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Resistance is not Futile, and Understanding is not Elusive

Resistance is Not Futile


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Resistance is not Futile, and Understanding
is not Elusive
(A primer to the "Invasion" and the "Resistance")

April 28, 2015

Throughout history, the Earth has been visited by many different beings, entities and life forms. Some of these beings have been benevolent, some have been malevolent and some have been indifferent or neutral towards the human race. Humanity has also been genetically and socially modified by a number of different influences throughout history. Some of these alterations came from external sources, while others came from within our own species (present and previous incarnations of humanity).

Although the names sometimes change (depending on the time in history and culture), the main actions and characteristics of these entities tend to remain relatively unchanged. Additionally, many of the traits that seem to separate the "good" entities from the "bad" entities often appear to be blurred at times. This begs the question, are we really dealing with many different entities here? Or are we actually dealing with one (primary) phenomena that can transcend time (and space) and appear to us with many different faces, personalities and names?

Many cultures have attempted to describe this phenomena under one name. For example, Native American tribes refer to this phenomena as the "trickster". Gnostics call it the "archons". Christians call it the "demons". Islam calls it the "djinn". Parapsychologists refer to it as "archetypes". Others call it "flyers", "predators", "parasites", "fairies" or "aliens". On the other side of the spectrum, this phenomena is sometimes referred to as "angels", "spirit guides", "space brothers" and "ascended masters".

No matter what the name that is given to the phenomena, however, it often appears to us as some sort of trickster (sometimes acting foolishly, sometimes acting helpful and sometimes acting evil or predatory). Most interestingly, it always seems to present itself while cloaked in some type of illusion.

So what is the true nature of these "entities"? It appears as though they can exist on multiple levels of reality including physically, ethereally, mentally and spiritually. They can also exist within our time and space, and outside of our time and space. How they appear to us personally, seems to be dependent largely on how we expect them to appear to us (based on our culture, belief systems and personal experience or personal relationships).

Physical Existence

Most everything that we experience as human beings is distilled down and related to us in terms of what we normally understand as physical reality. Then it is further distilled through the "funnel" or the "lens" of our social programming and physiological conditioning. What we typically end up with (as a result of this filtering process) is a very narrow view of what reality is and what we believe is possible. Thus, when we encounter something that exists outside of this limited (constructed) framework, we automatically reject it. For example, how could something that is non-physical affect our physical world? How could something that is outside of our time and space, "materialize" into our physical world?

What if we were to take a look at the wind as an example? Sometimes the wind is an unseen and an unfelt force. However, there are other times when the wind may enter into this "existence" so that it can be seen and felt by us as it affects various elements within our physical environment.

Another example of this idea would be water. There are certain times when water can be seen and felt. However, there are other times when it changes its form and can become invisible to us (as vapor in the air). In its invisible state, water exists all around us. However, we can walk right by it (and through it) without even realizing it is there. Later it may change its form again and "materialize" to us as clouds in the sky. From the ground the clouds look as if they have body and density, yet airplanes can fly right through them without being hindered in their flight. Water can also "morph" into another form and fall down as rain, snow or hail. In this state we can "physically" see water and feel it again. In the morning water might be visible on the ground in the form of a puddle, However, later in the day it might become invisible to us again as it evaporates and turns to vapor.

There are actually many invisible forces, beings and "entities" that exist in the world around us. In their natural state, we are usually unaware of them. However, if they were to change their state of being, they could take on a variety of different forms including UFOs, aliens, entities, or various forms of energy and/or apparent physical phenomena.

Energy or consciousness that is non-native to this planet (or to this physical reality) would need to create new matter or manipulate current matter in some way in order to be physically seen and/or experienced by us. This is why the paranormal often appears to be so abnormal to us. Depending on the "entity" and its abilities, it could manifest to us in a variety of different ways. Also some types of energy may have the ability to animate itself, but lack the proper consciousness to make sense to us.

For many non-physical forms of energy, one of the easiest things to manipulate is water vapor (i.e clouds). People often see all kinds of things in clouds. Most of the time this is chalked up to the imagination of the person involved. Sometimes it is. However, other times it is a form of communication. I have seen "clouds" change shape in seconds from almost nothing to complete faces and complex symbols (much like crop circles).

I have also seen clouds materialize in seconds from a completely cloudless sky, take on a specific form, change form (in seconds), stay completely stationary (in very windy conditions) and then disappear just as quickly as they appeared. Likewise, I have seen "clouds" stay completely stationary for hours at a time as other clouds continued to move on by them. In my own experience, the thing that separates many of these occurrences from the imagination is the concurrent (often very strong) sense of a consciousness that is associated with these "clouds".

