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The Spiritual Gatekeepers (part 8) - Now We Are Making Progress

The Spiritual Gatekeepers (part 8) - Now We Are Maing Progress


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Now We Are Making Progress

August  21, 2012

Now we are making progress. The question is progressing towards what? We all live within a great field of energy that surrounds everything. What affects one, affects all:

  • Wars fought in far away countries affect the entire planet and all people on the planet.  
  • The great environmental disasters that we see occurring with increasing frequency are affecting us all in a profound manner...far beyond just the physical aspects of what we can see or feel (the effect is shared on a much deeper conscious level).
  • Each new extermination and extinction of a species on this planet, brings the human race one step closer to its own extinction.
  • The atrocities that are committed against factory farm animals affects the entire planet and all people on it (regardless of diet). The horrendous conditions that these animals must endure is felt deeply within their consciousness and is sent out into the great energy field that surrounds us. We all draw from this energy and the experiences of these animals becomes part of the whole (whether we realize it or not). This is not intended to be a commentary regarding personal choice of diet, but rather an observation of how these animals are treated before they land on our plates.

    From a purely biological standpoint, the terror and stress that these animals experience during modern farming techniques results in vast quantities of stress hormones being constantly released into their systems. This effectively poisons the meat. Add to that the GMO feed, antibiotics added to that feed, artificial hormones, deficient nutrients, pesticides in the grain, etc and the foods that we are eating are transforming us and poisoning us on multiple levels.

If we see an injustice being committed but say nothing, are we innocent of that injustice? Or are we actually passive participants in it by silently condoning it through our inaction? Just to be clear, I'm not suggesting that we should report everything that we see and hear to some government agency (as part of a "see something, say something" campaign). Rather, I'm referring to simply standing up for what is right.

If we ignore the consequences of unjust wars in other countries, should we expect other people to stand up for us when that war arrives in our own backyard? If we ignore the atrocities committed against factory farm animals, can we still cry foul when a vastly superior (technologically advanced) race treats the human race in same a manner? If we ignore a crime being committed on the street, should we still expect assistance when the same thing happens to us?

There is an alarming trend developing these days. A large percentage of the population appears to be quite content with (willful) ignorance of what is going on in the world. When offered a comfortable lie by the mainstream media, many people seem quite happy to accept it rather than face the uncomfortable alternative of confronting reality. It seems like it has almost gotten to the point where we feel the need to be apologetic for subjecting people to reality (i.e. "you should have warned me before I clicked on that video link, article link or image").

How can we ever change that which we are unwilling to see?

By ignoring uncomfortable issues, they are allowed to grow. The system (control grid) continually tests us. It pushes a little, then waits to see what our reaction is. If there is little resistance, then it pushes a little more, and so on.

Are we victims of the system? Or are we victims of our own (collective) inaction? This is perhaps the harshest reality of all.

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Genetic Roulette

Excellent documentary that examines the harmful/deadly effects of GMO's and
the associated corruption seen in the corporate/FDA money making machine.

Dr. Masaru Emoto

Water, consciousness and intent

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