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A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words


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A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words
(And Words Can Create a Thousand Pictures)

October 27, 2013

The Light Exists Next to the Darkness

Within the light there are dark shadows

And within the darkness, there are many bright stars

One can get lost in the dark

Or one can be blinded by the light

An understanding of polarities can help one to see more clearly

Very strong polarities, however, can obscure one's vision

Therefore, the search for balance, one can say

Is to see the Light, and to guide the way

Or, in other words:

Fight for that which you believe in, but do not allow yourself to get lost in the battle

Balance provides perspective, and perspective provides balance


Numbers and Geometry

Is the number 3 good or evil? How about the number 33? Or 333? Is a triangle good or evil? How about a pyramid? How about 3 pyramids? Is religion good or bad? Or is religion both good and bad?  

Conducting research into controversial topics and conspiracy "theories" (hidden information) can lead to many great discoveries and a better understanding of ourselves and the world around us. However, such research can also lead to a loss of perspective and a tendency to hide important information from ourselves and from those around us.  

The darkness sometimes hides in the light. And the light sometimes hides in the darkness. Without the proper perspective, one can obscure the presence of the other. 

To find the Light, one must first understand the nature of both the light and the dark. Then we can learn to transcend manufactured (artificial) duality and discover the true Light within ourselves and the Light which exists all around us. Extreme polarities of the light and dark can often act as barriers when one is seeking a path towards balance and perspective (higher consciousness and understanding).


What is the true meaning behind the triangle and the "twin pillar" symbolism that we often see expressed in various religions, spiritual traditions and secret societies? Is this symbolism good? Is it evil? Or is it simply a unique presentation of information that can be expressed in many different ways depending on what the goal or agenda is?  

Actually many symbols, letters and numbers do have a certain amount of power all on their own (i.e. they are unique representations of electromagnetic energy which can be used to influence other types of electromagnetic energy). However, both form and intent should be considered when one is attempting to determine the true nature of a spoken or written communication.

Secret Societies

Many secret societies today have acquired a reputation for being associated with the dark side (often for very good reason). But this wasn't always the case. Just like various religions, many secret societies, at one point in history, represented something quite different than what we see them as today.  

Originally, many secret societies were created for the purpose of preserving valuable information (i.e. keeping it safe from the Church and State which often sought to destroy such information in order to keep it hidden from the general population). Secret societies were also setup to serve as initiatory institutions where one could go and be initiated into the secrets of greater understanding via a safe program of supervised learning and growth.  

Many arguments can be made in favor of or against the dissemination of "secret" knowledge to the masses. I imagine that many of the elite probably tell themselves that holding (guarding) such knowledge is for the benefit of the general population (protecting the masses from themselves). There is actually some truth to this. Knowledge can be very empowering, but it can also be very destructive in the wrong hands. There is a great responsibility that is associated with the realization and application of knowledge and power.  

Are the elite protecting us? That is a difficult argument to make when we see the "guards" of this secret knowledge using it (devoid of any wisdom) to control the masses and destroy the planet that we live on. Many of the leaders of this world do not seem to have the capacity for the responsible use of knowledge or technology. What happens when humans are presented with powerful new knowledge? How about a few examples...the atomic bomb, drones, missiles, wars, genetic manipulation, transhumanism, toxic pharma drugs, social programming...just to name a few.

Old Religions and the New Age

The religions of the world actually have an enormous amount of beneficial knowledge contained within them. However, this information has been obscured within a framework of dogma, doctrine and rigid hierarchical belief systems. In many cases, this valuable information has not just been hidden from the people, but it has also been corrupted by the Church and State for the purpose of pursuing misaligned agendas such as wealth accumulation and control over their followers. As a result of this corruption, many people have turned away from the traditional structure of the Church in order to pursue other philosophies.  

The New Age movement was one of the alternative philosophies that ended up capturing (pun intended) a significant number of "followers" fleeing from organized religion. This new philosophy was very attractive to many people because it provided a unification of various belief systems and provided a flexible framework to explore the beneficial knowledge contained within many of the world religions. However, like its religious brethren, it also became corrupted. 