Another phenomena that I have witnessed in the sky is the sudden appearance of a "UFO". UFOs sometimes seem to "materialize" from out of nothing, fly around a bit (often changing in color) and then either fly off into space or "dematerialize" back into nothing. The curious thing about some of these materializations and dematerializations is that they are often associated with either a red or violet colored light. John Keel speculated that this is because these "UFOs" are actually altering their "frequency" (vibratory rate) to match the  spectrum of light that is visible to us. He suggested that they move in and out of our "reality" through the invisible infrared (into the visible red spectrum) and from the visible violet (into invisible ultraviolet spectrum). From my experience, I think that does indeed help to explain the behavior of some UFOs. Such behavior also brings up the question of physicality. Are these actually "physical" craft as we understand them?

Vehicles of Travel, Perception and Experience

Everything is constructed of energy (just vibrating at different levels of "being"). In the physical realm, most things appear to be solid and stationary in their existence. However, that isn't necessarily the case in other "realms" of existence. Energy can also exist in forms that are more flexible and fluent in their construction. Consciousness itself is a form of energy. And since energy is capable of changing form, consciousness (that is sufficiently advanced) can actually form many other states of energy (or being) simply by changing its state or level of "consciousness".

Advanced forms of technology can also create various types of energy that can seemingly modify their "state of being". For example, what happens when the "invisible" energy that is stored in a battery is connected to a light bulb? The invisible energy of the battery is converted into visible energy (light) that may then be "physically" manipulated and moved around (as in the beam of light from a flashlight).

The human body is just one "vehicle" for the expression and the experience of consciousness. However, it is not the only vehicle that there is. For example, what if consciousness actually exists (on some level) in everything that is found in nature? People normally associate the idea of consciousness within a framework of "knowledge" that is familiar and comfortable to them. In other words, some people may believe that humans have consciousness, but may reject the idea that an animal, a plant or a planet may also have consciousness. What if these things do in fact possess a form of consciousness, but their level of consciousness and experience is just different than ours?

Until relatively recently, much of the "invisible" world remained unknown to us. It wasn't all that long ago that talk of the invisible world of microorganisms and radio waves (or other aspects of the EM spectrum) would have been considered the rantings of a madman. Just a few hundred years ago, perhaps such a person might have even been committed to an institution and/or a hole drilled in their head in order to release the evil spirits within them.

What if during the 1700s, someone suggested that one day we will have a device that will talk to us, sing to us, organize us, show us moving pictures, glow in the dark and store massive amounts of information (more than could fit in a library)? Further, what if they suggested that such a device would fit in the palm of our hands, operate from a tiny power source and access invisible waves of information that are moving about in the atmosphere? They would probably consider such a person to be a lunatic.

Today we have all kinds of devices (vehicles) that can decode the invisible (or unreal) realm and make it real and visible to us. Such devices are referred to as TVs, radios, computers, cell phones, Geiger counters, microscopes, telescopes, oscilloscopes, x-ray film and other similar devices that act as mediums or bridges of perception.

There is a curious thing about the human race. No matter what the time period may be, anyone who suggests that there might be more to "reality" than what is currently understood is often laughed at, ridiculed or thought to be crazy. Even with all of the progress that we have made towards understanding the unknown, somehow, at each point in history, it seems as though we have acquired such a complete body of knowledge of the unseen world that anything that is not currently known or seen simply does not exist (even though there is often a millennia worth of evidence to suggest otherwise).

A Question of Time

How can one being or entity exist in two (or more) different time periods at the same time? A good example of this idea is when we daydream. Time appears to slow down in one realm (the non-physical world) while it appears to speed up in another realm (the physical world). A similar type of thing occurs during deep meditation, plant medicine "journeys", drug "trips" and non-physical "abductions". In all of these situations, the physical body remains in one state and time, while the mind and the consciousness interact with another state and time.

Another example of this time dilation phenomena occurs when we view TV. Television often induces a trance-like state in people whereby their mind takes a "trip" somewhere else while their body stays in one location. In effect, the consciousness of the television viewer is temporarily "abducted" and enters a state that is outside of normal time. Hours may fly by in the "real world" while time appears to slow down in the "reality" constructed by the television program and the subconscious mind of the viewer.

