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The Discernment of Creation - Part 2

The Discernment of Creation - Part 2


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The Discernment of Creation
Part II

October 3, 2015

The Road to Freedom is found while traveling on the Path of Discernment

The Road to Imprisonment is found while traveling on Path of Blindness (and Shh)


Note: This is Part 2 of the essay. If you haven't read Part 1 already, please do that first as it sets up what will be discussed in this essay. Also, it might be helpful to read Corrupted Realities - Satanic Influence in Our Society as well. 

In part one of this essay, I used the pentagram as an example of how a simple or subtle change in a symbol can completely alter or corrupt its original meaning and intent. Sometimes such alterations are easily recognized. However, other times they are not. A good example of this idea occurred with the logo for the GOP (Republican National Committee).

Do you see any difference between the pre-2000 era logo and the post-2000 era logo? This subtle change actually went unnoticed by almost everyone until a few people caught on and helped to make it known to the general public. The GOP changed their logo again last year, however the inverted "Dark Star" symbol is still there (it's just a little less obvious now).

Dark Stars and Demonic Revolutions

In an interview in 1988, Nickolas Schrek (a well known Satanist), talked about a Demonic Revolution that would be coming in the new millennium (post 2000) and how demonic activity would be unleashed on the world for the purpose of creating a new (world) order in the form of total authoritarianism (i.e. a true master and slave class).

What happened in the GOP during this time (around the shift of the millennia)? The Neoconservative Party took control of the US political system, they established a think-tank called the Project for the New American Century (PNAC) and they released a document titled Rebuilding Americas Defenses (RAD). For those who may not be familiar with this document, it essentially outlined the US war plan for the "New American Century" (specifically mentioning Iraq, Iran, Libya, and Syria) and what would be required to initiate this war plan.

In the document, there was a passage that read as follows:

One year after releasing this document the PNAC got their New Pearl Harbor with 911. The events that occurred on September 11, 2001, however, were not what most people think they were. They were actually part of an orchestrated Satanic (dark occult) ritual that was designed to open a doorway into the "demonic realms", initiate the "Demonic Revolution" (described by Nickolas Schrek) and begin the march towards total authoritarianism.

The other faces of 911

If you think that the images above are a hoax, please check out the original footage and decide (discern) for yourself. Like any other "paranormal" phenomena, you are likely to find some fake images mixed in with the genuine ones.

What have we seen since 911?

I think that more and more people are beginning to see what is occurring now. But how many people really understand why it is occurring and where it is going? These are very important questions to ask because the answers will help us to understand the mechanics (the architects and the systems) that are behind what is happening on this planet.

Influences from the Reich

The Nazi's were said to have received information about their advanced technology from certain non-human entities that were contacted during various occult practices carried out by the Vril and Thule Societies. The United States gained access to this technology when it imported Nazi scientists into America via Project Paperclip (which included the famous rocket scientist Wernher Von Braun).

The US also secretly imported various members of the Nazi SS (Hitler's elite police force) which later became assets for the newly formed CIA and NSA. Many of these Nazi SS had participated in very dark occult practices which were later explored and adopted by the CIA through a variety of different projects (including programs such as MkUltra and various eugenics programs which, ironically, actually originated in the US).

The Vril Society was an occult society led by a medium named Maria Orsic. Orsic believed that she was receiving (channeling) messages from the Aldebaran star system about 65 light years away. This system consists of a very large sun (now an orange giant) and, according to Orsic, two planets that were previously part of the "Sumeran" Empire. Based on the information that was received by Orsic, she believed that "the Sumeran Empire contained two classes of people -- the Aryan Master Race, and a lower subservient race which had developed in a negative fashion as a result of a 'mutation' that had occurred from climatic changes".

Hmm, an Aryan elite master race, a "mutant" subservient race and "climate changes". Sounds kind of familiar doesn't it? Members of the Vril believed that the Aldebarans had come to our system long ago in order to escape their sun which had grown too large and too hot to support life. It is believed that the Aldebarans first colonized the fifth planet (sometimes referred to as Phaeton, Tiamat or Maldek) and Mars before coming to Earth.

It's interesting to note that both of these planets (Tiamat and Mars) have either been fully or partially destroyed by what appears to be major cataclysms. It is also interesting to note that the same thing appears to be happening here on Earth right now as well. According to Orsic, the Aldebarans (Sumerans) were the original master (elite) class of Mesopotamia (the Sumerian Empire).  

Emblem of the Thule Society

The influence of the Thule Society on the Nazi Party is clearly apparent in this emblem. This is an important connection to make because modern political parties (as well as many politicians and political candidates) continue to be heavily influenced by various secret societies and occult orders.


The Nazi's were thought to have developed flying saucer technology from the information that was
gleaned through channeling and other occult practices of the Vril and Thule Societies.

The Aryan (aka "master race") doctrine of Hitler's Nazi Party was actually derived in large part from the channeling of Maria Orsic and from a novel written by Edward Bulwer-Lyton in 1871 titled The Power of the Coming Race. Although this novel was supposed to be a work of fiction, many believed that it was actually fact (wrapped up in fiction).

The novel described a "coming race" that would have tremendous psychic and mental powers and would be so far advanced that they would seem like "gods" to us (perhaps some sort of genetically engineered race?). These beings are supposedly living underneath the earth right now (actual or metaphor?), but will one day emerge out into the known world.

Edward Bulwer-Lyton ( The Power of the Coming Race)
and Maria Orsic (medium for the Vril Society).


Hitler was initiated into dark occultism by a man named Dietrich Eckart. Eckart was wealthy publisher and a high level member of the Thule Society. During one of the seances performed by the Thule society, Eckart was told by a spirit guide that he would have the honor of training a coming leader known as the "Great One". Eckart believed Hitler was this leader. To help prepare Hitler for his coming role, Eckart took him under his (dark) wing and began to instruct him in various forms of black magick.

Through Eckart's instruction, Hitler did indeed end up becoming a very powerful and influential figure in German politics. The rest, as they say, is history.

In 1923, while on his deathbed, Eckart reportedly said the following:

There were other dark occultists that interacted with Hitler, however Eckart's influence was probably the greatest. I think that the quote above offers some good insight into the influence that dark occult societies have had on political leaders throughout history. Perhaps the best evidence of this influence can be seen in the propensity of these leaders to exhibit insane (and inhuman) patterns of behavior (similar to Hitler) during their reigns of power.

One of the most notorious dark occult societies in Nazi Germany was an organization known as the Order of the Black Sun (the black sun ties back into the idea of the dark star). The Order of the Black Sun was comprised mostly of members of Heinrich Himmler's SS (which will come up again later in relation to Project Paperclip).

Dark Entities

Further evidence of the so-called "Coming Race" (or hidden race) comes from Hermann Rauschning (governor of Danzig). According to Rauschning, Hitler would sometimes wake up in the middle of the night terrified and tormented by an unseen entity. In a conversation Hitler had with Rauschning regarding the possibility of creating a new advanced form of human being (through select breeding and eugenics), Hitler said...

You will also find these same types of encounters in other occult societies as well. Samuel Mathers (founder of the Golden Dawn) had a similar experience with the "Secret Chiefs" in which he said...

Whitely Streiber had an encounter with non-human entities that sounded very much like the ones listed above. Streiber's case is interesting because it follows a pattern that is seen quite a bit in alien abduction and (dark) contact cases. Quite often you will hear an abductee describe the encounter as being very dark or menacing and then later appear to have a complete change of mind regarding the experience. This is a theme that I will explore in more detail later on in the essay.

In his book Transformation, Streiber says...

John Keel (a well-respected UFO and paranormal investigator) said in his book Operation Trojan Horse...

Jacques Vallee (another well-respected UFO researcher) said in his book Confrontations...

Jacques Vallee also said in his book Messengers of Deception...

Workings from the Dark

Aleister Crowley (aka "the beast"), engaged in a series of dark occult rituals in 1918 known as the Amalantrah Working. During the course of these rituals, Crowley was said to have opened a portal (or a "rift") in the fabric of space and time which allowed an entity called Lam to come through. Many believe that the portal that Crowley opened during the Amalantrah Working was never properly closed (which has allowed various entities to continue to travel between our realm and their realm more easily.

Some say that Lam looks similar to the Grey aliens that are common to
UFO encounters and alien abduction cases (except for the eyes).

In 1946, Jack Parsons (founding member of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory) along with L. Ron Hubbard (a US Naval officer and founder of Scientology) engaged in a similar dark occult ritual in the Mojave Desert called the Babylon Working. Like Crowley's earlier Amalantrah Working, this was another invocation ritual that was based on sex magick (the significance of this will be discussed later). The ultimate goal of the working was to incarnate the spirit of Babylon into a human female child in order to bring forth (materialize) the forces of Babylon in the physical world (and begin the of Aeon of Horus).

To understand the basis behind this ritual, I think that it is important to understand a little bit more about Parsons and Hubbard. Parsons was the administrator of the California branch of the Ordo Templi Orientis (OTO). The OTO is a dark occult order (secret society) that was shaped in large part by Aleister Crowley during his tenure with the organization. Parsons was a devout student of both Crowley and the Book of the Law.

L. Ron Hubbard was a science fiction writer and a dark occultist. In an interview conducted by Penthouse in 1983, his son Ron Jr. described his father as being a black magician, a heavy drug user and a "soul cracker". He said that his father would drug his many mistresses and then beat them until their soul "cracked" (to allow demonic entities to enter them). This is a practice that is common to many types of dark occult ritual abuse, including the programming and conditioning of many celebrities today (discussed later in this essay). Ron Jr. stated that Satanism was actually the main religion of their household, but that his father didn't worship Satan, "He thought he was Satan".

