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The Spiritual Gatekeepers (part 7) - Understanding UFOs

The Spiritual Gatekeepers (part 7) - Understanding UFO's


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Understanding UFOs

August 18, 2012

What are (most) UFOs?

The majority of unexplainable UFO sightings on Earth (and in near space) are not physical spacecraft. They are actually energy beings that temporarily enter the physical plane here on Earth and then take a form of their choosing. Some of these entities are malevolent in nature, some are neutral and some are benevolent. The benevolent beings rarely (overtly) show themselves and generally will not (overtly) interfere with the evolution of humanity. The malevolent (and mischievous) entities are the ones that are most often seen and described as "UFOs". Within this mix, there are also physical UFOs (terrestrial and extraterrestrial), as well as a strong connection/link between all UFOs, "aliens" and consciousness.  

These entities can manipulate energy in many different ways and can form complex shapes such as "spacecraft", "aliens", animals/creatures, planes or anything else that they desire. It takes a great deal of energy to transition into this dimension and hold a specific form. Therefore, UFO sightings can sometimes be brief in nature. The length of time that they can remain in this dimension depends largely on the current state of certain energy fields here on Earth. These energy fields are influenced by a variety of factors including geographical location, cosmic alignments, solar activity, ritual practices, etc. Eventually these entities must return to their normal state and to their own dimension. 

If you look at the photo below (from part 6), you will notice two things…the middle of the "trail" is mostly in focus, but the bottom of the trail (the entry point into our dimension) and the top portion of the trail (morph point into the "entity") look a little blurred or distorted. When these entities first enter onto the physical plane of Earth, it causes a distortion effect in the atmosphere. And when they morph into other shapes, it causes a (transition) distortion effect.



It was no coincidence that this UFO appeared when I was outside that night viewing the sunset. As soon as I got my camera and started to take photos, that is when I felt a presence in that part of the sky and the UFO came into view. This is an example of how the UFO/alien phenomena is linked to our consciousness.  

It is important to understand that these entities do not have to show themselves unless they want to. If they choose to become visible, there is always a reason for it. How long has the UFO debate been going on now without any type of resolution? Why is that? The reason that these entities (UFOs) appear to us periodically is to give us little tidbits of (mis)information and keep us chasing our tails around in circles. It is an effective way to periodically steer us away from the truth of what (most) UFOs really are and what their true agenda really is.  

There are a few well known researchers, such as John Keel and Jacques Vallée, who have researched the interdimensional (and trickster/mythical/demonic) aspect of the phenomena (many years ago), but the majority of the "mainstream" UFO community still seems to be grounded mainly in the physical and extraterrestrial view of UFOs. Therefore, they often ignore evidence which points towards a more paranormal explanation of the phenomena.

It is amazing how much conflicting information there is on the subject of UFOs and aliens. If you think about it, it's really just another version of the divide, confuse and conquer technique of hiding the truth through disinformation and controlling people through division and conflict. Fortunately, with the help of an increasing number of outspoken researchers and scientists, the multidimensional aspect of this existence is beginning to gain a little more acceptance now. 

The "UFO" could have presented itself in any way that it wanted. However, it represented itself as a recognizable entity in order to try and invoke a state of fear based on previous experience. As such, I believe that there were two purposes for this sighting: 1) To serve as a form of intimidation…or a message to stop pursuing this (series of articles), and 2) To capture the event in a clear photo. Ironically, the thing that is most likely to invoke disbelief and ridicule these days is a good photo or video of a UFO. We have been trained quite well to discount all such evidence in the modern era as fakes and to label people that present them as kooks or hoaxsters.  

Abductions and the "Reboot"

There are two primary reasons for "alien" abductions: 1) Genetic research (aka the hybrid breeding program), and 2) "The Reboot" (reprogramming troublemakers through various memory modification techniques).

The reboot process is very similar to hitting the reset button on your computer. For example, say that you had been working on several projects on the computer and you accidentally pressed the reset button without saving your work. The computer would reboot back to the original desktop screen and all of the files on your hard disk would remain. However, all the work and information that was on the previous screen and in the RAM would be erased. This is basically how selective memory erasure works. It's how these entities help to steer us away from further pursuing information that would be detrimental to their agenda. 

Reprogramming is accomplished primarily by two different methods:

The astral plane method is less effective and can be thwarted if you awaken and prevent (or break) the telepathic connection. Reprogramming done via physical abduction is extremely effective and can be difficult (if not impossible) to discover unless it has occurred multiple times. Sometimes the procedure doesn't take and memories are recovered. This can happen because of genetic anomalies in the individual, intervention from other (benevolent) beings, or purposeful recall later of specific information (programmed by these entities).  

The hybrid breeding program will be discussed in detail in the next segment.

Why Not Just "Take Out" the Troublemakers

During our time here on earth, everything that we experience and learn (physically, mentally, spiritually) contributes to our frequency/vibratory rate (part 3). The thoughts we think, the actions (or inactions) we take, how we treat others, how we treat ourselves…all of this helps to shape our frequency/vibration. External factors also play a significant role in how this rate evolves. Our individual frequency/vibratory rate helps to align us with other realms (dimensions) and with other beings (entities). 

