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The Spiritual Gatekeepers (part 26) - Two

The Spiritual Gatekeepers (part 26) - Two

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February 13, 2013

Throughout the known universe there exists a concept known as polarity. Various components of polarity are often expressed with either a positive or negative connotation attached to them. However, in reality, polarity is just a temporary state of being that is both natural and desirable. Minor imbalances are always present in the world around us, and things are always changing and evolving. This is how it should be.

Below are some examples that illustrate the idea of polarity (and "duality"):





























There are almost an infinite number of polarities. In their natural state, they are just a temporary state of being…one that eventually and naturally evolves/resolves into something different. However, when they are artificially manipulated (into unnatural dualities), they can often have undesirable consequences. Below is an examination of the concepts of balance/imbalance and how they can affect us:

1.  Minor imbalances are beneficial and create great opportunities for learning and growth.  

    Imbalance → leads to learning → learning leads to growth → growth evolves/resolves into a greater state of internal balance and awareness (higher states of consciousness and spirituality)

2.  Sustained major imbalances are not normal in nature. They are the result of some type of artificial manipulation. Artificially created/sustained imbalances result in sustained states of confusion, agitation and chaos.

    Sustained imbalance → leads to agitation/confusion → agitation/confusion leads to limited growth or negative growth → limited growth or negative growth results in unresolved states of mind/being (confused states of consciousness and spirituality).

3.  Artificially sustained states of balance are also undesirable. Technology (improperly used) can create situations which result in stagnation.

    Artificially sustained states of balance → leads to stagnation → stagnation leads to arrested states of learning/understanding (limited opportunities for spiritual growth and higher states of consciousness)

4.  Nature has a self-correcting mechanism which automatically helps to restore balance when necessary. However, this only occurs (properly and automatically) when nature is not being artificially manipulated or controlled. Given enough time, nature will always find a way to re-balance itself. Re-balancing normally occurs continually and silently in the background (unnoticed) in small increments. However, the longer that an imbalance is artificially sustained, the greater that imbalance becomes. Consequently, the greater the imbalance, the stronger (more intense) the automatic re-balancing process must be in order to properly restore balance once again.  

    Nature is defined as the naturally changing/evolving (un-manipulated) systems in the world/universe around us. Balance is achieved when we learn to live and evolve in tandem with nature. Imbalance occurs when we exploit and live outside of nature.

Attempting to bypass or artificially manipulate/control nature → leads to internal/external imbalance → prolonged internal/external imbalance leads to chaos

What is the Difference Between Polarity and Duality?

Polarities are natural states of being which are widely seen and distributed throughout nature. They are considered normal and beneficial. Duality, on the other hand, is an artificial state of being based on manufactured division and conflict. Duality is created and encouraged by the various entities which rule over and control this planet. Duality creates division. Division creates polarization and conflict. Polarization and conflict results in a shift of power, from the people to the ruling elite (controllers).  

War and peace is an example of a duality which is encouraged and manufactured by the controllers. Disagreements are natural, war is not. War feeds the machine and it keeps the people divided (thereby maintaining the power of the elite). Perpetual war creates tremendous profits for the few who pull the strings behind the scenes. The ruling elite become richer and the people become collateral damage.

Love and hate is another example of a manufactured duality. In an un-manipulated world, love would be the predominant energy found here on Earth. However, in our modern society today, love has been overshadowed by a state of manufactured hate and conflict. Hate is not a natural state of being, it is a learned skill. Hate is taught to us (and reinforced) every day via TV, movies, the internet, music, newspapers, magazines and video games.  

Other manufactured dualities include rich/poor, black/white, Christian/Muslim and Republican/Democrat. These dualities, like the others, were specifically created and/or encouraged by the Control Grid for purposes of power, profit and control.

What if this manufactured and dualistic "System of Two" ceased to exist? What if we didn't have the TV to tell us who our enemies were, who the "terrorists" were, what the political "flavor of the month" was, who is black and who is white, etc? What would the world look like then?

Perhaps one day we will find out.

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