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Questions, Answers, Issues, Solutions and Clarifications

Questions, Answers, Issues, Solutions and Clarifications

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Questions, Answers, Issues,
Solutions and Clarifications

August 6, 2012

Spirituality vs. Religion

Question - What is the difference between spirituality and religion?

Answer - There are many different answers to that question. However, I have come to view (organized) religion as just another part of the control structure which often serves to limit growth rather than encourage it. Organized religion tends to divide the people, rather than unite them. This is because religion itself is divided into so many different forms and formats. Spirituality, on the other hand, is a universal concept. It applies to all people and to all beings. The concept of spirituality encompasses all the questions that we ask and all of the answers which we seek.  

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Symbols - Most symbols by themselves do not represent good or evil concepts (with some exceptions). Rather, it is the intent in which they are used that ultimately determines the true nature of them. Many of the symbols that are used by the "Illuminati", Freemasons and various secret societies today are actually ancient symbols (that were once more common) which have been hijacked by these organizations and sometimes corrupted for their own purposes. To determine the true meaning of a symbol, one must look carefully at who is using that symbol and the context in which it is being used. This also applies to esoteric concepts as well. Not everyone who is associated with the "Illuminati", Freemasons or secret societies is necessarily evil or has dark intent.

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The New World Order (NWO)

The NWO - a one-world government and a one-world people. In many ways, this is a very attractive concept provided that it is was established and maintained with benevolence. In reality, we are already a one-world people in terms of accessibility (travel), communications and economies. The only thing that really separates us are the imaginary lines on a map, racial biases and religious dogma. Today, the lines that exist between various peoples of the world are mainly enforced and encouraged by the ever-expanding worldwide control grid, not by the people themselves. The New World Order's version of a one-world government translates to a one-world government that controls a one-world people (not a free world of one people that is connected by many unique and independent cultures).

The Occult

In mainstream society, the term "occult" is often associated with evil, black magic and/or secrecy. When the word occult is used in reference to some dark organizations, this might be an accurate reference. However, in general, the word occult actually just means secret or hidden. For example, hidden truths and hidden knowledge could be thought of as part of the occult. Therefore, the study of the occult does not equal the study of evil. The word "esoteric" is sometimes used interchangeably with the word occult. This term also (most often) simply refers to something that is hidden from common or plain view. 

Conducting Research

Issue - Conducting truth (conspiracy) research can often be challenging. In the present system that we live in, the truth is designed to be difficult to find. Research into the truth is sort of like taking a walk by the ocean. Often times there will be a significant amount of fog near the coast, but once you move inland a little, the view becomes much clearer. Using another analogy, typically there is an abundant amount of misinformation and disinformation (scum) near the surface of most controversial topics and issues. However, once you get past the scum at the top, the water usually becomes much clearer below. The scum (often dispersed by various media outlets) is there to dissuade the curious. .

Solution - Diving below the surface usually yields more quality information than skimming the surface

The Universal Consciousness

The Universal Consciousness (UC) is a very important concept that is essential to our current existence and to our spiritual development. Below is some information which may help clarify the importance of our interaction with the UC:

  1. A balanced brain (left/right) will typically have a much stronger connection with the UC than a brain which is skewed to the left or right. "Right brain" people usually have a stronger connection to the UC than "left brain" people
  2. Lower frequencies (low rates of personal harmonic vibration) can limit access to the UC. Higher frequencies (high harmonic vibration) can increase access to the UC. Frequency, vibration and harmonics are all related. Harmonic comes from the Latin "harmonicus" and from the Greek "harmonikos"...harmoni or harmony
  3. People (and beings) "traveling" along the same frequency (vibration) are often "synched" to the UC in much the same way. Therefore, they often contribute to it and draw from it in much the same manner (resulting in a type of shared consciousness). These people (and beings) will eventually be drawn to one another as a result of this frequency matching
  4. The are many different variables that can impact how individual communication with the UC is perceived and realized. Some of these factors include geographical location, cycles of time, alignments and our proximity to certain cultures (indigenous peoples) and to certain organizations (modern science, modern society, various corporate entities and the military)
  5. Some authors seem to have uncanny knack for predicting the future. We often see examples of this in books, movies, research, etc. This effect is (in part) due to a strong connection with the Universal Consciousness
  6. Thoughts, emotions and prayers are all expressions of our consciousness. They are all sent to the UC and shared within the UC. Concepts and ideas that are subliminally programmed into our subconscious mind are also sent to the UC and shared within the UC. Therefore, our "local" reality is a combination and a construct of different states and levels of our consciousness -- the conscious/aware level, the subconscious/unaware level, the individual level, the collective level and the Universal Level (which comprises our local universe, external universes and all of Creation as a whole)
  7. In summary, how we choose to interact with the UC plays a significant role the reality that we ultimately experience here on Earth 

Additional Info

March 2, 2014

I had originally planned to update and expand this section more. However, later I decided to try and incorporate the questions, answers and solutions directly into the segments themselves instead. Additional clarifications can also be found in the Glossary, Keys to Understanding, Clarifications and the Epilogue to this series.



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