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Every researcher, experiencer and observer has their own unique set of observations, experiences, analysis, methodology and style that they draw from. Individually, we all contribute important pieces to the puzzle. However, together we help to form a more complete picture of something that the "powers that be" (rulers) never wanted us see.  

In my view, the goal isn't to try and find a particular person or researcher that we agree with100%. Rather, the greatest value often comes from listening to a wide variety of different people. When we begin to take a more open approach to learning, sometimes the most profound revelations can arrive from the most unexpected places (including the normal and "abnormal" everyday people that modern society often discounts the most...children, "uneducated" indigenous peoples, elders, people without lab coats, suits or degrees, etc).  

Also do not discount your own observations, experiences and abilities either. Society will try to crush the voices of those with independent points of view...usually with some lame cliche like "what do they know, they don't have the proper training, education, background or employment to know anything". Speak your mind. People may hate you or respect you for it, however, it is only when we allow our true spirit to shine though that real and lasting change can finally take root and begin to grow. 


Retraining the brain: A great way to become familiar with some of the many excellent researchers, observers and experiencers out there is through radio interviews. Radio is different than video because it forces the brain to really think about the information (as opposed to merely "receiving" it). Radio encourages you to analyze the audio data AND create your own imagery simultaneously. This gets the "left brain" and the "right brain" working together in cooperation (towards balance).

Individual Resources

There are many great writers, researchers, video/documentary producers and radio hosts/hostesses out there. Some of them are known, and some of them are unknown. Once we begin to actively seek knowledge and understanding, it usually arrives to us in a variety of different ways (including our own individual experiences). Go with what resonates with you personally. If it feels right, do not let anyone else dissuade you via ridicule, mockery, innuendo, gossip, misdirection, false accusations/associations or similar types of coercion.  

Most people are afraid of change, so they will often fight anyone or anything that seeks to "open the box" and let the light in. Personally, I think that it's a good idea to keep an open mind, just as long as our mind remains a product of our own choices and decisions, not someone else's.

Everybody Has Something to Contribute

Every single person makes a difference, every choice we make is relevant and every voice is important. Please seek out and support the many great individual efforts out there on the web, on blog sites, on the radio, on youtube and out in the "real world". The power is in the people, not in the system.


This is by no means a complete reference...just a very small sample of some resources which I have found to be helpful.

Videos and Articles

--- Banking/Finance ---

Money, Banking and the Federal Reserve 

Petrodollars, War and the World Reserve Currency


--- Chemtrails ---  

Danger in the Sky - The Chemtrail Phenomena

What in the World are the Spraying?

Why in the World are the Spraying?

Chemtrail Poisoning

Chemtrails 2013


The Fluoride Deception (from the Health Ranger) 


--- Gaia (Mother Earth) ---

Oren Lyons - We are All Part of the Earth 

Agenda 21 - (radio interview) information examining some of the possible real agendas behind Agenda 21


--- General ---

The Global War on Children 

Good Americans are Silent Americans


--- Government ---

Larken Rose - The Government Con (radio interview) 

The Secret Government - excellent PBS documentary that examines the shell (public) government, intelligence agencies, and the secret (shadow) government  

Who's Faking It? Pentagon Cyber-Warriors Planting False Information on Facebook


--- GMO's, Food and Farm ---

Genetic Roulette - very good documentary examining the harmful (and sometimes deadly) effects of GMO's and the associated corruption in the corporate/FDA money making machine 

Farmageddon - the US government's war on small family farms, organic/wholesome foods, and environmentally friendly farming techniques 

Morningland Dairy Raided and Another Family Business Destroyed - more evidence of the US government's war on small family farms, the people of America and on our freedom and liberties


--- Inspirational ---

The Greatest Speech Ever Made 

Somewhere Over the Rainbow


--- Microwaves and Electromagnetic Fields (cell phones, Wi-fi, Smart Meters, HAARP, etc) ---

Resonance - Beings of Frequency - Excellent documentary exploring the dangers of microwave and electromagnetic radiation on individual health and well being (not to mention the detrimental effects that this technology has on the awakening of consciousness) 

Cell Phones - 290% Increased Risk of Developing a Brain Tumor


--- Psychology and Mass Conformity ---

Five Monkeys (herd/hive mentality experiment)  

The Asch Experiment #1 - Group Influence and Conformity 

The Asch Experiment #2 - Group Influence and Conformity 

The Milgram Experiment - Obedience to Authority 

The Stanford Prison Experiment - What a Uniform Does to a Person


--- Religion ---

The New Pope


--- Satanism and Mind Control in Society (Hidden in Plain Sight) ---

Satanic Controlled Hollywood and Music Industry 

Trauma Based Mind Control, MKUltra, Popular Music  

Backwards Masking in Popular Music 

MKUltra Mind Control and Psychological War


--- Television and Mainstream Media ---

Weapons of Mass Persuasion 

Century of the Self (Edward Bernays Documentary - Marketing/Propaganda) 

TV Mind Control


--- Transhumanism and Transgenderism (the covert planned/unplanned manipulation of gender) ---

The Transgender Agenda (radio interview)


--- UFO's, Aliens, Archons, Angels/Demons and Mythological Creatures (various views regarding these phenomena) ---

Are Archons Greys?  

Aliens, UFO's, Fallen Angels, Demons 

Archons - Alien Intrusion 

Abductions, Genetic Manipulation and Hybrids 



--- War ---

One Tin Soldier 

Civil War 

For What It's Worth 


DVD Documentaries

Generation RX - examines the mass drugging of our children for the benefit of Big Pharma, the corrupt FDA/medical industry and the control grid 

Radio Bikini - A sobering look at the US atomic bomb program 

Burzynski - true story that follows a biochemist who challenged the Food and Drug Administration for his right to begin clinical trials on a new cancer treatment. A great examination of just how corrupt FDA is 

My Perestroika - An excellent documentary which examines the life of five people who were brought up behind the Soviet Iron Curtain (there are some disturbing parallels in this film to the current socio/political/economic trends that are occurring right now worldwide) 

Long Way Round - documentary series that follows actors Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman on a motorcycle trip around the world. An amazing journey covering many different countries and cultures. There is something that becomes very apparent after viewing this film...once the mainstream media propaganda is removed from our daily lives, it becomes clear that we (the people of the world) aren't so different after all

Gaza Strip (free) - historical (older) documentary that examines the Israeli occupation of Gaza and some of the horrendous conditions that the Palestinian people have to live in

War Dance - a look at life outside of the virtual reality of the West. The film follows a group of children living in a displacement camp in northern Uganda and their quest/journey to participate in their country's national music and dance festival. There is an interesting scene in the film where a truck pulls up to the village full of US food aid (exporting US GMO toxic "food" products to other cultures as economic aid)

Gasland - examines the incredibly destructive practice of fracking on the environment 

King Corn - All about corn, government subsidies, GMO, herbicides, etc


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