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Road Sign

Road Sign

Hai Van Pass, South Vietnam 1968. This was a very dangerous road. We lost a lot of men taking and holding this road. Our unit repaired and completed the road through the pass connecting Da Nang and Hue.

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Guest 02-Jan-2017 00:38
The VC took particular distain to this road sign they destroy it the US Marines on Hill 724 would put it back up compliments of first Lambs battalion
Constance r McQueen 09-Dec-2015 03:35
Florent Potard24-Mar-2015 18:52
Magnificent capture! Superb job! V
Hugh T. McQuade 01-Jul-2014 02:41
Great shot, I went over that pass 3 times, scared as hell
edwinleo22-Jul-2013 09:57
Image très forte !! Belle composition ! V.
MarcViskens27-Jun-2013 17:59
very nice work Richard
Pat08-May-2013 18:56
Incredible the power of this great picture! Absolutly fantastic. All my congretulations.V
first an last 12-Apr-2011 07:48
Lio19-Aug-2010 11:12
My country! :(
an nguyen20-Jun-2010 02:05
Exquisite shot.
Günter Hofstädter05-Mar-2010 21:37
still doing a great job !
Dan the man27-Dec-2009 13:46
Incredible composition... Bravo!! V
Raf25-Dec-2009 19:58
After having viewed maybe more than a 100000 images on Pbase, this remains my absolute favourite. Time and again.
rbfresno29-Jan-2009 21:26
Pulitzer worthy. Vote!
zeitarbeit26-Jan-2009 22:31
cool motive
cool26-Jan-2009 22:25
sad but great work
D-ROLF 03-Sep-2008 21:03
and for what?
John27-Aug-2008 14:07
One image sys more than a thousend words. You sure learned how to recognize the utmost beautifull things in life as we can see via your Photo's from Today.
fotosin 27-Aug-2008 13:26
very strong !!
blizzard31-May-2008 22:42
brilliant camera work
talk about a powerful image

huge vote
Guy Dube04-Dec-2007 14:27
This image is a symbol for the Vietnam war, a unique shot! Real professional work! V
Guest 01-Dec-2007 04:10
This is just brilliant, amazing. Others have expressed it better than I can... Just a really powerful image.
Guest 20-Oct-2007 17:17
very chillin , but awesome photo
Apostolos Tikopoulos26-Aug-2007 11:40
What a terrific capture. Excellent composition and subject. My big vote.
Tim Bradshaw25-Aug-2007 07:01
I guess you just can't say much if you weren't there........ astonishing photograph is about all I've got...
Guest 10-Aug-2007 23:57
Wow doesn't really cover it. What I meant to say is this is an excellent shot. Amazing!!!
Guest 10-Aug-2007 23:57
Guest 10-Aug-2007 22:51
So its like this, photos like this turn up to make guys like me never stop snapping pictures. It is photos like this that spread the disease that is having your camera on you at all times, and hoping to get to "that spot" to take "that picture." First mage i have ever "voted" on.
alfredo camba jr.14-Jul-2007 09:46
Well documented. Nice composition Voted!
Dmitry Zamorin12-Jul-2007 06:53
Strong photograph
apotheosis of the war
Joy Miller03-Jul-2007 16:59
A very chilling image. It heightens the sense that the truck is coming into danger. v.
LA TOAN VINH01-Jul-2007 17:11
Rodney H30-Jun-2007 17:58
What a picture, it is a story and a warning all in one. It is amazing that you had the foresight to take these pictures back then. People don't realize that photography was not as popular as it is now. Great Great Capture : )
silvia marmori29-Jun-2007 21:35
a such touching image about something i will never understand..
impressive, Richard.. really impressive..
1moremile22-Jun-2007 21:49
We went through here in '69. Thanks for keeping it safe. Voted.
Boba Grek 22-Jun-2007 16:17
American's soldiery got the good kick in the butt.

