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The Spiritual Gatekeepers (part 24) - Corrupted Realities and Satanic Influence in Our Society

The Spiritual Gatekeepers (part 24) - Corrupted Realities - Satanic Influence In Our Society


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Corrupted Realities
- Satanic Influence in Our Society -

February 4, 2013


Many Satanists come across as normal, intelligent and articulate individuals. For this reason, they often blend in quite well with the general population. Practicing Satanists are widely (covertly) distributed throughout all areas of society, with significant concentrations in areas such as politics, corporations, the mainstream media, law enforcement and the military. 

On the surface, certain aspects of Satanism may appear to offer empowering and/or attractive philosophies to some people (as discussed in the attached video). However, below the surface, Satanism has a much darker personality. Some of the beneficial ideals which are claimed to be associated with Satanism (as quoted by Satanists) include such things as strength, beauty, power, freedom, liberty and nature. However, these are not the same concepts as most people would normally understand them, rather, they are corrupted versions. 

Satan is known as "The Adversary". Therefore, many ideals associated with the Church of Satan are adversarial in nature. In other words, Satanic ideals are usually the inverse or reverse of normal ideas and concepts. The Church of Satan denounces all traditional religious beliefs and philosophies and it has its own unique code of conduct (basically anything goes). The youth are often particularly drawn to Satanic philosophies because Satanism proclaims to represent a rebellion against "the (mainstream) machine". 

The news media today is full of stories involving scandals in politics, scandals in the church, scandals in schools and scandals in universities...scandals everywhere. Many of these institutions appear to be corrupted to the core and encourage an environment of restriction and oppression rather than one of freedom and liberty. As a result of this, many people have lost faith in the ability of these institutions to provide answers or solutions to the serious issues that we are facing today.  

What if a new philosophy were to come along in this increasingly corrupt/restrictive environment, made sense to the people (on the surface) and promised a vision of freedom from all of the turmoil, corruption and burdens of modern society? Would there be people who were willing adopt such a philosophy? The answer to that question is yes (sometimes knowingly, and sometimes unknowingly). It is a natural human reaction to rebel against a state of oppression. The true architects of this corruption and oppression understand this very well. They have been waiting (for a long time) in the shadows to offer the solution to the oppression and chaos that they themselves created. 

This segment is not about religion. It is about the misrepresentation of ideals in order to manipulate and trick the general population (especially the youth) into adopting various corrupted ideals that many people wouldn't normally be open to in the absence of manipulation, trickery and illusion. It is also about the secret underground Satanic "system" that is hidden in plain sight and widely distributed throughout our modern society. 

I am not trying to condemn any particular religion, person or philosophy in this segment. Rather, I am attempting to clarify and examine the mechanics and repercussions of adopting Satanism as a philosophy or a way of life. The adoption of Satanic philosophies can occur either on a conscious level (knowingly) or a subconscious level (unknowingly) via many different covert forms of manipulation involving a variety of very effective technologies. 

There is some uncomfortable subject matter in this segment. However, I believe that it is absolutely critical to have a good understanding of these concepts as they will likely play a very significant role in the times ahead. We are entering a period of time where everything is going to appear upside down, backwards and convoluted. There will be much confusion in the times ahead. This is the way of Satanism and it is what we must understand in order to properly resist its influence.  

For the sake of consistency, the term "Satanism" will used to describe various concepts, tactics and practices associated with this belief system. However, I much prefer a more neutral term (such as the Dark Entities) that does not have a specific religious connotation attached to it. This is because it doesn't simply involve one "character" that is limited to one belief system. Rather, it includes a group of malevolent entitles which affect the entire population of planet Earth. 

These entities do in fact exist. The enormous power that they have over the human race is difficult to put into words because it transcends this physical world that we live in. They have direct access to our consciousness and can therefore influence us in some very profound ways that would normally seem impossible to most people due to our programmed understanding of what is possible and what is not possible. 