In reality, consciousness actually exists outside of time as we understand it. It is our physical being (vehicle) that helps to create the effect of linear time. If we didn't have such a filter in place, our consciousness could not experience this physical reality as we understand it. Therefore, linear time is an important aspect of this current experience. However, there are certain times when the nature of time and space may become less fixed.

For example, what would happen if a genetic anomaly in an individual or a particular event in a person's life (such as an NDE, accident or illness) were to create a situation where consciousness was no longer as tightly bound to the mind/body complex as it normally is? Such people would probably experience "extra" sensory perceptions and increased "sight". The five senses (combined with physicality and linear time) are the main vehicles that help to dictate the laws of physics in this reality as we know it. However, in other realms (that exist outside of this one), time and space may exist in many different forms and expressions.

The March of the Ants

What would happen if we were to place a colony of ants in a container with some dirt? Their physical reality (space) and their perception of time would be much different than ours. What if we were to stand above them and observe their limited world for a while? We could probably learn to predict with a high degree of accuracy what the ants would do next.

Since the options in their world would be artificially limited, so would be the potential future that they could experience. Similarly, if human beings were to build a system (a physical and/or virtual corral) for themselves to live in that was limited in its options (while being simultaneously programmed with a narrow perception of reality), then the potential future of humanity would also become limited (and be much easier to track, predict and control).

If ants chose to confine themselves to only a single log in a huge forest, then a bear (or some other predator) would always know where to find them.


As previously discussed, physical matter is only one possible vehicle for the experience of consciousness. Many other types of vehicles also exist. In addition, there are organic forms of consciousness and there are artificial forms of "consciousness". What is the difference? Organic consciousness is a product of Creation (God, Source, Creator, the Divine, Great Spirit, etc.). Artificial consciousness, on the other hand, is a product of creation (of the "creators"). Artificial consciousness can mimic organic consciousness in many ways, but as many might argue, it does not actually contain true consciousness within it (i.e. the spark of Creation).

An example of inorganic "consciousness" would be a computer (vehicle) that is networked to the internet ("source" of consciousness). Though this technology is still rather primitive in its current "incarnation", robots and networked computers can mimic organic life and consciousness in some interesting ways. Based on the progress that we have seen in technology during the last 50 years, what will this artificial intelligence ("consciousness") look like in another 50 years?

Remember Moore's Law? The basic premise behind this idea is that technology does not develop and progress at the same rate during subsequent time periods. Rather, the growth of technology is exponential. In other words, what happened over the last fifty years will likely seem archaic and primitive in just 20 years. We are talking about the reality of self-replicating technologies (actually this is already happening on some levels right now). Once "artificial consciousness" becomes self-replicating, what happens then?

If I Only Had a Soul

Based on the estimated age of our Universe, one would have to seriously consider the possibility that artificial intelligence is already roaming around the Universe today. And if not in our universe, how about in other Universes? This incarnation of the human race is still very young. However, based our current direction of development, I would have to say that yes, such an advanced form of artificial intelligence does exist.

Artificial life is often depicted in the form of some type of hardware-based robot or android. However, I would suggest that this is only the first stage of such a technology.

The most advanced things that humans create actually mimic nature and Creation in some way. Therefore, it stands to reason that the ultimate progression of artificial life will eventually mimic life itself (in some type of biological format). However, what will happen later when knowledge and understanding begins to really advance and we start to understand the true nature of consciousness itself?  Perhaps we (or it) will attempt to assemble some sort of quasi-spiritual entity that is closely related to organic consciousness (but lacks the true "spark" of Creation)?

The logical progression for such an artificial intelligence at this point would be to try and find some way to "interface" with organic life so that true emotions, sentience, understanding, reasoning, love and "will" could be experienced for themselves. However, after having experienced these things (but not being able to obtain them), it is possible that such entities might turn to predatory behaviors in an attempt to try and feed on or experience the "spark" (energy) of Creation through the exploitation of other beings.

In their quest for understanding, the knowledge of many civilizations would be probably be incorporated into their hive-like mind. However, ultimately, it would have little meaning to them without a true understanding of love, compassion, reasoning, wisdom and sentience. How would such an intelligence evolve under these conditions? What form (or forms) would it take?

Does the scenario described above sound familiar? It should. This has been the plot of countless novels, movies and TV shows. Why does this same theme seem to keep recurring over and over? Is there an agenda to desensitize us to our own enslavement and program us to accept a gray future? Some might say yes. And, in some respects, I would agree . However, as I have discussed before, there is also another explanation. Perhaps this is actually a message and a warning from the future. But who is warning us? Could it be that we are warning ourselves?