American's could you find VC on the map? You are so smart.
blizzard04-Jun-2007 03:32
wow memories
thank you for the marvelous post v
Guest 05-May-2007 23:12
Richard, I had seen this photo before, but I did not know who the photographer was. I am pleasantly surprised to come across it here. You did a fantastic job thirty five years ago capturing the horrors of war. Big Vote.
Guest 29-Mar-2007 20:33
Discovering this gallery. Better late than ever. Am impressed that decades later you are still very much into photography. I would have imagined that when you start photo in such an environment it would be very difficult to keep the passion once back to "normal" life. Voted
Jean-Luc Rollier 15-Feb-2007 14:00
La mort ne peut pas être plus présente que dans cette image.
Impressionnant !
Paradoxal Studio Classic11-Feb-2007 11:32
Everything is in this pic.
Anita van der Krol 04-Feb-2007 13:27
Very impressive.
Kathy Pedersen04-Feb-2007 02:18
A very strong image. Voted
Raf03-Feb-2007 15:00
A picture speaks a thousand words.
One of the most expressive images I have ever seen.
Thierry Lucas28-Jan-2007 19:52
Great impact for this one, Richard.
Very strong message, and outstanding shot !
shatterbug28-Jan-2007 05:40
This is a brilliant capture...a chilling image! V.
Guest 27-Jan-2007 02:39
Thank you for the gallery.
Thank you for your stories.
Thank you for your *service*.

