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The Spiritual Gatekeepers (part 21) - Dominos

The Spiritual Gatekeepers (part 21) - Dominos


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January 19, 2013

When beginning the decent down a long steep hill, usually the best time to begin braking is before reaching the precipice at the bottom of the hill. Similarly, if one wishes to stop a line of dominos from falling, perhaps the most effective strategy is to prevent the line of dominos from being set up in the first place. 

In the context of this (current) grand cycle of time, it could be said that we are presently in the final hour. The last of the dominos are being put in place. Once this line is completed, the "powers that be" will simply wait for a strategic time to flick the first domino and start the process in motion. And once the dominos begin to fall, it will likely initiate a chain of events that will be nearly impossible to stop. 

The Dominos of Earth - The Fall of Humanity 

The good news is that the agendas, tactics and methodology of the ruling elite cannot be hidden from the public any longer. For those who have eyes to see and ears to hear, the lights are flashing and the alarms are sounding. The arrogance, ego and desperation of the ruling elite is actually creating incredible opportunities for the realization of freedom within humanity.

I can imagine to many that it may not seem like a time of opportunity. However, we are in fact entering a period of great change…one that will either result in total freedom for the human race or the total enslavement and possible destruction of the planet as we know it.

Humanity is much like the baby chick in the egg right now. We have been confined to a small space, living in near darkness and unaware of the greater world which exists all around us. Similar to the chicken, it will take some time and effort to break free from the egg. However, when those first rays of light finally hit us, we will begin to understand the true nature of the egg. The egg was not a prison, but a medium for growth and the struggle that is required to break free from the egg has always been part of the process and part of the plan.  

There are benevolent non-human entities here on Earth right now. They are here not to save humanity, but rather to create a (more) level playing field which will enable the human race to save themselves should they wish to do so. The choice is entirely ours. The road signs are in plain view now. The path is up to us. 

The Dominos of Earth - The Fall of the Control Grid 


Dr. Blaylock Interview - Discussion with Dr. Blaylock regarding ObamaCare and some of the recent executive actions that were introduced calling for better "mental health care"  

Lethal Injection: The Story Of Vaccination - Excellent documentary exploring the hidden dangers and possible secret agendas involving vaccinations. It offers a wealth of information (on many different levels) which go far beyond those involving just vaccinations, including a great overview of how the "system" works and is setup. It also dives a bit into legislative law and how most laws are written in such a way as to say one thing on the surface but actually mean something entirely different in reality (very relevant to the current gun control legislation)  

The Drugging Of Our Children - Documentary exploring the mind-altering effects of psychotropic drugs and the way in which the government and Big Pharma are turning both children and adults into a population of psychotic zombies 

Resonance - Beings of Frequency - Excellent documentary exploring the dangers of microwave and electromagnetic radiation on individual health and well being (not to mention the detrimental effects that this technology has on the awakening of consciousness)  

An Inconvenient Tooth - In depth documentary examining water fluoridation. Lots of great information with many interviews, including people working directly in the industry  

The Fluoride Deception - Christopher Bryson - Short documentary exploring the dangers of water fluoridation 

Genetic Roulette – Excellent documentary that examines the dangers of GMO's

"Gun Control" Executive Actions
(Proposed by President Obama)

Below are just a few of the 23 "Gun Control" executive actions that are being proposed by President Obama:


The gulags of the future will most likely be prisons of the mind. And the future chain gangs will most likely be the collective conformist thought patterns of mindless, drugged-out (genetically/socially) programmed shells of former human beings. Instead of paying people to guard a prison population, the general population will be tricked (or forced) into paying Big Pharma to imprison itself.

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