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---- November 17, 2013 ----

Each segment in this series was written to be as brief and concise as possible. This was done for several reasons:

  1. Many people today do not have the time to read long articles
  2. The main message can sometimes get lost in too many details
  3. Too much detail can sometimes serve to stagnate the mind rather than encourage open ended discussion, critical thinking, individual research and/or the expansion of consciousness  

The downside to taking such an approach (being too concise) is that sometimes this can lead to a misinterpretation or mischaracterization of the information that is being presented. Therefore, I thought it might be a good idea to try and clarify some of the concepts that have been presented in this series.

When I think of a concept, I often see numbers, shapes, geometry, images, music and colors rather than just an expression of words. I tried to incorporate some of these alternative expressions of thought in this series in the hope that they may help illustrate the idea that there are actually many different ways (outside of popularly accepted thought patterns) to see, understand and express various types of concepts.

Yin Yang
(A Non-Traditional Interpretation)

The potential for good and evil has always existed in this world. Freewill gives us a choice as to which polarity that we want to experience or support. Good and evil are always in motion and are always pushing upon one another. During various cycles of time, certain alignments and changes in consciousness occur which can significantly influence our recognition, perception and realization of both good and evil.  

Because of the motion of polarities, good sometimes gets hidden in evil and evil sometimes gets hidden in good...or in other words, the light and the dark sometimes merge together to form various levels of gray. The control system that we live in is constantly blurring the lines between good an evil in order to create as many confusing gray areas as possible. Social programming and conditioning (and other mechanisms) work to incrementally break down our defenses and create open "portals" (or weak areas) where the darkness can sneak in unnoticed and potentially have more influence over us.

Balance and perspective come from experience. Experience helps us to recognize evil in all of its forms so that we can make more informed decisions on how (or if) we want to interact with it. Experience increases our sight and ignorance (actual or willful) blinds us to true reality.

It appears that many people in our society today have been successfully conditioned to be blind, deaf, indifferent or even addicted to evil. So evil is growing in the world. This growth of evil is creating a schism in humanity. Some people are becoming trapped, apathetic or intoxicated by evil, while others are seeing flashing lights and hearing alarm bells. Some choose to ignore the alarm bells and remain comfortably numb, while others heed the call and see it as an opportunity to begin creating a better world and reality for us to live in.

Balance and perspective help to ground us and prevent us from being periodically tossed from one side of the spectrum to the other (i.e. extreme states of polarity or the System of Two). Balance and perspective also help to increase our sight which can assist us in transcending various types of deception, manipulation and illusion in this world and better see our true individual paths in life.  

The importance of maintaining balance and perspective may be illustrated as follows:

Imagine a person on a boat out in the middle of the ocean...

In calm seas, a person can stand on the deck of the boat and not have to worry too much about their footing. However, when the seas become rough, having the proper balance and perspective can become critical to their survival.

  • Perspective allows a person to see large waves approaching the boat and thereby take the proper action that is necessary to either maneuver the boat out of harms way and/or brace themselves for the impact of large cresting waves
  • Balance provides the footing (grounding) that is necessary to prevent a person from being thrown from one side of the boat to the other (and possibly overboard)

Having balance and perspective doesn't mean that one should adopt a middle of the road approach or sit on the fence. Rather, it suggests that being grounded (centered and balanced) is an important factor when contemplating action (intelligent movement) and/or personal protection (non-movement when it is appropriate or necessary).

The perspective that is gained from balance allows one to skillfully move through many stormy seas (situations), sight new lands (opportunities) and explore many new beaches (to learn and grow from new experiences and gain additional balance and perspective).

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Metaphorically Speaking
(Metamorphically Speaking)

Concepts may be expressed literally, metaphorically or sometimes they may encapsulate elements of both forms of thought.

Each one of us could be thought of as a self-contained universe that is interacting with many other self-contained universes (other individuals). Each individual universe was created with a Big Bang (birth). Since the Big Bang, each universe has been growing, changing and evolving. Most universes are very complex in nature.

Each individual could also be expressed as a planet. Each planet (individual) exists within different solar systems (families), different galaxies (cultures) within the greater known universe (the Earth).  

The sun warms and illuminates each planet. Planets that are closer to the sun receive more light and warmth while planets that are further away from the sun are usually colder and darker.  

Planets that are very close to the sun can be just as inhospitable as those that are very far away from the sun. With the right understanding (consciousness), one can learn to live directly in the light of the sun or live very far away in the darkness of empty space.

On this planet (Earth) there is a network of many different lighthouses that help to safely guide individual boats over many different seas as they sail from one port to another.  