The first part of the Babylon Working involved the invocation of the "Scarlet Woman" (in the flesh). Parsons considered this aspect of the working to be a success, because when he returned home (from the Mojave Desert where the ritual took place), he found a young woman waiting for him that (in his words) "answered the requirements". That woman was Marjorie Cameron, whom Parsons later married in October of 1946. Interestingly, Cameron (like Hubbard) had also previously served in the US Navy.

It's not clear if they succeeded in their ultimate goal or not (to manifest the forces of Babylon in the material world). However, it is thought by many that the rift in time and space that was initially opened up by Crowley, was ripped open even further by Parsons and Hubbard. A number of people have credited (or blamed) Crowley, Parsons and Hubbard for the UFO waves and "alien" abductions (including Roswell) that occurred soon after these dark occult workings. That may sound a little far out, until you do the research (or have the experience).

There was a female child that was born around this time that seems to fit the description of the invocation/incarnation of Babylon (based on her words and actions over the years). That person is Hillary Clinton (born October 26, 1947). I'm not saying that Hillary Clinton is the incarnation of Babylon, rather she just appears to try really hard to fit the description.

The Age of Horus was described by Parsons as being a new era which would be characterized by disruption, division, confusion and terror. He saw this era as being one where there would be an increase in both epicene (being intersexual or having one form for both sexes) and homosexual tendencies.

In one of his essays, Parsons further described the Aeon of Horus as:

It takes some time and discernment to properly understand Thelema and its "followers" such as Aleister Crowley, Jack Parsons and L. Ron Hubbard. First of all, you have to remember that the Book of the Law (the religious text of Thelema) originated from a non-human entity which was channeled through a man known as "The Beast 666" (Aleister Crowley). 

In my (non-religious) opinion, the Book of the Law came from what is commonly known (in religious terminology) as the demonic realms. Entities in these realms often have the advantage of having access to many millennia of knowledge (because their memory is intact, unlike ours). Also, many times these entities exist outside of linear time (as we understand it) which gives them the ability to see across time, and in some cases, actually travel through time.

The veil that naturally exists between the different realms is what helps to protect us and the Earth from negative outside influences (from other realms). However, this veil can be weakened or breached in a number of different ways. Sometimes the veil is weakened through naturally occurring events or by way of geographical proximately to certain energy centers. Other times it is weakened through intent (by way of magickal "workings") or through various types of technology such as atomic weapons, microwave/electromagnetic emitters such as HAARP, by CERN, or by other forms of technology.

It is rather disturbing that CERN is trying to do same thing right now that Crowley, Parsons and Hubbard did with their magickal practices (open a window or a portal into another realm/dimension). CERN has some valid scientific uses and it also has some good (albeit reckless) scientific minds working on the project. However, considering the enormous price tag of this facility, it seems that there may be something else going on there. Such incredible amounts of money usually don't flow into a project without having the backing of the black world (black operations that have access to most of the money in the world).

Mascots, gods and Religions

CERN chose an interesting "mascot" for the LHC (Large Hadron Collider). Standing directly outside the facility is a two meter high statue of Nataraja. Nataraja is known as the Lord of Dance. Nataraja is related to Shiva, the Hindu god of destruction. It is important to understand that in traditional Hinduism, Nataraja and Shiva are not evil. Rather they serve very important roles in Creation (to help destroy that which has become corrupt, and to bring forth that which is right, just and true). One of the main roles of Nataraja is to destroy ignorance (which is illustrated by the demon that Nataraja dances on).

CERN (on the left) and Nataraja (on the right).

Where the concept of Nataraja gets distorted and inverted, however, is through the corrupted magickal workings of dark occultism and through various forms of technology (such as CERN) that often get used in a reckless manner. This is not the way to Brahma (a new beginning). It is a shortcut to hell.

There is a "666" that is cleverly hidden inside the symbol for CERN. Of
course it is only visible when the symbol is

The "religion" of most of the ruling elite in this world is based on Dark Star philosophies (whether they realize it or not). These philosophies have actually been around for many millennia and have gone by many different names over the ages, however they all share a similar belief and "manifest" the Aeon of Horus (or its equivalent) into the physical world (i.e. to bring back the "great old ones" or the gods of ancient days and to become "gods" themselves).

Signs of the Fourth Reich

Medical Complex
(Glendale, AZ)

The two buildings shown above are part of a medical complex in Glendale, AZ (which is located very close to 33 degrees, 33', 33" North...or 666). If you take a look at the history of modern allopathic medicine, you'll find that many of its roots (especially with regards to Big Pharma) actually grew out of the Third Reich. Glendale is also the location of two major sports arenas -- The University of Phoenix Stadium (host of two Super Bowls) and the Gila River Arena (more on this later). This area is also home to the well known Phoenix Lights UFO sighting.


Wesley Acres Methodist Retirement Home
(Decatur, Alabama )

Wesley Acres Methodist Retirement Home (located just a little bit north of the 33rd parallel) is owned by Methodist Homes Corporation. Their corporate office is located in Birmingham, AL which sits right on top of 33 degrees, 33', 33" North (666). Outside of a Methodist church in Birmingham's Five Points South district there is a sculpture of a ram-man called The Storyteller. The sculpture features a half-man/half-goat hybrid figure holding a book in one hand and a tall staff topped with an owl in the other hand. Depending on what your background or perspective is, this sculpture may have either a positive or a negative connotation attached to it.

Sculpture located in the Five Points South District of Birmingham, AL.



US Naval Base
(Coronado, CA)

The building shown above is part of a large US Navy base located in Coronado, CA (just a little bit south of the 33rd parallel). When the US Navy was asked about the shape of this building, they said that it was actually a mistake and they didn't realize what it was until after construction had already begun. Really? Nobody looked at the plans? I guess the "SS" shaped concrete walkways that wind through the middle of the swastika were also a mistake as well?

I'd like to believe the Navy's explanation, except it would take an extraordinarily large amount of willful ignorance to do so. That and the fact that I have experienced their Nazi-like behavior first hand in the form of unlawful experiments done on myself and others without consent (in the form of microwave and electromagnetic weapons testing as well as aerial spraying of various chemicals and metal particulates). I'm not suggesting that everyone in the US Navy behaves in this manner. However, I am addressing those that choose to blindly follow orders (when they know what they are doing is clearly wrong).

Compartmentalized portions of the US Navy are very aware of (and engaged in) the UFO/alien phenomena. The Navy has a DUMB (deep underground military base) that is located under of the mountains just east of the Salton Sea (on top of the 33rd parallel). UFOs (non-military craft) and other paranormal phenomena (not related to military flares) can be seen on a regular basis around the Salton Sea area. The significance of the Salton Sea and the 33rd parallel will be discussed later on.

The China Lake Naval Weapons Center (near Death Valley, CA) also has quite a few strange things associated with it (with regards to the UFO and alien/abduction phenomena). In addition, the Navy has a pretty colorful history involving various experiments with non-traditional technologies.

China Lake Naval Weapons Center.

The missile positioned between the two palm trees (pillars) at China Lake (in the image above), reminds me of the movie Beneath the Planet of the Apes where a race of mutant telepathic "gods" worship a missile from the nuclear era as their God.

The Pillars of Hercules are sometimes thought of as a "gateway" or a "portal". There
is also an interesting reference to the Pillars in
Dante's Inferno.


Denver International Airport Runways.

Denver airport has been called one of the most evil places on earth. I don't know if I would go that far, but there is definitely some pretty disturbing imagery that is associated with it. As you drive into the airport you are greeted by a demonic horse with glowing red eyes. From there, things only get stranger.


Demonic horse (outside the airport) and a gargoyle in a suitcase (inside the airport).



Murals at the Denver Airport.

In the image above mothers are crying, cold children are sleeping on rubble and a white dove of peace is being killed by a Nazi looking figure with big black eyes that "materializes" (this is a common theme) along with a "golden child" on what appears to be a beam of light (perhaps some sort of dimensional portal or gateway). This is only one example of many similar murals at the airport. Nice imagery for families traveling through the airport on vacation.

The Invocation
(Invoking hell while blinding and imprisoning society
through entertainment "programming")


In the image above, Khloe Kardashian is "one-eye blind". She can only see through the left eye or the left-hand path of Thelema/Satanism/Dark Occultism. Her mind (and Spirit) have been caged and imprisoned indicating that she is under the control of outside influences. One-eye blindness is seen and encouraged throughout the music and entertainment industry today and is especially prevalent in the post-2000 era.

Former Bright Stars who have "fallen" to become inverted half-blind dark stars.


Caged (imprisoned) celebrities.

Lady Gaga is illustrating the concept of "as above, so below" with her hand gestures. However, instead of this meaning a unification of heaven and earth (creating balance, synergy and true freedom), it represents a corrupted (inverted) version of this concept based on the Satanic interpretation of Baphomet which (in dark occultism) literally means to bring hell (below) to earth (above). In other words, it means to imprison the earth (and its inhabitants) in hell.

Dark stars and imprisoned souls.

Have you ever wondered why so many controlled pop stars are seen flashing the "V" sign? Actually, there are a number of different meanings for this sign, but this is one of them.

In the image above, Kim Kardashian gives the "V for Victory" salute as Bruce Jenner is imprisoned and becomes a "cashier" for the Kardashian family (and for Hollywood) as mo-money rolls in from mo-drama. The Kardashians got their "big break" when they capitalized on Kim's sex tape and subsequently got their own "reality" show.

Kim is celebrating on the Kardashian Christmas card above (apparently happy with her new Christmas present). However, she appears to be unaware that she is also a prisoner herself and being used by the very same black magicians in Hollywood that are using Bruce and the rest of her family (or perhaps she just sold her soul for money and fame and doesn't care). Kim's meteoric rise to fame and fortune is teaching the young people today that all you have to do is take off your clothes and become a porn star in order to become rich and famous. Nice role model.  


