSEC at Maginot Caserne in Verdun, France. When my wife arrived a few months after me, we lived in a trailer court affectionately (sometimes) referred to as Gypsy Row, which was near the military housing area in Verdun. Later, when the USAF was forced to leave France, my wife and I were moved into a brand new 3 BR house in Etain. We had no furniture, but a friend of mine was going home, and sold me a house full of furniture for $325. What a deal. Later my wife had twin girls at the Verdun Hospital in August 1961. I used to call Bingo at the NCO club in Etain. My best friends there were Sgt Fred Moore and his wife, Mary. If anyone recalls me, I would love to hear from you.
Beverly 01-Jan-2014 03:02
Beverly Meyer
I lived on the air force base in 1963& 64 .My father, Frank Meyer was stationed their, both me and my brother started school on the base . My family lived in a trailer. I would walk to school and remembered that I had to learn to speak French. My dad also worked at the NCO club, part time in the evening. My mother, June Meyer was on the Etain softball team. Sad to say my parents divorced in 1964 and my father passed away form colon cancer in 2000.
Guest 23-Dec-2013 05:34
my dad was a cook in the army. He and chuck Wilkinson were both cooks and we enjoyed livingin Metz,France. We lived in the valley de movo outside of france.We lived there from 1960 to 62. My dad retired from the army then.

Richard Walker 18-Aug-2013 16:18
Richard L. Walker A/3c - 1957 - 1958 Comm. Center -Teletype Operator - Arrived June 1957. Transferred out to 317th TCW at Evreux-Fauville July 1958. Retired CWO. Now living in Renton, WA. Thanks for the memories!!!
Lisa Grinnell 08-Jun-2013 02:47
I lived in military housing 1959-61, age 8-10, while my Dad worked at Maginot in Verdun, commuting daily. Loved going to the movies on Saturdays at Etain AFB...they cost a quarter, as I recall. That was where I first saw White Christmas. We used to find spent WWII ammo in the ditch next to our house, where we played. Went to school on base, teacher's name was Mr Cea. Good memories.
Roger Lavallee A/2c 16-Apr-2013 17:21
I arrived in February of 57 sans sidewalks and paved roads and remained until 59. Many fond memories as a ground radio operator and the fine bunch of Comm Sq. guys. Have a copy of the base Christmas Menu to share if interested. Chow was very good. Many memories of working 9 continuous days of shift work then 3/days off for Paris, Metz or Holland. Still actively communicating with a Comm guy from N.C. and yes, we always talk about Etain.
Regards, to All Roger
Huey Allen Howell 25-Jan-2013 01:46
I was interested to hear of the person who was with the 249th Eng. Battalion.I was with the 249th when they moved from Kasierslateren, Germany in about March 1960. I was the battalion Commander driver for much of the time then heavy equipment operator on the Verdun rail spur construction project. My daughter was born at the 62nd Field Hospital on Verdun Hill in 1961. While the Air Force tried to make us welcome it was apparent that it was their base and we were quest. We lived on the economy for a time at 16 Rue-D-Lagare (sic)in Etain. after that we moved to a trailer on the base in 1962. I transferred to Ft. Walters Texas in 1962.I still remember the Jon-Bon sandwiches and Champanelis beer. May God bless all survivors of Etain. Huey A. Howell CW3, retired.
Hank Caso 20-Jan-2013 19:11
Hank Caso I was statined at Etain AFB from 55 til Mar 57. I was in the 562nd FBM Sq. I played goalie for the base soccer team. I was in the comm section of the 562nd, I was fortunate to fly from New Mexico when we moved overseas, by way of Maine and Iceland to Spangdahlem , Germany.