In the universe, there are many different stars that help to safely guide individual travelers from one destination to another.  

There are social networks, telecommunication networks, computer networks and cosmic networks. There are wires, fibers, trails, paths, roads, gates and highways. And there are cosmic portals, gateways, gates and pathways.

As above, so below.



---------- November 19, 2013 ----------

Good and Evil

There are many different ways of looking at good and evil. Some modes of philosophical thought suggest that there is no such thing as good or evil because these are things that we actually create internally as individuals. On one level, this is correct. For example, every day we are presented with various choices in our direction may support something good (right) while another direction may support something bad (wrong or potentially evil). In this way, we help to create our own individual reality as well as the collective reality that we all experience on one level or another.

However, one individual cannot be held responsible for the will of another individual or the will of society. This is where this particular philosophy of good and evil sometimes gets a little distorted. As individuals, we can choose to personally align ourselves with either good or evil. However, there are also external forces of good and evil in the world which can influence or affect us regardless of our individual choices or actions.  

For example, we can choose to go grocery shopping at an organic food store in a good part of town during daylight hours. These are good choices. However, if a criminal chooses to use his individual freewill to jump out from behind a car, rob us and shoot us, then this is an example of something that is external to us. Of course we can choose to fight back when we are confronted with such a situation, but the initial act was something that was outside of our immediate influence on that particular day.

Bad things sometimes happen to good people and good things sometimes happen to bad people. In fact, in this mixed up messed up world that we currently live in, this sometimes appears to be the rule, rather than the exception.

When many people hear the word karma today, they tend to associate it with a somewhat corrupted interpretation of the concept which suggests that the universe will always take care of us (i.e. the good will always be rewarded and evil will always be punished). Our actions (and inactions) do indeed create various positive and negative effects and consequences (on both a micro level and on a macro level). However, sometimes those effects are not always immediately apparent or understood by us. Regardless of how one defines karma, it should never take the place of personal action and/or the individual pursuit of truth and justice.  

Perception, recognition, participation, action and reaction are all important components of both good and evil.

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The ego is a necessary part of this existence and an important component of who we are as individuals. Therefore, the goal isn't to try and eliminate the ego, rather it is to try and understand it so that we can learn to become masters of the ego instead of slaves to it.

There are many different levels of ego. A complete lack of ego can be just as detrimental as an over-abundance of ego. A person who has learned to master the ego may appear reserved to some or over-confident to others (depending on individual perspective).  

If an individual appears quiet and reserved, this doesn't necessarily mean that they are docile. Likewise, if someone appears very talkative and/or outgoing, this doesn't necessarily mean that they are arrogant or egotistical. There is a healthy balance between consciousness and ego, and that balance will be different for each individual.  

The key to the ego is to find the right balance where we can fully express who we are as individuals without negatively affecting our own consciousness or infringing upon (or passively succumbing to) other consciousness and egos around us.

The ego can never be truly conquered because it is part of who we are as humans. Awareness illuminates both consciousness and ego at the same time. As consciousness grows, so does our ability to recognize and understand the various facets of the ego.

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---------- January 7, 2014 ----------


  • The past moves into the present. The present moves into the future. The future returns to the past. And the past returns to the present. History repeats itself. The Great Awakening is really a learning and a returning to everything that was once known before
  • Night becomes Day. Day returns to night. Night becomes day
  • What is above, manifests below. What is below, manifests above. We learn from below, so that one day we may return to that which exists above

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---------- January 22, 2014 ----------

The Life of a Tree


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Spiritual Arithmetic

Devil + God = Ego -- Mastery of the ego brings one closer to God (light/knowing). Slavery to the ego brings one closer to the "gods" (darkness/ignorance). The ego is like an angel on one shoulder and a demon on the other shoulder

Body + Spirit = Mind -- The mind may be guided by the spirit or the mind may become a slave to the body. Mastery of the mind and body can encourage the spirit to soar like an eagle. Slavery to the mind and body can weigh the spirit down like a heavy anchor

Mother + Father = Child -- A child may grow to become an independent father or mother. Or the father (church) and mother (state) may search for "adult children" to look after (rule over). Humans can either be children of growth or become wards of the Church and State

Earth + Sun = Moon -- The moon may prevent the light of the Sun from reaching the Earth, or the moon may reflect the light of the Sun back to the Earth. The moon goes through many phases (growing old and becoming young once again). The wisdom of the Earth knows the tides of the moon and the cycles of the Sun 

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---------- February 1, 2014 ----------

Coded Messages

The manner in which this series was presented was not meant to be mysterious. Rather, it was my intention to try and illustrate the idea that the very fabric of nature (of both the natural world and the modern world) is deeply encoded with all of the keys that are needed to understand the mysteries of Creation. It is in the seeing of the connections, the recognizing of the relationships and the understanding of those relationships that most of the keys can be found.  

