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Gray Areas - Gray "Aliens", Human Beings and the Earth

Gray Areas - Gray Aliens and Human Beings


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Gray Areas
(Gray "Aliens", Human Beings and the Earth)
(from Keys to Understanding)

September 12, 2014

What is Gray?


"Gray" is a Complex Concept to Understand

Gray is an entity, an energy and a thought form. Gray exists inside of time, outside of time and throughout time. Gray is part of us (sometimes), and we are part of it (sometimes). Gray is within our consciousness, and it outside of our consciousness. Gray is an unrecognized disease, and it is also a potential cure (when recognized). Gray will be the enslaver of some people (that choose to ignore it, focus too much on it, or openly embrace it). And Gray will be the catalyst of freedom for other people (those that learn from it, grow from it and move past it). 

Gray Energy, Gray Future?

The existence of "Gray Energy", "Gray Entities" and the possibility of a "Gray Future" is based on my own personal experiences, observations and insights. I imagine that some will disagree with these observations. However, look around the world today. Look at how GMOs are replacing many forms of natural life (at an accelerating and alarming rate). Look at how technology (both genetic and hardware based) is overshadowing the very nature of who we are. Look at the growing desire among Humans to not feel any emotions (as witnessed by the astronomical rise of antidepressant use). Look at the growing apathy towards freedom and the embracement of conformity (hive-mind mentality) and enslavement. Look at how the corruption of life is occurring on almost every level now...physically, mentally, morally and spiritually.

Gray Influences

What is the mentality of our current rulers (leaders)? They seek power and control. They lack compassion and empathy. They are genetically modifying the entire world. They are trying to assimilate the entire population into one conforming " hive-mind" mentality. They are conducting many different cloning experiments. They are creating conditions that will likely result in sterility among much of the general population. They believe that they can "rightfully" do these things to us because they think that they have dominion over the world and have our permission to enslave us and experiment on us.

People that have had encounters with the "Grays" will probably recognize the eerie similarity between the traits of some of our rulers (leaders) and the actions and traits some of these "entities". For those that may not have had any encounters  (or do not remember any encounters) with these entities, just do a little research into "abductions" and "Grays" then come back here and read this section again. Then ask yourself this a "Gray future" being created right now in front of us?

They are Destroying Us,
and We are Destroying Them

Why does it seem like much of Humanity is trying to escape from itself? Why is Humanity so averse to the truth (any truth)? Why does it seem like much of Humanity is happy to live in ignorance? Why are the "Grays" so secretive about who they are and where they come from? Why do the "Grays" often show horrific depictions of the destruction of Earth to abductees?

What would happen to the timeline ("ours" and "theirs") if the Earth was destroyed? What would happen to their chance to (re)gain Being if this planet was destroyed? Gray (dark) "energy" corrupts itself and it corrupts us because it doesn't know any better. Gray energy is extremely intelligent, however it is not very smart (it lacks emotions, discernment, reasoning, compassion, empathy, true understanding, love and wisdom).

Gray Energy is "Tricky"

"Gray energy" is a very tricky thing to examine. For example, we need to be aware of its existence and the potential influence that it can have over us (in order to avoid its influence). However, at the same time, we need to learn to reject it and nullify it so that it loses any potential power over us. The "tricky" part is this...if we ignore it, then it can grow freely (and a Gray future becomes a strong possibility). However, if we examine it too closely, then it can actually "manifest" more easily simply through our thoughts, our attention and our examination of it.

Sometimes, even just viewing a photo of a Gray can potentially open a door (portal) to them (depending on what a person's state of consciousness is at the time). It is important to see and understand all of the related connections. However, after we learn how to recognize Gray and Dark energy (in all of its forms), it is also important to begin to focus our attention on positive actions and solutions that can help to change our present situation for the better (so that the future looks bright, instead of Gray). There is definitely a balance to the process.

The "Scooby Doo" Effect

Many people may not  consciously experience (or remember) an encounter with a "Gray". However, if you get too close to "seeing" and realizing true clarity, reality, understanding and truth, then it is quite possible that you may encounter one of these "entities". If you do encounter a situation where you see a Gray in your "minds eye" (and you do not wish to be entranced by it), make sure that you look away quickly (i.e. do not focus on it or allow it to establish a "link" with you).

Most of the time when a "Gray" presents itself (consciously) to a person, it does it to scare you away or dissuade you from continuing along your current path (of discovery and truth). If you do encounter them, do not let fear paralyze you. And be very careful not to let illusion cloud your mind. Remain confident and willfully strong. Also know when it is appropriate to back away temporarily (in order to maintain strength, perspective and direction).

Gray Energy and Light Colors

There is much Gray and Dark energy in the world today. But there is also much Color and Light as well. Understanding Gray and Dark energies (in all of their forms) can help us to move past them and begin to see the Color and the Light once again. However, if we spend too much time examining the Gray and the Dark energies, then they can begin to bind to us and create an unnatural reality (now and in the future), while simultaneously blinding us to true reality and the true beauty of the current world that we live in.


The Future is Not Written in Stone

We are the drivers of our own reality. The past is in the rearview mirror. The present is right here beside us (the steering wheel, the gas pedal, the brakes, the turn signals and the headlights). Out the front window is the future. The vehicle travels in the direction that we steer it.


Footnote: Please use your own discernment skills when dealing with "aliens", spirits, guides, beings, angels, etc. It's a big Universe out there (and in "there"), with lots of different "beings" inhabiting it. Some are good, some are bad and some are neutral (and some are the "same"). Outward "beauty", doesn't always equate to inward beauty. Likewise, outward "ugliness", doesn't always equate to inward ugliness. Also remain cognizant of the possibility of some type of Savior appearing in the future. And most importantly, do not let fear distract you from the enormous beauty that is contained within us and all around us.


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