ed cayting..(dad) wayne 02-Dec-2012 08:18
hi was a happy army brat, dad ed cayting, engineers, my name is wayne, lived in trailer 199 i think 1st double just inside main gate, my sister married a air policeman named matt sweany,63-66,2nd 3rd and 5th grade twice(woops)Jacqalyn i wonder if i knew you, i used to get entered in a dance contest at the nco club, i think is was bingo sunday?I have a picture of my dance partner but cannot remember her name,movies every sat. still have a movie schedule. returned in 2006 with my daughter, it seemed so different
George McCarter, A\4C 28-Oct-2012 16:05
I arrived at Etain Mar 56. Spent about 6 mos or less at Group Hq under Col Wm E Bethea, Cmdr. Transferred to 561st Ftr Sq under MSG Joghn M Spanik . My job was records clerk in orderly room. Worked at Officers Club for about 2 yrs evenings and weekends. Went to School for French language on base, spent 35 days TDY at Spangdahlem, Sent TDY to Toul about 5 days before time to report to Germany for return to US in Dec 59. Since I married French girl, had access to places many did not know about. I was treated exceptionally kindly by French people. Have returned in Dec 62 for wifes fathers funeral, 1970 while mother in hospital with cancer, and agsin in 1982 for vacation, again in 1992(?) to take daughter to be with husband in Army in Germany and visited wifes family. I can honestly say this period was the most enjoyable time in my life. Yall write:
Alex Kalinowski 14-Oct-2012 19:45
My name is Alex Kalinowski, from texas. I was in thr army trans.corp in 82nd trans co, in etain army casserne in 61 and early 63 when the 82nd duce an a half co. was disbaned and we all moved to Metz to the 84th 5 ton S&P co. , where i was a dispatcher till Sept. 63. The etain pics look a lot different and much cleaner than I remember. I remember a small bar and outdoor cafe just down from army post close to train depot. I remember several guys from the 82nd, There was a Kelley, Savoy, Helgisen, from Minn. and a Solieau from La. I am 74 now and live in East Texas, A town called Jasper in the Lakes area of Texas and La.
Jacquelyn 16-Aug-2012 15:38
My dad was in the Army, and stationed in Verdun, France, from 1959 - 1965. He did two (2) tours. We lived in Etain, France from 1962 - 1965. As children, me and my brother went to Etain Elementary School, and loved going to the movies, vacation Bible School at the church, and the teen club on the Etain Air Force Base. We lived in Air Force Housing in the town of Etain. They had regular bus service to the Etain Air Force Base, where we would do our shopping at the Commissary, and the Post Exchange or (PX) as it's commonly called. I was so proud that my Dad could have us living in France. What a great experience. I will never forget it.
John Zettler 17-Apr-2012 18:45
I was a member ot the 7121 tactial Fighter wing stationed at Etaine AFB France during the Berlin crisis in 1961 and 1962. I was an Armorer in the 7121 A&E Maintenance Squadron. If you would like a good picture of the plane we used go to goggle and type in Republic F84F Fighter Plane
Stephen Andersen 22-Mar-2012 00:27
to Yann ZONKA
You will be included with Marco. There may be one problem concerning your needs..and that
is most of my footage taken on, I believe, Memorial Day, 1963 is in black and white (I was
experimenting with high-speed film). I do, however, have some color footage of take-offs.
Yann ZONCA 21-Mar-2012 18:24
to Stephen Andersen,
Thank you for your help. You can send me some pictures just to see the code and the color of a plane. My E-mail:
Thank you so much.
Best regards
Stephen Andersen 21-Mar-2012 17:42
I should have my DVD conversions from film back within a week or two. I will then send
you the Etain footage with pleasure.
Best regards,
Stephen Andersen
Marco 20-Mar-2012 18:03
Hello Stephan, I made a video about the history of Etain AB dedicated to the veterans of the 249th Engineer battallion. If you want, I can send you the DVD and may be you can send me your DVD with old footage? Just email me to
Stephen Andersen 19-Mar-2012 17:53
To Yann ZONCA,
I am having my old movies from Etain ('62 & '63) being converted to DVD. If their (Costco) process allows copies of segments to be sent out I would be happy to email
some footage of F84's; but first I must have your email address...Please post it, that
or wait until I can confirm being able to send the plane seqments.
