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Epilogue - Part II

Epilogue - Part II


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Epilogue - Part II

April 5, 2016

An Allegiance to Truth, Awareness and Understanding

Truth, awareness and understanding should hold no allegiance to anything other than truth, awareness and understanding. If a "truth" has validity, then it can, and should, stand on its own.

However, in the current system that we live in, this is not how it works. Instead, the truth is transferred to a label and then that label becomes the banner (or spokesperson) for truth, awareness and understanding.

In other words, people worship, follow, honor and give their allegiance to some label that they belong to in the hopes that the label will someday "save" them from corruption, destruction and suffering (instead of simply following truth, awareness and understanding directly, and doing what is right to begin with).

It is through sleight of hand that truth, awareness and understanding end up taking a back seat to the label that is supposed to be representing them.

The Support of Truth, Awareness and Understanding

If someone uses fear, embellishment, hype, drama and sensationalism to sell their products and make money under the banner of "truth", how is that any different than the corrupt corporations that use fear or embellishment to sell their products? Or, how is that any different than a government that uses fear (and terror) to sell its wars, restrictive laws and police state to the people in the name of safety and security? And how is that any different than a church that uses fear to sell their product (salvation) in order to attract new customers and maintain an ongoing income stream?

There are many sincere good-hearted people in the world who offer various products and/or services to help support their efforts in bringing knowledge, awareness and understanding to others. When these people talk about their products, however, it usually doesn't sound like some sort of sales pitch or infomercial. Rather, it comes from the heart. You can tell when someone believes in their products and is truly passionate about what they offer. They don't charge excessive amounts of money for them. And they don't try to prey on (and benefit from) other people's insecurities and fears.

I have no problem with people who make it their "business" to help bring knowledge, awareness and understanding to the world. I fully support honest, sincere and good-hearted people in those efforts. I do, however, have a problem with those who use the truth to try and make a less-than-honest living (while knowledge, awareness and understanding take a backseat to their ego and their monetary pursuits). As much as I don't like to see people used and abused by the current mainstream system, it's even worse when I see it happening under the (false) flag/banner of the "alternative truth movement".

Baggage Carriers

Why is it that wisdom is unable to be viewed by itself without attaching it to the associated baggage of the religion or philosophy that it belongs to? For example, if I were to quote a saying that is attributed to Jesus, the Buddha or Krishna, many people would have a hard time seeing, hearing and understanding those words simply because of the religious baggage that those words are attached to. How many times have you heard someone who belongs to a certain label, reject wisdom simply because they think that it "belongs to" or is part of a competing label (i.e. a different religion, a different political party, a different philosophy, etc)?

Just because someone speaks some words of wisdom, that doesn't necessarily mean that all words spoken by them are wise. Like-wise, just because someone speaks some words of ignorance, that doesn't necessarily mean that all words spoken by them are ignorant.

Attaching unnecessary baggage (or preconceptions) to wisdom, only serves to weigh it down. When people identify with a label instead of the wisdom, the wisdom often ends up getting obscured through fighting, arguments and wars that occur within the label and with other competing labels.

Whether wisdom is spoken by a real character or a fictional character, it does not matter. If it is wisdom, it still remains wisdom. Whether wisdom is contained within an old book, or a new book, it does not matter. If it is wisdom, it still remains wisdom. Whether wisdom is contained within a small book, or a large book, it does not matter. If it is wisdom, it still remains wisdom. Whether a wisdom is contained in a book from the west, or in a book from the east, it does not matter. If it is wisdom, it still remains wisdom.

Wisdom has no religion, no race, no skin color and no political party. It does not belong to the past, nor does it belong to the future. Wisdom belongs to all.


A truly benevolent being would never require others to worship them. Nor would they require them to wait for their return in order to be saved. A truly benevolent being would want people to become their own saviors by developing independent awareness and understanding (through personal experience, learning and growth). A truly benevolent being would want this for all people, not just for those that are willing to worship them.

There is a big difference between the concept of worship and the concept of being thankful. On the surface, the difference may appear subtle, however in practice, the difference is actually quite profound.

The difference between a genuine leader and a savior is that one offers you guidance, inspiration and insight, while the other requires you to worship them and give away your power, energy and (free)will to them. There are many heroes, leaders and saviors that exist outside of us. However, we also have our own heroes, leaders and saviors that exist within us.

Give a man a fish, or teach a man to fish? One way helps to create apathy and dependency (and slavery), while the other way helps to create independence (and freedom).

Miracles Can (and do) Happen

Although I don't believe in the idea of saviors, I do believe that there are benevolent beings (of this world and also not of this world) that are watching over us. I also believe that the Universe, Nature and Creation will help to guide us when we are open to that guidance.

Turbulent Waters

I grew up in LA pretty close to the beach. When I was teenager, I would often go to the beach after big storms because that's when the waves were usually the biggest. On one such day, I decided to go swimming (without my board) after eating lunch. However, as soon as I got out past the first set of waves I was immediately pulled into a very strong riptide. At the same time, I also got a bad cramp in my side. The riptide was actually so strong that it literally felt like something was grabbing at my legs and pulling me under.

After being pulled under a few times, I began to realize that I was in trouble. However, since it was a stormy and cold winter day, there was almost no one else on the beach. I looked around to see if there were any boats or surfers nearby, but I didn't see anyone. I finally got pulled completely under and couldn't get back up. I held my breath for as long as I could, until the instinct for oxygen took over, and then I opened my mouth and breathed in. I remember thinking at that point that this is probably it. No one was around, the surf was huge, the water clarity was near zero and I was pretty far away from shore.

After breathing in the water, my consciousness should have stopped at that point, but it didn't. And I should have been scared, but I wasn't. I'm not sure how long I was under for, but I eventually felt something reach down and pull me up out of the water. I remember thinking that it was strange, because I shouldn't have been able to feel such a thing at that point.

When I woke up in the hospital, they told me that a surfer had rescued me, brought me to the shore and then had disappeared. Where the surfer came from and how he found me underneath the water is a mystery. I never found out who the surfer was.

Held up

There was another incident when I was a teenager when a car pulled up to me on a deserted street and four older guys (in their early twenties) got out and tried to rob me. One of the guys had a 44 magnum revolver that he put up to my head and asked me for my money.

I only had seven dollars in my wallet at the time, so I gave it to him. After giving him the money, I remember looking up at his face and seeing this crazy look in his eyes. I'm not sure if he was disappointed with the amount of money I had or if he was just crazy. Anyway, I thought that maybe he was going to shoot me, so I looked at the trigger to see where his finger was. Just as he was beginning to pull the trigger back, everything froze. It was like time had stopped. I couldn't move my body, but I could still think as if things were occurring in normal time.

While everything was frozen, I started to go through various scenarios in my head about how I could get the gun away from this guy. It seemed like several minutes had gone by, but before I could make a decision on what to do, everything unfroze and went back to normal. I looked up again at the guy's face and his expression had completely changed and his finger was off the trigger. Then he took the gun away from my head and told me to run. So I took off, and that was it.

About a year later, I got held up again at gunpoint at work. Then a little later someone tried to rob me at gunpoint in the post office at night. The strange thing was, I should have been scared during those experiences, but I wasn't.

On the Edge

In my early thirties, I went on a solo backpacking trip up in the high mountains of northern California. It was pretty early in the season so there were still large patches of snow on the trail and lots of snow on the mountain peaks above the trail. I had planned to hike about twelve miles the first day and then stay at a small lake that was in a granite bowl about a 750 feet above the main trail.

The hike up to the lake ended up being quite a bit harder than I originally thought it would be because of the snow and the water crossings. By the time I got up to the final water crossing near the lake outlet, my legs and feet were almost numb from the cold water. Because I was cold and in a hurry to get to camp, I got careless and misjudged the depth of the water, lost my footing and ended up getting swept away in the current.

My pack was still full at that point and weighed about 50 pounds. I tried to swim to the other side but my legs and feet were pretty numb from the cold water. Just as I was getting concerned, I felt something pull me towards the other side.

When I got to the shore, I just laid there at the edge of the water for a while. While I was laying there, I heard a strange sound. Out one ear, I could hear the sound of the river. But through the other ear it was almost silent. I sat up and looked in the direction of the silence and realized that I was only about twenty feet away from the top of a tall cliff (and waterfall) that went down into the valley below.

A Helping Hand

I have a blood clotting disorder which has caused a number of health issues in my life (my blood clots too easily). One of the health issues related to this condition was some bone damage that occurred in my jawbone due to impaired blood flow. In order to try and fix the problem, I ended up having several surgeries on my jaw, including one which I flew to see a specialist in another state.

