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Earth Cries, People Sigh

Earth Cries, People Sigh


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Earth Cries, People Sigh

January 20, 2014













The Earth is the Body and the Mother of growth. The Devil is the "d" in evil which makes up the "d" in the darkness and the destruction of Earth.

The Ego is the Child of the developing Mind. The Moon is the Child of the light and the dark.

God is the Light that shines like the Sun. The Suns and the Dotters are the Spirits of God.

  • Every Heaven can become a Hell
  • Every Hell can become a Heaven
  • Every Angel can become a Demon
  • Every Demon can become an Angel
  • A Heaven to one, is a Hell to another
  • And Hell to one, is a Heaven to another
  • An Angel to one, is a Demon to another
  • And a Demon to one, is an Angel to another 

The rulers of the hell(s) seek to gain/maintain subjects in their realm to rule over.

The beings of the heaven(s) seek to lift up others to a higher plane of existence.

There are some "beings" in "hell" and there are some "demons" in "heaven". Demons tempt and beings help to educate. Educated demons may rise to become responsible beings, and tempted beings may fall to become demons of un-being. Education can take the form of temptation, and temptation can take the form of education.

Experience leads to the potential for learning. And learning leads to the potential for growth. And experience, learning and growth leads to the potential for Wisdom.

From Darkness Abounds

Those who crap where they sleep

May one day weep

When they wake up to find

That all have been blind


Their planet of high

Is beginning to die

What once was the light

Has transformed into blight


The darkness from below

Has stolen the show

The fruits of their rule

Have made many a fool


The weight of the blind

Is beginning to bind

They say ignorance is bliss

But that's really amiss


The days are growing short

But there's still time to retort

To help people see

And hear many a plea


Our history is now

There's no time for us to bow

To prevent the fall

Of planet and all


Stand up for what's right

Hold onto the light

Resist the mark

It's a sign of the dark


 If we forfeit our wings

Birds will not sing

As we fall from above

No longer the dove


If we are wise

There's a chance we will rise

But if we ignore

Then there may be no more


The moral of the story

Is not one of glory

But of responsible act

An undeniable fact


A few words to close

From the planet we rose

Be kind to our ship

As we sail on our trip


Don't crap where we sleep

Or one day we'll reap

The howling of hounds

From darkness abounds



The terms angel, demon, heaven and hell are not intended to reference any particular religious belief system, nor are they intended to induce any type of propaganda-based fear. "Light" may be substituted for angel/heaven and "dark" may be substituted for demon/hell. The people and places are metaphor (of consciousness and realm), however the underlying concept is very real.

For more information regarding my view on angels/demons, good/evil, and heaven/hell please see:

How many days must come to pass

Before we awaken to see at last?

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