Kim Kardashian showing us her "horns". The
media seems to be quite happy with them.

Regarding Bruce Jenner's trans-formation, everything that I have seen indicates that this was an psychological operation (MkUltra). He may have had some of these thoughts on his own and may have even eventually followed through with them. But the way that this went down and the way that it was reported continuously on the "news", says that "the darkside" was trying to communicate a clear message to the world.

That message was this...we can take any man, destroy him, imprison him and then turn him into a pawn for our use. The reason why Bruce Jenner was used to deliver this message was because he was a symbol (archetype) of male strength in the subconscious minds of many people.

It is important that the conscious mind understands the true underlying message that was behind this transformation. That way people can accept it or reject it knowing that it wasn't about gender rights, individuality or was about money, power and control over people.

Old-time prisoners.


Modern prisoners.

I searched for some images of male "stars" with similar attire, but it seems like this current "fashion" is being overwhelmingly directed at females. Why is that? It's the same reason why the modern economic system is destroying the family and forcing so many mothers out into the that state institutions, the entertainment industry and the internet can act as role models and surrogate parents for the children.

Do parents today know that their children are being raised (or heavily influenced) by one-eye-blind convicts, Satanists, pedophiles, porn stars and mind-controlled (caged) slaves to the system, while they are away working as slaves to the system themselves? I know that sounds harsh, and it isn't a comfortable thing to contemplate, but these are the issues that must be addressed if we are going to protect ourselves and our families from this influence.

Rise of the Darkness
(Looking up to evil)

What is the message here? Who are the children
"looking up to" these days?

The image above is a Satanic statue that was "unveiled" earlier this year in Detroit. It's interesting that Detroit was chosen as the city for the unveiling. Why? Because, in many ways, Detroit is a perfect example (and role model) of the pathological destruction that the dark forces are trying to bring forth in this world.


More role models. Angelina Jolie in the Disney
Maleficent, and Lady Gaga as herself.


I guess horns are really "in" today.


MTV Music Awards - 666
(very similar to CERN's emblem)


Miley Cyrus...from innocence to pedophilia/transgender role model via Disney MkUltra mind control (please see
the glossary for a discussion on the difference between transgender as a personal choice vs. transgender-ism
as a directed agenda). The image on the right is reminiscent of something that you might see in a prison.



Video Music Awards...disturbing imagery, but at least one of the bears isn't too
happy with what's going on. Where is Miley's
left-hand (path) pointing to?



Here is another image of Miley, before and after her trans-formation. In the image on the right, Miley is "performing" for her (mostly) teenage fans at a concert. When impressionable kids grow up with Disney's Hannah Montana and then see their role model later doing this at a concert and posting naked selfies of herself online, what you think that her fans and her "followers" are going to do?

Did you notice anything else in the image above (with Miley) and the one above with the horns? Your conscious mind might not have picked up on it because it is designed to be registered and recorded in the subconscious mind (and then recalled later). Both of those images feature a white star that has black performers (dressed like demons) which are "dancing" or "bowing" to the white star.

This imagery is designed (by those in power) to promote racial tensions (in the masses) in order to help create the "demonic revolution" (total chaos in the world) which will be used to help usher in the Aeon of Horus and a new era of the "gods". Fighting and division among the masses helps to keep our attention focused on things like race instead of on the "architects" of our destruction.



In this image, Nicki Minaj is "performing" for her young fans. Nicki has a number of "alter" egos that seem to randomly (or purposely) come to the surface now and again. This is similar to quite a few other pop stars as well. The definition of "pop" is to break (as in will) or burst open.



Katy ("I sold my soul to the devil") Perry at the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards.

Lyrics to "ET"
(Katy Perry)

Kiss me, kiss me

Infect me with your love

And fill me with your poison

Take me, take me

Wanna be your victim

Ready for abduction

Boy, you're an alien

Your touch so foreign

It's supernatural




The supernatural (dark) side of Katy Perry (shown here
giving us the "double horned" salute).



Ariana Grande is one of the more recent casualties of Dark Stardom. Notice the hand gestures, the ears and the inverted star in the images above. In a recent interview, she said the following..."My mom is a CEO and owns a company that manufactures communications equipment for the Marines and the Navy, so shes not really the housewife type, if you get what Im saying". Associations with the military (or the military industrial complex) are a common theme among many fallen stars and victims of mind control.

Ariana also said that she was recently haunted by "demons" while visiting Stull Cemetery in Kansas (which apparently is considered to be one of the seven gateways to hell). She says that during the experience she felt an "overwhelming feeling of negativity" and smelled a strong odor of sulfur (common to demonic encounters). According to Ariana, the experience continued even after she left the cemetery and involved some strange occurrences with her cell phone.


On the left is Taylor Swift (pop star) and on the right is a Zeena Levay at a similar age (Zeena is the daughter of Anton Levay, founder of the Church of Satan). The resemblance is quite remarkable. Long lost sisters? Daughters of the same bloodline? A clone? A hybrid? A coincidence or trick of the mind?



Shh...don't tell anyone about the dark side of Disney. And please don't tell my
imprisoned "alter" about the horns on her head.



Shh, don't talk about what's really going on in the world...that's being "negative". When the subconscious mind has been exposed to this "shh philosophy" enough times, the conscious mind eventually begins to believe it. If you think that this is just a right-wing thing or a left-wing thing...think's a dark wing thing.

The other side of "shh" is "argh" (frustration). This occurs when a person gets caught up (or corralled into) all of the drama, division, distraction and disruption that is constantly being manufactured by the system (matrix). The end result of "falling" into one of these two extreme states of polarity (silence or continuous noise) is that a person never has a chance to realize (or settle into) who they really are.



The constant chaos and confusion produced by the system leads people to experience unfulfilled and unhappy states of being. The system then offers a solution to help us find our empowerment and happiness again, "come on over to the darkside". The darkness wants us to believe that it is sexy, desirable and that happiness is much easier to obtain on the left-hand path than it is on the right-hand path.



How do you get teens to think that vampirism is cool, sexy and desirable? Flood the entertainment industry with vampire imagery. How many vampire movies and TV shows have been made during the last decade? I don't know, I lost "count" a long time ago. Twilight is the time that occurs just after the sun "falls" below the horizon. Twilight is also defined as "a period of decline". 



Clearly there is an agenda to try to make darkness and evil appear sexy, exciting and attractive to the youth today (through music, television, movies, the internet and social media). It appears that the goal is to try to "turn" (invert) bright stars into dark stars, bright angels into dark angels, and innocence into corruption.

Children are our hope and our future. In viewing the images above, what kind of future do you think that the system (matrix) is trying to build using the children of today? The darkness went after families first, because it knew that if it could destroy the family, then it could get at the children more easily.

History has many valuable lessons to teach us. Remember, it was Adolf Hitler that once said "He alone who owns the youth, owns the future".

Food of the gods

Some people view the darkside as something that is powerful, exiting and sexy. Some see it as their ticket to fame and fortune. Others simply see it as a source of comfort (numbness). What happens after the darkside has sucked all of the energy out of you? It leaves you with nothing and moves on to the next readily available source of energy (money and/or physical, emotional and spiritual energy).

Courtney Love and her daughter. Does her daughter not see what the darkside has
done to her mom? Are these really the same footsteps that she wants to follow in?


Meth is often called the demon drug. This isn't just because of the things that people do when they are on it, but
also because of the things that they see. Substance abuse opens the door (wide) to "demonic" influences.



Amanda Bynes



Lindsay Lohan


Macaulay Culkin



Michael Jackson


Anna Nicole Smith


Heidi Fleiss - The "Hollywood Madam" from the
City of the (dark) Angeles.


What happens when you get caught up in the administration
of darkness? That darkness ends up becoming you.


From innocence to darkness

Grey influences? Maybe. Perhaps the clues are in the eyes.



Should we conclude that Taylor Swift is a hybrid just because she has almond-shaped alien-looking eyes? Probably not. Perhaps a better question to ask is this: In what ways has Taylor Swift influenced modern society, and in what ways is she being influenced? In other words, is Taylor Swift acting as a "swift tailor" of social behavior?


I've asked this question before, but I will ask it again. Is this
a sign of the times that we are living in?



There are two kinds of fire in this world. One of them adds to Creation, and the other one pathologically destroys it. This is the latter one. Besides representing "horns" (and the inverted pentagram), this sign also represents a "gateway". However, it is not a gateway to heaven or enlightenment, it is a gateway to hell. This is the same (dark) gateway that was invoked on 911 when the "twin towers" (II) were sacrificed to the dark gods.

Organic Unification (synergy) vs 
Gray Unification (distortion)


In my opinion, Baphomet as it is depicted here by Eliphas Levi (and as it is used in occultism), represents the dark side of unification and balance (i.e. the distorted " wisdom" of the " gods", rather than the Wisdom of God). Many different polarities are represented in this image such as the light and the dark, the above and the below, the right and the left, and the male and the female. Although the pentagram is depicted here in its upright position, I still find this image to be rather creepy (due to the other elements contained within it).

To be fair to Levi, he might just be trying to illustrate some the fallen aspects of humanity in this image such as the dark wings (indicating an addiction to materiality and the misuse of our spiritual "wings"), an emphasis on the phallus (being ruled by patriarchy and our lower passions and desires), the inappropriate splicing together or unification of the male and female polarities (genetic modification, transhumanism and transgenderism), the animalistic behavior of humans that results from the ego ruling over the Spirit (the goats head in place of a human head), and the fire that burns above (but always seems to be just a little bit out of view and a little bit out of reach).