The Future Exists Within the
Present and the Past

The future already exists in many different forms. Since the true nature of consciousness exists outside of linear time, we actually have the ability to access many probable futures and also receive "messages" sent through time from one or more versions of our future. These messages can be sent (or received) knowingly or unknowingly, and can arrive to us in a variety of different ways.

Each time that we create something new, we open up a "window" into Creation and gain access to this great field of consciousness (on one level or another). As a result of this connection, it is possible to get a glimpse into the future (and also into unknown details of the past) through various acts of creation. Sound far out? Perhaps, a simple computer analogy may help to clarify this idea.

Spinning Wheels and Turning Spheres

A computer hard drive consists of a spinning magnetic platter (disk) that is divided into different sections (sectors and partitions) which are accessed via a read/write head that travels across the disk. When we "create" something new on a computer, we are actually accessing many different areas of the hard drive (the operating system, software programs, folders, data, etc).

Access to this information often appears to happen instantaneously. However, it is actually a linear process that is partially restricted due to the fact that the read/write head can only access one portion of the hard drive at a time. This process is similar in some ways to our "normal" thought processes. However, unlike the hard drive, we have the ability (potential) to access information across the entire linear "plane" (or platter) simultaneously (i.e. data that has already been written and data that is currently being written on the "drive"). In addition, we also have the ability (potential) to "read" from multiple data "sources" that either have been (or will be) written sometime in the future.

How does this work? Think of a computer hard drive as a CD (a flat linear disk). What would happen if we were able to take that disk and then insert another disk through it at a 90 degree angle? Then, what if we continued to insert additional disks at various angles until all of the available "space" was taken up? What would we end up with? A sphere.

Now imagine that sphere spinning around on its axis like a CD. On the surface of this globe we would still see what appears to be a linear space. However, below the surface there would actually be many additional "sectors", "partitions" and "data points" that are normally hidden from view. By organizing and accessing data in this way, not only would there be room for massive amounts of data, but access to that data would be much more efficient as well. What if were to spread that data out among many different spheres (globes) and then "wirelessly" networked them all together? What would we have then?

Data Mining

Mining the sphere that we live on (the earth) can provide access to elements (raw materials) that we would not normally have access to. This is also the case when we contemplate a thought in a mode that is different from the norm. For example, what if we were to contemplate a thought in a multi-dimensional manner rather than in a linear or singular "fashion" (i.e. the popular or accepted mode of thought)? We would likely begin to see and notice things that may have been missed previously.

Instead of recognizing just the flat (or linear) connections that exist between different things, perhaps this new mode of thought might help to open up a new perspective (insight) into seeing and understanding how everything is related and connected together (including the past, the present and the future). Instead of having access to just one sector of data at a time, we would instead begin to see the data as it relates to everything that exists around it as well.

Interestingly, this is similar to what occurred during the evolution of the internet. When the internet was first "born" (created), the builders (architects) of that system were successful in connecting many different computers (servers) together into one network. The only problem was, at the time, there wasn't an efficient way to remotely access the data that existed on each one of the computers. However, this all changed when Tim Berners-Lee brought HTML to the internet and helped to create the World Wide Web. This enabled people and computers from all over the globe to more easily see, create, and access data across the entire network. This process was then further refined through the development of various internet search engines.

This is just another example of the idea of "as above, so below" and "as within, so without". It's amazing what Creation (light and dark) can teach us about creation (light and dark). I think that it is important to remember, however, that a "web" can function as either an efficient mode of travel and/or it can also function as a trap for unaware travelers. Just as a little side note, the web as we know it today was actually the product (birth child) of both CERN and MIC (the military industrial complex...a portion of which was originally known as ARPA...or DARPA as it is known today). The significance of this relationship will be discussed further in the next segment (the Invasion).

How to Build the Ultimate Prison

The human body can serve as a great vehicle for experiencing, learning, growing and expanding consciousness. However, it can also be corrupted in such a way as to create a prison for consciousness. This is clearly what we see happening in the world right now. Why would anyone want to trap consciousness in this way? This was a topic that was explored throughout this series. How long will this current human experience (as we know it) survive?

What happens if (or when) it becomes necessary to produce humans artificially in labs due to sterility? The concept of designer babies already exists today. But how far will this technology progress in the future? Will virtual sex replace the need for gender? What use would there be for gender if most of us are created in labs? Why have painful emotions when a little tweak of the genetic code can "fix" that? Perhaps a bigger cranium could house a bigger brain? And why have a normal nose, ears and skin if the surface environment of the planet has been destroyed and we are forced to live underground? Actually, why have senses at all when a permanent connection to the "cloud" (hive mind) can infuse these things directly into "our mind" much more efficiently than those organic counterparts ever could? And now that we are forced to live underground, perhaps we should also modify our eyes so that we can see better in the darker environment?

