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The Spiritual Gatekeepers (part 19) - For the Children

The Spiritual Gatekeepers (part 19) - For the Children


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For The Children

December 25, 2012

What is happening to our children today? Why have we seen such an alarming shift in their behavior patterns, health and consciousness? 

In order to properly address this question, I think that it's necessary to take a (big) step back and closely examine the entire system that we are living in and how it is affecting the children. And in order to do that, we must start at the very beginning.

(It all begins here)

An unfortunate fact of modern society today is that many children are being conceived in a manner that more closely resembles an act of lust than one of love and mutual understanding/friendship. As a result of this trend, more and more children are now being born into single-parent family situations (or ones that later develop into broken-family situations). Single parents often struggle in order to make ends meet and provide for their children, while children often struggle to find a sense of normalcy and nurture while living in an environment which may involve one (or even two) absentee parents.  

The breakup of the family means that many children today are being raised more by the system (reality TV, "music", school, video games, etc), than by the traditional love and guidance that typically accompanies a strong and complete family unit. Modern social programming techniques have reached such a high degree of effectiveness and efficiency that they are now largely generational in nature. Parents unknowingly become products of the system and then subsequently pass on this programming to their children without even knowing it (especially in this modern society which is designed to keep people so busy that behavior patterns are often more reactive than reflective). 

Another rather disturbing trend (or necessity) which has been developing today is a move away from the natural form of conception towards a more technological based system (artificial insemination/test tube babies, genetic screening, artificial monitoring technologies, chemicals/drugs, designer babies, etc). Is this use of technology detrimental to the family planning process? Is love really a necessary ingredient/component in the making of a baby?

If viewed from a purely mechanical point of reference, then love isn't really a necessary component of conception. However, there are specific hormones which are released during the natural conception process (foe example Oxytocin) that play a critical role in the bonding process between mother and father, and subsequently between the mother and her developing baby.




Research has demonstrated that Oxytocin is released during the act of sex, regardless of whether it is initiated out of love or lust. So why is love so important? The closer that a couple is to one another, the more likely that they are to engage in the many different facets of intimacy (beyond sex) which can stimulate the ongoing and continual natural release of Oxytocin (and other beneficial hormones). This is how nature prepares new parents for parenthood, ensures proper bonding within the family unit and ensures that love will be carried forward. 

Oxytocin has many essential functions in human physiology. Emotional responses such as love, empathy, compassion, affection, generosity and bonding have all been shown to be related to the proper (balanced) levels of Oxytocin in the bloodstream.  

What happens when this hormone is injected (artificially) into a person, is lacking or is blocked? 

What does this all mean? Perhaps the most important question to ask is this: How is our ability to produce the natural and correct levels of various hormones being influenced/affected by various aspects of our modern society today (chemicals, microwave/EM radiation, ionizing radiation, pharmaceuticals, GMO's, stress, etc)? How is the proper utilization (at the receptors) of those hormones being affected?

*Pop Quiz* 

1)  Which entities are best described as exhibiting mechanical, unemotional and psychopathic behaviors including a lack of love, empathy and compassion? 

A.  Politicians (and the elite bloodlines)

B.  The Dark Entities (please see part 1 if you are unfamiliar with this term)

C.  Monsanto, Big Pharma and similar corporate entities

D.  A, B and C

Answer: D

2)  Which entities regularly engage in genetic experiments/manipulation and exhibit a desire to transform the human race into something else?

A.  Politicians (and the elite bloodlines)

B.  The Dark Entities

C.  Monsanto, Big Pharma and similar corporate entities

D.  Military Black Ops

E.  A, B, C and D

Answer: E

Oxytocin is just one of the many hormones which are associated with love, pregnancy and childbirth. Physical health, individual behavior patterns and social interaction have all been shown to be directly connected with the natural (unmanipulated) levels of various hormones which are produced within the body. The effect that these hormones have on us is related to two main mechanisms within the body 1) The actual quantity of the hormone itself in the bloodstream, and 2) The viability of the receptors associated with that hormone (the ability to make actual use of the hormones within the body).  

