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The Spiritual Gatekeepers (part 13) - Are Freemasons Evil?

The Spiritual Gatekeepers (part 13) - Are Freemasons Evil?

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Are Freemasons Evil?

September 12, 2012

The Freemasons are much like any other organization that is based on a hierarchal power structure -- those at the very top typically have privileged information and secret agendas that those below do not necessarily know about. This is also true with corporations, government, religions and society in general.  

In effect, we all live in a giant secret society that is not unlike the Freemasons. And we are all members of this secret societal organization on one level or another. Those that adhere to the rules of "membership" are usually rewarded quite well, while those with dissenting opinions are usually penalized.

Membership in the secret society (of society) often involves the need to practice willful ignorance in order to climb the ranks (see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil). "Initiates" that do not agree to the terms of membership, are not accepted within the organization. And potential members who have failed the initiation (indoctrination) process are usually scorned by proud members of the secret society (of society). It's quite an elaborate and well thought out system of control that actually requires little outside enforcement because:  

  • Current members recruit potential members through promises of various perks of membership (money, power, access, etc)
  • Members control other members through peer pressure
  • Members are conditioned to place their loyalty and "duty" to the "brotherhood" above all else
  • The secret society (of society) maintains control over the masses by way of majority over minority


Within any organization or institution, evil is merely a potential, it is not an absolute. The path of evil cannot be forced on anyone. The road to the darkside is a choice of freewill and it often begins with the promise of an exclusive "membership" within a secret society (government, military, corporation, agency, occult order, club, etc). The realization of evil is dependent upon the blind acceptance of that membership along with the willful ignorance that must follow in order to maintain good standing as a member within the "secret society" (any organization that requires blind allegiance).

  • Freemason members defend/reinforce other Freemason members
  • Corporate members defend/reinforce other corporate members
  • Government members defend/reinforce other government members
  • Police members defend/reinforce other police members
  • Religious members defend/reinforce other religious members
  • Military members defend/reinforce other military members
  • Country members defend/reinforce other country members
  • (Mainstream) society members defend/reinforce other society members
  • And so on

It seems that somewhere along the way, we forgot that we all members of the same organization...Humanity.

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