Much of the "New Age" today is, in fact, rife with various forms of corruption and deception which tend to obscure (or taint) the more beneficial information (historical/esoteric knowledge) contained within it. It has become home to many charlatans, whose primary goal seems to be making a buck off of those seeking spiritual knowledge. Many of the teachings contained within the New Age actually create:   

  • Apathy (there is only light and nothing is negative, therefore nothing needs to be done to change oneself or the world around us)
  • Dangerous situations (all is positive, there are no deceptive entities, only light),
  • Immorality (don't worry about those pesky morals, we must free ourselves from all the former restrictions of the Old World)
  • Dis-empowerment (use these crystals, rocks, jewelry, etc to empower yourself...there is no need for difficult inner work)
  • Cult-like behaviors

Of course not all people who follow organized religion, new age philosophies or similar belief systems can be so easily classified. For example, the new age summary above tends to create a very small label (characterization) for a very large group of people. Similar types of generalizations are often applied to various religions, secret societies and to many other groups. Quite often the negative publicity that is associated with some of these groups is there for a reason. However, labels, characterizations and generalizations can sometimes lead to social profiling and manufactured division. When pursuing any type of study, I think that it is always a good idea to take a step back from the "organized" (commercialized) aspect of it and go back to the original sources. There, one is more likely to find the true and unadulterated version of knowledge, understanding and wisdom.

A New Religion for A New Age

So what exactly is the relevance of this discussion regarding religion? Right now there is a growing population of confused former followers of various religions and belief systems that are in need of something new to follow. Fortunately, some very nice folks have gotten together and invented a handy "follow" button on the internet. Now following is simply a click away. Following has never been easier.  

The Hegelian Dialectic (problem-reaction-solution) has once again accomplished exactly what it set out to do. In this case, it has driven many people from themselves and in a greater power (God/Creation/Creator/Source/etc). The beneficial information that was once associated with various religions and esoteric traditions is now ignored, mocked and ridiculed. Wasn't this "time of turning away" prophesied by almost every religion on the planet (not to mention a stated goal of the dark entities/controllers)? It was said that during the end times...information will be great, but few will seek it...and that people would turn away from God and "follow" a new religion (personally, I think that this is referring to the internet and the "Beast" of technology...please see Road to Dystopia, Nested Realities and Monsters Among Us for more info). 

What happens if you talk about God today? Many people look at you funny and think that you are some kind of religious nut. What if you talk about faith? You are typically labeled as being naive and bombarded with rigid science. What if you talk about frequency or harmonic vibration? You are labeled as a new age nut. What if you talk about universal love? You are labeled as a naive, unscientific, new age, religious, hippy-nut.  

The problem is that many people today do not take the time (or have the time) to engage in active study anymore. People are seeing the corruption within organized religions and other (hijacked) philosophies, but they are allowing that realization to overshadow the beneficial information contained within them. People usually see the differences between religions, but not the underlying similarities. Many people know of Edison, but they are not familiar with Tesla (who based much of his work around the principles of frequency and harmonic vibration). Many have no interest in esoteric traditions, indigenous peoples or shamanic practices (even though much of this ancient knowledge comprises the underlying basis of how we are all being controlled).  

People are "fed" information today from news "feeds". They don't want to read, they want to be fed drama...something that excites the senses, rather than something that nourishes the heart, the mind, the body and the soul. People are becoming lazy and apathetic from passively sitting around the feed troughs. Many have not taken the proper time to learn the ingredients of the feed, they only know that they want to be fed.  

Please do not forsake knowledge and wisdom simply because it is (conveniently) absent from the main menu or because someone disguised it with a scary costume or put a funny hat on it. Go wide and deep...back to the beginning...that is where you will find true knowledge. And do not let anyone shame you out of what you believe in just because it may have been associated with some outdated, persecuted or hijacked belief system in the past. Do your homework and understand the issues, but stand your ground (while respecting the belief of others). Faith is a very powerful thing...not just faith in a higher power, but faith in ourselves and what we believe in as individuals. "They" want us to lose makes us more pliable and easy to mold (double meaning here) and control.


We live in a universe that is made up of many different polarities. However, are these polarities confined only to that which exists within our known universe? Or are there actually many different universes, existing right next to each other, all with their own unique polarities? If we assume that this universe has a mostly positive alignment, then it follows that there must also be another universe which exists next to ours with a negative alignment. If our universe represents life, then it follows that there must also be a another universe that represents anti-life (or an absence of life as we understand it).  

The more that we are pulled toward the darkness, the more that we are aligned with anti-life. The more that we move toward the light, the more that we are aligned with life. However, in the physical world as it exists today, too much of either polarity can be a bad thing. 