Our modern society is altering these natural hormone levels to such a degree now (either accidentally or intentionally) that it is resulting in the development of many negative health issues (both physical and mental) as well as a steadily declining age in which girls are entering puberty. Perhaps even more disturbing, is the proposed answer to problem which relies on highly toxic pharmaceuticals or surgery to address the issue instead of looking at the root/core/cause of the problem itself. In my opinion, artificial hormone therapy can be dangerous on several different levels. 

How are other factors which are present in our modern environment affecting conception and pregnancy?

 ---- Resources ---- 

(aka indoctrination into the modern-day
system of trauma-based mind control)

Most children today are born into this world by way of the impersonal, sterile and artificial environment of a hospital. It has become the accepted method of delivery because we have been conditioned to believe that it is necessary for the safety of the mother and her child. In a small percentage of cases this is true. But what about the rest? What effect does the modern birthing process have on a newborn as it transitions from womb into world? What effect does it have on the mother?




For example, how do the bright lights, forceps, vacuums, electronic monitors, ultrasound, artificial delivery methods (cesarean, amniotomy, episiotomy), pharmaceuticals, circumcision, needles (vaccination), strange beings covered with masks (doctors/nurses), poking/prodding, blinding/disorientation (antibiotic ointment put in eyes), electronic noises and microwaves/EM/radio frequency have on the mother and baby during those first few critical moments of transition into this world?  

Are these modern birthing procedures beneficial to the mother and her newborn? Or are they harmful? Are the first memories of the infant child in the hospital temporary or lasting? If these methods and procedures are indeed harmful, is this just a simple oversight on the part of the medical/insurance community? Is it negligence? Something driven by profit motives? Or is there perhaps a darker explanation for it?  

What are some of the characteristics of trauma-based mind control? 



Image Above: Some of our modern birth procedures and technologies




It's amazing how many rules, regulations and procedures have been created in order to define what was once a very natural and instinctual birthing process. The creation of life has turned away from nature and has now become more of a technological/mechanized procedure instead.  

Why are indigenous peoples so much more connected with the earth and with their environment? Why do they respect, value and live in harmony with the natural systems of this planet (which sustain all life on it)? Why do "uneducated" indigenous people often exhibit a level of wisdom and understanding that far exceeds many of the PhD's of the western world? 

A large part of this wisdom and understanding begins (at the very beginning) with natural childbirth and with a natural and harmonious transition from the previous world into this world. Babies which are born into nature remain connected to nature. Babies/mothers who undergo the natural birthing process (without the use of drugs and without artificial surgical procedures) receive the correct levels of hormones which facilitate proper bonding with each other, with the father, with nature and with the earth in a way that has been almost totally lost in modern society today.

*Pop Quiz* 

1) Which entitles exhibit a total disregard (disdain) for nature and all of the knowledge/wisdom which is contained within it (that cannot be commercialized)? 

A. Politicians (and the elite bloodlines)

B.  The Dark Entities

C.  Monsanto, Big Pharma and similar corporate entities

D.  Military/Black Ops

E.  A, B, C and D

Answer: E

2)  Which entitles (extensively) use trauma-based mind control techniques to herd and control the population of earth?

A.  Politicians (and the elite bloodlines)

B.  The Dark Entities

C.  Monsanto, Big Pharma and similar corporate entities

D.  Military/Black Ops

E.  A, B, C and D

Answer: E

---- Resources ----

Jeanice Barcelo (radio interview) - Jeanice Barcelo has done quite a bit research into the subject of hospital birth trauma. She has a good understanding of this topic and also how it possibly fits in with the bigger picture. Some of the main points that were discussed in this interview are summarized above. She has also done research into other important topics and maintains a very informative and eye opening blog site.

