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The Spiritual Gatekeepers (part 4) - Pre-Disclosure

The Spiritual Gatekeepers (part 4) - Pre-Disclosure


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July 18, 2012

Official Disclosure vs. Full Disclosure

There has been an idea floating around now for many decades. It is the idea of disclosure...that our government(s) will finally come clean at some point and officially confirm that UFO's and aliens exist. 

However, disclosure isn't simply about receiving official confirmation that UFO's and aliens are real. Many people are already aware of this (from direct experience or research). Therefore, the idea of disclosure is only truly meaningful if it is full and complete disclosure. 

So question is can we (the people) expect full (or even meaningful) disclosure from our government(s) regarding these issues? When is the last time that the government presented the people with full, complete and truthful information? 

Official Disclosure
(official government disclosure = partial disclosure)

Official government disclosure will most likely include a carefully chosen set of half-truths and will probably only occur if:

The government would most likely wrap disclosure into a nicely packaged group of sound bytes (suitable for public consumption) that will satisfy many, but not really say anything about what is truly going on behind the scenes. The context (time and manner) in which disclosure takes place will largely depend on what the desired outcome is. The potential power of official disclosure is tremendous in that it could possibly influence a great number of people in some very profound ways.

Official disclosure will not be full disclosure, because: 

Full Disclosure

For official disclosure to be full and complete, it would have to include answers to the following (or similar) questions: 

Why the General Public Might Not Accept
True (Full) Disclosure

1) If the truth is something uncomfortable or frightening, then the public may avoid, dismiss or ignore it rather than confront it

2) If the truth interferes with religious beliefs, then it may be ignored or even condemned 

3) If the truth interferes with general (traditional or programmed) beliefs, then it may be rejected or dismissed


Full disclosure regarding the truth about UFO's, aliens and abductions involves information very different from that which many people might have imagined or expected from the phenomena. Disclosure is many layers deep…far deeper than we have been led to believe. In addition, the origin of most of the UFO, alien and abduction phenomena is much closer to home than most sources (research based or fiction based) suggest. And it involves more than just physical beings and physical spacecraft. In the next segment I will begin to address the details behind full and complete disclosure

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