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Wulingyuan Scenic Area 武陵源


武陵源位於中國湖南省西北部的武陵山脈中,由張家界、天子山、索溪峪、楊家界四大各具特色的風景區組成,面積 369 平方公里,現已泛稱張家界。

形成今天所見原始體系的砂岩、峰林、峽谷地貌。 其溪水潺潺、奇峰聳立、怪石崢嶸的獨特自然景觀,

Lying on the northwest of Hunan, the Wulingyuan Scenic Area consists of four main parts: Zhangjiajie National Forest Park,
Suoxiyu Nature Reserve, Yangjiajie Nature Reserve and Tianzisan Nature Reserve, covering a total area of 369 sq km.

Among them, Zhangjiajie is famous for being designated as the first National Forest Park in China in 1984 and
has been listed as UNESCO World Cultural & Natural Heritage site since 1992.

The main feature of Wulingyuan is quartzite sandstone formation, which has evolved from neptunic rocks that
subsided from oceans some 380 million years ago after complicated chemical, physical and geological processes.

One of China's most beautiful nature reserves, Wulingyuan has wonderful hiking trails in a serene environment of staggering natural beauty.

The mix of unique pillar hills, queer ridges and peaks, tranquil valleys, thrilling streams and
abundant plant and animal resources has long been the inspiration behind many traditional Chinese paintings.

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Yuanjiajie (Bounds of Yuan) 袁家界
< Yuanjiajie (Bounds of Yuan) 袁家界 >
Yangjiajie (Bounds of Yang) 楊家界
< Yangjiajie (Bounds of Yang) 楊家界 >
Tianzisan (Mt. Emperor) 天子山
< Tianzisan (Mt. Emperor) 天子山 >
Ten-Mile Gallery 十里畫廊
< Ten-Mile Gallery 十里畫廊 >
Jinbianxi (Golden Whip Brook) 金鞭溪
< Jinbianxi (Golden Whip Brook) 金鞭溪 >
Huangshizai (Yellow Lion Fort)  黃獅寨
< Huangshizai (Yellow Lion Fort) 黃獅寨 >