First Years of Life
(program(ing) initialization)

How do children usually begin their first years of life in this world? Most babies travel directly from the artificial environment of the hospital to the artificial environment of the modern home. They are surrounded by manmade plastics which contain many hazardous chemicals, clothed in artificial diapers which irritate their skin, wrapped in artificial bedding which often smells of chemicals, placed in a crib near artificial electronic monitors (which emit harmful microwaves/EM radiation) and subjected to cartoons full of subliminal messages. They are also exposed to microwaves emitted from cell phones (and "smart" meters and cell towers), exposed to loud noises from TV, video games and music,  fed baby "formula" instead of beneficial mother's milk, mandated to accept dangerous vaccinations and exposed to fluorinated/unsafe drinking water and GMO Frankenstein "food".

Today, television often dominates the first few years of a child's life (a very critical time of learning and development). TV grooms young children to idolize celebrities and to worship material things. Girls are taught that self-worth and popularity are defined by beauty, by the clothes that they wear and the material things that they own. Boys, on the other hand, are encouraged to develop their primal/tribal instincts which are contained within the reptilian brain via the violent imagery of war, killing, guns and blood that is so often seen in video games, TV, movies and music today.



Image Above: The hypnosis/programming begins


Image Above: Early training?


The sexualizing of children begins at a very young age today with exposure to sex on TV, sex in marketing and advertising, sex in movies, and sex seen throughout the internet. Sexual innuendo and subliminals are also seen widely distributed throughout "G" rated cartoons and in Disney movies. Very young girls are sometimes encouraged (or required) by their parents to enter childhood beauty pageants. How is this early sexualizing of children affecting them? How is it affecting society?


Image Above: Subliminal exposure to sex


Image Above: Childhood beauty pageants. Innocent or harmful?


*Pop Quiz* 

1)  True or False: The Dark Entities feed off of sexual energies. In satanic ritualistic practices, the most potent of all energies are those produced by young children

Answer: True

2)  True or False: Girls are entering puberty at younger and younger ages these days (as young as 7 years old). This is primarily due to the various artificial chemicals which are widely distributed in our food, water and in environment 

Answer: True

3)  Which entities engage in the practices of pedophilia, trauma-based mind control of children, the exploitation of children for profit and the ritual (satanic) sacrifice of children? 

Answer: These practices are widely distributed throughout modern society today, especially in Hollywood, the music industry, among the elite and in various political circles

4)  True or False: The ritual sacrifice of children and virgins was only practiced by primitive and barbaric people during ancient times 

Answer: False. This is still done today. In fact, even more so than in ancient times. It is just disguised as something different today

---- Resources ----

Primary School
(indoctrination and state obedience training)

Today we send our children to "learning institutions" that more closely resemble high security (re-education) prisons than schools. The (police) state is using the schools more and more as a platform to train and acclimate children early so that there will less resistance to such restrictions (loss of freedoms) when they grow older.

Surveillance cameras, metal detectors, guards, security bars, fences (sometimes with barbed wire) and restricted movement are all forms of social conditioning (for both parents and children) which then subsequently and seamlessly flow out into the bigger world in the form of security cameras, unlawful wire tapping, unlawful detention (thought this only happened in school?), the massive police state, taser guns, body scanners, etc.



Image Above: Modern schools or prisons of the mind and body?



In primary school, conformity and obedience to the state is strongly encouraged while imagination and creativity are being increasingly viewed as disruptive behaviors. Children with too much energy or those that exhibit higher intelligence (disinterest in being indoctrinated into the system) are now classified as mentally ill and drugged until they reach a point of zombification. Some of the side effects of these powerful mind-altering drugs include depression, withdrawal (physical and social), suicidal thoughts, thoughts of violence and learning and other behavior problems. The growing and developing brains of these children are most likely being irreparably harmed by these highly toxic substances. 

Children's diets today often contain very high amounts of sugar, corn syrup (GMO), fats and carbohydrates which send their developing systems into alternating levels of artificial highs and artificial lows (caused by over-stimulation and then symptoms of withdrawal). How are these issues being treated? By first trying a modification of diet? Unfortunately not. More likely they will be treated by a trip to the doctor to receive the modern day answer for everything...Big Pharma and magic little pills.



