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Intermission: Get Together (The Return of the Sun)

The Spiritual Gatekeepers - Intermission - The Return of the Son (Sun)


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Get Together
(The Return of the Sun)

February 14, 2013

In the song "Get Together" by the Youngbloods, there is a passage that reads as follows: 

Some people have interpreted "the one who returns" to mean Jesus. It could also be interpreted in other ways, but lets assume that it is referring to Jesus. Who was this historical figure known as Jesus? Is the story of Jesus intended to be taken literally, metaphorically, or perhaps both?

What if... 

Jesus was actually a metaphor intended to represent the "Light"? 

What if... 

The return of Jesus is not the return of a physical being, but rather is a return of the inner light within us and a (re)discovery that we are all connected and unique parts of a greater whole known as God, the Creator, the Great Spirit, the Divine, Nature, The Universe, Source, etc?  

What if... 

The return of Jesus actually refers to the return of a high intensity (cyclical) cosmic energy (now reaching earth) that would help to en"lighten" and (re)awaken the human race from a dark slumber which has lasted for many thousands of years? 

What if... 

The controllers twisted this metaphor in such a way so it represented (only) the return of an actual deity? What if the people of earth became apathetic towards injustice and tyranny because they believed that a deity would be coming to save them sometime in the future?  

What if... 

Many ancient religious texts were actually written in code (and metaphor) so that the secret knowledge contained within them would survive instead of being destroyed by the rulers (Archons)? 

What if... 

The Control Grid supplied the human race with many gadgets and distractions so that people became so preoccupied that they didn't prepare themselves properly to receive the "Light"? 

What if... 

This cosmic energy was becoming (increasingly) more intense? What if this energy had a very specific frequency/vibration that required a proper match in order to be positively affected by it (rather than be negatively affected by it)? 

What if... 

Love, kindness, truth, understanding, compassion, empathy, peace, freedom, generosity, open-heartedness, creativity, knowledge and awareness were the keys to creating the proper frequency/vibration match so that this energy could be properly received? What if fear, hatred, ignorance, arrogance, ego, greed, lies, apathy, cruelty, jealousy and war were the "locks" that created a frequency mismatch and prevented us from properly aligning with this energy thereby making it potentially harmful to us)? 

What if... 

The return of Jesus (the "Light") was not a spectators event, but one that was participatory in nature? In other words, those who properly prepared themselves for the "Light" would be "saved" (through engaging in activities which raised one's frequency/vibration) and those who did not prepare themselves properly would be "burned" by the "Light" (high frequency energy interacting with a low frequency being)? 

What if... 

This cosmic energy slowly became stronger and stronger over many years, giving the human race the necessary time that was needed to awaken and properly acclimate to this energy? What if this was intended to be a very natural process, but it was instead hijacked by outside forces? 

What if... 

The controllers created many different mechanisms designed to keep us ignorant and dumbed down? What if they tricked us into participating in activities which lowered our frequency/vibration? What if chemtrails, HAARP, cell phones, smart meters and the wireless grid created negative electromagnetic energies which served to counteract the cosmic awakening energies now reaching earth? What if pharmaceuticals, GMO's, fluorinated drinking water, vaccines, food additives, BPA, pesticides, artificial hormones, radiation, alcohol and recreational drugs created artificial blocks/barriers within the human "vessel" so that we could not properly receive and acclimate to this cosmic awakening energy?  

What if... 

Those that got "burned" by the "Light" faced the possibility of perishing in this event and once again becoming "trapped" within a low-frequency/vibration "prison" located in the lower realms occupied/controlled by the Dark Entities (please see Unified Theory of Spirituality for more info on this)?

Footnote: 5-16-15 - The section above may sound a little "fire and brimstone" if it is taken out of context with regards to the rest of the series. That was not my original intent. Rather, it was intended to communicate the idea that there are consequences for our actions (and our inactions). This isn't a "prison" in the way that one might think. But it can seem like one if we don't respect and honor our freewill. We can be students working towards a graduation, or we can be prisoners working towards parole. It's up to us. When we are ready to move on, we will know what is necessary to do so.

What if... 

God (or whichever term you prefer) actually gave us everything that we needed to save ourselves? What if the Creator is a very loving "Being" that gave us the gift of freewill so that we may decide our own path, our own journey and our own destiny? What if every experience has purpose and meaning, regardless of what that experience may be? 

What if knowledge, awareness, understanding compassion and wisdom are the tools? And what if Love is the answer?

--- The Youngbloods - Get Together ---


Bonus Material
(From Keys to Understanding)

Many ancient texts are constructed in such a way as to form many layers (or levels) of information within them. Those who gloss over such texts are likely to see only the top layer of information. However, those that seek greater understanding will have the opportunity to see beyond the top level and into the many additional layers of knowledge and understanding which may be encoded deep within the same text.

