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The Legend of White Snake

This is a love story about a white snake after thousands years of effort to practise immortality, succeeded to transform herself to beautiful lady named "Bai Shu Zhen" which mean white and pure. She rescued and befriended another snake of lesser powers who becomes her sister. The two sisters start a journey in human world. One day, she met a young man Xu Xuan at a lake side, and both of them fall in love at first sight. A sudden fall of rain bring them the romance. Lady White falls in love with Xu Xian and eventually marries him. Together, they set up a Herbalist shop and she used her magical powers to make the medicines especially potent. Hence, their business and relationsip began to do very well. But it was not all smooth sailing, the relationship was start to be forbidden by a buddist monk, named Fa Hai. The monk warned Xu Xian that his wife was actually a large snake and that if she drank wine the truth will reveal. Xu Xian took the opportunity on the occasion of the Dragon Boat races, make an announce of Lady White's news that she was pregnant and press her to drink wine. Lady White was pregnant at that time and her magical power had weakened a lot. Under extreme pressure, she tried to drink wine. Unfortunately, she couldn’t control herself and turned into a big white snake in her bedroom. Xu Xian was shock and he fell to the floor and died. ....

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