Yann ZONCA 18-Mar-2012 17:47
Hello everybody,

I lives in Etain (clais chênes, housing areas, during 18 years.My old father worked in the base like a mechanicman. His name is Roland Simony. My father worked in the bas like an hairdresser and his name was René ZONCA. I built a model kit of F84 Thunderstreak based in Etain (7121 tactical fighter wing) during the Berlin crisis. If you have some pictures of this aircraft to show the color and a serial number, do you send me by E-mail. Thank you
Yann ZONCA 18-Mar-2012 16:57
Hello everybody,

I lives in Etain (clais chênes, housing areas, during 18 years. I built a model kit of F84 Thunderstreak based in Etain (7121 tactical fighter wing) during the Berlin crisis. If you have some pictures of this aircraft to show the color and a serial number, do you send me by E-mail. Thak you
Stephen Andersen 07-Mar-2012 23:46
From June (or July) 1962 through Nov. 1963 I was with the 249th Army Engineers as a draftsman in S-3 section, Hq. Co. I had been transferred from the 293rd in Baumholder, Germany...I never could understand why our former enemies, The Germans, treated us better than our allies, The was like they never forgave us for saving their behinds in WWII. I look back fondly to the comradeships with my friends, but Etain became like an
old song that one might have disliked when it was learn to like it with time. I thought the aircraft on the base were F-84's. Our barracks were on the other side of the runway and there was a shuttle bus for us to avoid a long walk to the PX and the NCO Club (shared with us because there was no Enlisted Men's Club). There were a few times when after a night of drinking we missed the bus; so we would covertly cross the runway at night...the AP'S certainly had the right to shoot us, but we felt confident that was not a threat..Our real concern, however, was that they might release those damned guard dogs that they had with them. I'll be 70 in April, 2012, and, like that old tune, I have fond memories of Etain.
Marco 02-Dec-2011 17:14
Hello Zonca
je n'ai pas bien compris ta demande. Il y a eu plusieurs escadrilles à Etain, tu peux faire une recherche sur wikipedia, il y a tous les détails. Éventuellement je peux te communiquer des adresses de vétérans de l'USAF présents à Etain à l'époque.
zonca fred 02-Dec-2011 13:33
I'am a french boy who he lives in etain during 20 years. I surch differents objects from the story of etain. i was very surpruse when i discurve that the us air force of etain had a team. Have you got a picture of thats or the must have yoiu a patch of the differents team who is played for etain ?
thank's you very much for your coop
Joseph Galea 04-Nov-2011 21:52
Logging on as a Guest,
I was surprised to see this site on the web. I was stationed at Etain Air base, in 1960 /62
with the 249th.Engr. Bn. Co A. Our primary mission was to build a railroad 9 miles long not far from the base to serve as a main artery to an ammunition dump. The area that was chosen was guaranteed since WW2. Once we started this project we discovered Live Bombs that were embedded in the ground that never went off. also human bodies,Money,weapons vast amounts of military documents. I myself was almost killed by a clay more mine, but a buddy pushed me, to clear the plunger which he saw, and I didn't. The EOD team was very busy disarming and clearing the area. The strangest thing was when you looked at the top of the trees, you saw a maze of barbed wire and metal eschons forty feet off the ground.All of this was left over from WW2. When the trees grew, it took everything up with it. Although I joined the Army at 17 yrs of age this was quite an experience. I am 70 now and I often think of Etain France. I have to admit, The women and the French bread was the best! However The green beer sucked! Feel free to e-mail me at
Echols 28-Oct-2011 14:28
My dad was stationed in Etain somewhere between 1959 and 1961 his name was Charles Echols and he was an Army Engineer. I'm not sure if dad played softball in France but I know he pitched when we were stationed in Ft Huachuca. If anyone has pictures of the softball team I would like to see them, my pops retired in 1975 after 22 years in the Army and he died in 2002 I was born in Etain, when dad was stationed there in 1960.
david bates 07-Oct-2011 16:10
I was assigned to the 563rd squadron from 1956 - 1960. Went to Spangdahlem when the wing moved. A great experience.