Baphomet reminds me of another "mythical" creature/being/entity known as Grey aliens. The eyes of Greys are very large and very dark (symbolic of "blindness"). Their bodies are neither male nor female (but rather some sort of a "gray area" that exists in-between). The Greys are commonly thought to be doing some type of genetic experiments on human beings (in order to create a hybrid being/entity). The Greys appear to be very intelligent, but they also appear to be lacking in something very important as well (perhaps something that the current form of humanity can give to them).

Most Grey "aliens" appear to be sexless.



Marilyn Manson is a (male) "dark star" in the music industry. Here he is seen helping to promote the transgenderism agenda. The name Marilyn Manson is an amalgam of Marilyn Monroe and Charles Manson (perhaps another attempt to try to make evil appear sexy?).


Marilyn Manson



Transhumanism is a large part of the agenda to try and corrupt organic unification. Images such as these are designed to draw you into transhumanism through the lower/primal (non-conscious) impulses and then incrementally break down any remaining resistance that you may have to it.   


On a lighter note, here is an example of the hybrid, transhumanism
and transgenderism agenda gone horribly wrong (or perhaps right,
depending on what your perspective is).

Organic unification is about creating organic synergy between the natural polarities in the natural world. It is not about using technology, transhumanism or dark occultism to create an artificial or distorted unification of polarities.

Technology from the gods


How much of a role have "aliens" played in helping humans to "discover" digital technology and inspiring us to create all of our modern distractions that are built upon that technology (in multiple layers of virtual reality)?



Image 1: What is this guy doing? He has a beautiful woman sitting across from him and his head is buried in his cell phone. How can any kind of meaningful relationship or bond develop between two people under such circumstances? Image 2: Almost every person in this image has their head buried in their cell phone. Do these people have any idea what is going on around them? Do they even know that there are other people sitting next to them? Will they know when the train gets there? Image 3: This lady is so distracted that she doesn't realize that she is about to run over the guy on the bicycle in front of her. Image 4: This is what happens when people text and drive at the same time. Image 5: Here is an example of a "human pinball" that is about to bounce off of an obstacle in her environment and she doesn't even see it coming. When we sleep, They Live


Social distraction -- why have cake when you can have social media instead?


The modern family


Blinded by technology

Modern technology doesn't just "capture" our attention, it blinds us. Technology can entrain our brains and program our behavior patterns through a variety of very sophisticated mind control techniques. In addition, electromagnetic radiation (mainly in the microwave band) can weaken the natural electromagnetic "shield" that surrounds us which can allow unwanted entities to influence us more easily. Sound crazy? Take a look at the images above. Spend a day observing people out in captivity (oops, I mean society). Go to a mall. What do you see? 

Aliens, Technology and the Aeon of Horus

How much of a role have "aliens" played in helping to "guide" us towards a new age (of Horus) based on technology and transhumanism (or helping us to create a "coming race" based on genetic manipulation)?

For those that may not be familiar with who Horus is, he was an Egyptian god that was born from Isis. Horus is known as the god of war (among other things). What did Jack Parsons say earlier about the Aeon of Horus?

Madonna at the Super Bowl half-time ritual in 2012.

In the invocation ritual above, Madonna, who was dressed very much like the goddess "Isis", was brought onto the (world) " stage" by men that were dressed in military attire. Remember, it is Isis that gives "birth" to Horus, and it is Horus that will usher in the Aeon of Horus (as it is defined by the darkside).


The destruction of Syria.

In the image above, ISIS is helping to bring forth the Aeon of Horus (terror) in Syria. Syria is a country that is home to many different "gates". Damascus is located at 33 degrees, 33', 33" North (666). This war is destroying both the people of Syria and one of the oldest cultures on the planet, while it feeds (energizes) the dark forces that are trying "materialize" into (onto) this world.  

Horus is related to the god Anubis. In Egyptian mythology, one of the roles that Anubis plays is to act as a guide for souls leaving this current life and entering into the "afterlife". Interestingly, there is place in Oregon known as the Temple of Oculas Anubis. By coincidence, there is also a company called Oculas that makes virtual reality gear. One of their products is called the Oculas Rift. The "Rift" allows you to leave this current world and enter into an entirely new "virtual world".

The Temple of Oculas Anubis


Oculas Rift virtual reality -- a great way to escape from the harsh reality of the "real world".

What does the Book of Enoch say about the "Fallen Angels" and technology?

    "And Azazel taught men to make swords, and knives, and shields, and breastplates, and made known to them the metals of the earth and the art of working them..."

In the passage above, it's important to recognize that Azazel only taught us the knowledge. It is we (humanity) who developed it and used it in war. This is a very important concept to understand with regards to "spiritual law" (which brings us back to the idea of freewill and freedom). It is also important to understand that the story of Horus (as well as the rest of Egyptian mythology) has a much deeper meaning if you look at it from the perspective of an allegory.

Secret Societies and Sex Magick

To understand the significance of sex magick (as it applies to the larger picture), it is important to realize that many mainstream exoteric-secret (oxymoron) societies today are actually used as "fronts" for darker occult societies that branch off from them. The exoteric-secret societies "capture" the attention of the public and help to divert it away from the darker esoteric and occult (hidden) inner sanctums. This is similar to how mainstream politics captures the attention of the public and keeps it away from the shadow government.

What is the "secret" that is behind most dark secret societies? It's sex magic. Sex magic, as a general practice, has been around for a very long time (especially in many eastern traditions). It just hasn't been very well-known to most people in western societies. This all changed, however, when Aleister Crowley, through the OTO (Ordo Templi Orientis), helped to bring the hidden side of sex magick more out into public view.

Personally, I am not a practitioner or an advocate of sex magic (as a ritual). As I said in part 1, the magic is in the Love, not in the magick of a ritual. However, I do think that it is very important to understand this concept, as it is the basis behind much of the manipulation and control that is seen in modern society today.

Sex magic (through various practices) has been touted as a way to achieve higher states of consciousness. What is the difference between magic and magick? Magic tends to be focused more on awareness, consciousness and understanding while dark magick (Crowlian spelling) is focused primarily on the ego (blind passions and desires). In simple terms, you could say that sex (light) magic is based more on Love, while sex (dark) magick is based more on lust and ego (although the lines between the two appear to be quite blurred at times).

In an interesting passage related to sex magick, Trevor Ravenscroft wrote in his book The Spear of Destiny...

Similar to the passage above, Crowlian-based sex magick involves some of the most deplorable, despicable and sadistic acts that you can imagine. There is nothing spiritual about these practices. It is all about being a slave to the ego (and making others a slave to you). Perhaps the most disturbing aspect of it, however, is that it's designed to create a link with dark entities in the dark realms.

Crowlian sex magick has infected (and affected) the minds of many dark occultists today in many different areas of our culture. Many of the ruling elite (who base their power in dark occultism), actually view the masses of society as the "walking dead", zombies or as simply inanimate objects that are put on this planet to be used and "animated" for their own personal use (as in Golem or pawns).

One method that black magicians use to "animate" and control inanimate objects is to cover the object in sperm and then use "focused intent" (focused energy) to make the "inanimate object" come to life and obey their will.

In a "news story" that was recently published by the New York Daily News, it was announced that...

Ritual sex magick being performed in plain sight.

In this ritual, the audience is first sprayed with "sperm" (or something that looks like it). Then the energy of the crowd is channeled (focused) and used by the performer (or a black magician) to create "followers" that will bend to the will of the black magician.

The zombie apocalypse

The end result of this ritual is that zombies are "formed" in the audience. The black magician knows that his efforts have been successful when the audience begins to fight among themselves over who gets to be sprayed, while they simultaneously clap and cheer for their own demise (as it is happening to them). Are these people stupid? Perhaps some of them are. However, most of them are just uniformed people that are being used by very dark and very sick occult powers.


Building the Golem army (by "reshaping"
and dumbing down society).

How does sex relate to the bigger picture? In order to maintain power, the rulers of this world must maintain ignorance and blindness in the general population. How do they do that? Primarily with distractions and addictions. Perhaps the strongest (and most blinding) distraction of all is sex. This is why we see it expressed so many times in advertising, in movies, on TV, on the internet and everywhere else.

Sex not only helps to sell products, but it also consumes our attention and our focus at the same time. Probably the second most distracting (and addicting) thing in modern society is technology. What happens when you combine sex and technology together? You get a mass mind-control weapon of incredible power.



Sex in advertising

On a deeper esoteric level, the act of sex produces an enormous amount of energy. The frequency of that energy depends upon how sex is approached (i.e. is it done in an act of Love, or is it done in a distorted/corrupted act of ego, power and control).

The energy that is produced with Love is very high. This is the same energy of Creation. Entities that are disconnected from Creation (i.e. "demons" and similar dark entities) cannot use this energy or feed off of it because it is foreign to them. Therefore, they need to distort or corrupt that energy in some manner in order to bring it down to a level that is more useful to them.

Rape, pedophilia and sadistic sex practices are examples of sex acts that feed the dark entities. They can also feed off of the lower-based sexual energies that are encouraged in movies, music, television and the internet (i.e. "free" disconnected sex with multiple partners, lustful sex, angry sex, corrupted sex, etc).

Internet (or electronic) porn can actually open up a "portal" into the dark realms and allow them to feed off of those energies directly. Why is there so much distortion of sex in this world? Why is love continually suppressed in the world? Because it creates (and maintains) a suitable environment whereby the dark entities can continue to feed on the lower-frequency energies that are compatible with them.

The difference between sex (Love) magic and sex (dark) magick.

