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January 14, 2014

There are many different views regarding what illumination is and what it isn't. This is my own interpretation.

Illumination, awakening and enlightening are related concepts in that they are all pathways that help to lead us towards a greater understanding of ourselves and our relationship to Creation. Enlightening and awakening are usually thought of as more of a gradual process that slowly unfolds as we travel along the path of discovery. Illumination, on the other hand, is often part of this same process but it is different in much the same way that a rain shower is different from a hurricane.

Illumination is like suddenly gaining access to a fast broadband internet connection after being previously limited to a very slow 28k dial-up connection. Information that once seemed elusive, now begins to flow freely and is no longer restricted by only bandwidth. The challenge at this point becomes one of interpretation, organization, management and comprehension of the information (rather than one of access to the information).

To use another computer analogy, illumination would be analogous to a person who is just learning how to use a computer. Suddenly a whole new world comes into view that is full of massive amounts of data in many different formats (including locally stored computer programs, various files on the hard drive and everything that exists on the Internet).

There are many different levels of data as well. For example, some data arrives in the form of filtered information (top level), some data is available in the form of "programming code" (higher or lower levels, depending on how you view it) and some data is available in "machine code" (base level or highest level, depending on how you view it).

Fiction Illuminating Reality

A good fictional example of what happens during the process of "illumination" occurred in an episode of the Stargate SG-1 TV Series when Colonel O'Neill got the knowledge of the Ancients downloaded into his brain (Season 7 - "Lost City"). The download was such a massive amount of information that his brain couldn't handle it, so it began to shut down. This is one of the dangers of illumination if one is not careful.

The Creative Process as a Path to Illumination

Why is the creative process so important? When we create, it's like sending a signal out to Creation asking for additional input. When this process is done with genuine goodwill and good intent, there is a reply from Creation. On the other hand, when the process is done for selfish purposes or with mal-intent, there may be no reply at all or the reply may come from the dark-side of Creation.

Sometimes the reply is very concise, while other times it can be quite overwhelming. However, there will always be some type of a response if one is receptive to it (the response may also take the form of no response, which is a message in itself).

During the process of creating, it is important that we ask the right questions. If we do not seek specific answers, then the answers to the questions that are not asked (not contemplated) will not present themselves.

Just to be clear, I am not talking about "channeling". This is not someone or something talking or speaking. Rather, the information usually comes as chunks of raw data or undeveloped concepts that must be interpreted and decoded before they can be effectively understood. However, this isn't always the case. I think that much of the way that the information presents itself is keyed to the specific mind/body/spirit complex of each person and how they interact with various aspects of Creation during their individual journey through life.

In our interactions with Creation, I think that it is important to remember that Creation wants us to excel. However, it's also important to remember that Creation gave us the gift of freewill so that we may decide our own fate and our own destiny. Those that choose to follow the path of wisdom, truth and compassion will be given access to additional levels and layers of Creation. Those that choose a less responsible or self-serving path will be held back until such time that they are ready to move forward again. This is the only way that Creation can preserve itself. Think about this for a moment. What would happen to Creation if the current corrupt rulers of this world had the opportunity to move forward and access the more advanced powers of Creation (and destruction)?

Clues to the Future

Every so often I hear discussions about how clues to future events have a tendency to show up in TV, film, music and other forms of art before they actually happen. This is often attributed to be some type of predictive programming. However, I disagree with this hypothesis as the main explanation of how and why this occurs.

Many different versions of the future have already happen. Those futures with the highest probability of becoming our future can be accessed by people who have a strong connection to the "consciousness" of Creation (or Universal Consciousness). Oddly enough, this connection to Creation is enhanced via the process of "creating". Therefore, those with highly creative brain structures (such as writers, film makers, artists, musicians, etc) often connect with these probable futures (and other layers of information contained within Creation), without even realizing it. This may sound a little far out, but this actually happens every single day. One only needs to take a look at the many examples of it within various types of art forms throughout history to see this concept in practice. Therefore, not all clues are created by people that are part of some agenda (some are and some aren't).

A Question of Ethics

Why have I concentrated so heavily on issues such as morality, ethics and integrity in this series? It's not because I have risen to a state of perfect morality, integrity or ethics myself. Rather, it is because I have learned through my own experience that these concepts (practices) are absolutely essential to the process of moving forward.

In this current existence, standing up for what's right is usually not rewarded with an abundance of wealth or fame. Far from it. However, there is a "reward", and that reward is the revealing of additional Keys to Creation for those that choose to make a sincere effort in doing what is right and "just" and (this is key) standing up for it.

For those that seek only greed, material wealth, fame and self-serving pursuits (at the expense of others), the rewards may be great for a while and perhaps even for an entire lifetime. But there is no escaping karma and consequence (or however one chooses to define this concept). So for those that say that there is no justice for the corrupt elite that only find benefit for themselves by harming others, I assure you that this is not the case.

Sometimes we can hide our actions and our true motives in these physical bodies and in this physical realm for a while. Sometimes we can fool others and sometimes we can even fool ourselves. However, when we do eventually leave this place, we are totally naked for all to see. This is not about punishment or reward, it is simply about how we choose to align ourselves through the use of our freewill.

Vehicles of Expression

Does Creation try to make use of our humanity, our generosity and our creativity for benevolent purposes? Absolutely.

Does Destruction (the dark aspects of it) try to make use of our ignorance, our ego and our selfish intents for malevolent purposes? Absolutely.

The path is up to us.


Creation and destruction can be used for either benevolent or malevolent purposes. For example, a person could "destroy" something that is corrupt in order to make way for something that is more beneficial. Or a person could "create" something corrupt in order to make way for something less beneficial. Therefore, one must always ask the question, what is "beneficial" and who benefits from each act of creation or destruction?

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