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The Spiritual Gatekeepers - Update 12/11/12

The Spiritual Gatekeepers - Update (11-17-12)

Boat grounded in Point Reyes California

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Update #2

November 17, 2012

Yesterday I got a "hard drive failure" message on my computer with warnings about bad sectors and other disk problems. It is still partially working but lots of data has been wiped out. 

At this point it looks like this will be the end of this article series (at least for a while). There has been some significant readership of these articles, however I haven't received any donations yet or interest in getting things up and running again. I am trying to find other ways of raising the money but options are limited right now. 

My only goal in writing this series was to make a stand and try and make a difference. I have no desire for fame, fortune or notoriety. I do not have all the answers, but what I can continue to offer is a unique and personal (non-traditional) perspective on this phenomena based on 40+ years of direct experience and observation. 

Here are the current issues that are preventing the continuation of this series: 


If you can assist but would like to do so anonymously, here are a couple of additional options that do not involve the use of Paypal: 

  1. Visa Gift Card these can be purchased anonymously in almost any retail establishment
  2. Money Order these can also be purchased anonymously at USPS and retail locations. However, I do not have a bank account so cashing a money order would be more difficult than the 1st option
  3. Directly purchasing & sending the needed items above. Or if you have a used pure sine wave inverter that you would like to donate that would be great as well

My address is: 

Ideally it would be nice to see some donations come from the "people". If even a tiny percentage of the readers of this series gave just $2 each that would keep things going for quite a while. The (potential) strength of the people has always been in our numbers...7 billion of us vs. a tiny number of "them". Their strength and power comes from their ability to keep us forever distracted, divided and narrowly focused on only that which is officially endorsed and accepted, not that which is known or possible. 

The second best option would be to receive a donation from someone with significant resources (that wouldn't impact them financially). Every day we hear about the "rich and famous" dropping huge amounts of money in a single day (many times more than would be needed to keep these articles going for several months or more) on something that seems rather trivial when compared to the state of things that we are currently facing. Of course these people have the right to do what they want with their money. However, it would be nice to hear about more of them supporting the efforts of the independent voices out there (be it this effort or someone else's) who are willing to put their butt on the line in order to stand up for what is right and try and make a difference. 

Any assistance towards this effort would be greatly appreciated. 

Thank you 

Update #3 
(December 11, 2012)

I posted a request for donations in the hope that some of the people who have read these articles might be in a position to assist in helping to get things up and running again. I didn't end up receiving any donations, however I was able to repair some of the damaged electrical systems and purchase an inexpensive power inverter on eBay. 

The hard drive failure turned out to be the result of a particularly nasty Trojan horse that somehow got past the antivirus software on my computer. It proved to be extremely difficult to remove because it had created a new partition on the hard drive (which I wasn't aware of) and it kept coming back again and again, even after reinstalling the operating system multiple times. I ended up losing quite a bit of data, but I had a backup of the rest (a good reason to maintain regular backups). After much testing, I am still not sure what caused the system-wide electrical failure across multiple systems and devices. It appears that some of the electronic devices are permanently fried, however there were a few which I was able to get working again. 

In the previous section I mentioned that things always seem to have a way of working out. Although I didn't end up receiving any donations, I did receive an unexpected gift from an rather unexpected donor. Quite some time ago I had hid some money in my camper to save for emergency purposes. When I went to retrieve it about six months ago, it had mysteriously disappeared. I couldn't figure out where it had gone. This mystery bugged me for quite some time until I eventually just wrote it off as lost.  

Then a couple of weeks ago I came across a mess that a mouse had made in a part of the camper which I rarely access. I didn't have any particular reason to go looking in this area that day other than I had decided out of the blue that it was time to clean up the camper a little. It turns out that the mouse had dragged various items from different parts of the camper to this area in order to construct a nice little home for itself. Among the things I found in its house was the lost emergency money. It wasn't much money, but it was enough to purchase a cheap power inverter on eBay and hopefully keep the internet connection open for maybe another month or two.  


The universe often works in mysterious ways

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