When left unchecked, wild uncontrolled carnal behavior can lead one down a very dark road. However, so can the suppression of our natural sexual passions and desires (Catholic priests come to mind here). Some of the wildest people that I knew in college were ones that came from very strict Catholic, Mormon or Fundamental Christian backgrounds. When these kids finally got out of the house, all those years of religious oppression were finally let loose all at once. Unfortunately, as a result of this, many of these kids ended up getting heavily into sex, alcohol and drugs. Ironically, in many ways it was their oppressive religious backgrounds that ended up opening them up to more influence from the dark entities and the dark realms (through sex, drug and alcohol abuse).

When sex has a foundation in love, natural magic is the result (i.e. the Light Spirit is nourished with positive energy). However, when sex becomes simply a vehicle for the ongoing pursuit of blind (disconnected) carnal pleasures or the pursuit of "enlightenment" through distorted ritual magickal practices, then the dark spirit is fed with negative energy and it can begin to over-shadow the Light Spirit.

Windows, Doorways and Portals

Throughout this planet there are areas where certain energies are concentrated and focused. These areas are sometimes referred to as ley lines or dragon lines. Many great temples and monuments in the past were built on top of these areas in order to tap into this energy. There are also other areas on the planet which (depending on a variety of different factors) can also help to concentrate various forms of energy.

What are the temples and monuments of the modern world? They are the churches, the banks, the shopping centers, the sporting arenas and the cities.

Temples of America - The Federal Reserve, The Mall of America, The University
of Phoenix Stadium, and Washington D.C.

Why are so many "temples" of the modern world located on top of Earth energy centers? So that black magicians can use the energy produced by them for dark magickal practices (i.e. to feed the "gods" and to distort or corrupt the energy of the Earth by feeding dark energy back into the natural energy grid of the planet). Have you ever wondered why so many concerts and half-time sporting events look more like black magic rituals than entertainment? This is why.

Earlier in the essay I talked about the University of Phoenix Stadium which is located in Glendale, AZ (very close to 33 degrees, 33', 33" North...or 666). Do you think that the coordinates and the location of this stadium in "Phoenix" is just a coincidence? Many high profile bowl games have been played at this stadium including Super Bowl XLII (2008) and Super Bowl XLIX (2015).

Just to be clear, it is not the music or sporting events themselves (necessarily) that creates the dark energy. It is the way that the energy is "channeled" by a performer or a black magician that usually distorts it. This is accomplished in a variety of different ways including half-time ritual events, encouraging the audience to drink, take drugs or engage in distorted forms of behavior, or through the actual performance itself (as illustrated earlier with Miley Cyrus).

The 33rd Parallel

Throughout history the 33rd parallel has been the focus of many paranormal events, including some of the most well-known UFO cases, such as:

  • The Phoenix Lights (very close to 33 degrees, 33', 33" North...or 666)
  • The Lubbock Lights (very close to 33 degrees, 33', 33" North...or 666)
  • The Roswell UFO crash site (very close to 33 degrees, 33', 33" North...or 666)
  • The Travis Walton abduction (very close to the 33rd parallel)
  •  Many other paranormal events, including a number of high level dark occult "workings"

The 33rd parallel has also been the focus of many historical events as well:

If you look at the cities in the US that are located at 33 degrees, 33', 33" North (666) many of them are clearly enclosed (or circled) by major highways such as near Mecca, CA (the entire Salton Sea is enclosed by Highway 111 and Highway 86);   Glendale, AZ;  Paris, TX;   Lubbock, TX;  Birmingham, AL as well as others located close to those coordinates such as Texarkana, TX/AK;  Augusta, GA;   Atlanta, GA;   Athens, GA and Columbia, SC.


What else is located along (or very close to) the 33rd parallel? How about Pine Bluff, AK (former home to America's chemical weapons arsenal). How about most of the jobs in the US Military Industrial Complex (including the cities of Los Angeles, San Diego, Phoenix, Tucson, Dallas/Ft Worth and Huntsville)? How about the Trinity Test Site (for the atomic bomb)? How about the Georgia Guidestones? The list goes on and on.

What are some areas that are located along the 33rd parallel in California?

  • Los Angeles -- City of the (dark) Angels and home to the black magick of Hollywood and Disneyland, the beast of the music industry, the war machine of the military industrial complex, the porn industry and numerous UFO sightings (including my first encounter as a child).
  • The Salton Sea (including a portion of which is located at 33 degrees, 33', 33" North...or 666). This encounter happen very close to there.
  • Santa Catalina Island and San Clemente Island which have a variety of interesting lore attached to them.
  • San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant which is located at 33 degrees N and 33 degrees W.

I grew up in LA and also lived directly on top of the 33rd parallel for about eight years. During this time I had a number of different UFO sightings (and direct encounters). What do you usually find in close proximity to active areas along the 33rd parallel? Military bases (often in the form of DUMB bases... deep underground military bases) and/or the military industrial complex.

Charged Phenomena
Around Natural Areas in California

This Salton Sea is a very unique area in California in that it is located directly on top of the 33rd parallel (including a portion of it that is at 33 degrees, 33', 33" North...or 666). It also has a significant amount of geothermal activity that exists very close to the surface of the earth. The Salton Sea is home to 11 of the country's 66 geothermal power plants. These power plants drill down into the Earth's crust in order to tap into the geothermal energy that is directly under the surface. Geothermal activity can also be seen in other areas of the Salton Sea such as around the mud volcanoes. Many major and minor fault lines (including the San Andreas Fault) intersect underneath and around the Salton Sea. 

Salton Sea, CA

The "Geysers" is a geothermal area that is located in Northern California about 72 miles north of San Francisco. It is the worlds largest geothermal field containing 22 geothermal power plants. The San Francisco Bay Area (like Southern California) has many different fault lines that intersect in the area (including the San Andreas Fault). It is also home to Silicon Valley and to many technology giants, such as Google, which are involved in artificial intelligence, robotics and the internet.

Mount Lassen and Mount Shasta are volcanoes that are located a little bit north of San Francisco. Mount Lassen is another area where I have had a number of UFO sightings. Mount Shasta (which can be seen from Mount Lassen) also has its fair share of lore associated with it (going well back into history). Mount Lassen has quite a few active hydrothermal areas on the mountain including Bumpass Hell, The Sulfur Works and Devils Kitchen.

Bumpass Hell in Lassen, California

What is the significance of all this? Many sightings of UFOs are associated with areas that have high amounts of electromagnetic energy present in the environment. Fault lines, geothermal/hydrothermal activity and magma all produce (and influence) electromagnetic energy. The presence of "evil spirits" and various forms of "demonic" activity are commonly associated with strong odors of sulfur. As many experiencers and researches have proposed over the years (including myself), the distinctions that exist between "demonic activity" and "UFOs" often appears to be quite blurred at times (please see The Invasion, Understanding is not Elusive and the rest of this series for more info on this).

Just to be clear, I am not saying that UFOs, demons and evil spirits live in (or come from) volcanoes or geothermal geological areas. What I am saying is that there is a connection and a dynamic that exists between these different phenomena. That connection has to do with electromagnetic energy.

California also has large deposits of quartz-rich granite in many mountainous areas of the state. What is quartz used for in technology? Radio (frequency tuning) and time keeping. Mountains (depending on their shape and geology) can actually act as amplifiers of energy (similar to the artificial mountains, or pyramids, that are located around the planet). Given the right location (in both space and time), these areas can act as windows, doorways or portals for various types of "paranormal" phenomena (including "UFOs") to travel through. California has historically been a very active state for many paranormal, UFO, contact and abduction experiences.

The Acorns are Many
(But they don't fall far from the roots tree)

What do most religions and spiritual traditions have in common? Nearly all of them are products of channeled information that was given to them (via the "prophets" of their religion) by a "god", an "angel", an "ET", an "ascended master" or some other type of entity (material or non-material).

Whenever I think of religion, it always reminds me of the X-Files. To me, each religion is like a separate X-File. Within each X-File there exists the potential to uncover many hidden secrets. However, those secrets are often obscured by many layers of dogma, distraction and disinformation. This concept was actually illustrated quite well in a conversation that agent Mulder had with an informant named Deep Throat during the first season. In this conversation, Deep Throat explained to Mulder...

I remember hearing that line and thinking to myself, that is religion in a nutshell (and politics, and business, and education, and many other things in this world). Channeled information is like this as well. Such information often "hooks" potential followers by providing two truths (designed to resonate with you), and then it sandwiches a good lie in-between.

The lie typically goes unnoticed by the conscious mind, however it is almost always recorded by the sub-conscious mind (which forms the basis of much of our un-conscious beliefs and behaviors over time). Even when the lie is partially picked up by the conscious mind, it is often accepted as truth because two truths (in the conditioned mind), outweigh one lie. This how cognitive dissonance is formed and it is how doublethink is accepted.

What is the main problem with many organized forms of religion today (especially the Abrahamic religions)? A lack of discernment and the acceptance of doublethink. In other words, everything that is written in "the book" is automatically assumed to be right and true.

The "truths" of religion (passed down from the gods) are there in some cases to make it easier for the gods to manipulate their followers into blindly following their commands, regardless of whether they are right or wrong.

For an in-depth examination of this idea, please see The Bending and the Breaking of Will. However, I must warn you, if you truly read this segment with "eyes to see and ears to hear", it may encourage you to ask some heretical questions such as, "how much wisdom is there in following a religion, a politic or a philosophy that requires you to live your life with blind eyes and deaf ears?

Remember that the "gods" are many and they exist in both the material world, and in the non-material world. It is also important to understand that many of the "gods" exist in realm where the nature of time is not necessarily the same as it is here. In other words, two thousand years to us, may not be two thousand years to them.