This was a particularly dark time in my life because I had been dealing with these health issues for many years. I felt like they were destroying my life and, as a result, I had started to lose all hope that things were ever going to get better. I actually began to have some serious thoughts at that point about ending my life. However, I decided to give things one last shot and go through with an expensive surgery that was offered by a specialist in another state.  

The surgery itself went fairly well, and after a day of rest I flew back home to California. On the plane ride back, I was still kind of out of it because of the swelling in my jaw and the stitches inside in my mouth. Because of this, I wasn't in too much of a mood for talking. However, there was a girl, probably in her early twenties or so, that was sitting next me that was quite inquisitive.

I had an MP3 player on the table in front of me and she asked me what it was. I told her that it was an MP3 player. And she said what is that? And I said it's a music player. She said where does the music come from? So I explained it to her. Then she asked me about some other things that should have been very common knowledge to someone of her age. While we were chatting, I looked at her dress and it appeared as though she was wearing a see-through nightgown that was turned inside out.

She didn't have any kind of accent and didn't appear to be foreign. She also wasn't uneducated. She just seemed to lack a basic knowledge and understanding of this world. I ended up dosing off for a while, but as we were getting ready to land, she reached over and put her hand on mine. It was unexpected because we really hadn't talked all that much and I hadn't said anything about the surgery or the way that I was feeling at the time.

As soon as her hand touched mine, I immediately felt a rush of energy that went through my entire body. It was a pretty incredible feeling. She kept her hand on mine for a moment, smiled at me and then took it away. However, even after she removed her hand, the energized feeling still remained quite strong. In fact, it stayed with me for many months after that.

After that encounter, my entire outlook on life changed, my health started to improve quite dramatically, and I began to "see" things in a whole new light. If you're wondering what happen to the girl, I never saw her again after that.

I've also had a number of other experiences in my life similar to the ones that were discussed above. Why did I share these things with you? Because, I think that it's very important that we don't give up, no matter how crazy, dark or bad things seem to get. I'm not suggesting that someone will always be there to rescue us each time that we get into trouble. Rather, what I'm trying to say is that things aren't always as dark as they might appear. Although I think that it is very important to be able to recognize the darkness (in all of its forms), it's also equally important to not lose sight of the light and the fact that there are many good people in this world.

I think that each of us has a very important reason and purpose for being here. We all have contributions to make to this world. We may not always be completely right in everything that we do, but I sincerely believe that if we always try to do the right thing in our lives, and continually try to learn and become more aware, then understanding will eventually come to us. And as awareness and understanding grows in our personal lives, it gives us the opportunity to help bring a greater awareness and understanding to the rest of the world as well.

During our journey(s) through life, some may try to divert us away from what our true purpose is. However, there are many others that will do their very best to try to help us achieve our full potential and find our true purpose in life.


Question: A person that is a true patriot should remain quiet for the good of the country that they belong to (no matter what their country may be doing). True or false?

Question: A person that is a true right-wing conservative should remain quiet for the good of the party (no matter what the party, the representative or the candidate may be doing). True or false?

Question: A person that is a true left-wing liberal should remain quiet for the good of the party (no matter what the party, the representative or the candidate may be doing). True or false?

Question: A person that is a true team player of a company should remain quiet for the good of the company (regardless of what the company may be doing morally or ethically). True or false?

Question: A person that is a true supporter of the mainstream media should remain quiet for the good of the mainstream media (no matter what the mainstream media may be doing). True or false?

Question: A person that is a true supporter of the alternative media should remain quiet for the good of the alternative media (no matter what the alternative media may be doing). True or false?

Question: A person that is a true supporter, seeker and speaker of truth, awareness and understanding should limit the subject matter that they talk about for the good of truth, awareness and understanding. True or false?

Answers: False to all

Does having compassion for another person mean that we should keep quiet? Does having respect for another person mean that we should keep quiet? Does being a good friend mean that we should keep silent when someone we care about is screwing up? Is the concept of love and compassion the same as passivity? Is practicing good judgment the same as being judgemental? Is there a proper time and a proper place for everything?

If we examine what is happening in our own party (group, camp or movement), does that mean that we are acting as an enemy of that camp and its members? I suppose that it could appear that way sometimes. However, how many times have we benefited from having an extra set of eyes and ears when we have become temporarily blind and/or deaf along our journey(s) through life?

Nobody is immune from getting off course. Nobody. The very moment that we begin to think that we cannot become blind or deaf, is usually the same moment that we begin to lose our sight and our hearing. Does that mean that someone else's eyes and ears are better than our own? No. It just means that it never hurts to stop, look and listen for a moment.

Curiosity, open discussion and constructive debate help to propel us forward. Self-censorship, on the other hand, helps to keep us (prisoner) right where we are.

The Right-Hand Path and The Left-Hand Path

The right-hand path is commonly associated with "white magic", service to others, an adherence to accepted and established social conventions (sometimes characterized as collectivism), and the worship of one god (monotheism). The Abrahamic religions are a good example of right-hand path religions. In the Abrahamic religions, the male is seen as the "god" (usually at the expense and degradation of the female). This form of imbalance often leads to pathogenic patriarchy and/or pathogenic feminism (i.e. one-eye-blind dis-ease and a corrupted ego).

The left-hand path, on the other hand, is commonly associated with "black magick", service to self, individualism and becoming your own "god". Satanism, Thelema and various forms of light/dark occultism are usually referred to as left-hand path religions. In these forms of religion, the individual is seen as the "god" (usually at the expense and degradation of the whole or the collective). This form of imbalance often leads to pathogenic individualism and pathogenic collectivism (i.e. one-eye-blind dis-ease and a corrupted ego).

The right-hand path/left-hand path is really just another system of duality that is based on false dichotomy and artificially created polarities. In other words, one path is presumed to be "right", while the other path is presumed to be wrong. Personally, I think that both ways are incorrect because the right one is blind to the left one, and the left one is blind to the right one. As a result of this, neither one has the opportunity to see or understand the whole or the entire One.

To me, the "right (hand) path" is the path that is "right" for the individual and the path that is morally and ethically right (i.e. the path that takes into consideration the welfare and the growth of both the individual and the greater collective).

Reverse Psychology, Rubber Band Psychology and Pre-loading Perceptions
(Psychological Operations - Behavior Modification, Managing Perceptions and Keeping People Quiet)

When did "racism" become the new go-to word in the media? When did "politically correct" become the new go-to phrase? What roles are these (weaponized) words playing in the modification of our perceptions and our behaviors?

Here's how the process of weaponizing words usually works:

The alternative media has actually been used quite extensively by the establishment to help perpetuate this type of psychological operation. For example, if you express a concern about unethical or immoral behavior now you run the risk of being labeled as someone engaging in "politically correct" behavior (i.e. being part of the establishment that is trying to restrict freedoms by encouraging politically correct behavior). Or, if you point out a behavior that is genuinely indicative of white supremacy (or some other form of racism), it tends to get clouded or dismissed under the (false) flag of "everything is considered racism now, I can't even speak my mind".

As a result of this conditioning, open discussion and constructive debate ends up getting squashed and restricted by the media (the mainstream media, the alternative media and social media). In effect, "we" actually end up becoming defenders of the corrupt behavior of the establishment (without even realizing it) by encouraging other people to keep quiet (shh) and not say anything about true racism and true immoral and unethical behavior (for fear of being accused of participating in what is now become an almost a complete spectacle of racist and politically correct behavior).

Another variation of this technique is when someone tries to communicate some type of moral or ethical principle to others and they are accused of trying to be a "know it all", a "guru", or having a "holier than thou" attitude, or being a "goody two shoes", or being "self-righteous", or being "judgemental", or "your not perfect, so what right do you have to talk about morality or ethics". 

Again, this effectively squashes any type of consideration, discussion, understanding or constructive debate about moral and ethical issues (before it even has a chance to get started). As a result of this "shh" behavior, immoral and unethical behavior is protected from being exposed and properly addressed.

Disturbingly, more often than not, this type of behavior comes not from the "establishment", but from ordinary everyday people that do not want to look at their own behaviors and address how those behaviors may be contributing to the corrupt system that we live in. It's much easier to just blame the politicians or the corporations (scapegoats) for everything. Yes they ("them") are the directors of the movie, however the movie can only play out with the dedicated support of a full cast and crew ("us").

