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Numbers, Paths and Destinations

Numbers, Paths and Destinations


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Numbers, Paths and Destinations

November 2, 2013

What are numbers? Numbers are a form of communication and a type of expression. Together, with language, they represent the underlying basis of much of our modern society as we know it today. 

There are many different numbers which can represent many different concepts. Some numbers may represent "good" things while other numbers may represent "evil" things. However, most numbers have the ability to represent both good and evil depending on their particular application, the context of the situation and the perspective of the individual involved.  

Multiples of "3" are a good example of this idea. Understanding the Principle of Three (3, 33 and 333) can help to guide one towards enlightenment. However, if we were to add all of these numbers together we would arrive at the number 18 (or 6+6+6) which is symbolic of an evil path, dark enlightenment or false enlightenment. We could also look at the number 18 in a slightly different manner (as in 1+8) and arrive at the number 9 (or 333) which is symbolic of Unity or One (a connection to all).

Light and Darkness

The light exists next to the darkness and the darkness exists next to the light. Each polarity (light/dark) can exist within the other and obscure the presence of the other. The number 3, therefore, cannot be characterized (or generalized) as good or evil, because both light and darkness exist next to it and also within it.  

Three = One and one and one
Three to One)

The Path of one Affects the Path of One
(and the path of One affects the path of one)

All concepts can be manipulated, corrupted or hijacked. And illusion and temptation are always present in the world around us. Typically, the more illusion and corruption that there is the in the world, the easier that it is for us to stray from our true individual path(s) in life. For example, using a number analogy, one could start off by following the "Path of Three", get tempted by the darkness along the way, become lost and then end up on the "Path of 18" (on the darkside of 666) without even realizing it.  

Looking around the world today, it seems like illusion, temptation and dark pathways are everywhere. From a historical perspective, this really isn't anything new. However, what is new is the ease at which people are interacting with pathogenic darkness (both knowingly and unknowingly), and the pace at which they are becoming enamoured, blinded and addicted to it.

People often recognize the number 666 as being symbolic of evil, however they typically fail to see the actual application of evil (pathogenic darkness) in the creations that exist around us (within Creation). In fact, many of us actually participate in feeding the darkness every single day, without even realizing it through the direction of our energy, our intent and our actions and our inactions (i.e. the products that we buy, the food that we eat, the music that we listen to, the TV that we watch, the movies we see, the systems that we support, etc.).

The light exists because of the presence of polarities. And the darkness also exists because of the presence of polarities. And it is the existence of these polarities that make the gift of freewill possible. Enlightenment or ascension is dependent upon the responsible application of freewill.

It is through our actions and our inactions that the balance (and imbalance) between the light and the dark is created and maintained.

The Ascension of Consciousness

Some believe that the ascension of consciousness will happen spontaneously or that it will occur on a certain date sometime in the future. However, the reality of the situation is that it takes practice. Lots of practice. Sometimes certain aspects of it do happen spontaneously. However, the most important realizations usually occur in a continuing process during the "journey", rather than all at once (at the "destination"). The idea of spontaneous ascension is essentially a trap to keep us lazy and stuck in the illusion of the matrix and keep us supporting this corrupt system of human commerce (human farming).  

Spontaneous ascension is much like the idea that a deity will come and save us sometime in the future. Many people wait and wait for this day to arrive and subsequently end up losing sight of the experience, learning and growth aspects of the process. This is another trap that keeps us prisoner to the illusion of the matrix. God (Creator/Creation/Great Spirit/Source/etc) is always there to help guide us along the path, but not to do the work for us. There are also good and evil entities out there as well (gods, ETs, angels, spirit guides, demons...there are many different names for them) that may provide us with various types of guidance and/or misdirection. However, it is important to remember that we were given the gift of freewill so that we may experience, learn and grow as individuals.

A Formula for the Creation of Freedom
(and an equation for pathological destruction)

Freewill + Knowledge + Awareness + Understanding = Discerning Action. Wise action helps to create and maintain freedom in Creation.

Freewill + Knowledge - Awareness - Understanding = Blind Action. Unwise action helps to create and maintain pathological destruction in Creation.

A Path to Enlightenment
(the path 3 and 7)

One way that this path can be characterized is illustrated below (beginning with the number 333): 

The path may also be characterized as follows (beginning with the number 1): 

During each phase of growth above, a person will be tempted by the dark side (or the negative application of freewill). The greatest temptation occurs at each transition point (during the realization of greater awareness and understanding). At the final stage of development, a traveler may become trapped (held back from enlightenment) through an acquired addiction to power and corrupted ego, realized through the accumulation of knowledge and the misuse of polarities. For example:

The Power Trap

The power trap is symbolized by the All-Seeing Eye at the top of the pyramid (or the hierarchy of power). In its corrupted state, the All-Seeing Eye represents a person (or a soul) that has become so intoxicated with power and ego that they can no longer go any further because they are unable to see beyond one (i.e. they are unwilling to relinquish the power and control that they have gained over others).

True enlightenment is represented by the Eye-of-Providence filling the inside of the pyramid (symbolizing the realization of balance and the achievement of true sight). It can also be represented as the Eye-of-Providence shining above the pyramid symbolizing illumination. In its uncorrupted state, the All-Seeing Eye above the pyramid is symbolic of awareness, understanding and wisdom (rather than hierarchical power and control over others).

Division, Balance, Transition and Transcendence

While traveling along the path of discovery, there is a reduction and an expansion that occurs...moving from Two (manufactured duality) to One (awareness/understanding/balance/transition/transcendence):


The road can be long or short. The climb can be exhilarating or scary. And the scenery can be educating or intoxicating. There are many obstacles along the way. However, the treasures (understandings) that are realized along the way are well worth the effort for those who choose to make the walk, walk the talk and remain focused during the journey. It is up to us as individuals to decide when to make the walk and to discover which path is right for us.

Freewill gives us that choice.


Part of the journey involves understanding the difference between natural polarities and manufactured duality (and how each one relates to the concept of suffering):

I plan on exploring some additional aspects of numbers (Universal Code) in an upcoming segment. Remember it is not so much the math that is important, but rather it is the underlying concepts that the numbers and the math represent that will help to lead towards greater awareness and understanding.

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