Tom Muterspaugh 02-Sep-2011 13:20
Mr brother, Arthur Muterspaugh, was stationed at Etain AFB from Sept 55 to Jan 58. I have pictures of a baseball team he play on and believe it was at Etain. Anyone who was there at that time let me know. I can't identify any of the players.
mike senger 09-Jun-2011 14:23
I was an Army brat living in the new military housing development outside Etain from 1959-61. My father was stationed at Maginot Caserne in Verdun. As a young teenager,I enjoyed hanging out at the airfield at the Teen club there. When we first arrived we stayed in a quonset hut on the airbase until our quarters were available. It is nice to see the photos. We used to hang out at a cafe in Etain called Cafe du Globe and another one called the Cafe du Coin.
George A McCarter 15-May-2011 01:31
After reading this page, I see I am not the only one who had a great time at Etain AFB, France. I was assigned to 388th FBG and after a few weeks was reassigned to 561st FBS under MSG John Spanik. Married a French lady in Nov 58, almost 73 years ago. Last time I was at Etain in 1991, there was nothing left6 except the 561st Hanger where a French helicopter unit was. Rest of base was only a grassy field. Good to read of happenings of others who was there. Hey, Howard,if you are still there, I haven't forgotten you. My e-mail:
Andy Rodela 05-May-2011 00:17
My Name is Andy Rodela (Air Police). I was stationed in Etain from Sept 1964 to May 1967, and left when the base closed.I was one of the AP's left behind to secure the base. I want to thank you, Mr McBee, for the pictures. I especially like the aerial view of the base. It's an early picture because I don't see the trailer court next to the Main Gate. We used to "hump" the ammo dump across the air strip. I remember Sgt Charlie Milam, he blogged above, he was my Flight Sergeant, "C" Flight, from '64 to '66. I was assigned to Heathrow Airbase in England but I was kept too long in France so my orders were changed to Carswell AFB in Texas.
Guest 29-Apr-2011 03:01
Ed Tucker I was a member of the 388th FBW 563 FBS Stationed at Etain from June 55 to June 56. We deployed from Clovis AFB in Nov 54 bound for Etain. When we arrived in Europe after a 2 week journey across the Atlantic, the base was no tready for us. We therefore deplyed to Bitburg Germany for 6 months while the base was made ready for us. We finally arrived in Etain in June 1955. Great to see a picture of the
lauramurphy26-Mar-2011 17:00
@ Orville Cleverley, Jerry Garcia, and any others who may be interested: My father Major (then Captain) John H. Murphy was base supply officer at Etain, from 1954-1957. He died in September 2005, in Charlotte, NC. My two brothers, my mother, and I lived first in the village itself. Lt. Abraham, his wife, and twins lived next door. Then we moved to the trailers on base and then to the housing development in the nearby countryside. I spent first and second grade at the military dependent school. I was looking through old family photos and found one of us children standing in front of the little house in the development and decided to google 'base housing Etain, France.' That's how I ended up here!
Mike Comito 16-Feb-2011 18:49
Was stationed at Etain as a weather observer from Jan '57 to Sep '59 then to an Army Airfield at Saran (Orleans) 'til Mar '60. Played basketball and softball in the base leagues.
Guest 08-Feb-2011 20:07
Thank you for putting this up on the internet ! Although I lived in Europe for 5 years, I never got the chance to see where my oldest brother was stationed. Yes, it was Etain, France.
Robert Prewitt 16-Jan-2011 15:55
I got to Etain (Air Police) June 1964. January 1965 (Combat Operations) in control tower building next to HQ. My son was born at Verdun Army Hospital on 25 June 1965. Left for Charleston AFB, SC, and discharge June 1966.

The names that come to mind: Col. Oliver, Capt. Herman, Sgt Signerie, Sgt Hatler, Sgt Cole, Sgt Guendrie, A1C Tichanski, Sgt McNellis.
Kermit M Marion 14-Jan-2011 17:43
Kermit Marion Moved with my unit the 97th engineers to etain i beleive it was 1959.returned to the states,came back to etain to the 249th engineers ithink it was 1963. moved to karlsrhue germany with the 249th when we were kicked out of France.