Yet another variation of this technique is when you try to be too serious about a subject, and someone tells you to stop being so serious or to keep it on the "light side" (i.e. the dark side of ignorance). Like the other examples above, this effectively helps to squash any open discussion or debate and protect those who wish to remain willfully ignorant about uncomfortable (serious) subjects.

Rubber band psychology involves manipulating one side of a polarity (or duality) in order to make it appear unattractive so that it drives a person (or a population) towards the opposite side of the polarity (that favors a particular agenda). For example, here is a scenario to consider:

True morality begins with the individual, not with a political party, a group or a savior. Actively listening to information and analyzing it (as opposed to simply absorbing it), a familiarity with psychological programming and conditioning techniques, and thinking several steps in advance are useful tools in helping to protect and immunize oneself from the effects of various psychological programs and operations.

Agreement and Disagreement

I agree that we need to monitor immigration policies, and that the issues regarding those policies need to be openly and constructively discussed.

However, I disagree with characterizing (generalizing) all immigrants as some type of subhuman species, terrorists, bombers, rapists (rape-u-gees) and freeloaders. How did this broad brush characterization gain so much traction so quickly? A few videos and news reports were strategically placed into the main, alternative and social media "streams". Then they magically went "viral" and began to "infect" the minds and hearts of the people who were viewing them...over, and over, and over, and over again (until they became etched into the minds of their "target" audience). Effective "trigger words" such as rapist and terrorist were used to help induce a fear reaction and create the maximum impact possible.

I also disagree with characterizing (generalizing) all immigrants as good, clean benevolent citizens that are in genuine need of relocation services. Obviously, not all immigrants and refugees fall into this category, and there are some real dangers associated with taking such a naive (blind) stance on the issue.

Much of the recent immigration/refugee crisis is actually a result of US government operations and interventions in those countries. If the United States does not want to be overwhelmed by immigrants and refugees, perhaps it should stop destroying other countries (with bombs, missiles, and psychological and economic warfare). And if the people of the United States do not want to be "invaded" by immigrants from war-torn countries, then I think that we need to tell our government loudly and clearly (with our voices and our actions) that we do not want to invade, destroy, or aid anyone else in invading or destroying, any other countries.

I believe that there are many good people with good intentions that are trying to provide assistance to the refugees and immigrants. However, most of these well-intended people and the refugees and immigrants themselves probably don't realize that they are simply being used as tools to help perpetuate a state of chaos that will not be beneficial to the people, but rather to those that are currently in power (who are trying to conclude a plan that has been in motion for a very long time).

Question: Would the widespread hatred of Muslims and the characterization of them as animals and subhuman people and various acts of terrorism (real or false flag) occurring on domestic soil (attributed to refugees, i.e. terrorists and rapists) make it easier for those that are in power to gain large scale support from the people for additional "foreign policy" interventions (i.e. wars) in the middle east?

Would domestic chaos make it easier for them to promote further restrictions on freedom (i.e. increase security), promote further legislative acts and executive actions (i.e. increase government), and add more surveillance and policing (i.e. increase safety)?

Would an exiting president who was viewed as weak (with regards to the refugee/immigration crisis) help to promote someone else that is perceived to be strong (i.e. a "savior" figure) in the next bread and circuses event (i.e. election)? What has history taught us about such things? How did some of the worse tyrants in history end up coming into power? They arrived as "saviors" of the people.

The mainstream media often gets criticized by the alternative media for not being responsible and "balanced" in their reporting. What about the alternative media? In many cases, the alternative media today has simply become an echo chamber for the very same propaganda that is being pushed by the mainstream media. And, in some other cases, they have blindly fallen victim to Rubber Band Psychology (i.e. if the mainstream likes this candidate, then the one that they hate must be the right person to elect). How is it that the alternative media has become so adept at identifying false flag terrorism, but still remains so blind to other forms of blatant psychological manipulation?

Environmental Influences

Can the environment that we live in and work in affect us negatively (even if we, ourselves, act in a moral and ethical manner)? Absolutely. It may take a while, but if we live in an environment of darkness, sooner or later some of that darkness will end up impacting us.

In many cases, such dark influences actually go unnoticed because they occur incrementally and insidiously all around us. It's kind of like the reverse of a baby chick in an egg. Instead of the baby chick breaking out of the egg and seeing the light of day, the darkness slowly chips away at the protective egg around the baby chick, until it creates a point of weakness and can enter the shell unimpeded.

That is what is happening in the world right now. The protective shells that surround us (families, marriages, cultures, traditions, countries, etc) are being pecked away at by the darkness in an attempt to enter our inner-space and gain total control over us. This is being done through a multitude of different mechanisms which have been discussed at length throughout this series.

A personal example of this insidious environmental influence occurred while I was working in the finance industry. Although I have always done my best to act morally and ethically in what I do (to the point of it causing friction with employers at times), that didn't insulate me from the environment in which I spent most of my time at during the week.

I also considered many of the people that I worked with to be ethical people as well. However, each of us was doing a job that, in some way, was helping to perpetuate the existence and continuation of a corrupt company that was engaging in some very corrupt business practices. The dark cloud that hung over this company (Morgan Stanley) was affecting all that came in contact with it (whether they realized it or not).  

Initially, I only saw glimpses of the problem, mostly because of my background in trading and because of my regular contact with the back ("front") office in New York. However, most people in the industry had absolutely no clue what was going on. And even those that knew what was gong on, didn't want to know.

The final straw for me was when the company started to offer very attractive (but very risky) mortgage lending services through its financial sales representatives, and derivative products (that had no value themselves) that were based on the value of mortgage backed securities/CDOs which also had almost no value (even though they were highly rated by the corrupt ratings agencies).

Slick well-dressed sales people would come into the branch office, cater fancy lunch meetings and try to sell financial advisors on products that were so complex that even experienced well-seasoned advisors couldn't understand them. Then the advisors would turn around and sell those products to their clients. The prospectuses (disclosure documents) for those products looked like small phone books. Who is really going to read through such things, much less be able to understand them?

These were high commission products so they were quite popular among young advisors that were trying to make their quotas and not get canned during the next round of layoffs. They were also popular among the management because part of the management's compensation was tied to bonuses which were tied to how much money (commissions) that the branch brought in. And they were popular among clients because the products seemed too good to be true (i.e. no-interest/low-interest adjustable rate mortgage loans and highly speculative, but potentially very rewarding derivative products).

Before you get too angry with the financial advisors that were selling these products, lets take a look at some of the clients that were buying them. Remember all of the shows that were on TV back then about "house flipping" (fixing up houses fast and then putting them up for sale for a quick profit)? How do you think that those people were financing their efforts? Many (but not all) of these people were being driven by the very same greed that was driving the finance industry at the time. These people knowingly got themselves in way over their heads because they were being blindly driven by the same fever (similar to the "gold fever" of the 1800s).

During the internet bubble (1998-2000), clients would come into the office and demand to buy stocks that not only had no earnings, but were actually incurring huge losses and were selling for astronomical prices. It didn't matter what you said, many of these people were so overcome by greed and the lure of easy money that they would threaten to take their account somewhere else if you didn't comply with their request (and some ended up doing just that).

The point that I am trying to make here is that none of us are completely immune to the influences of our environment. Many good people ended up getting hurt by the blind greed and willful ignorance of other people in the finance industry. The things that I saw back then affected me so much that I left the industry after thirteen years in it. This was actually right before the "financial crisis" occurred (euphemism for crisis of morality). I didn't have any secret information about what was going to happen. I only had my own experience, my own research and my own instincts to go on.

My financial world ended up crumbling as a result my decision to leave the industry (which was also partially influenced by health issues). However, I have no regrets. I would rather be poor and have a clear consciousness (conscience), than be rich and morally miserable. In case your wonderng, I did try to warn people about what I thought was going to happen, but nobody wanted to listen (or even consider such a thing).

For a good account of the events that led up to the "financial crisis", please take a look at The Big Short. Also interesting to note (in relation to the bubble), is the timing of 911. My personal opinion is that one of the reasons that those events occurred when they did was to help cover-up what had happen with Enron, Worldcom (and other companies and industries that imploded during that time).

The chaos and destruction of 911 helped to divert attention away from the widespread corruption that was occurring then and helped to protect those (at the very highest levels) who were deeply involved in those scandals. Many probably don't remember this, but the bubble was actually the birthplace of the world wide web, consumer-based wireless technology, "smart" technology and many of the other technologies and media services that occupy much of our time today.

Did the bubble ever really burst? Or is it simply expanding and morphing into many personal bubbles around each one of us now?

