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Some photos from a trip to Budapest in 2004. I elected to take the CP5700 along in order to travel as light as possible.

The city is very beautiful, both for the hilly Buda on the west bank of the Danube and the densely laid out east bank (ancient Pest). As it was the beginning of December, daylight time was kind of restricted, so most of the photos I have taken are night views. Those turned out quite OK, since the monumental nature of the city caters for great night shots.

We also made a short hop to Szentendre, a near by ancient typical village, which no tourist can miss. It was the perfect complement for an already great trip...

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(Gallery still under construction)
The Parliament at dusk Royal Palace, partial view Western hills (Sas-hegy area) Demonstrators for a national referendum at Holy Trinity square St. Stephen's statue
Fisherman´s Bastion (NV) St. Anne's Church Tunnel entrance at Clark Ádám square The Parliament (NV) Chain Bridge (NV)
Danube river boat bar/restaurant Royal Palace and river boat café, Danube east bank Mátyás Church and Fisherman´s Bastion (NV) Danube's west bank with Calvinistic Church (NV) The Royal Palace (NV)
The Parliament Guardian lions, Parliament main entrance. The Parliament, north side archway. Lajos Kossuth statue The Parliament (corridor leading from the main entrance stairway to the Dome Hall).
The Parliament (The Dome Hall center dome ceiling). Lounge access chamber at the Parliament The Parliament (Deputy Council chamber). Deputy Council chamber (detail) at the Parliament The Parliament, East façade
Statue of the Roman goddess of justice, Justitia, riding a chariot (Ethnographical Museum façade) Akadémia Street Monument to Imre Nagy / Remembrance Day Budapest christmas fair at Vorosmarty Square Folk musicians at Vorosmarty christmas fair
Hungarian sausages (kolbász) and other specialties at Vorosmarty christmas fair Advent calendar displayed on windows above the Gerbeaud Café Knick-knack shopping at Vorosmarty christmas fair Blacksmith at Vorosmarty christmas fair Tasty treats at Vorosmarty christmas fair (I)
St. Stephen's Basilica Szabadság Híd (Freedom Bridge) Szabadság Híd (Freedom Bridge) Cute little Budapest citizen (...although she is actually Finnish!) Danube east bank and tour boat (view from Gellért Hill)
Serbian Church (?) (view from Gellért Hill) Boat, Chain Bridge and the Parliament General view of Pest from a Gellért Hill viewpoint General view of Peste, including Szent István Basilic The Royal Palace (view from the Liberation Monument area)
Tourists trapped at Gellért Hill Two communications-age aware police officers at Gellért Hill Souvenirs stand near the Citadel, Gellért Hill Bright red benches in Gellért Hill park Erzsébet Híd (Elizabeth Bridge)
Statue of Elizabeth of Bavaria, Emperor Franz Joseph's wife City tram on Döbrentei Tér A bistro near Géllert Hil (Döbrentei Tér) Gymnasium St. Margaritae The Parliament - View from Margit Híd
Barge on the Danube Budapest youth enjoying the last rays of sun for the day (Margit Island) Keeping fit (Margit Island) Danube east bank (view from Margit Island) Anchored vessel  (view from Margit Island)
 Open air Bar - Margit Island Margit Island park Water tower in Margit Island Grand Hotel Danubius - Margit Island Bar/Coffee Shop Grand Hotel Danubius - Margit Island
Recreational wheel carts for rental - Margit Island Popcorn in the park - Margit Island It's gold, it's fresh...One of Hungary's best beers A winter ice skating arena -  Hösök Tér (Heroe's Square) area Hösök Tér (Heroe's Square) Monument
Hösök Tér (Heroe's Square) Monument (partial view) Hösök Tér (Heroe's Square) Monument (detail) Hösök Tér (Heroe's Square) - Monument (detail) Hösök Tér tube station Deák Tér tube station
Gerbeaud Pub, Vorosmarty tér Subway, yellow line Train station - Szentendre Mini Market (...really mini!) - Szentendre Szentendre - House detail
Marzipan confectionery artist - Szentendre Marzipan Muppets- Szentendre A different rooftop - Szentendre Shop entrance - Szentendre A small bistrot, Main Square (Fö Tér)- Szentendre
Memorial Cross and Art Gallery at Main Square (Fö Tér) - Szentendre Bogdanyl Street - Szentendre Street Detail - Szentendre Street Detail - Szentendre Knick knacks and souvenirs for sale - Szentendre
Street Detail - Szentendre Sweet light for a cosy home - Szentendre Street display - Szentendre Dusk is coming ! - Szentendre Gellért Thermal Baths (entrance lobby)
Statue on a west courtyard at the Royal Palace Golden Eagle Pharmacy (Arany Sas Patika), a museum of 16th-17th century apothecary equipment. Castle Hill funicular (Budavári Sikló) Castle Hill funicular top station (Budavári Sikló) Chain Bridge, Four Seasons Hotel and Szent István Basilic as seen from the Royal Palace hill.
The Parliament (main entrance) The Parliament (detail) Main entrance stairway at the Parliament Tasty treats at Vorosmarty christmas fair (II) Roasted chestnuts vendor at Vorosmarty christmas fair
St. Gellért Cave Chapel Danube and Peste, as seen from a Gellért Hill viewpoint Liberation Monument, as seen from midway up Gellért Hill Inner City Parish Church and Szent István Basilic, as seen from a Gellért Hill viewpoint Gellért Hill park
Liberation Monument Liberation Monument  (base side scultpure) Typical Hungarian embroidery Park benches at Gellért Hill Taban Parish church, as seen from the Gellért Hill
Gellért Monument (detail) Tram #18 passes through Döbrentei Tér Danube east bank (view from Margit Island) Danube east bank (view from Margit Island) Danube east bank (view from Margit Island)
Keeping fit in Margit Island Nationalistic window near Batthyány tér Market near Batthyány tér A Marzipan confectionery artist at work - Szentendre Church Detail - Szentendre
Paprika ! (lots of it...) Antique shop - Szentendre Memorial Cross and Blagoventenska Church at Main Square (Fö Tér) Bogdanyl Street - Szentendre Warm fur hats on a cold December day - Szentendre
Street Detail - Szentendre A nice place to eat - Szentendre The only thing remotely related to snow - Szentendre The Royal palace (backyard partial view) Fisherman´s Bastion (not really built as military structure, but as a viewpoint over the city)
Szabadság Híd (Freedom Bridge), as seen from a Gellért Hill viewpoint (Budapest, Hungary) Royal Palace, north façade panorama (Budapest, Hungary) Peste panorama, as seen from midway up Gellért Hill (Budapest, Hungary) DSCN0238.jpg DSCN0247.jpg
DSCN0248.jpg DSCN0252.jpg DSCN0256.jpg DSCN0258.jpg DSCN0269.jpg
DSCN0274.jpg DSCN0279.jpg DSCN0282.jpg DSCN0283.jpg DSCN0285.jpg
DSCN0290.jpg DSCN0291.jpg DSCN0293.jpg DSCN0296.jpg DSCN0300.jpg
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