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Front Porch Living

This "Front Porch Living" as I call it, are things that I enjoy doing and a place that I enjoy being, but as for my "lifestyle"...that is greater and deeper. So this is where I live and a few things that we do here. If you think you might enjoy, please feel free to take a look, and thank you for visiting:

We live on a dirt country road...where the corn, wheat, and alfalfa grow; where the deer and the antelope roam; where the bear come down from the mountains to eat in the corn fields; where the coyote and fox hunt and play.

We grow our own vegetables, raise our own beef, pork and eggs...we raise the hay to feed the cows and the horses.

At the end of a day, you can find us sitting on the porch watching the sunset, talking about things of the day, or just enjoying each others company in the quietness of the evening.

"Front porch living" for me, means a simple life with good honest hard work and simple pleasures.

This is life as seen from my front porch.

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t2%2f72%2f972372%2f4%2f148891781.niNiQZFx.jpg t2%2f72%2f972372%2f4%2f148891572.M2kmWFD5.jpg t2%2f72%2f972372%2f4%2f148249169.PGW12HLr.jpg t2%2f72%2f972372%2f4%2f147614050.qevFq4to.jpg t1%2f72%2f972372%2f4%2f146428501.l3uxIrQh.jpg
t4%2f72%2f972372%2f4%2f144559335.iTB5nIxu.jpg t4%2f72%2f972372%2f4%2f144460037.VEZLLvGJ.jpg t4%2f72%2f972372%2f4%2f143542099.D55ATZRn.jpg Daisy Days
:: Daisy Days ::
Steadfast t4%2f72%2f972372%2f4%2f142079005.e2H5fTjh.jpg t4%2f72%2f972372%2f4%2f138236063.ZYhwrclF.jpg An Array of Color - The Flower Gardens
:: An Array of Color - The Flower Gardens ::
Moon through the porch
Carrot Harvest Roasting dinner on overnight stay with grandpa and grandma Life With Roscoe, the Akbash
:: Life With Roscoe, the Akbash ::
A Walk In The Field
:: A Walk In The Field ::
Happy morning sounds
t4%2f72%2f972372%2f4%2f137125007.5CmnoCl7.jpg t4%2f72%2f972372%2f4%2f137072107.l38WkoRm.jpg Waiting for a snack t4%2f72%2f972372%2f4%2f136368851.fSodRxkp.jpg t4%2f72%2f972372%2f4%2f136368849.XOZLFAll.jpg
What is it about a Hollyhock... The little potato garden Early morning after night showers. Out To Pasture
:: Out To Pasture ::
Maggie Wide Bossy Daughter taking the 4-wheeler to get the mail Saying good morning A snuggle moment for new little bull
Noble Oliver Spring Storm in the East Honest, Hard Work
:: Honest, Hard Work ::
Us checking out the new girls Abby & Her Girl
:: Abby & Her Girl ::
As we watch the sun set... Early morning showers The Steers Wild Sunflower Rain on the mountain...
...coming our way. t4%2f72%2f972372%2f4%2f134204493.wFmBP9aZ.jpg Fire pit Racing pigeon visitor t1%2f72%2f972372%2f4%2f130590145.5X9I2Qw9.jpg
The Barn Entertainment On One Summer's Eve
:: Entertainment On One Summer's Eve ::
Swatting flys for each other Beautiful Abby Playing in the!
Handsome Hank Playing in the hay End of the day t1%2f72%2f972372%2f4%2f131993006.WmlVeBFu.jpg Bounty of carrots
The new girls... Born to run Alfalfa blooms The back pasture Curious chickens