Don't Look at US, Look at Them

It's true that the Muslim religion is different than the Christian religion. And it's true that the traditions and customs of the east, are different than those of the west. Yes, "they" do look differently, dress differently and sometimes even act differently than "us". And yes, there is some very disturbing behavior that "they" sometimes participate in against "us".

But what about the west? What about the United States? What kind of behavior to we (the United States) engage and participate in? We may not strap bombs to our chests, walk into crowded places and blow people up. But we strap bombs to planes and drop them on other people. We strap missiles to drones and fire them at people. We drop napalm on people and burn them to death. We drop Agent Orange on people and create horrible health issues for them and the generations that follow them. We fire "depleted" uranium munitions from our guns and radiate people (and mutate and disfigure their future generations). We contaminate the environment with radiation, destroy islands and displace entire populations by exploding more that 1000 nuclear bombs on the planet.

We rape, torture and humiliate people in our military prisons. We drop heavy metals, chemicals and other substances from planes onto people (chemtrails). We poison our water supply with chemicals, pollution and toxins (both intentionally and non-intentionally with fracking, fluoride, lead, mercury, pesticides, etc). We recklessly experiment on people without their consent (using drugs, radiation, bacteria, viruses, GMO's and chemicals).

Perhaps most disturbing, however, is that we drop psychological bombs (propaganda, programming and conditioning) on our own population (and on other populations) via weaponized media systems such as TV, movies, radio, newspapers, social media and the internet...which in the end is far more destructive and damaging than any terrorist bomber could ever hope to be.

So let me ask you this, who are the real terrorists? Who are the ones that are raping the world with their wars, economic tyranny, propaganda and BS?

We point to the fallacies of other cultures and societies, and spend billions of dollars bombing them into oblivion while our own culture and society falls into a state of darkness and depravity that is so dark that many people cannot even see the light of day anymore.

It seems like all we can do (i.e. all that we have been trained and programmed to do) is point the finger to others and say, "look, there is the real problem". Radical Muslims in other countries? What about radical Christians in our own country? Foreign "regimes"? What about our own domestic regime? Corrupt rulers in other countries? What about the corrupt politicians and corrupt corporations in this country? What about our own behavior and our own society?

What about our decaying cities? What about our gangs? What about our red, white and blue collar crime? What about our bail-ins for the banks, and our foreclosures on the people? What about our shooters? What about our massive alcohol and drug culture (both prescription and illegal)? What about our decadence, degeneracy, depravity and debauchery? What about our prison population? What about our priestly pedophiles? What about our education system that teaches conformity and ignorance, instead of independent thinking and awareness? What about our fake virtual reality world that everybody is plugged into, attached to and addicted to? What about our economic system that is nothing more than a (debt) slavery system in disguise? What about our mafia banking system and our rigged stock exchanges? What about our police state? What about our surveillance state? What about true freedom? What ever happen to that?

What about our "regime" changes in the name of profit (oops, I mean democracy)? What about our financial stranglehold (slavery) of the modern world through the petrodollar, the world reserve currency, IMF loans, big banks, and other tools of financial control and coercion? What about the financial terrorism that we inflict on the rest of the world?

Who works for the government? We work for the government. Who works for the corporations? We work for the corporations. Who works for the banks? We work for the banks. Who works for the military? We work for the military. Who works for the police. We work for the police? How could "they" accomplish "their" corruption, control and tyranny without "our" help?

See how easily and effectively that perceptions can be influenced and controlled?

Why is there so much hatred in the world? Actually that's a rhetorical question, because I know why there is so much hatred. It's because of artificially created (manufactured) division among people, cultures, religions, political parties and pretty much anything else that you can think of. Why is there so much hatred of others being expressed on internet forums and in places such as Youtube? Could it be that there are some sheepherders out there that are helping to perpetuate such behavior?

In my opinion, anyone in the "alternative media" who is helping to propagate artificial division and the whole right/left, us/them, Christian/Muslim mentality, or is helping to promote the political/religious "savior" mentality is not seeing the big picture very clearly. In fact, I would argue that they have fallen into a state of blindness and have simply become an extension and a tool of the mainstream media (which they are supposedly trying to differentiate themselves from).

Every election it's the same old thing..."this candidate is so much different than the others, but they won't make it into office because they will be killed before they get there". You know how many people said those exact same words about Obama? Have we all developed amnesia?

A Picture is Worth a Million Words

What if Muslims were only shown images of America which portrayed gangs, drug addicts, trailer parks, dilapidated inner cities, polluted waterways, people dressed in hooded KKK outfits, police shootings, school shootings, buildings and cars being burned in riots, people falling into fountains at local malls while staring down at their cell phones, and the American military bombing other countries and torturing their prisoners of war? What if Muslims were shown these same images again and again over a number of years? What might Muslims think of America and Americans?

What if the only images that Americans saw of Muslims were those of beheadings, bombings, rapes, violence, wars and the ungrateful behavior of refugees that were welcomed into our country? What if Americans were shown these same images again and again over a number of years through the mainstream media, the alternative media and social media? What might Americans think of Muslims?

What if a reporter did twenty different interviews, but he chose to only use three of them because those were the ones that portrayed the message that he wanted the public to see and believe. Would that news report be a valid and accurate sample of public opinion?

Preying on Humanity
(Predators and Prey)

First - Break them down: Destroy the natural support systems of humans (destroy their families, their culture, their traditions, their countries, their love and their self-confidence)

Second - Build them back up: Recreate satisfaction, fulfillment, love and self-confidence by offering an attractive (but inferior) replacement of the things that were lost (in the first step above):

How can a business that is using "old" social media technology remain competitive if everyone else is now using "new" social media 2.0 technology (implantable tech) to communicate with their customers ? How can a child that is in elementary school be socially accepted (and not be called the "weird kid") if they are still using old technology (speaking and listening) instead of using the newest implantable technology that allows for direct brain-to-brain communication among friends? How can a college student hope to get a job out in the workplace if they are still using "old" manual style interfaces (touch screens) when everybody else in the workplace is now using new interface technology (implantable tech) for everything?

How can a man find a woman, or a woman find a man if they are still relying on the old-fashion way of communicating (face-to-face contact), instead of using the more efficient and modern method of communicating ("face-to-book" communication, texting, sexting, virtual world meet-ups, brain-to-brain direct linking and "enhanced" virtual sex)? Why focus all of your time and efforts on one person (marriage), when you can have a different virtual "relationship" every single day of the week?

Remember the old story of the Pied Piper of Hamelin? That's what is going on, right now, in a nutshell.

Corralling, Herding, Grouping, Schooling and Following

People group and follow for reasons of security and safety (physical and psychological needs). Because of this, people will not generally gravitate towards anything new unless they perceive that there are enough other people gravitating towards the same thing. As long as other people remain grouped in a particular place, that is where most others will remain as well. It doesn't matter if it's good or bad. If its popular, fashionable or if it has a significant "following", that's where people will tend to flock to.

This is a actually a natural behavior. However, it is also a powerful tool of psychological control that is being heavily utilized by the system. Here is an example of this:

Each one of these occurrences gets recorded and stored in our conscious and our subconscious mind...from elementary school all the way up through adulthood. This ongoing process of conditioning is referred to as behavior reinforcement (i.e. behavior modification).

We've learned through experience that we better not speak out or say anything that is too "out of the ordinary" or we will be called "weird" and be shunned, laughed at or ridiculed by other members in the group. As a result of this behavior modification technology, people have been trained to stay within certain boundaries and react in certain ways according to their programming and conditioning.

This is actually just one example of many different herding tools that are being "beamed" at us each and every day via a variety of different sources.

To truly be free as human beings and move forward in a natural evolutionary manner, it is important that we learn to recognize the many different forms of psychological programming and conditioning that we are being exposed to and try to immunize ourselves from those influences. The pursuit and the development of knowledge, awareness and understanding is an important key in helping to set ourselves free.

Simple Answers to Complex Questions

Many people search their entire lives looking for the "right answers" outside of themselves, when many of the answers already exist inside of them. People will sometimes spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars in order to gain access to "secret" answers (provided by others), when many of those same answers already exist in plain sight with-in nature, with-in life and with-in everything that exists around us.

The answers need not be any more complex than the questions. Finding simple answers is, in many ways, a function of how clearly we express the questions.

Light and Dark -- Right and Wrong

Light and dark are natural polarities of the natural world. Right and wrong, on the other hand, are moral principles of the developed world, and of the conscious mind.

