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Dealing with Paramedics at the Scene of an Accident

Highway, Travel & Safe Driving InformationGetting into a traffic accident is stressful, frightening and disorienting. I have heard many stories, from my paramedic
friends, about people who have been in accidents and are actually violent against those trying very hard to help them.

Here are some simple tips to help you give the paramedics what they need in order to give you the help that you need.

The first thing you need to remember is that all the medical professionals are trying to help you. They are not there
to judge you or the situation. Their only goal is to maintain or improve the health of all those involved in the accident.
Treat them with respect and donít take your frustration out on them. These are medical professionals and they know
what they are talking about. They have the training to determine what needs to be done and you should listen to them.
If you were lying in a hospital bed and your nurse walked in wearing cartoon scrubs,
you wouldnít dismiss her advice and orders. Donít let anything cause you to disregard the advice of an EMT or paramedic.

If you have any allergies or medical risks, make up a flash card with all of these concerns and keep it in your wallet. List any
allergies, medications you are on and known medical conditions. It may be inconvenient for you, but placing this card over your
license will make it easier to find for the paramedics to find and be aware of if you are found unresponsive at the scene of an accident.

Always allow the paramedics to check you over. Even if you donít have any obvious injuries or pain, you may have still experienced
an injury that is not readily apparent. These kinds of injuries, whiplash and the like, can take a few days to show themselves and
it is too late to report and properly treat by that point. Those medical scrubs mean that they know what to look for. Donít self diagnose.

Text and Photos by Fabian Marquez. e-mail contact

Ambulance entrance
Ambulance entrance