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Very humid and muggy weekend!
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Dog&Butterfly Chameleon DSC01501.jpg DSC01509.JPG
Vulture DSC01518.JPG Cap'nJack DSC01527.JPG
Girl... meets boy... ...and she's charmed... ...with a sweet kiss!
trf-the amusement park What used to be the maypole area No more maypole! DSC01538.JPG
DSC01539.JPG DSC01541.JPG DSC01544.JPG DSC01545.JPG
DSC01547.JPG DSC01548.JPG DSC01550.JPG DSC01553.JPG
DSC01555.JPG Dancing to EMuzeki DSC01561.JPG DSC01565.JPG
I love this one DSC01586.JPG DSC01591.JPG Jenny&Kelly
DSC01600.JPG DSC01601.JPG DSC01602.JPG first sneak...
Ewww... that tickles! Oh, it's YOU... lemme hug yehhhh.... sweet, m'dear!
Mom's saying.. where's mine? But da'Shark is where it's at! swwwwwwappphhhh! Me luvs yeh, mum
me too, sugar! Ash and Mom! Goofs! Richard
Sabyn Wilma DSC01634.JPG DSC01635.JPG
DSC01636.JPG DSC01637.jpg DSC01638.JPG DSC01640.JPG
DSC01641.jpg DSC01642.JPG Laurie and her heart! DSC01648.JPG
DSC01650.JPG DSC01652.JPG DSC01655.JPG He sees him...
...he's SHOCKED... Darryl's legs... ...and Chris's boobs... ...but Darryl's not amused
...and Chris isn't either! DSC01666.JPG DSC01667.JPG DSC01668.JPG
DSC01669.JPG PubGrub! she smiles... then... she pouts...
DSC01675.JPG Oh Happy day Iris&Rose DSC01679.JPG
Arie&Lerxst Lerxst Chameleon Boobies!
Arie Rae Excaliber! Lanza
DSC01707.JPG DSC01710.JPG Iris Rae
I killed my cat for this! Jeff Bethany&Bret Kraegan
Chammy Richard Richard&Tina Tina
Chris&Beth Jimmy RichardDana&Chammy DSC01746.JPG
Dana A Man&HisWeenie Ahhhh Dll!
MacBean Jimmy2 KillTh'Wabbit! Dana2
Grrr DSC01766.JPG DSC01767.JPG DSC01768.JPG
MrGQ DSC01772.jpg DSC01773.jpg Sweet Kizer
Lionel Tom DSC01781.JPG DSC01783.jpg
Javier&Cherry Paul Wolfie Stacy...
all about... stacy! and... Tazz
it's her again! Mmmm... ...Lunch Mom trying not to laugh
Ocat DSC01808.JPG DSC01809.JPG DSC01811.jpg
DSC01815.JPG Hehe-- gotcha, m'dear! DSC01816.JPG DSC01817.JPG
DSC01820.JPG Sweet Bret. DSC01824.jpg DSC01825.jpg
Gordon Gordon2 Joe Bedrock regurgitated
DSC01834.JPG DSC01836.JPG Denise DSC01845.JPG
The End is now
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