Light and dark (polarities) can be used as a way to help describe and characterize right and wrong (moral principles). However, right and wrong (moral principles) cannot be used in the same way to describe light and dark (polarities).

For example, if someone in a position of power were to abuse that power and use it to steal from poor people, you could say that this is a very dark (immoral) behavior. However, if you were to say that night time is a very immoral time of the day, that doesn't quite work as well.

Every so often I hear someone say that everything is just an experience, therefore there is no such thing as light and dark and right and wrong....these things are just human constructs that are used to divide us. Do you see any fallacy in this statement?

First of all, light and dark and right and wrong are two completely different concepts. Secondly, although the concept of right and wrong is sometimes used to divide people (by distorting its meaning), there is actually such a thing as objective right and wrong.

While it's true that everything is an experience, that doesn't mean that right and wrong do not exist within those experiences. For example, here are two different "experiences" to help clarify this idea:

Polarities, dichotomies and dualities are often used as tools to divide, conquer and rule others. However, they should not be confused with morality and the concept of right and wrong. Confusing the concept of right and wrong is an effective way to get people to stand down against tyranny and oppression by promoting the idea of moral relativism.

Following this mode of thinking (that everything is just an experience), since there is no such thing as right and wrong and good and evil, the tyrants that control and abuse others are just having an "experience", the same as the people that are being abused by the tyrants are just having an "experience". Therefore, nothing needs to change because all is good, all is light, all is positive, all is right. On a deeper philosophical level there is some truth to this mode of thinking. However, on a moral level, this is not at all a correct (right) mode of thinking.

Easy Fixes
(Stagnation vs. Growth)

Why are pharmaceuticals so popular? Why are diet pills so popular? Why are the exercise gizmos sold on TV so popular? Why are instant healing modalities that cost hundreds or thousands of dollars so popular? Why are pre-packaged self-help seminars so popular? Why is religion so popular? Why is government so popular?

These things are popular because people have been conditioned to confuse the "supplement" with the "cure". In other words, people have been led to believe that the pill, the machine, the modality, the seminar, the religion or the government is the answer (cure). While some of these things may help to facilitate healing, they are not what actually creates long-term good health.

True healing takes effort on our part (sometimes a great deal of effort). Magic little pills (and their equivalents) are there to entice us and distract us away from discovering that long-term health is dependent upon our individual desire to work towards resolving the issues ourselves (instead of relying on something else to do it for us).

Magic little pills only serve to cover-up the issue, they do not actually address the underlying cause. Covering up the issue is great for the economy (and for corporate profits) because it keeps us dependent on the system and it keeps us coming back for more.

Darkness (ignorance of the root cause) + Darkness (covering up the root cause) = More Darkness (more suffering).

Let the physician be thy helper, but let ourselves be thy healer. Know thyself, and then you will begin to understand everything else better.

Constructive Discussion and Debate vs. Unconstructive Debunking

To properly engage in a constructive discussion or debate, alternative points of view should have some sort of basis or foundation to them (i.e. a basis in personal experience, a basis in logic, a basis in research, etc). If a person dismisses a subject simply because it is unpopular, unfashionable, uncomfortable or because it is contrary to their current belief system, then that is not an example of a constructive discussion or debate.

Every single day, experts that are in the know (white coats, PhD's, scientists, scholars, etc) discount, dismiss and debunk a multitude of different phenomena, topics and subject matter simply because it is something that is not known to them at that present moment in time.

How many times in history have we not known about something at one moment in time, only to have it dis-covered (uncovered) during the very next moment in time? The answer was always there, we were just unaware of it at that particular time. For example, it wasn't all that long ago that the existence of bacteria, viruses, radiation, electricity and magnetism were unknown to us. Now, much of our "modern" science and medicine is based upon an awareness of their existence and an understanding of their nature.

To use another example, people will sometimes immediately dismiss the idea of UFOs. However, if you ask them what the basis of their view is, they often have no reply. If you ask them how many UFOs they have seen, the answer is often "none". If you ask them how many paranormal experiences they have had, the answer is often "none". If you ask them how much research they have done into the subject, the answer is often "none". And if you ask them how many books that they have read on the subject, the answer is often "none".

In fact, most often, their personal "view" is not based on any actual knowledge, awareness or understanding of the subject matter at all. Rather, it is based entirely on the programming and conditioning that they have received during their lifetime.

This type of behavior is not just limited to "fringe" topics such as UFOs or "aliens", however. It actually involves many different types of subject matter and occurs on many different levels within our society. Blind dismissive behavior is beneficial to the system, because it keeps us boxed-in and attached to a very narrow mode of thinking.

To truly be free as human beings and move forward in a natural evolutionary manner, it is important that we learn to recognize the many different forms of psychological programming and conditioning that we are being exposed to and try to immunize ourselves from those influences. The pursuit and the development of knowledge, awareness and understanding is an important key in helping to set ourselves free.

A One World Government and a One World Religion

I'm going to propose a slightly different take on this idea. The rulers that are currently in power seem to be quite happy with ruling over the physical plane of the earth. However, the hidden (unseen) rulers appear to have a desire to rule over both the physical plane of earth and also the "unseen realms".

For the unseen rulers to rule over both realms, they need subjects that are within their reach. In other words, they need to find a way to bring us closer to their realm, or bring themselves closer to our realm. How do they do that? By creating a new world religion that will effectively capture the hearts and minds of everyone on the planet (across all countries, all races, all cultures and all current religions).

What is this new religion and new God that is capturing a massive following across the entire planet right now? It is digital technology (cell phones, internet, computers, virtual reality, etc).

While everyone is mesmerized by LED screens and focused on the bread and circuses of the so-called real world, they are being blindly pulled deeper and deeper into virtual reality and into a realm that is the domain of the unseen rulers. The brilliance of the internet is that it gives us the illusion that it is providing us with more freedom, more choice and more expression, when in reality it is corralling us into a prison that, when fully built, will be extremely difficult to break free from.

Why has this religion been so effective in capturing so many new "followers" so quickly? Its success is based on a deep awareness and understanding of human psychology and the human ego. The rulers understand what our physical desires are and what are psychological needs are. They also understand the fatal flaw of the ego (i.e. its inability to admit when it is wrong or when it has been duped, and the inability of it to voluntarily cut-off potentially toxic "food sources" (i.e. ego biscuits) that are feeding it which may be detrimental to the health of the mind, body and spirit that it is attached to).

What are some of the key characteristics of religion?

Think about these characteristics of religion for a moment. How do they relate to the characteristics of technology, the internet and social media? They are one in the same. Technology is the new god, the new religion, the new belief system, the new escapism and the new savior of the people. And, as an added bonus, technology promises to make its most devout followers into "gods" themselves.

To truly be free as human beings and move forward in a natural evolutionary manner, it is important that we learn to recognize the many different forms of psychological programming and conditioning that we are being exposed to and try to immunize ourselves from those influences. The pursuit and the development of knowledge, awareness and understanding is an important key in helping to set ourselves free.

Universal Consciousness
(Universal Understanding)

Universal Consciousness refers to the process of connecting with everything that exists around us and developing a greater awareness and understanding based on that connection.

Universal consciousness is not intended to reference some type of fashionable (distorted) "new age" mode of thought or a blind collective (false "unity") mode of thinking. In fact, it is just the opposite. It is based on developing greater individual awareness which, in turn, leads to a greater understanding of the whole. This is how we connect to the natural/organic "internet" (the original uncorrupted inner/outer net).

Universal Con sciousness = UC = You See.

Bread and Circuses
(Seeds of Awareness and Trees of Understanding)

Bread and circuses (poli-ticks, drama, di-vision, dis-tractions, tele-vision, prop-a-ganda, etc) are created (manufactured) externally in order to help divert and distract our attention away from developing a greater understanding of ourselves internally.

Presidential elections are circuses (disguised as bread) that come to town every four years. The performers may look different each time that they come to town, but in reality it's just the same old show that is recycled for the people (audience) during each election cycle. It's the same old elephant in the room and it's the same old donkey/ass shenanigans as the time before. What has changed over the years? Nothing.

Those who currently rule this world, have a desire to continue to rule. The rulers know that if too much understanding develops within the people (and among people), their empire will crumble because the people will begin to see the empire for what it truly is.

Therefore, as new seeds of awareness are planted by the people, the Empire (the entity which is made up of the people) continuously Strikes Back and tries to crush those seeds before they have the opportunity to sprout up and grow into trees of Knowledge, Awareness and Understanding.

