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Dinosaurs of Tomorrow

Dinosaurs of Tomorrow


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Dinosaurs of Tomorrow

June 16, 2013

Bones from a number of extinct dinosaurs have just been discovered at a (future) ancient archeological site located in the badlands of the Sonoran Desert. The site is quite large and includes many ruins, artifacts and petroglyphs. The petroglyphs, which are almost perfectly preserved, offer a rare glimpse into a very mysterious time in human history and hold important clues regarding the ancient creatures that once roamed these lands.  

Not much is known about the history of the human race during this time. However, from what historians have been able to piece together so far, apparently there were several great plagues that had swept over the planet during this era. The data seems to indicate that these plagues were deliberately released very slowly (insidiously) on the entire population using a variety of covert delivery methods.

According to the surviving records, these plagues eventually caused an almost complete loss of memory and cognitive function within much of the human population. Humans forgot how to live in harmony with themselves and with the planet that they resided on. Much of the population of earth had been deliberately isolated from nature during this time. They had forgotten the most basic of survival skills and relied instead on something called "technology". As a result of this forgetfulness, a significant number of humans had perished in the Times of Upheaval which occurred during the early part of the 21st century. 

A number of ancient texts also spoke of another great plague that occurred during the same time. This plague was very virulent and swept over the land like a great swarm of locusts, blackening the skies and the minds of many living creatures. It appears as though "dinosaurs" of this era were the ones that were first affected by this plague. However, later, the plague spread over the entire planet. This disease was characterized by number of different symptoms including greed, hatred, war, corruption, consumption, power, control and ego.

Modern researchers are still trying to understand the true nature of this disease, however references to the "Great Plague" can be found in many of the surviving texts of the time. Apparently, this was not a new disease, but one that had existed and infected a great number of people throughout the course of history. In fact, many ancient tribes (dating back to almost the beginning of time) had also described a very similar affliction.

An analysis is currently being conducted on the dinosaur bones to try and determine what type of diet that these strange creatures existed on. However, preliminary data seems to indicate that the main staple of these entities was greed. Molecular diagnosis has revealed that this was not a normal form of greed, however, but a GM (genetically modified) variety that was specifically created by Monsanto (some type of dark entity) to be extremely resistant to truth and justice. Research into this area is still ongoing. As a precautionary measure, a containment field has been erected around the excavation site to help ensure that this genetically modified greed does not escape back into the biosphere of the earth once again.

Many of the ancient artifacts contained in the site were previously vandalized and defaced in what appears to be an attempt to hide the true history of the human race. Archeologists have been working diligently day and night to try and restore the damaged artifacts and petroglyphs to their original form.

According to the petroglyphs and ancient texts, there was a great battle that took place during this time. Apparently, the human race had decided (at some point) to pursue life, liberty, truth, ethics and freedom and reject the corrupted/artificial reality that had been built all around them.

Following this proclamation by the human race, the angels had come down from the heavens to assist the humans in this great battle. However, according to the ancient texts, the angels did not come to battle the dark forces directly. Rather, they came to help the humans develop an effective treatment for the "Great Plague" and to try and help them understand the battle that was occurring within them (so that true and lasting freedom could be realized). Freewill appears to have played a very important role in defining this historical time in history.  

Images from the site are below. Additional information will be posted as it becomes available.

Remnants of an ancient mind control machine


Everything Counts
(Depeche Mode)


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