Guest 25-Dec-2010 04:53
my mom was born and rasied in Etain..during the war and spoke quite often of the kind soilders stationed there after the war..she worked in the px back in the 50's
ray nugent 12-Oct-2010 21:49
i was at etain air base 59 61 577 engr, batt. gen degaulle chased us out i have good memoryes of thier. spent some time in germany. had fun
Guest 27-Sep-2010 21:08
william l lasswell 30-May-2010 16:16
I am bill lasswell. I was stationed in the 9th TFS from 1956 to 1959. I attended the last reunion in Tunica Mississippi 2 years ago. It was a great experience. I visit Jimmy Charles in the bayon every once in a while and am in fairly regular contact with Harold Nelson who was in squadron supply.
George McCarter 06-May-2010 21:40
George McCarter--388th FBW Mar 56 Dec 59. Was Records Clerk in 561st FBS.Worked at hanger and at Wing Hq. Last several months at Base Finance Office, Travel voucher clerk until Dec 59 after Etain closed. Knew Col Wm E Bethea and MSGT Spanik, 561st FBS 1st Sgt. Married French girl Nov 58. Still together. Been back 4 times. Etain was cleared as grass field and French helicopter unit was using 561st Hanger. Nothing else there. Workede at officer club for about 2 yrs after arriving at Etain. Lost several pilots to accidents. Saw Major killed on runway after plane hit dozier at end of runway
Richard Belanger 29-Oct-2009 12:07
Richard Belanger 29-Oct-2009 11:53
I to was station at SIDNA BRIHAM in 60 & 61 543trans we trained at the air force base to drive 5 ton tractor trailer Then we were transfered to METZ FRANCE and became the 84th trans I have a few pictures of both ETAIN & METZ Enjoy hearing from anyone maybe an old ARMY buddy.
orville cleverley 14-Oct-2009 19:24
At Etain 54-57 in the supply sqdn and married a beautiful french lady. Would love toi hear from any one from that time. My boss was a Capt Murphy
Russ Queen 30-Jul-2009 16:30
I was stationed at Etain from late 1957 to 1959. Was a jet engine mechanic, worked at the jet engine cell, out near the end of the runway. Went to Spangdalehm, Germany 1959 to 1960 when the Wing had to leave France. We had F-100s. Col. Grumbles (base commander)flew the 222 at both bases.
Jerry Anello 16-Jun-2009 21:39
I was at this base in 1961-1962 with a fighter group from Ohio, we had f-86 nice air craft. I was with the armament section.
Howard Sidenstick 31-May-2009 21:24
Hi Guys: I was stationed at Etain From Apr 1956 until June 1959 as a crew chief on the F-86s and then the F-100's, in the 563rd FBS and later the 9th FBS. The Etain Pioneers (sport teams)have a reunion every 2 years in Tunica Mississippi. Any one who would like to attend cna contact me at or my cell #708 307-2067. At the last reunion we had 7 crew chiefs in addition to the Etain Pioneers. Great time to reminisce.
A Scott 30-May-2009 00:07
Bill Dietrich, I arrived in Etain in 59. My OIC was Capt. Petett, I worked with A2C John Main, A1c Prentess. I probably got there after you left. I also was in supply.
Bill Dietrich 29-May-2009 03:35
This message is for any one that was staioned at Eatin air base from 1956 to 1959. My name is Bill Dietrich my father would like to hear from any one in supply or any one that was at Eatin air base from 1956 to 1959.My dad and family were at Eatin at that time. I think he went over in 56 and we came over in 57,his name is Sgt Wesley Dietrich, he had somthing to do with supply and somthig to do with parts for the F-100's and he played golf for the base and for the U.S.Air force team. We came back to the U.S. in 1959. My dad is still alive he is 82 years old, if you would like to send him a amessage you can do so at my e mail address. - Thanks- Bill Dietrich
Ardoin 12-Apr-2009 22:13
I was at sidna briham army camp the 543 trs. div.I was known as frenchie ,Had wonderful time there in 1954-55 Espicely at madam mado the cafe de chame de faire. Ha Ha . Anybody rember that get in touch. Berkley Ardoin.
GERALD JERRY GARCIA 16-Mar-2009 02:13

Yo ex-Etains: I arrived Etain AFB Sept 52, the Main Gate was an old-wooden-guard-shack, I helped build the Expendable Supply Warehouse, as young Lt was my boss! I recall a fire in that warehouse, yes It was LT Abraham, I think!