Since strong, tall, mature trees help to contribute new seeds of awareness to the environment, "old growth forests" (elders) are cut down and cut up by the system. And the young trees that do end up sprouting (the youth), are either trampled on (trampled under foot) or severely restricted in their growth through arrested development (i.e. programming, conditioning and indoctrination).

The end result is that we, the people, live in nice modern houses made of wood, but understand nothing of the Wisdom of the Tree from which the wood originated.

Escaping from Tyranny and Oppression

The answer to escaping from tyranny and oppression is not found in "doing what thou wilt" (doing whatever we want) or in trying to get away with as much as we can while we are here. This is not freedom. This is how tyranny, oppression and corruption are created in the first place.

Escape from tyranny and oppression is found by standing up for what is right (i.e. acting morally and ethically), by acting independently (while also being aware of the welfare of others) and by not blindly following others. That is how true freedom comes into existence, and that is how it continues into the future.

A Plea for Awareness and Understanding

My intention and desire with this series was very simple: To help create more awareness and understanding in the world. I grew up in an environment (like many others) that was heavily influenced by government and military secrets. I've seen the destructive power of secrecy and what it can do to people. That's not the kind of world that I want to live in. I truly and sincerely care about what happens to the human race and what happens to this planet. The human race is rapidly traveling (falling) down a very slippery slope into a very dark place.

There are many aspects of technology that are very beneficial when used responsibly. However, I think that we have been totally blinded by modern technology through our natural desire to create and be creative. Human beings are incredibly good creators, but not everything that we choose to create is good. We have created some truly magnificent things in this world with technology. But we have also created (and continue to create) some real monstrosities as well.

The internet began as an amazing new frontier of independence, expression and freedom. It helped to bring the world together and it helped to make the world a much smaller place. However, somewhere along the way our twitter-tweets, you-tubes, face-books, insta-grams, self-ies, e-mails and non-stop-notifications took over our minds and our hearts. They corralled us together and then they pushed us apart (through manufactured division). They modified our minds and began to over-shadow the original strength of the internet (which was access to independent knowledge and independent thinking).

Now we are right back to where we used to be, but only worse. We have the illusion of an incredible amount choice with the internet, however those "choices" are being fed (pushed) to us via tailored content which is based on our personal online profiles (which we so kindly have voluntarily shared with the data collectors, psychologists, marketers and controllers). We have become blinded by science and technology. And we have become too dependent on it (creating a great imbalance in many of our lives).

The controllers are using technology to herd and control us in ways that most people cannot even begin to comprehend (because they are being "steered" away from that understanding by technology). Instead of the shotgun approach that was employed previously with the mainstream media, now it's like a red dot on our foreheads from a snipers rifle.

The level of understanding that the controllers have now regarding individual psychology has given them access to systems and methods of control that were unheard of (and not even possible) just ten years ago. And it's getting more effective and more refined every single day. With every new input that we give to the virtual system, we are actually helping it to grow, to develop, to understand and to control us. In many ways, we have all become programmers of the emerging AI.


Right now humanity is being lobotomized through a wide variety of different mechanisms -- chemicals in the environment, substances in the air, toxic pharmaceuticals, radiation (ionizing and non-ionizing), enter-taint-ment, prop-a-ganda, fake food, fake reality and fake people.

Our capacity to clearly comprehend what is happening to us is being severely hampered by the toxic substances in our environment (both physical and psychological). Our minds and our bodies can only take so much of this before we end up becoming zombified.

I think that many people have been conditioned to believe in the idea that if they address injustices and fight corruption in the virtual world (internet/social media), that it will somehow be automatically transferred out into to the natural (organic world). Sometimes that energy does indeed get transferred out into organic reality (and in some cases quite effectively).

However, I would argue that much of the energy that flows into virtual reality today, actually ends up staying in virtual reality. The sense of accomplishment that is experienced through the efforts put forth in the virtual world, in many cases, ends up taking away from the pursuits and accomplishments that could be realized in the natural (organic) world.

Even though the internet is helping people to become more aware, they are also becoming more acclimated, desensitized and accepting of injustice because so many examples of it are being streamed at them 24/7 from so many different media sources.    

Information overload is causing much of the good information in the digital world to be lost (or drowned out) by the chatter and noise of continuous feeds that are essentially always on. Having regular moments of silence (off moments) is vitally important for the development, understanding and the realization of the independent self. Without sufficient quiet time, what we are actually experiencing is not increased awareness, but rather a managed state of agitation.

When we become agitated, the brain operates at a very high frequency range (beta and above). This takes us away from (and keeps us away from) the natural stillness of nature and all of the amazing things that nature and the organic world have to teach us. The natural world is synced with the earth via the Schumann Resonance (and through other natural fields of energy). Human beings are also synced with the earth and nature via the Schumann Resonance (and through other natural fields of energy). When we become "intune" (balanced) with nature, our sight and our understanding expand considerably. However, when we are dis-connected from nature, our sight and our understanding diminishes.

There is this idea in some types "new age" thinking that a higher Schumann Resonance is a good thing because it means that our frequency is rising and that we will soon ascend to the new earth, the fifth dimension or the heavenly realms. However, what if the frequency on earth is not rising because consciousness rising, but rather because it is being artificially manipulated by modern technology (either through negligence or through deliberate tampering)?

Every minute of every hour of every day, we are being bathed (or drowned) in artificial electromagnetic radiation from things such as cell phones, cordless phones, wifi, gps, bluetooth, baby monitors, "smart" meters, "smart" technology, satellite communications, military technologies/weapons systems, ionospheric heaters and many other sources. Since the body and the brain depend on bio-electric impulses in order to function correctly, what do you think might happen when the natural field of electromagnetic energy that normally surrounds us is replaced (or disrupted) by an artificial field of electromagnetic energy?

When it comes to different states of consciousness and understanding, many of the highest states of consciousness are actually achieved at lower brainwave frequencies, not at higher frequencies (please see the footnote section at the end of the link above for a brief  discussion on brainwave frequency and harmonic vibration). Artificially maintaining a high brainwave state can actually be very detrimental to our health and to our well being. In fact, creating agitation (via a high brainwave state) is a technique that is often used in torture (for example in sleep depravation).

To reach the highest states of consciousness, our brainwaves need to be able to find a natural state of balance (which is different for all of us). "Pegging" brainwaves at either a high frequency state or a low frequency state can be detrimental to our health and to our learning and our growth.

What is one of the most detrimental effects of artificially maintaining a consistently high brainwave frequency? Our attention span and our ability to focus become severely hampered. As a result of this, knowledge is becoming more difficult to retain and comprehend. This is leading to a lack of awareness, a lack of discernment and a lack of understanding in the general population.

Sometimes it seems like we have actually gone backwards since 2012. People seem to be more absent-minded and more easily distracted. They also appear to be more controlled (and less aware of how they are being controlled), more divided and more prone to backing down from issues and subject matter as soon as a little opposition presents itself. In many respects, I think that the actual content that people are being regularly exposed to on the internet is becoming more actively managed by the "architects" and the controllers (the overseers of the system).

For example, the circuses and distractions seem to consistently make their way to foreground, while the more valuable (consciousness expanding) content is pushed into the background. People appear to be falling right into line where the establishment wants them to be...stuck in the constant noise and chatter of political circuses, di-visionary labels and man-u-fractured dramas.

Is my evaluation of the current situation pessimistic? I don't think so. It's reality. It's the truth. It's what's actually happening in the world right now (whether people want to see it or not). Don't get me wrong, I do see a lot of positive things happening in the world as well.

However, true change (lasting change) can only occur if a significant amount of people are willing to withdraw from (not participate in) that which is harming us, and begin to actively support (participate in) that which is truly good for us.

It is important to recognize the progress that we've made and try to maintain a positive attitude. However, I think that it's equally important that our vision remains clear and that we protect our minds, our sight and our discernment from being clouded by illusions, delusions and smokescreens.

For the prog-nosis to change and become more positive, I think that it has to be based on a more Pro-Gnosis mode of thinking (i.e. the pursuit and the development of knowledge, awareness and understanding), instead of the pursuit and support of illusion, delusion, denial and ignorance (willful or actual).

However, in the end, it's not really about what I say, or about what anyone else says. It's about what we do.

Them is Fightin' Words

What usually happens to an individual when they attempt to deliver a message of peace, love, truth, awareness and understanding? They are suppressed, attacked, ridiculed, burned, shot or crucified. What happens when millions of people attempt to deliver a message of peace, love, truth, awareness and understanding? The world becomes a more truthful, loving, aware, peaceful and understanding place. 