The "gods" often have a great deal of intelligence that has been accumulated over many millennia. Therefore, if they had an agenda to move humanity towards a certain goal, they could certainly "preload" certain types of information into their religions (at the beginning) so that it might help them to achieve their goals (in the end).

The puppet masters

This is the danger with blindly worshiping a book, a deity or a religion. Such things can take their followers almost anywhere while they are sleeping and/or being blindly obedient.

On the other hand, if you start out by independently recognizing, following and doing that which is right, just and true (in the beginning), then you will likely find yourself surrounded by those same virtues (in the end), regardless of which book that you base your religion on.

What is in "the book" and what is "right" are not always the same thing. All you have to do is take a look around the world today to see that this is true. If truth, peace and freedom are to reign in the world (instead of governments, religions and ignorance), then doing what is truly right must always take precedence over what is written in a book. Books can help guide us, but we were given a brain and freewill for a reason. If we weren't supposed to use them, then why did God give them to us?

Adversaries to Orthodoxy
(Refugees of religion)

What happens when a person rejects all religions and all spiritual traditions? They end up missing out on all of the good information that is hidden within them. Over my lifetime I have studied many different religions, philosophies and spiritual traditions. I have yet to find one that is all good or all bad. They all have something to offer the spiritual traveler. As long as the traveler is willing to take the time that is required to properly discern the information, then I think that religion has much to offer in the way of knowledge, wisdom and understanding, .

What happens when a person becomes overly hostile towards religion? There is the possibility that they might end up as Aleister Crowley did (who became a tool and a pawn for the darkside due to his disdain for religion and orthodoxy).

This is the brilliance of religion. The gods create (or hijack) a religion and then use it to capture the minds, hearts and will of the majority in society. Those who accept the religion, are controlled by the religion. Those that reject the religion, are herded to the other side of the polarity for something like Satanism or blind materialism. To the "gods", it doesn't really matter which side of the polarity that you get corralled into, seeing with one eye open and one eye closed, is still seeing as "one-eye-blind".

For those that don't fall into either of the categories above, there are always other alternatives such as the new age. The new age is a great vehicle for corralling the minds of people because it tends to take all of the good things about religions, philosophies and spiritual traditions and then packages them up (corrupts them) in such a way that is very attractive to the ego (very similar to what Satanism does). What is left over typically has nothing to do with real spirituality, but everything to do with control.

What are Demons?

Demons, evil spirits and dark aliens are shadows, apparitions and fragments of the whole (of Creation). Ignorance creates forgetfulness and blindness. And forgetfulness and blindness creates ignorance. The more ignorant and blind that we become, the less that we are able to see and understand our connections to the whole. The darker that the environment within us becomes, the darker that the environment around us becomes.

Therefore, demons could be thought of as more of a diseased state of being rather than a rigidly defined entity. Demonic infection begins when one becomes separated or disconnected from Creation (One). This can occur in a number of different ways, however trauma (physical or psychological) and the numbing of our minds (via indoctrination, willful ignorance, pharmaceuticals, drugs, alcohol, chemicals, harmful forms of electromagnetic radiation, etc) are perhaps the most common. When we become unaware that we are living in darkness, this is when a "demon" usually finds a home within us or somewhere in our external environment.

In the simplest of terms, the disease could be described as a type of amnesia. The greater that the amnesia (separation) is, the more pathological that the behavior usually becomes. It is important to understand that demonic "entities" can occupy the full range of both the visible-light spectrum and the invisible spectrum.

Mainstream and Esoteric Christianity

A demonic entity that has lost its way in blinding "light" is no different than a demonic entity that is stumbling around in complete darkness. Both of these states of being can result in blindness and amnesia, and can create highly polarized (unbalanced) patterns of behavior. 

What if I were to suggest that two of the most evil entities in (orthodox) Christianity could actually become "savior" figures? How could that happen? Lucifer is known as the "Light bringer" and Satan is known as the "Adversary". What happens when we are confronted with a "blinding light"? We turn away and face the darkness. What happens when we are confronted with a "blinding darkness"? We turn away and look for the light.

The more darkness that Satan creates in the world, the more of an "adversary" that "he" becomes to his own evil. Left unchecked, evil will eventually become so great in the world that even the most blind and deaf will learn to "see" and "hear" again (because their survival will depend on it).

Lucifer (the "bringer of light") becomes an adversary to "his" own evil in a similar manner. Eventually the false light (BS) in this world will become so blinding that it will encourage people to "see" and "hear" the false light for what it really is (because their survival will depend on it).

In a sort of backward kind of way, this is how Satan becomes a "Prince" again and this is how Lucifer becomes an "Angel" again. In esoteric terms, this is a reference to polarities and cycles. A simple example of this idea is the cycle of a day (i.e. it's dark just before dawn, and it is light just before dusk). Where does the greatest vision occur? In occurs at the transition point, when one can clearly see both day and night at the same time.

The other Trinity - God, Lucifer and Satan.
Which element represents
God in this image?

One of the things that Christians don't like to "see" or "hear" is that both Lucifer and Jesus are referred to as morning stars in the Bible. Why is this? Because they both help to bring in the dawn of a new day of awareness and understanding (in their own unique ways).

You might say that Jesus tries to help us to "see the light" the easy way, while Satan and Lucifer make us "see the light" the hard way.

Another way of looking at the Bible is this: The Old Testament (with its blind, jealous and egotistical god) is like the darkness (night). And the New Testament is like the light (day). Jesus acts as sort of a mediator and tries to bring balance to the old and the new and the light and the dark so that one day they can both "see the Light" (the whole or the One).

Just to be clear, I'm not suggesting that evil is good. What I'm saying is that both Satan and Lucifer will continue to deliver their own form of darkness to us (blinding darkness or blinding light) until we decide that we have had enough suffering and choose to look at (and understand) the other polarity and become balanced once again.

Stuck in Time
(recurring time loops)

How do souls (unique aspects of consciousness) get stuck in time? The more disconnected that we become from Creation, the less that we remember and the more suffering that is created in the world (internal and external).

Amnesia and suffering create blindness and "heaviness" in our souls and "anchor" us (rather than grounding us) to the material world through the corrupted ego (which is disconnected from Creation). Because of this disconnection, souls sometimes get locked into recurring cycles of incarnation, returning to this world over and over again until they learn to "see" and "hear" again (reconnect with Creation).

Sometimes amnesiac souls immediately "re-cycle" back into new "bodies" at their death, while other times they have to wait for another body (remaining as "spirits" in the non-physical realm).

When we are in physical bodies, we can choose to learn and grow (recognize and understand our connection to everything around us) or we can choose to stay blind and ignorant (serving only the passions and desires of our egos).

While we are in "spirit", we can choose to help educate and guide those in the physical realm, or we can choose to deceive and feed off of those in the physical realm.

Thus, we can choose to be angels and/or demons in both the physical realm and in the non-physical realm. We can choose to rule ourselves (as a sovereign aware connected individuals), we can choose to be ruled over (as part of the blind collective), or we can choose to rule over others (as "archons" that are disconnected from Creation).

The Soul Trap

I recently heard a discussion on the internet about something called the "soul trap". Apparently some people are advising others not to go to the light when they die..."it's a trap designed to recycle you back into the matrix". My first thought when I heard this was, where should we go, towards the darkness? What if that's wrong way? Or, if it is the right way, what if the "soul-trappers" get wise and switch things around again (so that the light is actually right way)?

It seems like warning people not to go to the light when you die has the potential to create additional fear, apprehension and uncertainty about death, when there shouldn't be any such fear (unless you choose to live and die in blindness and ignorance).

If you choose to become knowledgeable, aware, compassionate and wise during this lifetime, there is nothing to worry about when you die. You will know what to do, and you will not be fooled by anyone or anything.

Discerning Words, Numbers, Symbols

All letters, numbers and shapes are symbols, and any symbol can be used as a sigil. A sigil is simply a symbol that has been "charged" with the intent of the creator of that symbol (the magician). In effect, we are all "magicians" because we create many different things in our lives each day using our "intent".

A triangle by itself, is not positive or negative. However, a triangle can be charged with positive or negative energy so that it ends up representing something positive or negative. This is also true with other shapes and symbols (letters, words, numbers, etc). Sometimes a symbol can evoke a positive or negative feeling all by themselves. Why is this? Because they have been "pre-charged" with positive or negative energy sometime in the past.

It is important to understand the concepts above because they are a primary mechanism that the darkside uses to help keep knowledge hidden from the public. Over the years, the darkside has hijacked many important symbols, words and numbers for its own use. Some examples of hijacked symbols are triangles, eyes and pyramids. It seems like whenever someone sees one of these symbols now they automatically associate it with the evil "illuminati". Are triangles, eyes and pyramids evil? Did the darkside (by themselves) make these symbols "evil"? Or did society help to charge those symbols with negative energy?

The process of hijacking a symbol is actually quite simple. When the darkside wants to sequester a symbol for its own use, all it has to do is place that symbol on its paraphernalia (album covers, movies, t-shirts, advertising, etc) and then wait for the public to do the rest (i.e. "brand" that symbol as evil through its association with the "illuminati").

The unfortunate result of this process is that it causes many useful symbols (shapes, words, numbers, etc) to go into dis-use (and mis-understanding) because they are considered to be evil or taboo. Over time, this slowly erodes away our available "vocabulary" so that we have less to express ourselves with. This helps to dumb down the general population.

Even the word "illuminati" helps to create the impression in our sub-conscious mind that "illumination" (light, knowledge and understanding) isn't good. Another example of this idea is the all-seeing-eye which, in its original form, was a sign/symbol for increased sight or "third-eye" sight. Now it stands for the illuminati, the New World Order and the surveillance state.

