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Otto Wahl | profile | all galleries >> Door to the Rainbow Bridge >> RIP Oliver 3/25/2004 - 10/16/2017 tree view | thumbnails | slideshow

RIP Oliver 3/25/2004 - 10/16/2017

Oliver/Ollie is Shogun's No Guts No Gloria

Our sweet Oliver passed away last evening about 9 pm...some heavy breathing while on his bed so let him out for a drink and he laid down by his water and passed @ 13 yrs. 7 months. Took him for two short walks yesterday and he was happy and healthy carrying his lead. Normal day and evening and no signs that he was going to pass. He was getting a little weaker and getting-up was harder for him but he still maintained his "Clumber roll." He never whined or showed any sign of pain...just a sweet, happy boy to the quiet and peaceful end. Leaving us very empty, lonesome and sad...

Of our four dogs, he was the healthiest...last February he had a little diarrhea that was going around our community...a tic bite several years ago and that's it...never any illness. We will miss him dearly but have many fond memories, fun stories and great photos of him to enjoy in the days, the weeks and the months ahead...he will be our last dog, never ever to be replaced!

We are forever grateful to both of you for allowing Oliver into our life's and our family...he was such a joy...funny, biddable, kind, sensitive, athletic, hardy, birdy, handsome, regal, a lover of the four seasons-outdoors and very sweet.
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