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The Spiritual Gatekeepers - A Pledge and an Appeal

The Spiritual Gatekeepers - A Pledge and an Appeal

Flying out of formation

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A Pledge and an Appeal

November 11, 2012


I am working on the next set of articles, however, during the last few weeks there have been a number of circumstances which have appeared that have pretty much eliminated my remaining financial reserves and fried some of the electronics in the off-grid power system that is used to power my computer. 

Over the last couple of months I have sold much of what I have left in order to try and continue posting these articles. Every available resource has gone towards providing basic survival needs or towards keeping the wireless internet connection open.  


I live off-grid in a small camper in the southern California desert. There is no running water out here and there is only a finite amount electricity available each day (from a personal solar power system). Wind and sand storms are quite common in the area and the summertime temperatures typically range between 110-120 degrees (with no air-conditioning). As basic (or primitive) as these living conditions may sound, they have actually provided everything that I need, or perhaps more importantly, exactly what I needed in order to continue traveling along this journey of awakening. 

During the last few years while living in the desert, I have experienced some amazing things (some good and some bad) that may have never been possible had I not been "led" here by a rather incredible set of circumstances. At the time, these experiences seemed like an explosion of unfortunate events. However, when I look back now, I realize that it was just the final catharsis that was required in order to fully disconnect from the "matrix" (control grid) and (re)gain "sight" once again.  

There is a natural flow and connectivity between all living things that occurs within the natural universe (Universal Consciousness). Access to this connection should be available to everyone. But this is what we have been led astray from and cut off from via the "system" or control grid (a narrowly defined and constructed virtual reality). Much of this series has been dedicated to trying to provide information about the nature of this system, who operates (controls) it, and how to break free from it. Everybody has the right to the knowledge and information that has been *artificially* hidden from us. How we connect (or reconnect) to the Earth, to the natural energy systems around us, to ourselves and to the Universal Consciousness are all part of the journey. Since each individual soul here on Earth is unique, each individual journey is unique as well.  

I believe our time here on Earth is intended to be challenging, for it is the challenges that provide us with the greatest opportunities for true growth and understanding. Currently, however, the natural systems on Earth are way out of balance. This is creating a biased and unnatural environment which is preventing many of us from properly connecting with the Earth, with the natural systems around us and with the Universal Consciousness. Seems like an unfair challenge, doesn't it? However, perhaps another way of looking at it is that we all have incarnated here on Earth at this time for a reason. Therefore, these particular challenges may be presenting themselves to us right now for a reason as well.  

I believe in the human race and I believe that there is an opportunity that is being presented here to reconnect with ourselves, with each other and with all that is around us. As I expressed before, I have made a pledge and a commitment to follow this through no matter what obstacles may appear. There is an enormous amount of information in my head right now and every part of my being is telling me to share these things.  

One way or another, things always seem to work out. However I feel a certain urgency to communicate this information now while it is still fully accessible and while it is still timely in nature. There are many others who are also currently contributing valuable and unique pieces of this puzzle. In fact, every single person has important information to contribute. It is just being hidden from many us. Together, I believe that there is a way to reach "critical mass" in human consciousness before the "powers that be" are able to complete their goals and fully unfold their planned chaos (and control) upon us.  

So many times in the past I have seen and felt the beginnings of a sustained effort in parts humanity to break free and rise above this mess, only to later see those efforts squashed by the system. However, now more than ever, there is a real chance to see and realize true freedom. Many people are beginning to come forward (and I believe more are ready to) with the information that is needed to dismantle this control grid. We just need to sustain this effort in order to reach critical mass. And it can be done peacefully.  

If you have found the information in these articles to be meaningful or useful, please consider making a donation. I do not have a PayPal "donate" button setup because I do not wish to collect any funds other than what is needed to fix the things that are broken so that I can continue to post these articles and keep the internet connection open.  

If you would like to make a donation, please send it via Paypal to:

Any donation amount would be *very much* appreciated. You may make a donation anonymously if you like.

Thank you to everybody that has taken the time to read these articles.

Peace to all.

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Flying Out of Formation