The most disturbing thing about this process is not that black magicians use the public as tools to charge "their" symbols with negative energy, it is that the pubic willingly and unknowingly does it with far greater speed and efficiency than a single black magician could ever hope to do on his or her own.

At the current rate things are going, it won't be that long before most of our language has been "claimed" and sequestered by the "illuminati". All we will have left to express ourselves with is 140 characters, a few smiley faces and some convoluted acronyms. The new generation has already been primed for this "apocalypse of understanding" with things like texting, twitter and emoticons.

I was at the laundromat the other day and I heard a Dominos Pizza commercial on TV. Apparently you can now use an emoticon to order a pizza from them. I almost broke down in tears, not with joy over the ease and simplicity of ordering a pizza, but at the realization at just how degraded our modern society has become.

I often incorporate numbers and geometry in my writing because they are an additional aspect of language that allows me to express concepts in a way that would be very difficult to express if I were using words alone. Numbers and geometry aren't dark or evil. They don't belong to the "illuminati". The only "magic" that I practice in my writing is to try and create something that will encourage awareness and understanding and be empowering to the reader.

In part 1 of this essay, the pentagram was used to help illustrate a number of very important concepts. The pentagram is actually one of the best ways to clearly and concisely illustrate what is really going on in this world. This is one of the reasons why it has been hijacked by the darkside. As a result of this hijacking, if anyone tries to use this symbol in an educational manner now, they risk being labeled as a witch, a pagan or a Satanist.

Christianity and Taoism were used in this series to help illustrate the concepts of polarity, balance and imbalance. Does this mean that I am endorsing or promoting those religions? No. What it means is that, through discernment, I found useful information in both of these religions. Instead of throwing the baby out with the bath water, I kept the baby and got rid of the bath water.

There seems to be this idea that a "symbol" can only be used to represent one thing, or that it can only be used to express, illustrate or explain something in one way. This is a very flat, linear and limited (boxed-in) mode of thinking. This is exactly where the system wants our minds to remain. When we begin to think in a multi-dimensional manner, it opens up vast levels of awareness and understanding. However, since this mode of thinking is detrimental to the survival of the system, such thinking is actively discouraged by various "agents" of the system.

Freeing your mind and finding your center. Are these
opposite actions? Or are they related concepts?

Are the light and dark one-dimensional symbols, or are they multi-dimensional symbols? What concepts can the light and the dark represent? How about...

Is a rainbow a one-dimensional symbol, or is it a multi-dimensional symbol? What concepts can a rainbow represent? How about...

When thinking in multi-dimensional terms, both context and intent are very important factors in discerning the true meaning of symbols.

Another symbol that was used in this essay was the swastika. The swastika is actually one of the oldest known symbols in the world. It has been around for many thousands of years (long before the Nazi's "claimed" it as their own). The swastika is a sacred symbol that is often seen in Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism (as well as other spiritual traditions). It has been used throughout history in both the clockwise and the counter-clockwise position.

The swastika has had many different meanings over the millennia, but in general it is often used as a sign of balance and goodwill (or good luck). In some cultures, the swastika has also been used to represent "light" (or the sun). In the west, the swastika is almost universally associated with the Nazi Party. Therefore, when one sees it being used in the west, both context and intent become very important in helping to determine its true meaning.

Two other symbols that have been partially "claimed" by the darkside are the infinity symbol (which has been used by many different occult traditions, including Aleister Crowley) and the "x" symbol" (which is seen virtually everywhere today).

The infinity symbol, like the swastika, is a very old symbol that is often expressed in various forms of art (particularly in those that are associated with alchemy). The "x" symbol is one of the most widely seen symbols in both exoteric and esoteric (occult) traditions. In modern times, the "x" has been associated mostly with dark occultism. However, the original meaning of the "x" symbol, in esoteric terms, was change or transformation.

The "x" symbol can also be used to represent a state of balance as is seen in the crossing of the polarities (the middle point of infinity). Or, on the dark side, the "x" symbol is sometimes used to represent the corruption and/or unnatural commingling of polarities (dark-change or dark-transformation).


Remember that everything has a light side and a dark side. The "C" and the "3" in this image are not inverted, rather they are a "reflection" of themselves. What happens when the "reflection" and the "reflected" are brought together? They become whole again. What happens when the infinity sign is folded together? It becomes "one" circle. Oh, and just to be clear, the x-factor isn't a reference to a TV show.

Channeled Information
(Discerning the "source")

How should one approach "channeled" and "downloaded" information? I think that depends on the individual. However, perhaps a good place to start is by recognizing that all of us "channel" and "download" information every single day from many different sources. Just because information may come from a source that is outside of ourselves, that doesn't necessarily mean that it is holy, right, complete or true. Discernment is important.

How should one approach religion, government and spirituality? Again, I think that depends on the individual. However, perhaps a good place to start is by understanding that just because someone presents themselves to us with fancy words, an impressive costume or light emanating from their body, doesn't necessarily mean that they are holy, right, complete or true. Discernment is important.

Perhaps it might be helpful to ask the following questions whenever channeled information crosses our path (in the form of religion, politics, ideologies, "isms", etc): 

  1. Does it follow the Golden Rule (treat others as though you would like to be treated, and do not treat others the way that you do not want to be treated)?
  2. Does it infringe on the freewill or sovereignty of ourselves or other individuals?
  3. Does it do harm to ourselves or harm to others? For example, does it promote the blind ego of one, at the expense of the well-being of One, and/or does it promote the blind well-being of One, at the expense of the freewill, sovereignty and individuality of one?
  4. Does it respect all life on the planet, including the planet itself (instead of just the beings that perceive themselves to be at the top of the food chain)?
  5. Does it promote the healthy pursuit of balance and harmony, or does it create a continuous state of unbalance and disharmony?
  6. Does it promote the (false) idea that apathy is the way to utopia, silence as the way to harmony, and war as the way to peace? Does it (falsely) suggest that there is no place or time for silence, contemplation and reflection? Does it promote constant external chatter, unending noise and continuous activity (at the expense of internal examination, conscious discernment and "silent communication")?
  7. Does it suggest that a savior is coming sometime in the future (a deity, a rapture, a new system, an ascension, a new earth, etc)? Does it suggest that one day peace and harmony will magically arrive in the world without us first doing the necessary (and difficult) internal/external work that is necessary to create such a thing and make it a true (and lasting) reality? Does it promote a "wait and hope" attitude, or a "create and see" behavior?
  8. Does it (falsely) suggest that human beings are helpless creatures that are at the blind mercy of some unseen all-powerful "god"? Does it (falsely) suggest that our destiny is preordained? Does it discourage individual freewill and/or suppress the idea that it is we (individually and collectively) that create our own reality and our own destiny?
  9. Does it promote the idea of blind (ongoing) forgiveness (at the expense of awareness, discernment and well-being)? Does it (falsely) suggest that there is no place or time for practicing good "judgment"? Does it make a distinction between false forgiveness (that promotes backward movement) and true forgiveness (that promotes forward movement)?
  10. Does it suggest that we should blindly and obediently follow its religion, its word, its order, its tradition, its politic, its philosophy, its ideology or its "ism" without thinking for ourselves? Does it suggest that we should forfeit the opportunity that we have been given to experience, to learn and to grow during this current incarnation? Or does it communicate the importance of dis-covering (uncovering) and developing knowledge, understanding, discernment, awareness, compassion, Love and Wisdom while we are here?


If after reading this essay you still think that what is going on in the world is a Right Wing thing, or a Left Wing thing; a Government thing, or a Corporate thing; a Nazi thing or a Zionist thing; a Western thing, or an Eastern thing; a Christian thing or a Muslim thing; a Male thing, or a Female thing; an Angelic thing, or a Demonic thing; a Human thing, or an Alien thing;...then I think that you have missed the point. These things are merely vehicles of the disease, they are not the disease itself.

Perhaps an analogy might be useful in helping to illustrate this point. A person could use a car to intentionally run over another person. In such a situation, would the vehicle or the operator be at fault? Does it matter whether a person uses a Chevy, a Toyota, a Volkswagen or a Hyundai to run another person over? Would anything change if we persecuted, prosecuted or got rid of all of the Chevy's, Toyotas, Volkswagens and Hyundai's in the world?

It is important to see and understand what is happening on the surface. However, if we get caught up in only the surface issues (the symptoms), then that which exists below (the root cause) will continue to thrive and grow in the darkness. If only the surface is addressed, then that which is underneath will simply rise back up to the surface again.

To use another analogy, this would be like covering up a deep infected wound with a band-aid without first cleaning out the wound. It might look good temporarily on the surface, but the disease itself would still be festering below. Likewise, if we get too caught up in the darkness below, then the darkness which exists above will continue to flourish.

Both the above and the below, and the inner and the outer must be understood and properly addressed for true and lasting progress to be made.

Awareness encourages Discernment. And Discernment encourages Awareness.

Perspective encourages Balance. And Balance encourages Perspective.

Having a Balanced Perspective is helpful in developing a Discerning Awareness.





Notice the upright and inverted pentagrams
in the image above?


For whatever dark reasons that the Greys may have for being here, perhaps there is a bright reason that we might be overlooking. And as dark and scary as it is to look into the eyes of a Grey, maybe there is a reason for that darkness. Could it be that the Greys are acting as messengers (consciously or unconsciously)? Could it be that they are here to deliver a very important message to us?

Perhaps that message is this: Do we really want to end up like them?

There are many different themes that are explored in this film. Personally, I think that the story was less about aliens and more about what we, as human beings, are capable of (the good, the bad and the ugly).