Protection from their influence begins with developing a clear understanding of how they operate and what their key "signature" traits are. I have discussed some of these traits previously in prior segments. However, this subject deserves to be revisited now that things are beginning to progress more rapidly. There are actually many steps that can be taken to protect oneself from the influence of these Dark Entities. I will summarize some of these in the next segment (in order to try and keep this article as concise as possible). 

Video - Satanism: The Basics

The following video is entitled "Satanism: The Basics". The main people featured in this video are High Priest Peter Gilmore and Nikolas & Zeena Schrek. Zeena Schrek is the daughter of Anton Levay (the original founder of the Church of Satan). Nikolas Schrek was the founder of a separate sect of the Church of Satan known as the Werewolf Order. 

It is my belief that the Satanism which is commonly understood by the general public (via the Church of Satan and the mainstream media) is quite a bit different than the more occult oriented Satanism that is practiced by the ruling elite. However, they do share some very common traits which can offer a number of valuable insights into their methods, ideologies and agendas.

One of the most common traits of Satanism (and the Dark Entities) is a blurring, twisting and inversion of normally understood concepts and ideas. Within these interviews there are many truths presented, but they occur within a greater body of Satanic idealism (that serves to confuse the overall subject matter). 

The infusion of lies into truth, and truth into lies is a familiar tactic that is commonly used to get uninformed people to accept or reject an idea or concept based on incomplete or conflicting information. Deception and illusion are two of the most powerful tools of the Dark Entities. Please keep this in mind when viewing this video. 

Below is a summary of some key points which were made by Peter Gilmore and Nikolas & Zeena Schrek. The commentaries that are provided here are simply meant to serve as examples and insights into certain Satanic philosophies (that often appear benign on the surface but are more "twisted" in true reality). They are not intended to be a commentary on the individuals who made them or on their personal beliefs.

A link to video is provided at the end of this article. 

First Interview - High Priest Peter Gilmore

Time: :56 - Peter Gilmore: Satanists believe in freedom, liberty and pride. Commentary: Sounds reasonable. Isn't this what many of us seek? However, the Satanic idea of freedom and liberty is actually freedom without responsibility and liberty without morality (as seen later in this video). 

Time: 1:29 – Peter Gilmore: There is no life after death, therefore you must enjoy yourself to the fullest extent possible right now. Commentary: There is life after death. This is only one experience among many. This current experience has both meaning and purpose. It is not just about constant enjoyment and entertainment. There is also a responsibility to life, to ourselves, to others that we interact with, to the children of future generations and to the planet that we live on. This Satanic "live in the moment" philosophy is depicted quite well in the popular Ke$ha song Die Young (and in other popular music as well). It is also reflected in our modern society today as a whole, because this is how we have been conditioned to behave via the (corrupted) mainstream media, the entertainment industry and by this destructive all-consuming socioeconomic system in which we live. 

Time: 2:14 – Peter Gilmore: Satanists encourage the release of pent-up emotions which ultimately prevent us from enjoying a truly fulfilling life. Commentary: This is actually an essential and very important concept of spiritual development and enlightenment. However, Peter goes on further to say that Satanism encourages members to put a curse on those who have harmed them as a method of releasing their emotional pain (i.e. wrath/revenge vs. confronting the issue in a more healthy manner or with forgiveness).  

Time: 3:20 – Peter Gilmore: The FBI has proven that there aren't any Satanists doing evil things in the world today. Commentary: Really? There is plenty of evidence to suggest otherwise. 

Time: 5:00 – Peter Gilmore: There are many Satanists in corporations, law enforcement and the military. Commentary: Not surprising. Could this be one of the reasons why we see so many people in these organizations that enjoy inflicting pain and suffering on others in order to satisfy their desire for power, greed and control? 