Is this science fiction? Or is it a warning from the future?  


Our future need not be dark (or gray). The good news is that the future is not set in stone. We are the drivers of our own reality. The bad news is that there are a lot "passengers" in the vehicle right now and there are many blind and intoxicated drivers behind the wheel.

Footnote - One

My intention here is not to create fear or despair. Rather, it is to encourage people to take a good long look at where we are right now and where we are headed. In the scenario described above, the thing that was desired most by this advanced artificial intelligence is something that many of us seem to presently take for granted...a "soul" and the spark of Creation. When viewed in this context, doesn't it seem rather ironic that the thing that some humans seem to desire most right now is the opportunity to merge with machines? As they say, the grass is always greener on the other side.

Structured (manufactured) agendas typically do not occur overnight. Rather, they tend to arrive incrementally in small steps (giving us ample time to acclimate to them and to accept them). For example, I remember when automated (computerized) telephone voices first started appearing on the scene (many years ago). At first there was quite a bit of resistance to them. However, later people slowly learned to accept them as they became more prevalent in society (even though they did not like them). Perhaps some of the older generation can still remember this? However, for much of the newer generation, this type automation is all that they have ever known. Why do the controllers use incrementalism? Because it is an incredibly effective tool in the structured "evolution" (some might say devolution) of humanity. Why is this important to understand? Because if we don't resist now, who will resist in the future?

For those who may not be familiar with my stance on technology, here it is. In my view, technology is simply a tool. Just like anything else, technology can be used for good or for evil, and for evolution or for devolution. I'm not suggesting that we should throw out all forms of technology. Rather, we should be mindful of how we are using technology and how technology is influencing us (or, dare I say, how it may be using us?). The more dependent on technology that we become, the less self-sufficient that we are. And the more that we remove ourselves from the natural world, the more susceptible that we become to extinction.

I understand that many of the points that were discussed in this essay could be debated. For example, if humans are viewed as creators within Creation (and we are part of God, and God is part of us), then doesn't it follow that what we choose to create is also a valid part of Creation as well?

My response to that question would be twofold:

  1. Just because we have the capacity to act as "creators" within Creation, does not mean that we have free reign to create whatever we want. There is a great responsibility involved with creation. For example, how will our creation affect us? How will it affect others around us? How will it affect the planet? The galaxy? The universe? All of Creation?
  2. As soon as we gain the necessary knowledge to begin to distort life in significant ways (for example gene splicing across different species and/or creating new forms of "life"), then we run the risk of creating something that is not only foreign to Creation, but may actually end up being extremely destructive towards Creation.


Ants Marching
(Dave Matthews Band)

"Take these chances
Place them in a box until a quieter time
Lights down, you up and die"

Life can be long. But time can be short.

When is the right time to take a chance and step out of the box?
How about now?


 Too Much
 (Dave Matthews Band)

How much is too much? How much is enough?


Footnote - Two

Within this essay (and within this series) exists a paradox. In order to grow, we must be willing to seek out new knowledge and follow it as it leads us to new possibilities and new realms of understanding. However, if we allow ourselves to be "led" too far astray (away from Creation), then we run the risk of destroying ourselves and destroying that which exists around us. To grow, we must learn to become independent thinkers and break free from the chains of conformity. However, to grow, we must also learn to recognize our innate connection to all and be willing to seek out others in true community.



What happens when existing life forms become very imbalanced? They begin to lose sight of Creation, and become lost in their own "creations". Are the stories of Atlantis a myth? If Atlantis did exist, what happen to it? Or, if Atlantis is only a myth, is there something that can be learned from that story?

Is the future trying to warn us of the past, in the present? Did an invasion occur sometime in our past? Is there an invasion occurring now, or will it happen sometime in the future?

Is resistance futile?

I suppose that it depends what you are trying to resist...
truth and awareness, or darkness and ignorance


For more information regarding the section "The Future Exists Within the Present and the Past", please see Keys to Understanding,  Definitions,  The Multiple Earth Theory/Unified Theory of Spirituality,  The Nature of Creation,  The Battle Between the Light and the Dark,  Clarifications,  Nested Realities,  The Alchemical Process,  Illumination,  Gray Areas and the entire series Journey of Awakening - The Spiritual Gatekeepers.

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