Besides sugar/fat/carbs, there are also many other substances in our diets which can adversely affect behavior and health including GMO Frankenstein foods, artificial additives/preservatives/sweeteners, bizarre "flavor enhancers", pesticides, artificial hormones and chemicals as well as a general lack of the necessary vitamins and minerals needed to ensure good health. The end result: Childhood diabetes, obesity, cancer and mental health issues are now reaching epidemic proportions within our modern society.



The primary school years are also typically the time when many children are introduced to the ever-growing virtual reality world we know as video games, online virtual worlds, "social" media, TV, movies and unrealistic (celebrity) lifestyles. How is this affecting the children? What do children want to be when they grow up today? Most often the response to that question is "I want to be famous".



Image Above: Modern "popular" music is getting darker and darker...and it's being
targeted directly at today's youth. How is this affecting them?


Image Above: The "smoky look"...acclimization without realization


TV and movies based on vampire themes have nearly saturated our culture. Darkly themed music videos (laced with satanic imagery and symbolism) are everywhere these days. Darkly themed TV, movies and video games are also quite prevalent. All of this is having an effect on us, whether we realize it or not. It's both incremental and insidious. For example, the "smoky (or Goth) look" evolved from simple black mascara/eyeliner to something that might be more accurately be described (in some cases) as dark or sinister.

However, it's not really about the look of the makeup. It's more about the incremental way that we are all being aligned with (and opened up to) the dark forces in this world without realizing it. The eyes are said to be the windows to the soul. What do you see (or don't see) in some of these eyes (one of these photos was included for contrast purposes)?  

Changes to the eyes can be a indication (or result) of many different things including health issues, sleep problems, drug/alcohol abuse and the use of pharmaceutical drugs. However, such changes can also sometimes be an indication of direct or indirect influence/duress as well (abuse, programming, conditioning or "possession").

Some may argue that the dark imagery that is often portrayed in modern music videos is done simply for the shock value or for marketing purposes. On one level, this is true. In some cases, the artist or actor/actress may be unaware of a darker agenda and may be simply being used by the system. This is especially true with new or younger stars. However, eventually, many artists most likely do become aware of these darker agendas and either become complacent (because they must in order to work in the industry) or they become active (conscious) participants in the delivery of these dark messages and imagery.

Take a look at the early photos of many of the popular female singers today. Typically, early on in their careers, they appear bright eyed, innocent and creative. Later, this most often erodes into much darker lyrics, music, symbolism and messages. 

---- Resources ---- 

(initiation into slavery via debt accumulation)

For most people, college typically signifies the beginning of the debt accumulation phase of life. It also represents the final phase of conformity training. Fraternities, sororities and secret societies are college-based institutions which are (on one level) designed to identify those people whose wills can be easily bent (via hazing/initiation/conformity practices) and whose ideals can be shaped to such a degree as to be useful tools to the system. Those that pass the screening process usually end up in high profile positions/areas such as politics, the military, banking/finance and the corporate world/entertainment industry.

A very small portion of such people are recruited into the very highest positions, and only those that exhibit the most desirable qualities (of the system)...a capacity for psychopathic behavior, a lack of compassion and empathy, lying, and extreme loyalty to the brotherhood/sisterhood. I am by no means suggesting that everyone who joins a fraternity or sorority fits into this mold or are easily manipulated or closet psychopaths. I am only saying that these institutions (like others in this world) sometimes have other agendas and purposes hidden far below the surface.

---- Resources ----

(Mission accomplished: Mind-controlled/debt
shackled human slaves)

Generational programming is completed at this stage. The process is then refined with new technology, redefined (by a select few from this generation) and then the whole process begins once again with the next generation. Programmed adults now purchase the things that they were conditioned to purchase (via childhood TV programming) which helps signify to others that they are successful college graduates (nice houses, nice cars, expensive clothes, the latest electronic gadgets, jewelry, etc). This makes those with less want more, which ends up being a great marketing tool for the desirability of college and for the taking out student loans (debt accumulation).