Time: 5:55 – Peter Gilmore: People are born Satanists. The philosophy of Satanism appeals to many different individuals. We aren't trying to recruit/convert anybody. Commentary: Satanism may appeal to some people on the surface, however the reality is a completely different/dark story (as seen later in this video and via other sources as well). Satan(ism) encourages and recruits people (both knowingly and unknowingly) via subliminal Satanic ideas, imagery and symbolism that is widely distributed in TV, music, movies and other media. The goal is to incrementally breakdown the natural barriers that we have towards Satanic ideals, get us to adopt and participate in such ideals and behaviors, thereby creating an alignment with the dark forces of this world in order to feed them and make them stronger. Satanism also "herds" people towards Satanic ideals by creating various problems in society and then offering the solution to the very same problems that it created in the first place. 

Time: 6:10 – Interviewer: So you're not using backward masking or manipulating music in any way? Peter Gilmore: No. Commentary: Actually subliminal messages, including backward masking and other techniques involving the use of sound, frequency and harmonic vibration are used widely in the music and entertainment industry today.  

Second Interview- Nikolas & Zeena Schrek

Time: Beginning at 9:00 – Zeena Schrek: There is no "original sin". Satanic baptism is a glorification and appreciation of life. Babies and children are held in the highest regard. Commentary: I agree that there is no "original sin". According to Satanism, the "Seven Deadly Sins" (greed, lust, envy, wrath, sloth, pride, gluttony) are ok and are actually encouraged as core Satanic ideals. Personally, I don't agree with the whole idea of "sin" as depicted (used) by the Church. Historically, the seven deadly sins have been used as more of a control mechanism in the Church, rather than as a guide to behaviors that should be avoided (that might get us into trouble with ourselves or with others).  

Zeena expresses that these traits are natural human functions and are not to be condemned (I imagine that such an ideology could appeal to some people who would rather not worry about such things). Regarding babies and children, there is much evidence to indicate that (at least some parts of) Satanism do hold babies and children in the highest terms of ritual sacrifice and other ritual practices. Zeena also cites certain issues with Christianity. This is certainly true. These issues should be openly examined (as should similar issues involving the other major religions). When we take an open/honest look at the major religions (Judaism, Christianity, Islam), it becomes very apparent that they were hijacked long ago by other forces/entities in order to serve agendas of power, profit and control rather than spiritual guidance.  

Time: 13:30 - Zeena Schrek: Satanists do not believe in turning the other cheek. They believe in vengeance and retaliation. Commentary: Unfortunately, there are many people in this world that only need a little encouragement, rationalization or justification in order to embrace such ideals and travel down a path towards the dark side. This is where Satanism is most clever. It reaches into an area of the human psyche that can be most easily influenced and manipulated. I agree that injustices need to be addressed and confronted directly. But seeking vengeance on others is not the way. This only serves to bring us down to the same level, and in the end it hurts us more then it releases us. 

Time: 19:20 – Nikolas Schrek: We want to bring out the animal and the beast in man. The ultimate goal is to wipe out the entire Judea-Christian population of Earth. These religious systems have turned the human race into a race of slaves and hypocrites. We want to turn the human race into a race of masters (aka Nazis). Zeena talks about nature and the natural order of things. Commentary: There is little doubt that the major religions have been hijacked, corrupted and used for purposes of control. However, annihilation of those segments of the population is hardly the answer. Bringing out the beast in man will only serve to create further war and chaos. Nature and the natural order of things as defined by Satanic belief systems refers to the strong over the weak and predator vs. prey. 

Time: 23:40 – Nikolas Schrek: The Holy Bible has been the recipe for mass murder for 2000 years. Eugenics is the answer to producing a stronger humanity. Satanists do not wish to control humanity, but release its most beautiful and noble aspects (i.e. the animal/beast/predator in man). Commentary: The Bible has indeed been used to justify some of the most heinous crimes in history. The Bible can be twisted into saying anything that anyone wants it to say. Eugenics is not the answer to a stronger human race. So-called defects in human genetics can often create stronger individuals through the additional challenges that they may face in life. Genetic defects can also offer a unique and different perspective on life (as seen by the "defective" individual) and create a desire to excel that may not have otherwise existed. Genetic diversity is also an important mechanism which helps to protect all species from extinction (from disease and hardship). 

