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The Spiritual Gatekeepers (part 1) - Hierarchy of Control

The Spiritual Gatekeepers (part 1) - Hierarchy of Control


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Earth - Hierarchy of Control

July 11, 2012

The General Population

At the bottom of the hierarchy is the general population. The general population is made up of "the people". The people are made up of a diverse group of beings.

The Government

The government refers to the official local, state and federal levels of our government. These governing bodies are made up of "the people".

Major Corporations

The major corporations include those involved in finance, oil and energy, big pharma, big agra, biotech, the internet and digital technology, chemicals, telecommunications and media, the military industrial complex and organized religion.

The major corporations wield great influence over the government, schools and universities through lobbying efforts, grants and other monetary incentives.

The Shadow Government

The shadow government includes high-level members of the ruling class (both political and corporate), the intelligence agencies and certain factions of the military industrial complex (black ops).

Select members of these groups are sometimes referred to as the Illuminati, the Elite Bloodlines, the New World Order, the Globalists and others. Some parts of the shadow government are in direct contact with non-human entities.

Occult (hidden) Influences

Throughout the course of history, certain members of the ruling class have used occult practices to contact various non-human entities. Unfortunately, many of these contacts were initiated not for purposes of discovery, but rather to pursue selfish goals of wealth, power and control over others.

As a result of their never-ending lust for power, much of the ruling class has been blinded to the fact that they have become eternal slaves to themselves and to those to which they believe give them power. In essence, the rulers have become some of the most manipulated and controlled people on earth.

Non-Human Entities

Non-human entities refers to a group of entities that guide and manipulate the population of earth for their own purposes. These entities reside at the top of the Hierarchy of Control and influence the population of earth on many different levels (physically, emotionally and spiritually). Their motivations and behavior may be perceived to be either benevolent or malevolent depending on one's individual perspective and point of view. Some of these entities are responsible for various aspects of the UFO and paranormal phenomena, while others are responsible for the alien abduction phenomena (as are certain rogue elements of the military).

Throughout history, these entities have gone by many different names such as Archons, Djinn, fallen angels, demons, grays, shadow people, vampires, incubus/succubus, flyers, fairies, etc. Although the different names may suggest different beings, I believe that they are in fact closely related to each other (separated mostly by the interpretations of different cultures in history). In some cases, I think that they may actually just be different names for the same type of entity. 

Below are some characteristics of these entities that may help to clarify this idea. They are sometimes referred to as "tricksters" because:

  1. They do not necessarily have fixed physical bodies as we do. Some of these entities reside in dimensions (realms) that are more energy based than physical in nature.
  2. Due to their non-physical characteristics, these entities sometimes seem to appear from out of nowhere, disappear or even morph into other shapes or creatures. Some of these beings use hardware-based technology to travel between different dimensions, while others seem to do it without the use of technology as we understand it (using states of consciousness only).
  3. These entities have highly developed telepathic abilities which can be used to influence our perception of them (basically make us see what they want us to see). They can initiate these telepathic connections while visiting our realm, or they may do it entirely from their own realm.
  4. They influence us and we influence them because our "dimensions of existence" are in very close proximity to each other (existing just outside of our "normal" mode of conscious perception).

Benevolent Influence

There are many benevolent beings out there that would like to see humanity freed from various forms of external manipulation and control so that we may evolve naturally. They are here to help guide us. All we need to do is ask for their assistance. However, unlike some other entities, the benevolent beings respect freewill. Therefore, it is up to us to recognize such guidance (using proper discernment) and then exercise our own individual freewill to break down the barriers of the control structure and regain our true spiritual identity, freedom, power and potential.


I believe that a key reason for our time here on earth is to learn how to use freewill effectively and responsibly. If you really think about it, there is no greater lesson to be learned than the proper use of freewill...for it is here, from our Freedom and from our Will (our actions and our inactions), that everything else follows. For this reason, freewill is a lesson that cannot be learned for us. Rather, it must be learned by us (through our own individual experiences, learning and growth).

We Have the Power

We have the power within us to create positive change for both ourselves and for the planet that we live on. We can learn, grow and evolve as we were meant to. Or, we can continue to act as semi-conscious participants and supporters of a corrupt system that is destroying us and the planet that we live on.

Everyone has made mistakes before. And everyone has been duped by the system at one point or another in their lives. I think that it's important to recognize and address our mistakes so that they do not happen again. By recognizing and understanding our mistakes, it allows them to be transmuted in a positive manner so that they do not weigh us down as we move forward towards the future.

In the following segments, I'll look at some key concepts of our existence, examine in detail the mechanisms of the Control Grid and suggest some ways that we can peacefully and effectively move past the Matrix of Control. 

(An examination of the terms "Entity", "Abduction", "Positive Thinking", "Negative Thinking" and "Time")

Entity - the term "entity" may be defined as "that which is perceived, known or inferred to have its own distinct existence (living or nonliving)".

Based on the definition above, an entity could be a person, a politician, a deity, a corporation, a government, an agency, a group, an alien, a ghost, an angel, a demon, a car, a smartphone or any number of other "life forms" that either have a distinct life of their own, or a life to which we have given to them.

I imagine that if asked, many people would probably say that they don't believe in such things as "unseen entities". However, I would argue that much of our behavior, from birth to death, is actually a direct reflection of the programming and conditioning that we have received from various unseen entities (that exist on many different levels).

It's important to understand that it's not necessary to have a conscious belief in an entity in order for it to gain power and control over us. In other words, we can effectively give power and life to an entity by simply allowing our actions and our inactions (either consciously or unconsciously) to reflect the "will" of a particular entity. It's also important to understand that "unseen" doesn't necessarily mean invisible. Rather, perhaps more accurately, it is a reference to something that is unrecognized in our environment (internally and/or externally).

Therefore, in order to break free from the influence of any entity, it's important to have a conscious recognition of how that entity is influencing us. Conscious recognition (sight), is based on the pursuit and the development of knowledge, awareness and understanding -- a process and a "journey" that is always ongoing, continually unfolding and forever expanding.

Although the term "entity" has been given a negative connotation in this segment, entities can also have a positive influence on us as well. The key to understanding the true nature of an entity, once again, relies on us developing a proper awareness of how it is affecting us (both individually and collectively).

Alien Abduction - the term "alien abduction" can either have a literal or a symbolic meaning attached to it. For example, it could refer to an actual physical abduction by non-human beings (aliens). Or, symbolically, it could refer to the abduction of our consciousness (and our subsequent actions) by various non-human "entities" (i.e. governments, corporations, religions, television, entertainment, social media, computers, video games, smartphones and other forms of technology...either known or "alien" to us). 

Positive ("positive" thinking) - positive thinking is helpful. However, positive action is even more helpful. We can think positively, and hope for a positive outcome. Or we can act positively and realize a positive change.

Negative ("negative" thinking) - the true nature of a disease can only be properly diagnosed (and addressed) through a thorough understanding of its symptoms. Thus, understanding the negative helps us get to the root of the problem and to subsequently create positive and lasting change. Treating the symptoms does not cure the disease. It only temporarily covers up its roots.

Time (past, present and future) - if we choose to live in our past, then we will likely suffer in the present. However, if we choose to focus on the future, then we will likely suffer in the past (the present moment). If we fail to learn from our past and we are blind to where we are headed in the future, then we will surely suffer in both the present and in the future.  

The Future is Not Written in Stone

We are the drivers of our own reality. The past is in the rearview mirror. The present is right here beside us (the steering wheel, the gas pedal, the brakes, the turn signals and the headlights). Out the front window is the future.

The vehicle travels in the direction that we steer it.




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Earth - Hierarchy of Control