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The Spiritual Gatekeepers (part 9) - The Warrior Within Us

The Spiritual Gatekeepers (part 9) - The Warrior Within


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The Warrior Within Us

August 23, 2012

Everything happens for a reason. It is the combination of all of our experiences that helps to define who we are, both as individuals and as a race. Typically, it is the most difficult experiences that provide us with the greatest opportunities for growth. It might not always seem that way when they occur, but with the passage of time and with an unbiased historical perspective, we can often look back on these times/events as being major turning points in our development. I believe that the human race is at such a turning point right now. 

A negative experience can be viewed in two ways. It can be seen as a negative occurrence (ignored and pushed back into the chasm of our minds). Or it can be understood and viewed as an opportunity for learning and for growth. When the negative begins to move out of the shadows and presents itself in such a manner for us all to clearly see it, then it transforms itself from something negative into a chance for something positive to occur.

Should we cover our eyes and ears as things get worse and miss the opportunity that is being presented to us? Or should we open our eyes/ears wide and see/hear all that the universe is saying (shouting) to us…look here, look here…wake up! Maybe everything that is happening right now around us is the firm nudge that we have all been waiting for that will finally remove the blinders from our eyes and all the cobwebs from our brains. Maybe we have finally reached a point where we don't need to wait for more death and destruction to wake up? Perhaps all we need to do is look around to see that it is time for change occur. 

I believe that this is an essential part of our growth process. This is an opportunity for the human race to shine. It is a chance to rise to the challenge, break free from our shackles and finally see ourselves for who and what we really are…powerful spiritual beings with unlimited potential…not manipulated powerless victims caught up in a storming sea of tyranny that we can do nothing about. 

The future is entirely up to us. However, there is a point of no return. If we continue down this road and continue to play by their rules, we will end up as expendable pawns in their game. The question is do we really want to continue being used and manipulated in this manner? What does life and liberty mean to us now? What will life and liberty mean to us after it is too late to return to it?

They are using our creativity and our productivity (consumer/tax money) to create and pay for: 

  • The entire infrastructure that controls us (Earth is a Prison)
  • The never-ending wars that they wage
  • The GM Frankenstein foods which will no doubt result in increased cancer rates, the possibility of sterility in future generations, the destruction of our bodies and minds, and the possible eventual destruction of the biosphere. GM crops are contaminating the natural genetic diversity on earth. This genetic diversity that is the natural defense mechanism that protects everything on the planet
  • The corrupt banking/finance system that steals from us all, then creates fear in the population so that we will bail it out, then continues pursuing the same corrupt practices once again
  • The manufacture of the chemicals, planes and infrastructure required to spray the chemtrails used to poison, debilitate, transform and control us
  • The construction of numerous underground bases that the "powers that be" plan to escape to when all hell breaks loose
  • The spiking of our water supply with fluoride in order to pacify us, poison us and control us
  • The construction of the wireless microwave/EM grid that is having enormous (detrimental) effects on our bodies and minds
  • The public education system that produces a population that is more concerned with conformity that it is with truth, freedom and justice
  • The corrupt medical/insurance system that caters entirely to the greed of Big Pharma. Modern "medicine" and vaccines represent one of the biggest threats to the human race (and it is almost entirely avoidable). Why do we let the medical industry convince us that we need these highly toxic substances when there are so many safer and more effective treatments out there? We hear/see reports (actually a very small percentage) of the consequences of taking such medications, yet we still keep taking them, with greater and greater frequency
  • The rape and pillage of the environment that we rely on for our very survival…in the name of corporate profits and to ensure the survival of the all consuming economic system in which we dwell
  • Etc 

Why are we financing and participating in our own destruction? Why can't we see what is happening right before our eyes? Why can't we see just how deep into this mess we are now?

Isn't it time to stand up for ourselves and for the human race? Right now the control grid is searching for a way to completely lock down the order to protect population. As such, they will continue to vilify activists and protestors, out on the streets and in the media. It is possible that a very large protest at this point could be used to their advantage. We have seen many examples in the past where agent provocateurs were used to transform peaceful protests into something violent. This could play right into their hands and lead to further restrictive legislation or the possibility of regular checkpoints, curfews, etc. I'm not saying that we shouldn't protest out in the streets. Rather, I'm suggesting that it is a good idea to remain alert when doing so and be aware that they may waiting for such an opportunity to present itself. 

So what can we do? Outsmart them! They want us to riot, but we can accomplish more by…

  • Speaking out against unjust laws and restrictive legislation. The government was established "by the people, for the people", not to control, manipulate and terrorize the people. A certain amount of structure is beneficial, tyranny is not
  • Acting with non-participation in broken or harmful areas of the system (to the greatest extent possible)
  • Voting as consumers instead of anonymous numbers in the political system. Our wallets and our voices are far more effective than anything that we could express silently in the ballot box. The political system does not give us a real choice. The the lesser of two evils, is still evil
  • Forming strong community bonds with each other. The "powers that be" maintain power because they keep the people divided
  • Turning off the TV and turning on our brains. There are many great alternative news sources out there. The control grid keeps people locked into a very narrow frame of thinking by way of constant (daily, hourly, even by the minute) reinforcement of destructive programming/ideas delivered mainly via the television. When we separate ourselves from the constant reinforcement, everything begins to look different
  • Stopping the voluntary drugging of ourselves for the benefit of the control system (fluoride, pharma, processed foods, artificial sweeteners and preservatives, etc)
  • Bringing entertainment outside again. It's amazing how much that is occurring right now that we do not see because we shackle ourselves indoors to cubicles, TV, video games, computers, fear of skin cancer, etc. It's difficult to change that which we are conditioned not to see
  • Seeking out and purchasing only trusted organic sources of food. Let the GM food rot on the shelves. Avoiding GM foods is actually becoming increasingly more difficult these days due to the widespread distribution of it. And it's only going to get worse as time goes on, unless we make a stand now. Another way to combat GM food is with individual or community gardens. It's actually fun and rewarding (empowering) to grow your own food. Plus it helps to bring us back in touch with the earth once again

There are many things that we can do. Each of us has our own unique set of talents and ideas. If we combine them together within each of our communities, then the balance of power begins to shift away from the control structure and back to the people.

Courage, self-empowerment and faith are contagious…Encourage → Courage → Change

Peace to All

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