The key to deciphering language exists within the keys (understanding) of polarity. In other words, language has both a literal meaning and a symbolic meaning. To only see one-half of the polarity (literal meaning), is to be "one-eye-blind". The symbolic, metaphoric and allegorical meaning of words and images actually extend into many layers beyond just their literal meaning. It is here that knowledge is often transmuted into understanding and wisdom. When wisdom becomes visible, everything begins to flow. Doors begin to open, and the mind is freed so that consciousness can expand.

Literal language imparts linear knowledge. Symbolism, metaphor and allegory, on the other hand, are the "alchemical activators" that help to create multidimensional connections between the many different "realms" of knowledge and consciousness. To "ascend" the dimensions of knowledge, is to find understanding in knowledge and transform that understanding into wisdom.



The Light and the Darkness

One View of God
(from the Glossary)

God is that which connects everything together. God is the One that Created many other ones. And it is the many ones (everyone) that help to create that which defines One. Within One is one. And within one is One. Thus, all is part of God, and God is part of all. This does not mean that one and all are the same. Rather, it means that everything is connected and that all is part of the same One.

God is not restricted to one religion or to one deity. God exists in all of Creation and on many different levels. It is up to the creators (one) within Creation (One) to choose the level of connection (or the relationship) that they wish to have with God (Creation/All).

This is simply One view of God. It is not the only view. For additional information, please see the entry for god (little g) in the Glossary.


From: The Church of Awareness and Understanding and Letter Number Key

As above, so below. As below, so above.
As within, so about. As about, so within.

One Earth

The earth has many caves and caverns that exist underneath the surface of the planet. Various cultures from around the world have often spoken of the scary monsters, fire-breathing dragons and other creatures that lurk in the darkness of the underworld. Some cultures and myths have also spoken of large openings that exist at the north and south poles of the planet and of an inner-sun that brings light and warmth to the underworld.

Throughout history many stories have been told of great warriors and explorers who have braved the inner-darkness of the earth in search of secret knowledge and hidden treasures. Some of these explorers have later returned from the darkness to share their stories with the surface dwellers of the world. However, there were also others that became hopelessly lost in the darkness (or enamored by it), never to return to the light of day again.


Is the anatomy of human beings that much different from the anatomy of the planet from which we were born? For example, similar to the earth, we too have many dark areas within us that are often too scary for us to confront. We also have openings at the north and the south poles of our body and a hidden light (inner-sun) that shines within us. And like the earth, what springs forth from within us can either help to increase knowledge, awareness and understanding in the world, or it may simply add more vile and gaseous content to the atmosphere around us.

Could it be that the burning gaseous content that is spewing forth from the orifices of the earth right now (through volcanoes) is a direct reflection of the vile and gaseous content that is also spewing forth from a growing portion of the human race at this time? Have we become so enamored with modern technology that we have lost touch with the planet that feeds us and supports us?

Footnote I
(Frequency and Harmonic Vibration)

The term "frequency" (as it applies to humans) is often discussed in multiple contexts which can sometimes confuse the meaning of the word. For example, a lower frequency (or harmonic vibration) is usually associated with lower states of being. However, in reference to brainwave frequency, a lower frequency of around 4-7Hz (theta state) is typically associated with deep meditative states, access to the subconscious mind, profound states of learning and healing, out-of-body experiences, access to the divine, etc. Paradoxically, a low brainwave frequency can help to bring about higher states of consciousness, which can in turn help to create higher frequencies in the physical body...possibly leading to alternate physical states of being (higher frequency = more energetic/less physical).

On the other hand, high brainwave frequencies can induce a state of agitation or confusion when artificially created or sustained for extended periods of time (via the wireless communications grid, weapons systems or other artificial electromagnetic energy sources). Lower brainwave frequencies (in the alpha range) are also used to increase susceptibility to subliminal programming via the frequency following response, entrainment and trance state which can be induced by the flicker rate of TVs, the drums in music and other forms of technology. This doesn't mean that alpha brain waves are harmful, just that this state of "mind" can be used for either beneficial or non-beneficial purposes.

To summarize, when the terms "frequency" and "harmonic vibration" are used in a general context, it is often referring to an overall "state of being" (spiritually). However, when frequency is applied to brainwaves specifically, it is referring to how different brain states can affect human physiology.

Footnote II

The information above is not intended to be an endorsement of Christianity (or any other religion). Rather, it is meant to serve as an example of some of the esoteric and allegorical content contained within religion that often goes unnoticed by its followers (in favor of more literal interpretations). For additional information regarding this subject, please see the links below.

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