Thank you to ALL of you who experienced this first hand in some way, shape or form.
Thank you to ALL of you who are experiencing something like this even as I type.
Andrew John Jones26-Jan-2007 19:30
sums it all up really
Nestor24-Jan-2007 16:21
Thank you for posting some your history. Vote
Guest 21-Jan-2007 10:30
Very strong picture.
Don Hi21-Jan-2007 01:35
Is the skull for real?
Bill Robinson20-Jan-2007 10:32
An ominous sign for anyone venturing done this path.
Powerful image Richard.
Robyco20-Jan-2007 00:03
This one i did not Vote on yet, so that means no comment.
Great expressive shot, if you make a book this really should be the cover picture.
This is the sign for what happend in this War as far as i know by books etc.
There was an invasion with a lot of death and no victory......
Jayesh Menon15-Jan-2007 18:14
Tom Warner15-Jan-2007 18:09
This is a classic
carol j. phipps15-Jan-2007 02:16
Haunting image. Powerful! Journalistic. Keep well.
Steve Ainsworth14-Jan-2007 20:20
Richard, an image for the ages and for the times. V
Brad Troy Photography07-Jan-2007 22:57
Great shot. V.
Gérard Koehl07-Jan-2007 19:43
Photo digne des plus grands photo-reporter. Vote
Ron Horloff03-Jan-2007 18:32
A powerful reminder of war.
Sam_C02-Jan-2007 23:47
Very powerful, and symbolic image. V
carabias09-Oct-2006 14:19
Es única e impresionante.
Liz Bickel30-Sep-2006 18:31
A powerful image.
Guest 15-Sep-2006 02:51
the realities of war need to be available through uncensored mediums, such as this... the true eye is always open. the government and media machines would never show us these things. your humanity is unnerving and appreciated.
thank you.
Leslie Cohelan13-Sep-2006 20:35
a very haunting image
Guest 01-Sep-2006 18:40
Powerful in it's simplicity.
Stu Egan28-Aug-2006 20:56
Very harrowing shot
Chris Sofopoulos22-Aug-2006 10:56
A powerful image and composition!
Pete O 08-Jul-2006 01:15
I spent 13 months at the top of the pass with a marine hawk battery, '67-'68. Never will forget the place.
Cam Traviss23-Jun-2006 23:40
Incredibly powerful with outstanding composition!
Ann LT21-May-2006 23:40
Very powerful image,Richard.
Guy Dube21-May-2006 05:42
Terrific picture! A very good shot, something we never see before, very special!
Best regards
anuschka10-Apr-2006 14:24
Powerful indeed.
A good thing time goes by and these days Hai Van Pass means; slow trucks and time to enjoy the beautiful vistas towards Danang and Lang Co Beach/Lagoon.
Barbara Read and Fred Schaad26-Mar-2006 21:44
Powerful image, Richard. Your description is very good too. It helps a lot for us that never experience this to understand what you guys went through. Thank you for sharing.
Vipin Mayer23-Mar-2006 23:53
i still wonder why i left this image without commenting, though i´ve seen it so many times before, i have a feeling that my usual simple comments dont fit at all for this shot,as i believe this one might be so special to you.i´ll just Vote instead.
Michaval08-Mar-2006 11:05
Very impressive image.
Nunes BEIRAO - PHOTO07-Feb-2006 00:44
Think that there is nothing more to say about this powerful image. GMV+
Jaime Serrano05-Feb-2006 20:06
One of the most impressive image in PBase.
lorin niculae02-Feb-2006 08:02
very impressive image. it talks by itself. bravo and voted.
Keith Liner 29-Jan-2006 23:30
I used to drive trucks up through that pass and the turns were so sharp that you could change the lights in the trailer behind you, ha! Not quite that bad but it was slow going and spooky. I was usually alone and was glad to get over it. I was with a seabee group and we moved lots of equipment around in that area from Danang to Hue and Quang Tri. Lots of pretty country out there, but not like coming home.
Johnny Katchoolik 28-Jan-2006 21:37
really excellent photo.
Guest 28-Jan-2006 19:03
Very haunting and powerful picture. Unforgetable image from an unforgetable time. Voted.
Guest 27-Jan-2006 20:43
I went over the Hai Van after Tet wtih the 35th Combat Engineers. This photo brings back a lot, good and bad. Ronald Gripp, West Hartford, CT
Guest 17-Jan-2006 00:27
A very powerful image. Very good
Armindo Lopes14-Jan-2006 21:30
Terrific image. A shot to remember!
Lee Otsubo16-Dec-2005 13:41
The memories came back in a rush and washed over me like a tidal wave. I spent a lot of time on the Hai Van Pass between 1969-1970. This is where a Marine popped an M40 at me. The grenade landed at my feet and I wasn't able to scoop it up and toss it back like in the movies. I stood frozen as my life literally passed before my eyes. I saw the bad things and the good things, I saw the past, the present and the future but most of all, I saw a huge, neon sign in my mind's eye flashing,"40mil, Oh shit!" It's amazing how powerful the memories are after all these years. Your photos are the real thing, to that I can attest. I'm typing this through tears as I remember my buddies. Welcome home, brother.
looneytunes15-Dec-2005 09:19
haunting image. i see a child's face within the adult skull. almost spooky. incredibly well done photo & gallery. thank you so much for sharing & serving.
Bui Minh Hai 14-Dec-2005 07:56
VC was always a phantom
Michel CORBOZ11-Dec-2005 17:55
stunning shot!
Cheryl10-Dec-2005 22:10
Great, powerful image! Well Done!
Jola Dziubinska09-Dec-2005 19:48
Very dramatic and moving. One of the most moving photos, in fact, I've seen in my life.
puppet08-Dec-2005 20:12
Powerful and Interesting subject
Carol E Sandgren07-Dec-2005 20:29
Unbelieveable image! I applaud you for sharing this, as well as all of the images in your gallery.
Georgia Roessler07-Dec-2005 19:47
This says it all. In war, there is no winner.
Moving and compelling image!
Patrick DEBETENCOURT07-Dec-2005 13:07
The most impressive picture of this gallery ! Great composition. Patrick
Erich Mangl04-Dec-2005 16:11
i don't envy you about this experience
Richard McDonell02-Dec-2005 23:53
Remarkable composition of a horrific message. Voted
scott clarke30-Nov-2005 23:45
So nice to see this on top.Good for you, Richard well desrved.
caveman_lee30-Nov-2005 15:41
This photo really makes me speechless. Voted.
Craig Persel28-Nov-2005 00:26
Marcos García26-Nov-2005 09:49
Adrian Reilly25-Nov-2005 00:55
God knows the horror behind this image!!! Fantastic stuff!! these things need to be awakened. It has certainly stirred my emotions such a powerful picture.
Buz Kiefer22-Nov-2005 01:26
Niall O'Shea21-Nov-2005 21:04
Grim indeed. Great storytelling shot.
John Hastings18-Nov-2005 15:40
This image goes way past ‘powerful’, stirring the most profound personal feelings. If this were my last vote I would still cast it here. You have done your job well.
ac18-Nov-2005 07:55
Interesting subject and composition.
Eldar Kadymov17-Nov-2005 14:57
Never saw anything like that in my life....
Dan Coleman14-Nov-2005 19:31
Great photo!
Andrea Plano12-Nov-2005 21:34
God! This is sooooo effective!!! What a capture! Thanks for sharing!
Guest 12-Nov-2005 21:30
wow, what a fascinating picture
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