Third Interview - Satanic Rally: 8-8-88

Time: 26:40 - Boyd Rice: Anton Levay says that Satanism is coming out of the ritual chamber, into the mainstream and attempting to bring its message to a broader audience..."we need to bring power back to the powerful and for the slaves to be enslaved again". We think that strength is better than weakness and we want to live our life in that way. Commentary: Translation: Power to the Elite (masters) and slavery to the masses. Strength is good, but not at the expense of others.

Time: 28:40 - Boyd Rice: The Church of Satan is creating real changes... we have people behind the scenes, we have people in high places that are making changes that people aren't even aware of. As the decay of the world gets worse, we get stronger (Satanists). Commentary: This is an important statement as it references the usually hidden, but wide reaching influence of Satanism in our society today. Satanists create and maintain power from within the shadows. If we shine a light on their members and understand the methodology that they use for control, then their power quickly fades away.

Time: 30:10 – Interviewer: What is it about the Nazis and SS that appeals to you? Boyd Rice: Order...bring things back to order (i.e. create chaos first, then establish a New World Order from the ashes). Boyd expresses a necessity to work from within nature (i.e. not as a respect/reverence for nature itself, but as an adherence to natural in the strong over the weak). Boyd also discusses how Hitler was trying to bring about a "purification process"...which is what they are attempting to carry on. Commentary: Nature is the key to knowledge and understanding. However, it should not be used as a tool/means to obtain power and control (which is what Boyd was talking about here). The Nazi ideology is about creating a race of masters and purifying the world via Eugenics and population control. This is exactly what we see happening in the world today (both covertly and overtly).

Time: 32:00 - Nikolas Schrek: Radio Werewolf is about a summoning of the dark forces and the wolf in man. Our work is designed to unleash the beast in man once and for all. We have a quest for world domination...and a quest for power...power for its own sake...power used to the extreme as it has never been used before. We separate the human race into two species...predator and prey. Our main purpose is to create an Elite group of masters and destroy other religions in any way possible. It's a revolution...a demonic revolution and a liberation of the finest things in, strength, wisdom. Commentary: What is beautiful, strong and wise to Satanists is akin to the Hitler model of society, not natural/true beauty. Organized religion was indeed set up to control the masses, however what Satanism is actually promoting is an abolishment of current world religions in favor of a new world religion...Satanism. 

Time: 34:50 – Nikolas Schrek: Our music is designed to awaken the primordial instincts. When we perform music it is a ritual/ceremony designed to unleash these emotions. We incorporate the "dominant frequency" ancient frequency that human beings respond to. Everything breaks down into vibrations…and by controlling those vibrations you can control both matter and thought. We use this to control the masses. Commentary: This is an extremely important disclosure because 1) It references the massive Satanic influence in the music industry today, and 2) It discloses the fact that the Satanic forces of this world understand the importance and relationship of frequency to human health, behavior and consciousness. 

Time: 35:35 - Nikolas Schrek: We are living in a dead world now...the world ended a long time ago. When we look around the streets of the rotting metropolises, we see automatons and zombies. These people have no spirit they have no will. It's time for those of us that still have a will...for those of us that still have a vision of beauty and unleash the truly demonic possibilities of man once and for all. We represent order vs. chaos (or more accurately worded...order from chaos). We would like to see most of the human race killed off because it is unworthy of the gift of life. Natural Law (strong over weak) will produce a master race (a continuation of Hitler philosophies). Commentary: It is the Satanic influence on society (throughout history) that created most of these issues in the first place. Nazi ideologies never died. They were merely transplanted and expanded after WWII by way of various initiatives such as Project Paperclip.  

Time: 37:20 - Interviewer: How effective is the control of your music over people? Nikolas Schrek: We utilize the dominant frequency which is used to unleash the demonic possibilities in man. We are not trying to gather anyone into our fold (what about the covert mind control methods/dominant frequency that you speak of?) We will be their worst fear, worst terror and worst nightmare. Commentary: That pretty much sums up their agenda. 