Crossing Boundaries

I think that I have a some unique experiences and perspectives to share and a good ability to present subject matter in a clear and concise manner. Many people have come to read these pages over the last five years or so, yet only a couple of people have shown any appreciation for these efforts or offered a donation to help keep it going.

Perhaps part of the problem is that I don't belong to any particular camp (religion, political party, spiritual tradition or philosophy). Personally, I think that every single camp and every single person has something to offer. I may not agree with every thing that every one says in every camp, but I have found value in many of those camps. I guess it goes back to the idea of where our allegiance it to a label, or is it to the pursuit of truth, awareness and understanding?

When you cross boundaries between different camps, it tends to make people uncomfortable. Knowledge and awareness can sometimes bring into question the role that a particular camp (or belief system) has in a person's life. And that's something that many people don't want to think about, especially after they have given all of their energy, devotion and worship to a particular belief system. So what do they end up doing? Instead of seeing new information as something that is potentially beneficial, they see it as an invader and try to kill it.  

I'm not trying to turn anyone's life upside down. And I'm not trying to hurt anyone's feelings or embarrass them. I don't like to see people upset or see them suffering. However, I think that there is going to be a lot more suffering in the world unless we learn to become more knowledgeable, aware, discerning and understanding of what exists around us.

I don't have any particular desire to live my life caught in the crossfire between different camps and belief systems. It's not a good place to be. It wears you down, and it takes a toll on you. I have no ulterior motives. I don't sell any products. I don't have any affiliations, sponsors or conflicts of interest. There is no advertising on this site. My writing is not influenced by anything other than the pursuit of truth, awareness and understanding.

I've made some significant sacrifices in my life in the pursuit of truth and in standing up for what I believe in. But I don't have any regrets regarding those decisions. I do wish that there would have been some more support for this effort. However, the thing that mattered to me most when I began this project, was to try and make a positive difference in the world. And that still remains the same now.

The Value of Life

About a week ago my cat was bitten by a Mojave Rattlesnake. When I tried to get her treated by a veterinarian, I was told that the value of her life was $1000 (the cost of the anti-venom shot and her recovery care). However, since I didn't have $1000 to give to the vet, the actual value of her life to him was zero. I won't go into the conversation that I had with the vet, however, what I will say is that this guy appeared to be completely devoid of compassion.

Why is it that we live in a world where the value of life is based on dollars and cents (instead of good sense)? Every day there are many people (and animals) that die horrible deaths simply because they lack the proper amount of fiat currency. At what point did we lose sight of the true currency in life -- Love, Caring and Compassion?

Since I didn't have the correct currency to obtain vet care, no care was given or offered to her by them. I did the best that I could to try and manage her care on my own. I stayed with her, comforted her and tried to ease her pain. She was trying so hard to hang on, however, without the antivenom shot, she slowly got worse and ended up dying later that day. During the last few hours she was in a lot of pain. To watch her go through that was very difficult and heart wrenching.

My cat had been with me for over eleven years. We traveled together all over the place. She was actually a large part of the reason why I continued on with this series. When everybody else ran the other way, she was the one that stuck with me. The entire time that I was writing, she never stopped loving me or supporting me. When I went through some life threatening health issues a number of years ago, she never left my side. She was the one that helped to pull me through those difficult times.

Perhaps some may be thinking, how could someone get so attached to a cat? It's just a cat. My answer to that would be that the bond that develops between two living beings is not dependent upon whether they are a person, a dog, a cat, a bird or a fish. Rather, it's a result of the Love, companionship and friendship that is shared between them.

In high school I had a girlfriend that I went out with for most of the time I was there (and also not there...I didn't like high school very much). Although we ended up going to different colleges, we kept in touch and remained good friends. In her early twenties, she developed liver cancer which progressed quite rapidly. I was pretty young back then and didn't know how to handle her illness and death. Because of that, I handled it pretty badly.

What have I learned since then? Maturity isn't necessarily an ally when it comes to dealing with pain and the loss of a loved one. One way that we can help to protect ourselves from pain is to harden our hearts as we become older (i.e. become more "mature"). Another way that we can protect ourselves from pain is to immerse our minds and bodies in endless distractions and/or pharmaceuticals. However, neither of these things is really a solution. They just end up leading us into a state of numbness and blindness.

Echoes From the Heart

From as far back as I can remember, a certain phrase has echoed over and over in my head. That phrase is this: "Don't let your heart become hardened". Where did those words come from? I'm not sure. I don't remember anyone ever saying them to me as a child. Regardless of their origin, those words have served me well. If I had chosen to become hardened, numb and blind from all of the darkness in my life, then I never would have had the opportunity to become aware and learn and grow from those experiences (and thus come back into the Light once again).

The more that we become aware and connected to the life around us (the development of true maturity), the more that we feel a deep compassion for all that surrounds us. And the more compassionate that we become, the more difficult it becomes to live and function in a world that appears to be the complete inverse of everything that it should be. But it doesn't have to be that way.

Honor and Tradition

I think that the best way that we can honor our loved ones who have passed from this world is to try and help make this world a better place for those who come after us. There have been many brave beings that have walked on this earth who have made great sacrifices and given their lives in an attempt to help bring truth, awareness and understanding to the world. Please help to honor them by breaking the silence and continuing on with the tradition of courage and the pursuit of truth, awareness and understanding.

All Things Must Come to an End
(so that they may begin anew once again)

This is the end of this series. I feel like I've said everything that I wanted to say and given everything that I have to give. To say anything more, would simply be redundant and unnecessary.

I hope that all those who have taken the time to truly read (and understand) this series, have gained something good from it.

Peace to All

(for Maui and Jennifer)

Don't Take the Girl
(Tim McGraw)

You Decorated My Life
(Kenny Rogers)

Sounds of Silence
(Simon and Garfunkel)

Colours of the Wind
(Vanessa Williams)

Eyes of Heaven
(Medwyn Goodall)



The Matrix

The Adjustment Bureau

Edge of Tomorrow

Into the Wild

Groundhog Day

The Big Short

Each of the five movies above (plus one) is a story describing a journey of discovery. Although the stories are different, the path of discovery is essentially the same.

What is the key to escaping from all of the monsters, dark shadows and overlords in our lives? Hopefully after reading this series, the answer to that question will be a little bit clearer.

Three Lock Box
(Sammy Hagar)

Knowledge, awareness and understanding are encoded in everything that exists around us. Sometimes they even presents themselves in simple rock songs (obscured by silly music videos).

The Alchemy of Three

Knowledge (raw material) + Awareness (raw material) = Understanding (refined product = Wisdom).
























Present (and future)

Future (and present)


Synergy (Wisdom)



Synergy (Wisdom)



Synergy (Wisdom)



Synergy (Wisdom)


Creation and destruction can be used for either benevolent or malevolent purposes. For example, a person could "destroy" something that is corrupt in order to make way for something that is more beneficial. Or a person could "create" something corrupt in order to make way for something less beneficial.

The key to understanding Creation is nested within The Principle of Three and the Polarity of Two (oo   ).

(Vipers of the World - Good Behavior vs. Toxic Thinking)

Just as I was getting ready to post this segment, the same Mojave Rattlesnake that killed my cat came back again. The first time that it appeared (when it bit my cat), I was inside the car doing some editing on the last segment. When it appeared this time, I was inside the car editing this segment (the epilogue). When I opened the door to get out of my car, the rattlesnake was there waiting for me.

Usually when you encounter a rattlesnake it will warn you of its presence with its rattle, but then it will leave on its own without biting you if you give it the space to do so. However, that was not the case with this snake. It was very aggressive and malicious in its behavior (despite having done nothing to provoke it, and trying to give it adequate space to move on).

The rattlesnake remained next to my car and wouldn't leave. To me, its intent appeared to have nothing to do with trying to defend itself, and everything to do with trying to bite me. It coiled itself up (with it's head and upper body standing up), while hissing loudly and rattling. It took a stance as if it was going to strike (even though I had backed away and tried to give it space).

If you have ever been close to an angry pit viper before, these things really do look evil with their triangular head, black eyes, forked tongue and heat sensing pits on their head. However, it wasn't just the way that the snake looked, it was the dark (malevolent) vibe that the snake was giving off.

Although Mojave Rattlesnakes have a reputation for being aggressive, I have never seen a rattlesnake act like this before (with true malicious intent). For those who are not familiar with Mojave Rattlesnakes, their venom is considered to be the most potent and toxic of all rattlesnakes (containing both hemorrhagic and neurotoxic components in the venom).