Polarities are always in motion. However, is this motion limited to just polarities within a universe, or can the polarity of an entire universe fluctuate as well? Look around our planet right now. Which way do you think that the human race is moving (or falling) or anti-life? Which type of universe is having the most influence on us right now? How are we influencing the polarity of our planet, the solar system, the galaxy...or even the universe? 

We decide which polarity that we want to be aligned with via our use, misuse and/or forfeiture of freewill.


Knowledge presents itself when one is ready to receive it. The path is there for us to find it. The on-ramps, exits, signposts, windows, doorways and portals are always present for those with eyes to see and ears to hear. The "seeing" will recognize the signs, while the blind will walk on by. This is the way of the universe. Knowledge is always available for all those who are interested in seeking and achieving higher consciousness. The universe can seem very kind to us or it can appear very stern at times. We have the ability to move forward, to move backward or to stand still. We can grow in the light or we can wither in the darkness. The universe gives us what we need in order to grow.  

The many gadgets, physical stimuli and distractions of this world seem to keep us forever (pre)occupied. They are part of this experience and they are also part of our growth process. But they are not all that there is. They may seem to give us great pleasure at times, but they are nothing compared to what awaits us when we decide to walk the path of discovery.  

Think about the greatest love you have ever experienced, the best sex that you have ever had, the best smart phone that you have ever owned, the best video game that you have ever played or the best drug that you have ever taken...and then multiply that by a million. That is what awaits those who make the effort to climb the mountain, brave the desert and navigate the forest. 

There are no words to adequately express the love that one feels when they are connected to everything. There are two main paths that one can take (with many different side roads) path will take you towards the ultimate expression of love and understanding and the other will take you (entice you) towards a corrupted and artificial version of it. Both paths are filled with many different polarities (good/evil, light/dark, up/down, right/left, God/Devil, Heaven/Hell, etc). 

Travel wisely and travel always...never stop learning and growing.


To the dark forces out there (human and non-human): You can try to forcefully extract knowledge/information from any number of different people who are currently here on earth. But as you have already discovered in the past, this does not work. The key to knowledge and understanding is wisdom. And that is something that you have not come to understand yet. The information of the universe is encrypted, it is not local. It is networked. The keys are only available to those who posses wisdom, compassion and are pure of heart.

Of course you can wait for the universe to reveal this information to all, but there is no shortcut or alternate route to follow. You may try and find a way with money, with greed, with selfishness, with deception, with technology, with force, with coercion, with torture, with war or with various alliances with the dark entities...but the path will always remain hidden from you...and the path will always remain available to those who choose to open their eyes and see the Light. Remember, the road is not a one way street, one can always choose to make a u-turn and travel in a different direction...forward, backward, left or right. 

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words
(photo gallery)

The concept of labels, generalizations and characterizations is relevant to the images which are presented below (as is the intro to this article..."The Light Exists Next to the Darkness" and the new segment Numbers, Paths and Destinations).








The first three images are based on internal/external balance (internal understanding). The last image (as seen on the one-dollar bill) is based on hierarchy and external power realized through control over others. The last image, by itself, is not representative of a "dark" concept. Rather, it's the way in which it is used that determines its true meaning.




































Another way to characterize the polarity above is as light and darkness. So what is good and evil? Good may be described as the active pursuit of awareness and understanding (of all). In other words, good is derived from the "light" of knowledge combined with the proper use of awareness and understanding (i.e. the proper understanding and the proper application of ethics, morality, freedom, freewill, ego, empathy, compassion, etc).

Evil, on the other hand, may be described as the willful ignorance of awareness and understanding (of all). Evil over-shadows the light by operating from within the realms of darkness (i.e. the active suppression of awareness and understanding through the improper use of knowledge and the improper application of ethics, morality, freedom, freewill, ego, empathy, compassion, etc).

Freewill that operates within the light of awareness and understanding helps to contribute towards more good in the world. Freewill that operates within the darkness of ignore-ance helps to contribute towards more evil in the world.  

Consider this for a moment. Could someone that has true compassion and empathy (awareness and understanding) for others use their freewill in such a way as to consciously do harm to others? Or would they need to be in a state of ignore-ance (actual or willful) and un-consciousness in order to do such things?

Could someone that has a true awareness and understanding of the Golden Rule (treat others as though you would like to be treated and do not treat others as though you do not want to be treated) use their freewill in such a way as to consciously do harm to others? Or would they need to be in a state of ignore-ance (actual or willful) and un-consciousness in order to do such things?

True understanding (wisdom) is a function of both intellectual knowledge and emotional intelligence (an awareness and understanding of ourselves and others).






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