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The Spiritual Gatekeepers (part 14) - The Great Deceiver

The Spiritual Gatekeepers (part 14) - The Great Deceiver

The magician and the grand illusion

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The Great Deceiver

September 15, 2012

A Matter of Perception

One of the very first images that was shown on the news following the events of 9/11/01 was that of a small group of people (presumably Muslims) in Iraq burning the American Flag while jumping up and down and shouting death to America. Could the news media have shown anything more inflammatory than that after the planes hit the Twin Towers? 

This was not a country, a city or even a town that had participated in the flag burning. It was a small group people. Yet the American reaction and perception of this imagery was that all Muslims must hate America. Funny how the news media had this footage available right after the planes hit the towers. I think this is what they refer to as a "leading" story in the news industry. 

Then on 9/11/12 a video appeared on the internet titled "The Innocence of Muslims". The video mocked and insulted the Prophet Muhammad and was openly offensive toward the Muslim faith. This was not a country, a city or a town in America that produced this film. It was a single rogue "filmmaker" with some misguided supporters. Yet the reaction and perception of Muslims was that America was insulting Islam. Do you think that the media had any role in creating this perception? Now it's being reported by some sources that the "film" was produced in association with a "Coptic Christian" named Nakoula Basseley. Again I ask, could there be anything more inflammatory right now than a "film" such as this being produced by a "Christian" and released on 9/11/12 that insults Muslims? The result of this one or two manned (orchestrated) film was more flag burning, widespread riots and additional "security forces" being sent to this highly volatile area. 

On 9/14/12, President Obama stated in a letter to Congress..."Although these security forces are equipped for combat, these movements have been undertaken solely for the purpose of protecting American citizens and property"..."These security forces will remain in Libya and in Yemen until the security situation becomes such that they are no longer needed."  

How many times have words such as these been uttered right before war? Notice that there wasn't any time limit associated with the "security situation". Sounds very much like our current security situation in Afghanistan. It also sounds like a gift from the war gods. One way or another, it seems that "they" are determined to try and play out ancient prophecy. Why are our "leaders" proceeding along this path/timeline when they clearly know where this may be headed? 

Who or what is the "Great Deceiver"?

Is the "Great Deceiver" Obama? Romney? The mainstream media? The alternative media? The Christians? The Muslims? America? Iran? Iraq? Israel? The Illuminati? The NWO? The Bilderberg Group? The Globalists? The Elite? The CIA? Mossad? The government? The corporations? Big Pharma? The police? The military? The Dark Entities? The Human Race?  

We can point fingers and proclaim that it is the evil elite that are causing all of the chaos in this world, but that wouldn't be an accurate statement. The Great Deceiver is the Dark Entities. They have been our deceivers for thousands of years. They have also been our testers for thousands of years. It's true that the ruling class are the directors of the chaos, but it is the Dark Entities that are the executive producers. However, it seems that we all have our own parts to play in the production. How could all of this chaos and war continue if we (humanity) were not participants in the great deception? Throughout history it has always been the same, they play us against each other: 

The puppet masters of earth


The Internet

Some have suggested that the "powers that be" will shut down the internet at some point. No doubt we will see it more controlled, but it is not likely to be shut down completely (except perhaps under marshal law). It is far too valuable as a social engineering, propaganda and data mining tool. How could the "Innocence of Muslims" deception have been so quickly and efficiently disseminated without the internet? The internet is an incredibly valuable platform (and battleground) in both the awakening of humanity, and in the deception of humanity. It is also an integral component in the unfolding of the transhumanism agenda.  

Internet forums used to be a place one could go for some intelligent discussion. Now they seem to be filled more with instigators spreading propaganda, hate and ignorance. Valid audio and video evidence is now regularly mixed in and corrupted with fakes. Researchers and alternative media outlets are often attacked by anonymous/faceless trolls. Remember when there was no advertising on the web? Now it has invaded every part of the internet.

What do you think that we might see if we read some of the comments below the news stories related to the latest deception (The Innocence of Muslims)? I suppose that would depend on which news venue that you looked at. However, on many mainstream sites such as Yahoo, the ignorance and hatred that is conveyed in the comments regarding this story is rather disturbing. Perhaps most disturbing though, is seeing just how easily a few instigators can step in and influence the mentality of the entire crowd. It seems that all it takes these days are a few ignorant/hateful comments from these sheepherders to get the herd moving together in destructive formation.  

People seem to have lost confidence and trust in one another. In some ways it is difficult to fault people for this stance because this is what we have been taught by the politicians, the TV, the mainstream media, the internet and the corrupt gangsters running the corrupt system. Nevertheless it is an alarming trend, especially at a time when we should be coming together against the common threat, instead of falling apart. 

Is this division human nature? Or is it more of a result of social programming and psychological manipulation?


In the Book of Enoch, it describes how the Fallen Angels gave certain types of technology to man: 

"And Azazel taught men to make swords, and knives, and shields, and breastplates, and made known to them the metals of the earth and the art of working them, and bracelets, and ornaments, and the use of antimony, and the beautifying of the eyelids, and all kinds of costly stones, and all colouring tinctures."

The Nazi's were said to have received information about their advanced technology from certain entities contacted during various occult practices (Vril and Thule Society). The United States gained access to this technology when it imported Nazi scientists into America via Project Paperclip. Later the US (secretly) imported members of the Nazi SS which later became "assets" for the newly formed CIA and NSA. Many of these Nazi SS members had participated in very dark occult practices which were later explored and adopted by the CIA through a variety of projects.


 The Black Sun - Vril Society

Image Above: Black Sun - Vril Society


Letting the Genie (Jinn) out of the lamp


Much of the (deep black) technologies that are being tested and used by the military today were developed as a result of UFO "crashes", "contacts" and agreements that were made with the Grays (deals with the "devil"). In addition, much of the technology (both covert and consumer based) that is being used to control the general population today was also directly derived from some of these events. We have always been pawns in their game. Throughout history they have given us technology in order to create chaos and help us to control and destroy ourselves. A few words come to mind: Trojan horse, transhumanism and Skynet. Perhaps one of these days we will realize that the true enemy isn't the so-called "terrorists". The real enemies are the dark entities and ourselves.


Image Above: Coronado Navy Base - California


Image Above: Denver (New World) Airport runways


Image Above: Military/black ops patches


The Implosion of the Human Race and/or
the Explosion of Consciousness

The human race is teetering on the edge of implosion. Economies are being destroyed. Wars are being fought and encouraged. Jobs are being lost. Homes are being lost. The general health of the population is at an all time low. People are changing. And people are staying the same. We are all being subjected to very powerful forms of mind control and manipulation. Perhaps the greatest evidence of this is the fact that, even in the midst of everything that is going on right now, the most popular pastime still seems to be primarily centered around the superficial distractions that are so plentifully supplied to us every day by the herders and controllers. One cannot help but think sometimes that perhaps we are all just characters in some twisted movie or video game. But that would just be another way of escaping from the reality of the non-reality in which we live.

We have the opportunity to stop the progression of this now, we just need to make the decision to stop being their pawns and quit playing their game. This is the gift and the crutch of our existence. We have the ability to move forward, backward, left or right...and also to stand still. 


Star Trek - Day of the Dove

(I couldn't find the full version of this episode online. However, it is worth the time to watch if you can find  it, as it is a very good metaphor for the true reality in which we live)

The Archons - Alien Intrusion

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