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The Great Canvas in the Sky

The Great Canvas in the Sky


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The 33rd Parallel
(Window/Portal Area)

September 9, 2013

Window and Portal Areas

Window and portal areas are geographical locations on Earth where the veil between the physical plane and the "spiritual" realms is much thinner than is normally seen in other locations.

These areas typically share a number of common characteristics:  

  • A significantly different energy signature than that of the surrounding area. This energy can be perceived as either positive or negative depending on a number of factors including the type of entities accessing the portal, ancient claims to the land (i.e. djinn, "fairies", or other entities), military involvement in the area (especially DUMB bases), historical events associated with the area, present/historical human settlement (indigenous peoples), and the perception of the person involved in the event (consciousness is intimately connected with UFOs, "aliens', paranormal and/or spiritual encounters which is why we often see such varied perceptions associated with such events)
  • Volcanic or geothermal activity in the area
  • Seismic activity and fault lines in the area
  • Large bodies of water and/or flowing water
  • Areas located near large caverns and cave systems
  • "Mounds"
  • Mountains (especially active/dormant volcanoes)
  • Deserts (or other desolate areas)
  • Various areas located along the 33rd parallel (especially the American Southwest, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Israel, India, Pakistan, and Japan (areas that are historically associated with the ancient "gods", amazing ancient structures, "divine" guidance, deception and ongoing conflict)
  • Unique architecture - temples, worship areas and other ancient/modern structures that are sometimes designed to focus energy from the surrounding area

The amount of "paranormal" activity in these different areas can vary depending on a number of variables including various "cycles" of time (time of day, day of the week, time of the year, etc), terrestrial/cosmic energy changes (sun, moon, planets, solar/galactic systems), presence of Humans (and their individual genetic factors), and perhaps most importantly, the state of consciousness of the participants (receiver/transmitter status)  

Elements that are commonly associated with these areas include Ufos, "aliens", djinn, fairies, angels, demons, "gods", strange creatures, orbs of light, anomalous weather events, time anomalies, electromagnetic anomalies, abductions, portals in sky, paranormal events, strange behavior of domestic or wild animals, strong historical presence of Native Americans (here in the US) or other indigenous peoples, supernatural names for geographic areas such as the Superstition Mountains, Devils Peak, Devils Gate, Spirit Mountain, etc, military presence/surveillance/involvement in the area including bases and test sites

Some well known events associated with these areas include the Phoenix Lights (33rd parallel), Roswell UFO event (33rd Parallel), Travis Walton abduction (33rd parallel), the Skinwalker Ranch events, Heavens Gate Cult (33rd Parallel), explosion of the first atomic bomb (33rd parallel), the Mothman events of Point Pleasant, West Virginia, numerous paranormal events associated with ancient (and current) lands located in the Middle East/Asia (33rd parallel)…and many more  

The Multiple Earth Theory – A Unified Theory of Spirituality, UFOs, Aliens and the Paranormal

Essential Concepts

Spiritual Protection

Spirits in the Sky

Images from the 33rd Parallel…

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