I recall a Iseral Martinez, a fellow named Ryan, who worked at the NCO club, maybe my cmmander was Capt, lSG was Morris, I think!
I now live in Spokane, WA age 75 and hope we were at Etain at the same time, I cannot recall, its been a while hasn't it?
A/2c Gerald Garcia
email -
Orville CLEVERLEY, Now that is an Memorable Name, don't you know, if I recall correct, I was staioned w/the 388th Supp;ly Sq until 1955:
How about staying in touch?
orville cleverley 15-Mar-2009 17:59
at Etain from 54-57. Would love to hear from anyone who was in the supply sqdn, or who might have history or pic's of that time.
orville cleverley
Bob Scott 03-Mar-2009 21:40
I was stationed here 59-62, and worked on the docks. We would unload the trains and the very big items,(aircraft tip-tanks) we would haul them to the other side of the base. I wish I could remember the names of the airmen that were there. John Main, Prentess, Capt. Petit,. Such fond memories, and very nice to hear from all of you.
Ronnie Inman 21-Aug-2008 14:40
I lived here as a dependant child in 1961,my Step-father name was Chancey S. Inman, he was Army aircraft maintenance person. Can remember best child buddy, His name was Eddie: his Grandfather was German and he was a toymaker , he handmade many fine toys for Eddie.
My mom and I (Elizabeth Inman) step-brother (David) came to France in Oct. 1959 to Chambley air base first, then to Etain ( step-sister Katy born at Vernun ) in 1961 and onto Brienne-le-Chateau in 1962. We returned state side to Corpus Christi Texas (Naval Air Station) in 1963. Step father Chancey S. Inman (Joe ) passed away in 1986 in Virginia.
Philip Kuhn 17-Aug-2008 21:46
I was stationed at Etain AFB just after it was rebuilt in 1954-55-56. We brought the first jets to Etain from Edwards AFB, Clovis AFB and some others. The base was not really ready for occupancy when we arrived. It was a sea of mud and shale. Barracks were not completed, the mess halls were field type. I lived off base in Luxembourg City with my wife and son, then had another son born in Bitburg Germany on that air base. I drove 110 miles round trip each day for duty. There was no available housing in Etain or Verdun at that time. Later they brought in some small trailers for dependents. The army had a post in Verdun.
Roger Hall 07-May-2008 23:32
Nice photos. I was stationed at Etain with the 49th Fighter Bomber wing from 1958 to July 1959. In July 1959 we had to move the 49th to Spangdahlem, germany for political reasons.
Dwight LaRiviere 06-Apr-2008 23:19
I was a Canadian Air Force Brat attached to No. One Fighter Wing at Marville from 1960 to 1963. My favourite story concerns Etain AFB in approx. 1962. A Canadian serviceman and his family were driving near Etain on their way to Heidelburg for Easter. They were passed by two African-American fellows in an MG or MG Midget Convertible.They were wearing driving caps, big scarves and sunglasses. A few Km's ahead they caught up with them as they were stuck behind a herd of cows moving slowly down the road. The MG began to honk it's horn and try to work through the herd. The cows had been on Spring grass and soon enough a tail came up. A jet of bright green shot into the open car.
Richard Porubsky 21-Mar-2008 13:58
Just to add to my previous comment about Etain air base, I would sure like to here from anyone that served there during the same time that I did.Nov.1961-Aug.1962.I was with the civil eng. sq. My e-mail add. is
Richard Porubsky 19-Mar-2008 20:26
I was very pleased to come across this site.I was stationed on the Etain air base during the Berlin wall crisis. 1961 &62.I was a member of the 7121st.Tactical Fighter wing.Looking at the picture of the base, my barrackes was the 1st. one from the left. Right across from the mess hall.I took my wife to France in 1996.We were able to get on the base mainly because I had a couple of pictures that I had taken of the base 34years earlier,with me. When I gave them to the officer at the gate he gave us an escorted tour of the base.Even let us go into my old barracks.It was great.When I was there during the crisis I did not see my wife and 2 little girls for about a year. Pretty tough. This sure brings back memories.I was there from Nov.1961 to Aug.1962.