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together forever. . . .
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America and Mexico<br> together forever. . . .
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America and Mexico
together forever. . . .

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This is a letter I sent to President Bush on Fathers Day Sunday, June 18, 2006

President George W Bush
1600 Pennsylvania Ave. N W
Washington DC 20500-0003

Dear President Bush,

Thank you for your letter dated May 12, 2006. You made some excellent points
in your discussion about matters of America and freedom. In my opinion this plan
would help secure the border in a new consumer expressive way. Remember these
people are not our rivals. They are friends, neighbors and allies. We are together
forever! I would like to expand on some ideas I wrote to you about.

As I said in my previous letter “America and Mexico are together forever”. The
new objective is to create a working zone beneficial to both nations second to
none anywhere on the planet. This would be funded from sources in both nations
in and about the world free trade zone between both nations of Mexico and America.
Commerce paying for commerce. What a wonderful excellent great idea.

Housing for the workers from both sides of the border, on both sides of the border.
Restaurants every five hundred feet from east to west would be an excellent idea.
Supplies of gasoline, auto parts and auto manufacturing facilities plus with the
proper infrastructure raw goods for distribution through-out the US and MX.
Supermarkets and Super Centers for food. Home building supply stores for
creating much improved property development. This trade zone would be an
area of wealth on both sides of the border, for both sides of the border,
representing everything good from both sides of the border.

Create a zone of favorable economic growth that would greatly enhance the well-being
of both nations. Set up a business zone of one hundred yards on each side of the
border from the Pacific Ocean to the east coast of Mexico. People would want to
be there. Miles of industry, commerce, export, import and success. The USMX wall
of prosperity. Create internships for young people. Schools of higher learning.
Use this as a way to better serve and enhance the youth of both nations from preschool up.

The area would be 200 yards wide, more or less and open to the workforces of both
nations. Paid for by the united international trade and industry at the border.
The cost of the land is not an issue. The property could be donated by both
nations to create prosperity and growth. No longer would workers have to cross
to find work because the work would be at the border benefiting both nations on
both sides of the border. No human being should have to die to find a job and
better themselves. This is not a war, it is a journey. Railway lines, trucking
to and from with better life and added well-being!

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This would be a middle-of-the-road area for the development of new companies,
economic growth and scientific development. This area would not divide us but
instead unify us, in both nations for the betterment and goodwill of both our
countries. Libraries, colleges, universities, trade-schools, fire department
training schools, police academy and training schools, many types of schools’
of higher learning, hospitals, blood banks, gas stations, airports, hotels and
entertainment. Sir, the likely possibilities never end. The TIME to ACT is NOW!

Positive growth. Eliminate malaria one hundred percent in Mexico. This would be
an opportunity for the free world to show our self in a true commitment of working
together. Openness at its finest. Democracy at its best working for a better world.
I’d like to hear from you after you receive this letter. I would like to put together a group
of people of like minds. Your ideas, please let me know what you think. It is important sir.

This is really important sir. We must act now. We are together forever. We must act now!

Please Mr. President, please consider these ideas. Keep up the great job,
keep our nation safe and help our economy and nation grow and prosper!
Again I say “Democracy at its best working for a better world”.

Thank you for the very nice 8 X 10 glossy photo of yourself. It is framed
on my wall. Thank you very much. I have included a copy of the image I
made for you representing America and Mexico together on page one.

Thank you again sir.


Jeffrey L Knapp Mesa Arizona

phone 480-827-2166 e-mail:

cc: First Lady Laura Bush (children and education)
Governor Janet Napolitano Arizona
Governor Rick Perry Texas
Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger California
Governor Bill Richardson New Mexico
Congressman JD Hayworth Arizona
Congressman Jeff Flake Arizona
Congressman Luis Gutierrez Illinois Chair. Democratic Caucus Immigration Task Force
Congressman Henry Bonilla Texas
Senator John Cornyn Texas
Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison Texas
Senator Barbara Boxer California
Senator Dianne Feinstein California
Senator Jeff Bingaman New Mexico
Senator Pete Domenici New Mexico
Senator John McCain Arizona
Senator John Kyl Arizona
Arizona Ted Simons KTAR Radio 620
Arizona Rick DeBruhl KPNX TV-12
Mayor Albert Kramer Nogales Arizona
U.S. Consulate Nogales Arizona
Mayor Bob Walkup Tucson
City Manager Mike Hein Tucson
Mayor Phil Gordon Phoenix
Catholic News Service Washington DC
Migration & Refugee Services Washington DC
CEO Lee Scott Wal-Mart
CEO Robert Nardelli The Home Depot
Bill Gates - Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
Jo Allen Patton - Paul G Allen Foundation
K Rupert Murdock - News Corp.
Larry Ellison - Oracle
Michael Dell - Dell Inc.
Steve Ballmer - Microsoft
Sheldon Adelson - Venetian Resort - Las Vegas Sands
Abigail Johnson - Fidelity Investments
John Kluge - Metromedia
Warren Buffett - Berkshire Hathaway


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1moremile01-Jul-2006 23:17
Nice job. I admire your thoughts on Mexico, our neighbor forever and our friend.