Time: 40:00 - Nikolas Schrek: We worship ourselves, we are the only "gods" in the universe...we create our own reality. National Socialism was one of the few times in the 20th century that man's full potential has been unleashed...the predatory instinct...the beast in man. We wage war on corruption and decadence (corruption is seen as anything which is different than the Satanic philosophies). Commentary: We do indeed create our own reality. However, we are not gods. Rather, God is within each of us (in other words, we are all unique expressions of God...or unique parts of the whole). 

Time: 42:10 - Nikolas Schrek: We have no concern for the masses. A perfect world to us would be one that doesn't include these people...perhaps our philosophy will lead to their removal. What is going to hit them, is going to hit them so hard that they will never know what hit them. Commentary: This is happening right now. This is what we must wake up to and understand before it is too late. We need to stop supporting the corrupted social/economic (Satanic) system (via passive or active participation in it) which only serves to make these malevolent human/non-human entities stronger. 

Time: 44:20 - Nikolas Schrek: The Demonic Revolution is about a releasing of demonic activity, a return to order and a return to is a return to the old world...the ancient and primeval world. It is much needed because what you people in the mainstream media portray is lies. You exploit the fear of human beings to make profits. Commentary: This is another very important section. Nickolas correctly describes some things that are wrong with modern society, but fails to mention that the reason why society got this way in the first place is due, in many ways, to the historic Satanic influence in corporations, media and politics. Greed as defined by Satanic ideals, is good. This is an excellent example of how Satan(ism) confuses various issues and subsequently creates an interest in establishing a new and free (anything goes) type of Satanic society in order to escape from a decaying and dying society (i.e. lets get away from this current Satanic society and move towards a more Satanic society). 

Time: 45:10 – Interviewer: How do you see the world changing in the next 20 years? Nikolas Schrek: It's going to be moving so fast that the average human being is not going to be able to comprehend what's going on around them. We are seizing control of the media, we have scientists working for us...we have people in every field...they have no guilt and no shame Commentary: They also have no conscience, empathy or morality.

Time: 48:25 – Nikolas Schrek: We cannot teach people to reject the Judea-Christian system. People are born this way. It's part of genetics. There is a certain elite breed of human being that really has little to do with humanity as a whole. Its been misunderstood through the ages as Vampirism, etc. This is a recognition of the potential of mankind and the next step in evolution. That's what we are bringing about. Commentary: This is the elite "bloodlines" described in a nutshell. 

Time 49:10 – Interviewer: Describe the Apocalypse. Nikolas Schrek: The Apocalypse means nothing to me. The world already ended. What we are now experiencing is the final death of a certain way of life. The human way of life is being destroyed. It is destroying itself. It's destroying the Earth that it lives on. People are living in a trance. They are brainwashed and can't think for themselves. The television thinks for them. They can't break away from that conditioning and they never will. They are going to destroy themselves and we celebrate and revel in that destruction...because at last it means that the world is going to be the way that we want it to be. We are recreating reality and we are recreating it in our own image. We are very joyful at the Apocalypse. A bloodbath would be a cleansing of this planet which has been degraded for too long. This next millennium (current one now) is going to be a Satanic millennium. We don't represent the intellect or dry academia. We represent existence...the existence of the predator...and the new world (order) that is finally dawning. It is a new order that we are bringing about. Commentary: Again, this is a New World (Satanic) Order that will be created from the corruption and chaos that the Satanic rulers created in the first place.  

The video continues with another interview with Zeena Schrek. For the sake of space I won't detail it here. However, it is worth watching as it provides some further insights into both Satanism and mainstream society. It also presents a different side of Zeena Schrek as well. 


These interviews provided some valuable insights into both Satanic belief systems and its agenda for world domination. The insights were very telling in that they described how various Satanic philosophies were used incrementally (over a long period of time) to build a corrupted society which will eventually end up imploding upon itself to make way for a New World Order (based once again on Satanic philosophy and control). This is classic Satanism and the schism that represents both "Satan" and the Dark Entities. 

