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The Spiritual Gatekeepers (part 3) - Essential Concepts

The Spiritual Gatekeepers (part3) - Essential Concepts


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Essential Concepts

July 11, 2012

Who are the Spiritual Gatekeepers?

1) Malevolent Entities (Guards) – Gatekeepers that are composed of both human and non-human elements. They act as (prison) guards of truth, knowledge and understanding. They block/hide/limit access to our true selves and our true spirituality 

2) Benevolent Entities (Guides) – Gatekeepers that are composed of both human and non-human elements. They act primarily as guides in the discovery of truth, knowledge and understanding. They encourage us and help guide us in our quest for self-discovery and true spirituality 

3) Ourselves (Guards/Guides) – We are programmed and conditioned by the control grid (system) to act as our own gatekeepers. Freewill ultimately determines whether we act in the capacity of guards or guides. The concept of freewill is composed of two parts: "free"…because at one time it was indeed free (not restrained). And "will"…because it is based our ability (and innate right) to make individual choices for ourselves. The concept of freewill is of course changing now because of the ever increasing encroachment of the control grid into our personal lives and into the world around us


1) Consciousness is Universal – Each of us is part of an ever evolving universal consciousness (UC)

2) Consciousness is Shared - We are in constant communication with the universal consciousness. We contribute to it and draw from it. The strength of this connection is dependent upon a variety of factors such as genetics, cosmic events/alignments, solar activity, our geographic location on earth (and how that location relates to electromagnetic energy fields/grids and/or to cosmic or solar events) and to our individual level of spiritual development. The artificial enhancement or suppression of that connection plays a significant role in our ability to properly and efficiently connect with the UC. The overt/covert manipulation of consciousness occurs via a variety of mechanisms including technology, chemicals, genetics and various forms of psychological modification 

3) Consciousness does not Abide by the Laws Of Physics – Consciousness does not adhere to our narrowly defined laws of physics 

4) Consciousness is the Key – The universal consciousness is the key to universal understanding 

Polarity and Duality

Throughout the universe (multiverse) exists a concept known as polarity or duality. Various components of polarity are often expressed with either a positive or negative connotation attached to them. However, in reality, polarity is just a temporary state of being that is both natural and desirable. Minor imbalances are always present in the world around us…things are always changing and evolving. This is how it should be.

Below are some examples that illustrate the idea of polarity:





Up/Down (above/below)














There is an almost infinite number of these polarities. In their natural state, they are just a temporary state of being…one that eventually and naturally evolves/resolves into something different. However, when they are artificially manipulated, they can often have undesirable consequences. Below is an examination of the concepts of balance/imbalance and how they can affect us: 

1) Minor imbalances are beneficial and can create great opportunities for learning and growth

2) Sustained major imbalances are not normal in nature. They are the result of some type of artificial manipulation. Artificially created/sustained imbalances result in sustained states of confusion, agitation and chaos 

3) Artificially sustained states of balance are also undesirable. Technology (improperly used) can create situations which result in stagnation 

4) Nature has a self-correcting mechanism which automatically helps to restore balance when necessary. However, this only occurs (properly and automatically) when nature is not being artificially manipulated or controlled. Given enough time, nature will always find a way to rebalance itself. Rebalancing normally occurs continually and silently in the background (unnoticed) in small increments. However, the longer that an imbalance is artificially sustained, the greater that imbalance becomes. Consequently, the greater the imbalance, the stronger (more intense) the automatic rebalancing process must be in order to properly restore balance once again 

Attempting to bypass or artificially manipulate/control nature → leads to internal/external imbalance → prolonged internal/external imbalance leads to chaos 

Frequency/Harmonic Vibration

Our frequency and vibratory (harmonic) rate is analogous to our state of being. Everybody has a different frequency/vibratory rate. This is both natural and normal. Our path in life (left un-manipulated) helps to determine how that rate changes and evolves over time. The environment surrounding us also plays a significant role in the natural state and evolution of that frequency and vibratory rate. Cosmic/solar events can affect our frequency and vibratory rate quite dramatically.

Why is this important? Like often attracts like.

The system that we currently live in is set up to artificially suppress our frequency/vibratory rate and keep us in a perpetual state of imbalance. This has an enormous impact on the health of our mind/body system. Lower states of frequency/vibration not only prevent us from fully realizing our true spirituality, but it can also attract entities with lower vibratory states who specifically feed off of this type of energy (please see the footnote below for additional info on "frequency" and harmonic vibration).

The methods in which our frequency/vibratory rate is manipulated is a large and complicated topic. It has evolved from rather primitive methods used in the past, to highly technical and effective methods used today. The majority of this manipulation is done behind the scenes and completely without the knowledge (or consent) of the general population. I will address in detail both the methods being used and how to circumvent them in a subsequent segment.


Our aura is akin to a personal shield. When it is working properly, it surrounds us with an electromagnetic (EM) energy field that protects us from a variety of undesirable external forces. It also helps to energize us and actually acts as a unique "signature" of our internal self (our soul or spirit). Some people can sense and read these EM fields that surround us. Beings/entities in other realms can easily see and evaluate our auras. This is one of the methods that malevolent entities use in the selection of people for abduction. It's also one of the methods that benevolent entities employ to help guide us.

Our aura can also act as a higher form of awareness (or super sense). It reacts and adjusts to everything that it interacts with. When we learn to sense/decode the changes in our aura field, it can provide us with a great amount of feedback (intuition) into many unseen things.

The health and strength of our auric field is directly related to frequency, harmonic vibration, internal balance and many other variables.

Conclusion: Why Are These Concepts Important?

The control grid is an artificial mechanism that is set up to specifically target various aspects of our consciousness, our internal state of balance, our vibration/frequency level and our aura. When these are artificially manipulated, suppressed or hindered, our state of being can be negatively impacted. Our ability to naturally grow and evolve (as well as spiritually protect ourselves) can be significantly affected by the mechanisms of the control grid. In future segments I will address these mechanisms of control and look at how we can effectively avoid them and protect ourselves against them.

(frequency and harmonic vibration)

The term 'frequency" (as it applies to humans) is often discussed in multiple contexts which can sometimes confuse the meaning of the word. For example, a lower frequency (or harmonic vibration) is usually associated with lower states of being. However, in reference to brainwave frequency, a lower frequency of around 4-7Hz (theta state) is typically associated with deep meditative states, access to the subconscious mind, profound states of learning and healing, out-of-body experiences, access to the divine, etc. Paradoxically, a low brainwave frequency can help to bring about higher states of consciousness, which in turn can help to create higher frequencies in the physical body...possibly leading to alternate physical states of being (higher frequency = more energetic/less physical).

On the other hand, high brainwave frequencies can induce a state of agitation or confusion when artificially created or sustained for extended periods of time (via the wireless communications grid, weapons systems or other artificial EM sources). Lower brainwave frequencies (in the alpha range) are often used to increase susceptibility to subliminal programming via the frequency following response/entrainment/trance state that can be induced by TV flicker rate or other sources. This doesn't mean that alpha brain waves are harmful, just that this state of "mind" can be used for either beneficial or non-beneficial purposes.

To summarize, when the terms frequency and harmonic vibration are used in a general context it is often referring to an overall "state of being" (consciously and spiritually). However, when frequency is applied to brainwaves specifically, it is referring to how different brain states can affect human physiology.

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This segment was updated on 2-22-14: A footnote was added to clarify frequency and
harmonic vibration. These concepts are addressed later in the series, however I thought
that it might be a good idea to include a clarification here as well


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