This isn't intended to be a commentary on rattlesnakes or on snakes in general. Historically, snakes have had both a positive and a negative connotation attached to them by various cultures around the world. In particular, snakes are often cited as having an association with the "spirit world", and thus have been known to be used as "vehicles" for the delivery of various messages from other realms.

Some might say that I am reading too much into the incident. However, my observation is not based on just one or two incidents that occurred. Rather, it is based on a whole series of related events (and observations) that unfolded over a period of several months and then culminated in these two particular events.

I've always had the ability to sense different states of energy in the environment around me. Sometimes these energies appear as "light" (or benevolent in nature), sometimes they appear as "dark" (or malevolent in nature), and sometimes they have a more neutral composition to them.

Actually all of us have the ability to sense energy in the environment around us (to some degree or another). It's just that these abilities have been suppressed and "detuned" in our modern world. Why? Because ignorance among the people is what best suits the needs of the rulers. In other words, if the people remain blind, then the rulers can continue to feed on those below them, without those below them realizing that they are being fed on.

Within the context of this extended mode of perception, I've observed over my lifetime (of 50 years) that there are certain things that are associated with benevolent energy and there are certain things that are associated with malevolent energy. This is true for the environment in general, however it is even more pronounced (observable) in areas where benevolent or malevolent energy is concentrated. In particular, I have seen and experienced some very concentrated areas of energy along the 33rd Parallel North.

In some areas along the 33rd parallel, dark (malevolent) energy is very pronounced. This dark malevolent energy can sometimes cause a "feedback loop" in the area. This happens when people become affected (influenced) by the dark energy. They end up "feeding" the energy with their abhorrent behaviors, which causes the energy to become even stronger. Then the stronger energy affects (influences) the people even more. If the dark energy becomes very pronounced, in can actually "materialize" in the environment in a number of different ways.

There are a variety of factors which determine how dark (malevolent) energy affects people. However, one of the primary ways that it gains access to people is through substance abuse. In my experience, many people that abuse drugs are trying to escape from some type of trauma that occurred in their lives. Drugs help to push uncomfortable darkness deeper into the darkness (which helps to create the illusion of an escape from it). However, in reality, that just creates a more fertile environment (of total darkness) where the darkness can grow and affect them even more.

The stronger that the darkness gets, the more that it encourages its host to maintain a suitable environment where it can live and grow (i.e. more darkness). This leads to more drug use, which results in the same type of "feedback loop". The darker that the internal environment becomes, the more opportunity that the darkness has to manifest through its host, and in some cases, actually become a separate "entity" all together.

Some of the darkest influences that I have sensed in people are from those who use and abuse meth. For some reason, this drug in particular seems to open the door wide to dark influences (although alcohol abuse, illicit/prescription drug abuse, and other types of abusive/addictive behavior can also do the same thing).

Some things that I've seen consistently associated with dark (malevolent) energy are:

I live a fairly solitary life out in the desert. In the weeks leading up to the snake incident, two meth addicts (at two different times) walked into my campsite high out of their minds. I immediately felt the dark energy of these people as soon as they came within proximity of my camp. What came with them? Flies, lots and lots of flies. Even after they had left, the dark energy that came with them lingered for a while along with the flies. However, as soon as the dark energy subsided, the flies also disappeared.

The same thing happen with the rattlesnake. As soon as the snake came into my campsite, an oppressive dark energy enveloped the entire area. What came with it? Flies, including an unprecedented number of horse flies. After the snake killed my cat, horse flies were everywhere. They also remained for a couple of days afterwards, even after I had buried her. The same thing happen when the snake returned again. It brought back with it the same oppressive dark energy and same hoards of horse flies.

Although flies are commonly seen out here, I almost never see them in any large numbers in the immediate area around where I live (i.e. my own living space). It's important to understand that in order to properly discern the nature of unusual events such as those described above, it is necessary to evaluate them in the proper context of the environment in which they occur (i.e. the time, place, unique circumstances and related elements of the situation).

When trying to make sense of such events, there are some that will say that it was my fault...that I attracted these things to myself because my "vibration" was too low. Others might say that I attracted these things to myself because I was openly opposing the dark forces in this world. And some might say that I attracted these things to myself because I was careless or irresponsible.

I'm about as straight as they come. I don't drink, I don't smoke and I don't do any drugs (prescription or otherwise). I don't engage in any type of ritual magic(k), invocations or contracts with other people or spirits. And I do my best not to participate in any of the darkness, depravity, oppressiveness or evil in this world (to the greatest extent possible). The only intentional contact that I have with darkness and evil in this world is in standing up to it and trying to expose it.

I'm certainly not perfect, but I do try to do what is right and stand up for what is right. I have made plenty of mistakes in the past. However, when I do make mistakes, I do everything that I can to try and recognize those mistakes, to sincerely learn from them and to grow from those experiences (so that they aren't repeated again).

Am I personally at fault for what transpired? I don't think so. However, I do take some responsibility for it. I am fully aware of the dangers of living outdoors in the desert (I've lived in such areas for over eight years now). I am also aware of the danger of living in an environment where dark behavior is present to such an extent that it feeds and magnifies the darkness that already exists there (the darkness will protect its environment by trying to suppress or kill any light which seeks to enter it). And I am aware of the dangers of directly confronting evil and what may happen when one steps on the toes of the vipers and the vampires in this world (and also on those that exist outside of this world).

However, there is a certain amount danger in everything that we do. I would rather be injured or die trying to do something good, than be injured or die participating in something that is evil (including participating in the wilful ignorance of evil).

So what is the difference between fault and responsibility? Perhaps an analogy may help to clarify things a little:

Do the people who get hammered in the scenario above, get hammered because they are bad people? Is it because they have a "low vibration"? Is it because they engaged in acts of "dis-unity" and therefore attracted those things to them with their dis-harmonious behavior (standing up for what is right)? Is it because they were careless or irresponsible? Or is it because they made a "contract" with the Universe (before they incarnated into their body) in which they agreed to be used and abused by evil (for standing up for what is right)?

All of the examples above are corrupted modes of thinking because they vilify and alienate those who have the courage to stand up for what is good and right, while excusing the behavior of those who do nothing to stand up themselves (via their blindness, ignore-ance and inaction). Ultimately, this type of behavior ends up protecting those who commit various acts of violence, corruption and evil against others.

Concepts such as unity, vibration, harmony, action, inaction and karma do play a role in what we experience here on earth (and also later on). However, in many cases, these concepts have been horribly distorted by those who believe that only "light and positivity" exist in the Universe and that there no such thing as pathogenic (malignant) darkness and evil in the world. Those who believe such things are actually the most blind, programmed and conditioned people of all (and the one's who contribute the most to the existence and the perpetuation of pathogenic darkness and evil in the world).

Unfortunately, the people who have knowledge and experience regarding the unseen things of this world are usually the ones who are attacked, demonized, ridiculed and pushed aside so that the majority can go back to their preferred state of (un)consciousness and comfortable (willful) ignorance (i.e. Comfortably Numb). Why do people do this? I would suggest that much of this of type of behavior is actually based on psychological programming and conditioning that has been inserted into the minds of people without their knowledge (via indoctrination that arrives from a variety of different sources).

And so it goes. The rulers continue to rule, and the ruled continue to be fed on. Those who are trying to help free humanity end up getting suppressed by the mob (rules), while money and support continue to flow into that which helps to imprison humanity.

Is everything bad that happens to us an act of evil or a response from evil? Of course not. But that also doesn't mean that evil wears only one mask or arrives in only one form. I could go much deeper into the reality of what is happening on this planet. But from my experience over the last 50 years, I don't think that people are ready for it (to consider it, to support it, to understand it, to accept it or to try and change it).

The truth is not always a pleasant thing. The truth is simply the truth. The darkest of all energies exist within the realms of ignorance and secrecy, for it is through these vehicles that evil spawns and grows in the world. And it is also through these same vehicles, that awareness and understanding wither.

Ignorance and secrecy help to create more darkness in the world. Awareness and Understanding, on the other hand, help to create more Light in the world.

The gods and the rulers (archons) will do everything that they can to try and distract their subjects from discovering who they really are. For once a person becomes truly aware, no longer will they be slaves or subjects of any kingdom. The true Kingdom is within. Know thyself and rule thyself, for it is there that you will discover the true heaven, the true paradise and the true nirvana.

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