The burden of student loan debt and the programmed appetite for material things creates the need to work more and more in order to finance material desires and to pay off debt. The 9-5 time loop leaves little free time left to explore non-essential topics such as spirituality, who we really are or to explore solutions/alternatives to this manufactured, messed-up virtual reality system that we are living in.



The "need to pay" means that moral and ethical considerations sometimes take a back seat when considering high paying positions. When there is a family to support, a mortgage to pay, car loans to pay and bills to pay, how many people can really afford to say no to questionable ethics within their chosen field, career or company? It's a very clever system that keeps us quiet and keeps the system going until it reaches a point where it begins to consume itself (which is where we are now). 

Please note that I am not implying that everyone fits into this mold. I am simply saying that this is the main purpose/design of the system and the trap in which a large portion of people will eventually fall into.

---- Resources ----

Welcome to the Machine - Mechanisms of the Matrix

The Sandy Hook Massacre

In a press statement made to the nation after the shooting, President Obama stated that he would make all resources of the government available to investigate this tragedy.  

Following this statement we saw a strong push for gun control (with little or no discussion of anything else), followed by suggestions for better mental health care services, followed by a proposal to place armed guards in schools. Hmm, see any problems with these proposals? 

My first reaction was that gun control would be like putting a band aid on a leg that is about ready to fall off from gangrene (with the true origin of the gangrene being the diseased system, not the guns themselves). Or in the case of "better mental health management" (i.e. drugging the children even more), that would be like throwing gasoline on a raging fire. Armed guards in schools? How about we just build prisons for our children to spend their first 18 years of life in. 

If we let the focus of this tragedy rest solely on gun control, armed guards in schools and more drugs for the children then this would end up being an even greater tragedy than what happened at Sandy Hook. These proposals would do nothing to address the real underlying issues at the core of the problem. Therefore, the same thing is bound to happen again. 

The only way that we can try to make something meaningful come out of this tragedy is if we are willing to take an honest look at what is really broken within our society and what is really going on here. 

In case you are wondering, I am not a member of the NRA, nor am I strong advocate for guns in society. However, perhaps we should ask ourselves why normal everyday people have been buying up guns in record numbers during the last few years? Could it be that some of these people might believe that the government has gone rogue on us? Or perhaps it is because various branches of the governments have been buying up ammo in truly insane quantities lately? 

What if we were to take a moment, step back and look at the situation from a different perspective (different from that which is being forced on us by the mainstream media and the government)? What would we see then? A classic example of the Hegelian Dialectic (problem, reaction, solution)?

This is no different than 9/11. The government has been using the tragedy of Sandy Hook and the confusion and the chaos that it created to try and quickly push through legislation that will no doubt be long and wordy (which no one will actually read) and will most likely contain hidden clauses that will allow for more and more gun control down the line and totally unrelated/additional loss of freedoms. This is exactly what we saw after 9/11 with the endless stream of legislation, which was long on words, and short on freedom. What was the end result of those "protective" legislations...the rise of the police state that we see today.  

I think that it would be a good idea if we examine all the issues and all of the options. Not just those which the "powers that be" are currently trying to push quickly through Congress.  

How about we examine some of the following issues as well: 

Waiting for the Government to Save Us?



Waiting for the Church to Save Us?


Why Does the "System" Work So Well?

The questions that were presented in the previous section were mostly rhetorical in nature. That is because it is already known why these issues will not be closely examined. It is because these issues are important (and highly effective) mechanisms of social control which are intentionally distributed and employed by the control grid (system).

Therefore, the result of the Sandy Hook tragedy will not be a careful examination of the underlying issues which are affecting the youth in our society today. This tragedy, instead, will be used by the system to introduce (and attempt to rapidly push through) another set of restrictive legislative actions which will have a very specific set of control agendas attached to them. That agenda is not to protect the children. The agenda is to introduce what will be yet another chapter in the slippery slope of the incremental loss of freedom and the rise of the police state.

