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The Spiritual Gatekeepers (part 6) - UFO's and Missing Time

The Spiritual Gatekeepers (part 6) - UFO's and Missing Time

Pocket Watch - Ufos and missing time

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UFOs and Missing Time

August 15, 2012

I live in a small camper, off grid, in the California desert. I was outside last night 08-14-2012 (I thought) around 7:30PM. I sensed something in the sky, looked up and a few seconds later saw a large bright fireball appear and move upwards. There was no visible craft near the fireball. The fireball left a single (short) very bright trail which then split into two separate trails and recombined back into one.

The trails were intermittent (visible then not visible). After the trail stopped, a very small craft (in relation to the trails) appeared by itself with a violet aura around it. It was there for a few seconds then disappeared (did not appear to move off, just disappeared). The trail began again farther up (but with no visible craft). It is difficult to judge what the size of the craft was because of the distance it was from me. There was no sound noticeable at any time. Total time of event was a little over one minute. 

I thought this happened last night (08-14-2012). However, this morning when I went to place the date/time stamp on the attached images, the (image) date said 08-12-2012. I checked the camera and the current date and time are correct. I cannot account for the time differential. I do have memories of the last few days. However, when I try to remember specifics about that time frame, my memories are incomplete and jumbled.

It's almost impossible in these instances to reconcile such time discrepancies (without sufficient recall) unless there is some type of anomaly that occurs that can be used as an anchor point to help account for the missing time (in this case, having photos with a time/date stamp attached).

I imagine that sharing the above information will open the door for some ridicule. However, the only way to expose and stop what is going on is if people are willing to step forward and speak out. Otherwise it will be forever buried and ridiculed. I know that this is happening to many other people, probably a great deal more than what is understood or believed.  

When I first began to write this series, I made an oath to myself (and to others) that I would not back matter what happened. I decided then that this is where my personal line in the sand would be drawn. All of us, individually, must decide where and when we will draw that line for ourselves. I do hope that some good comes from this series. And I hope that people wake up in time see what we are facing. Perhaps others, who may have had similar experiences in the past, will decide that now is the time to step forward and make a stand as well.  

Peace to all

UFO in the sky that morphed into an entity with red eyes


 UFO in the sky that morphed into an entity with red eyes. Same entitiy previously seen in a black cloud

Image Above: The only editing that was done to the above image was enlargement and color enhancement. The red eyes and the antennae are exactly as they appeared straight out of the camera. (Please see Part 2 for more info)


UFO in sky


 Ufo with violet colored aura around it


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