Throughout these interviews there were many truths mixed in with inverted Satanic concepts. In this way, Satanism helps to hide beneficial knowledge and wisdom by associating it with its evil philosophy. This tactic also helps to validate or give credence to a belief system (Satanism) that people might not otherwise consider. It's a very clever (and confusing) that we will most definitely see accelerating in the times to come.

Satanism has in fact corrupted and infiltrated most of modern society. It has created the very conditions which are necessary to unleash the full wrath of Satanism in the form of the New World Order. Satanism created the corruption, the oppression, the poverty and the chaos which will be used to herd people directly into the arms of the Beast. There are some that would say that there is no way that this could ever happen. However, it's already well under way. Most people don't realize just how deep into it we are right now and how much of the general population is unknowingly supporting it. This is why it is so critical to have a good understanding of what is truly going on…so that we can make informed/conscious decisions not to participate in it and not to support it. 

It is the Dark Entities which represent the true underlying and unseen force behind Satanism and the New World Order. These are very powerful and clever entities. However, their power comes mostly from our ignorance of them and the methods they use to control us. They do not usually interact directly (physically) with our world. Rather they interact with a select few (the ruling elite) via various ritualistic practices. The ruling elite then use the knowledge and power gleaned from these entities to carry out their agenda. And the masses fall into line because that is what we have been conditioned and trained to do in order to survive. 

These entities have the ability to interact with us covertly through our consciousness. This can occur at any time, and can take the form of various implanted thought patterns, emotions and ideas. It is very difficult to protect ourselves from such manipulation until we learn how to properly recognize and understand how they are influencing us. The control grid that we live in is designed to keep us constantly busy, distracted and drugged-up to such an extent that we never come to realize or understand the influence that we are under (please see part 15 – Mechanisms of Control for more info). 

The elite believe that they are privileged and that they will enjoy a prominent place in this New World Order. However, they are pawns just like the rest of us. In fact, it is very likely that they will be eliminated (sacrificed) as enemies of the planet by the new rulers (the Dark Entities) who will come to save us from these evil elite. By the time this happens, the people of Earth will be so knocked down and so impoverished that they will be very much open to being saved from the current tyrants and oppressors which have caused so such chaos and suffering in the world. This is only one possible scenario, but a very probable one and something that should be kept in mind as things continue to unfold.

Of course, it is also possible that a benevolent race could show up and help (to overtly) save humanity. However, I believe that this is very unlikely…as the struggle that we are now facing is a very important part of the process that is required to propel the human race to new heights (of consciousness, understanding and freedom). If someone or something else were to do the work for us, there would be no sense of accomplishment and nothing would be gained/learned.  

It is important that we remain (or become) independent thinkers and learn to reconnect with our hearts and our intuitive side. It is here that our true selves are separated from our programmed and conditioned self. What lies ahead is going to challenge the intellect and understanding of even the strongest and most awakened individuals. Chaos and confusion is going to hit us increasingly from all sides. As Satanic dogma states...up will be down, right will be left, right will be wrong and wrong will be right.  

Awareness and discernment are very important, but not at the expense of trust among the people. These entities want us to mistrust each other. They want us to fight with each other and discredit each other. As a result, we will continue to see various psyops being systematically unleashed on the pubic in order to promote mistrust and confusion and keep us preoccupied traveling down endless rabbit holes. This confusion and chaos is what will be used to try and bring in their New World Order...from out of the ashes. They want all the people to participate in this (including police, military and the general population). 

Things are about to become much stranger. Reality (as we normally understand it) is going to begin to morph into something much different and increasingly unrecognizable as this timeline continues to unfold and progress. Not only will we see increasingly bizarre events unfold (as created by the ruling elite), but we will also see a broadening direct involvement in our world by these Dark Entities. This influence will effect both the general population and those people who directly threaten to expose the "grand plan". The mechanisms that will be used will be far beyond what most people can comprehend or understand.  

These will indeed be very challenging times, but ones that I think that we can get though with the right knowledge, understanding and most importantly...with love and compassion in our hearts. 


Satanism: The Basics

Satanic Controlled Hollywood and Music Industry

Ke$ha - Die Young (example of Satanic programming)

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