The "powers that be" need the people to be firmly behind the police state and supportive of it. Why? Because we, the people, are the ones that will enforce it. We are the police force, the military, the infrastructure, the government and the administration. We demand legislation to protect us from "terrorists". We demand legislation to protect our children from lunatic shooters (which are in effect a product of system that the state itself created). We demand to imprison ourselves. We demand to disarm ourselves. And in the end, we demand to be ruled and controlled by the police state.

9/11, Sandy Hook, Aurora, Columbine, 7/7, Oklahoma City...the list goes on and on. These are events which were either created and/or extensively used by portions of the control grid for many different purposes and on many different levels:

Trauma usually has two main effects which benefit the control grid...

  1. Part of the population will demand that something be done, thus satisfying the requirements of the Hegelian Dialectic
  2. The remaining population will most likely retreat further into the virtual reality in order to avoid facing the traumatic reality created by the control grid. This has the effect of removing potential resistance that may otherwise arise



Why does this system work so well for the controllers? 

Why do we never see this coming (time after time, cycle after cycle)?

Final Thoughts

When I say the following, I do not say it lightly, nor do I say it in any uncertain terms...we are running out of time. The answer is simple. And the solution is obtainable. Simply stop feeding and supporting a broken system which feeds and strengthens those entities (human or non-human) which are destroying this planet and the human race.  

I have said this before, but it bears saying again... 

Every single person makes a difference, every choice we make is relevant, and every voice is important.  

It's time to break the cycle. It's time to wake up and protect the children. It's time to look forward towards the future instead of living only in the moment.  

It's our choice.




Simple Man
(Lynyrd Skynyrd)


(Depeche Mode)

Keeping the children safe does not mean sheltering or indoctrinating them via a myriad of state laws, rules and regulations. There are some good laws out there to help protect the children. However, the more that the state is allowed to invade or impose its will upon the traditional family unit and/or act as a parental proxy (i.e. dictate how children are raised, what they can eat, what they must learn, what Big Pharma drugs or vaccines they must take, etc), the less safe that the children will actually be.

State-sponsored education (i.e. indoctrination) is designed to produce "citizens" that look like free humans on the outside, but are actually more akin to mechanized "reflections" (or mirrors) of the state on the inside (via hidden, or not-so-hidden, psychological programming and conditioning). This kind of education produces blindness and vulnerability, not strength. As a result of this, when children are finally ready to graduate (leave the womb of the education system and be "berthed" out into the "real world"), they will be more apt to freely walk out into the corrupt social/economic system (and become part of that system) no matter how dark or desolate that it may appear.

True strength comes from the family, not from the state. Love, guidance, responsibility, morality, integrity, strength, encouragement and education...these are values that have traditionally been learned mostly from the family. A strong and supportive family helps to produce strong, independent, responsible and aware children. And strong, independent, responsible and aware children help to produce a strong, responsible and aware society.

: Citizen - a person who legally belongs to a country, and has the rights and protection of that country (according to the rules and laws set forth by the leaders and the rulers of that country).


Information Regarding Resources
(listed on this page)

The resources that were provided on this page were chosen because they contained useful, valuable or important information. I do not necessarily agree with everything that is expressed within these articles or videos. Given the nature of the subject matter, it was exceedingly difficult to find "neutral" resources which do not travel into the often heated subject of religion. Just to be clear, I am not promoting or condemning any particular religion or religious belief system (please see part 12 and part 25 for more information regarding my personal views on this subject). 

Throughout this series I have attempted to stay clear of labels, in particular religious labels. I did this because as soon as you place a label on something it opens the door to that idea/concept being immediately dismissed or accepted based solely on preconceived (programmed) beliefs which are associated with that label.  

The terms Satanic, Satanism, demon, demonic are rather common (religious) terms/concepts which were used throughout this series. They were used because they provide an easy to understood terminology needed to describe various concepts associated with the Dark Entities. These terms were not meant to serve as a point of reference towards any one religion or religious belief system. The threat these entities pose is universal (literally) and involves all peoples and all belief systems.

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