Right now, there is a war being waged for our soul/spirit (consciousness) (part 5). Much of this war is designed to try and manipulate or trick us into lowering our frequency/vibration rate, so that we may (unknowingly) align ourselves with the dark entities in the lower realms. The ways in which this is being accomplished are numerous and have been discussed in previous segments, therefore I wont go into them again here.  

When our physical body dies, the energy that is our consciousness (spirit or soul) moves on to the "spirit realm". If it is aligned with the higher realms (higher frequency/vibration) it has little chance of being trapped by the lower realms that are inhabited by the dark entities (frequency mismatch). However, if it is aligned closer to the lower realms, these dark entities have a chance to steal or capture that soul and use it for their own benefit. Actually it isn't really stealing…it's more like trickery or manipulated attraction through frequency matching. 

There are essentially three things that can happen when the soul/spirit is released from our physical bodies (as it relates to Earth): 

3) In Between Realms (in limbo): 


If you have read the other segments in this series, you probably noticed that I have concentrated heavily on the concept of freewill. That is because it is absolutely crucial to everything. Currently we have the ability to choose our own destiny. We can still modify our frequency/vibratory rate by way of the actions we take and the choices we make. But that is quickly changing.

The mechanisms that are being employed right now by the control grid are so advanced and so extensive that it is possible that we will soon become genetically/chemically modified techno transhumans with little or no freewill. The race is on right now. There are some wonderful changes that are currently taking place in the human race. They will effectively help those who are ready to rapidly evolve into a higher state of consciousness and state of being. The control grid is working desperately to try and prevent this transition from occurring and keep us shackled to this current existence in any way that they can. 

In the last segment, I posted images of the UFO (entity) because I wanted people to know that, as scary as some of this may sound, we are not powerless against it. It is something that we can fight. The only way that these entities can truly control us is if we choose to align ourselves (our frequency) with them. Choosing to live our life in such a way that promotes a high personal frequency and a high vibratory state is the absolute best protection that we all have. It's also the easiest and fastest way to change the entire world for the better. There are some things that they can do to try to intimidate us, but as far as directly harming us, their power is actually limited. They mostly rely on us to harm ourselves (self-destructive behaviors) or rely on other humans to carry out their destructive deeds for them. As far as abductions go, that is a more complicated situation. But there are some defenses against that as well which I will discuss in a future segment. 

Most religions speak of good and evil in their teachings. While, some have different ways of presenting these concepts, most of them seem to agree (in theory) in the idea of pursuing that which is good and not participating in that which is "evil". There is actually a scientific reason for this. That reason is best explained by the idea of frequency matching. 

What happens when we do something good for someone else? We get a warm fuzzy feeling inside. What happens when we read or view something that is inspiring or "moves" us in a positive manner? We sometimes get goose bumps (in a good way). These feelings are actually the physical result of our frequency/vibration rising.

In contrast, what happens when we participate or engage (actively or passively) in something that we know in our hearts to be wrong? There is that ugly heavy feeling that occurs. This feeling is the physical result of our frequency/vibration lowering. Sometimes we can be tricked or herded into pursuing ego-centric activities which can give us a temporary "rush" (a feeling similar to raising our frequency), but ultimately these activities always lower our frequency/vibration.

It is through this ongoing process of our experiences and actions that we evolve (or devolve) and align ourselves with other beings (entities) and other realms (dimensions). 


For the sake of simplicity in this series, I have used common terms such as fallen angels, watchers, nephilim, angels, spirit, soul, demons, hell, etc to help describe various concepts in a consistent manner. These same concepts (with different names) are often described in many other cultures and religions from around the world. The names that we give them are not really important. What is important is that these are real entities and this is a very real situation that can/will have real consequences if we do not address it. 

I think it's interesting to note that the so-called primitive or backward cultures in the world (as defined by western ideals) are actually the ones who are best prepared right now to make a transition into higher consciousness. Most live in harmony with nature and learn from it. In the western world we have mostly tried to replace that which is lasting, natural and beneficial with that which is temporary, profitable and destructive. Many of these older cultures still enjoy very rich traditions which are very much in line with where we all should be...but have been led astray from.

There is a living consciousness shared by everything. The living systems of this planet have been ignored and decimated for far too long. The natural order of things is greatly out of balance right now. Therefore, nature (and the Earth) will eventually find a way to rebalance itself. This process is inevitable. In science they sometimes call these processes "cycles". We can choose to assist in helping to restore that balance or we can become "victims" of that process when it finally occurs out of necessity.

I have said this several times before, however, it's important enough to say again. The information that is presented here is not intended to promote fear, but rather to help give us the necessary knowledge that we need rise above fear and become free of it. We can choose to ignore the situation, we can live in perpetual fear, or we can recognize fear for what it is meant to be…a warning sign to jump out of the pot before the water begins to boil. 

Below are links to several resources which further discuss some of the ideas that were explored in this segment…concepts that we now consider as mostly folklore, myth and stories from older cultures. It's interesting how we think of ourselves today as being on the "cutting edge" of science. However, we are only now just beginning to (re)discover and open up to that which was well understood by various cultures many thousands of years ago. 

(various views regarding these phenomena)

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