Human beings are capable of some truly amazing things. But we are also capable of some truly frightening things as well. There is so much about ourselves that we still haven't discovered (or uncovered) yet.

There was an interesting scene that occurred towards the end of the mini-series. In this scene, the camera panned slowly though the room and then stopped on the image below. It was pretty clear that the director wanted the audience to see this. What does it mean? It looks like an inverted pentagram with blood spots splashed all around it. But it could also be a crooked upright pentagram as well (if you tilt your head a little). There is also another pentagram that appears (hidden) in the sky a little later on.

Perhaps the ambiguity in the pentagram above was intentional and meant to convey a couple of questions:

  1. Are Grey aliens good or bad?
  2. Are Humans good or bad?

When we (as beings of Creation) lose our sight and become blind, it is very easy to get turned around without realizing it. Once this happens, things can go south very quickly.

Do you think that the idea that human beings could turn themselves into Greys (without seeing it) is crazy? Look at the examples of what people did to themselves in this essay. Look at what Michael Jackson did to his face. Look at what we are doing to this planet. As shocking as these examples are, it seems that many people still remain blind to what is going on (as it is incrementally happening to them).

Is it possible that "human beings" of the future could end up becoming the demons that haunt us in the present?

It's interesting that this film follows a progression that is similar to what occurs with many abductees over time. In the beginning abductions are often viewed as something that is malevolent and terrifying. However, later there is a reversal of those feelings and they are viewed as something that is good. What is going on here? Programming? Stockholm Syndrome? Psychological numbing? Or is it a genuine change of heart?

There are some reasons given in the film why the Greys might not actually be that bad. Do you think that this explanation is a valid excuse for their behavior? Does this explain things sufficiently? How do their actions compare to our own actions and behavior on this planet? Is there more than one type of Grey?

The only way that we can avoid the darkness is to recognize the darkness, face the darkness, understand the darkness and make a conscious decision not to become the darkness.


Don't Fear the Reaper
(Blue Oyster Cult)

The reaper in this case is not the reaper that comes for you when your physical body dies. Rather, it is the reaper that comes to claim the souls of the people who have allowed the light within them to die. In other words, it is the reaper that comes to collect on the darkness which we have sown.

"Love of two is one". This is a very important concept of (re)integration and balance. However, this idea can also be distorted and corrupted with things like transhumanism (integration of human biology with technology), transgenderism (unnatural integration of gender via psychological programming) and transcreationism (integration of different species through GMOs and other forms of genetic manipulation).

Every day 40,000 people in this world "redefine happiness" based on the corrupted and distorted ideals that are propagated through various media "channels" such as TV, music, movies, internet and social media. Every day 40,000 more people "become like they are" (by aligning themselves with the darkside).

The darkness is very patient. It will wait until things seem hopeless, then it will open the door and offer its hand and say "don't be afraid, don't fear the can be like we are, you can fly like us". However, their form of "flight" is not about achieving higher consciousness, awareness and understanding (Light), it is about "falling" deeper into darkness and deception (ignorance).

Natural fear (as opposed to manufactured fear) is a valid and useful emotion. It serves a purpose (or rather it should serve a purpose). If it encourages us to take rightful action, then it has served its purpose. However, if it encourages us into wrong action or inaction (apathy or paralysis), then fear is not serving us (or serving its purpose), it is serving someone else's purpose.

My intention with this essay and with this information is to encourage awareness and rightful action. It is not to promote unfounded fear or create paralysis.

All our times have come
Here but now they're gone
Seasons don't fear the reaper
Nor do the wind, the sun or the rain...we can be like they are
Come on baby...don't fear the reaper
Baby take my hand...don't fear the reaper
We'll be able to fly...don't fear the reaper
Baby I'm your man...

La la la la la
La la la la la

Valentine is done
Here but now they're gone
Romeo and Juliet
Are together in eternity...Romeo and Juliet
40, 000 men and women everyday...Like Romeo and Juliet
40, 000 men and women everyday...Redefine happiness
Another 40, 000 coming everyday...We can be like they are
Come on baby...don't fear the reaper
Baby take my hand...don't fear the reaper
We'll be able to fly...don't fear the reaper
Baby I'm your man...

La la la la la
La la la la la

Love of two is one
Here but now they're gone
Came the last night of sadness
And it was clear she couldn't go on
Then the door was open and the wind appeared
The candles blew and then disappeared
The curtains flew and then he appeared...saying don't be afraid
Come on baby...and she had no fear
And she ran to him...then they started to fly
They looked backward and said goodbye...she had become like they are
She had taken his hand...she had become like they are
Come on baby...don't fear the reaper

What is the difference between the light and the dark?
Awareness = Light, and Ignorance (shh) = Darkness.


Flirting with Disaster
(Molly Hatchet)

Why does it seem like the human race must always "flirt with disaster" before it finally decides to change course and travel down a more sane road? Why does it seem like we always have to learn everything the hard way?


I'm travelin' down the road and I'm flirtin' with disaster
I've got the pedal to the floor, my life is running faster
I'm out of money, out of hope, it looks like self-destruction
Well, how much more can we take with all of this corruption

We're flirtin' with disaster, y'all know what I mean
And the way we run our lives, it makes no sense to me
I don't know about yourself or what you want to be, yeah
When we gamble with our time, we choose our destiny

I'm travelin' down that lonesome road
Feel like I'm dragging a heavy load
Yeah, I've tried to turn my head away
Feel about the same most every day

You know what I'm talking about, baby

Speeding down the fast lane, honey, we're playin' from town to town
The boys and I've been burnin' it up, can't seem to slow it down
Ive got the pedal to the floor, our lives are runnin' faster
We got our sights set straight ahead, but I ain't sure what we're after

Flirtin' with disaster, yall damn sure know what I mean
You know, the way we run our lives, it makes no sense to me
I don't know about yourself or what you plan to be, yeah
When we gamble with our time we choose our destiny

Yeah, we're travelin' down that lonesome road
Feel like I'm dragging a heavy load
Don't try to turn my head away
I'm flirtin' with disaster every day

And you are too, baby

Flirtin' with disaster, babe, y'all know what I mean
You know the way we run our lives, it makes no sense to me
I don't know about yourself or what you plan to be
When we gamble with our time we choose our destiny

Yeah, we're traveling down this lonesome road
Feel like I'm dragging a heavy load
Don't try and turn my head away, ba ba ba yeah
Flirtin' with disaster every day  


Perhaps it's time to turn around and head north for a while?


Running on Empty
(Jackson Browne)

Whenever you feel like you are running on empty, always remember...

The "Force" is with (in) you


When the Force is with you, it matters not what your physical size is.

Have you ever wondered why Yoda's Light saber is green and the darkside's is red? Green is a sign of balance, understanding and wisdom. Red is a sign of imbalance (or being one-eye-blind). Red is the lowest vibration color in the visible light spectrum (on the left side...or the left-hand path).  



Yoda isn't giving us middle finger here. Rather, he is saying "see two as One". This is also representative of the Bright Star (with the apex of the star, or Spirit, pointing upwards). The middle way represents the synergy that is created through awareness, understanding and wisdom (seeing how everything is connected within Creation).

The background color of the center image is violet. This isn't to suggest that Yoda has become imbalanced towards the (false) "light", but rather it is to illustrate that Yoda has discovered the True Light within him by traversing through all of the other colors (and numbers) and has finally arrived at nine (violet) which is the ultimate expression of One.

This is the "journey" that occurs as "one" moves through the Third Element, the Fourth Element, the Fifth Element and the Sixth Element (and through the Seventh Element and the Eighth Element).

What is the "Light" and the "Force"? It is Love (a recognition, an awareness and an understanding of all).

Running on Empty

Looking out at the road rushing under my wheels
Looking back at the years gone by like so many summer fields
In sixty-five I was seventeen and running up one-o-one
I don't know where I'm running now, I'm just running on

Running on - running on empty
Running on - running blind
Running on - running into the sun
But I'm running behind

Gotta do what you can just to keep your Love alive
Trying not to confuse it with what you do to survive
In sixty-nine I was twenty-one and I called the road my own
I don't know when that road turned onto the road I'm on

Running on - running on empty
Running on - running blind
Running on - running into the sun
But I'm running behind

Everyone I know, everywhere I go
People need some reason to believe
I don't know about anyone but me
If it takes all night, that'll be all right
If I can get you to smile before I leave

Looking out at the road rushing under my wheels
I don't know how to tell you all just how crazy this life feels
I look around for the friends that I used to turn to pull me through
Looking into their eyes, I see them running too

Running on - running on empty
Running on - running blind
Running on - running into the sun
But I'm running behind

Honey you really tempt me
You know the way you look so kind
I'd love to stick around but I'm running behind
You know I don't even know what I'm hoping to find
Running into the sun but I'm running behind


We have been programmed to think that we are less than what we really are. As a result of this, our true potential has been hidden from us (by others and by ourselves). How we chose to use our potential is what defines the nature of that potential. It can be used in the Light of Wisdom or it can be used in the darkness of ignorance. We have the ability to create our own reality and forge our own destiny.

I think that it's important to have compassion for others around us. All of us were children at one time. How do bright stars end up becoming dark stars? Do they start out as bad kids? Or is their "fall" a result of programming and conditioning? What kinds of trauma (physical and psychological) have others around us been subjected to as children and adults?

I'm not suggesting that we should accept, encourage or excuse bad behavior. What I'm saying is that we can look at "others" as the enemy, or we can try to understand the bigger picture. All of us have been subjected to programming and conditioning in or lives to one degree or another. If we see each other as enemies, then it is likely that we will treat each other as enemies. However, if we recognize that we are all subjects of mind control, then we can help each other to see and break free from that control and begin to heal ourselves from those influences.

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