Some people will see the relationships within Creation very clearly. Others may only see some of the connections or perhaps none of them at all. Some may think that it's all just a bunch of random occurrences and/or meaningless nonsense. Others may even call it crazy conspiracy theory.  

In my own life, the most profound realizations that I have had were those that I "discovered" for myself. I put the word discovered in quotes here because (in many ways) there really isn't any new information out there. Rather, most new discoveries happen as a result of new ways of seeing information, experiencing it, understanding it, creating it and presenting it. And in the seeing, experiencing, understanding, creating and presenting of information, there is an infinite amount of variation contained within Creation.  

Discovering (and experiencing) the connections and relationships for ourselves is very important because it helps to create new "pathways" that can point the way to even greater discoveries and additional paths of personal (and universal) travel. Knowledge is usually most meaningful and most beneficial when one "travels" to find it and "seeks" to understand it for themselves. If the universe was to simply lay out everything before us (without the proper realizations), it would be like telling someone the end of a story before it was even written or read. The information would be meaningless and it would not make any sense.

Therefore, each of us is given unique and important pieces of the puzzle (keys) to contribute towards unlocking the mysteries of Creation (should we choose to seek them out). The relationship that we have to each other (our universal connection) is one of the most important aspects of our (current) journey in understanding humanity and who we are as physical and spiritual beings.

Symbolism in the Journey of Understanding

Another important aspect of the journey is seeing and recognizing how the nature of "language" changes as one travels along the path of discovery. Usually the further along that a person travels, the more that one begins to realize that many of the traditional forms of written and spoken language are actually very limited when it comes to understanding, expressing and communicating the mysteries and the art of Creation. This is when imagery, illustration, art, metaphor, music and symbolism become much more important.  

As one travels along the path, various types symbolism that may have gone unnoticed or seemed simple or bland in the past, often begin to take on much more meaning. What was once seen as one-dimensional or as one layer, now becomes multi-dimensional and many layers. It's sort of like going from a world of black-and-white to a world that is full of color. Everything looks more complex and vibrant, but also has more meaning and clarity at the same time.  

Looking around the world today, there appears to be an agenda to try and corrupt and hijack various types of symbolism (and other forms of higher communication) and use it for nefarious purposes. For example, as a result of the enormous amount of symbolism that is often seen in the entertainment industry today, many people now view triangles as something evil and "illumination" as something to be avoided because of its association with the "illuminati". Of course, there are certain forms of symbolism and illumination that are indeed used for dark purposes. However, this (blanket) association of symbolism with the darkside is working to hide the beneficial information that is contained within many other forms of symbolism and illustration.  

Word association is actually a very common and very effective form of (subliminal) programming that is being used quite extensively today to limit language and understanding, dumb-down the population and to help keep many types of beneficial knowledge secret. Personally, I think that it is important to be aware of both types of knowledge/symbolism (light and dark) so that the good can be effectively filtered from the bad.

One of the keys to effective understanding is independent education and thoughtful discernment. A triangle is not dark. Illumination is not bad. Peace (true unity) is not evil. Love of nature is not paganism. Enjoyment of the sun is not sun worship. The definition of occult is "hidden", not evil. "As above so, below" is not a reference to witchcraft. I could go on and on. Again, education and thoughtful discernment are the keys to understanding.


---------- February 2, 2014 ----------

Stand as One
(even if it means standing alone)

One is the Voice of a strong Individual


One is the Hive Mentality of the many in the Collective


One is a Strong Community of many independent Individuals

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The More Awakened Ones

The "More Awakened Ones" are frustrated by the ignorance of the "Less Awakened Ones". The Less Awakened Ones call the More Awakened Ones crazy, nuts, fear mongers and conspiracy freaks. Some of the More Awakened say that the Less Awakened are ignorant because they do not take the time to do proper research or understand the details of the issue. Sometimes the More Awakened Ones make fun of the Less Awakened Ones for their ignorance and their denial.

The Really Awakened Ones

The "Really Awakened Ones" are frustrated by the ignorance of the "More Awakened Ones". The More Awakened Ones call the Really Awakened Ones crazy, nuts, fear mongers and conspiracy freaks. Some of the Really Awakened say that the More Awakened are ignorant because they do not take the time to do proper research or understand the details of the issue. Sometimes the Really Awakened Ones make fun of the More Awakened Ones for their ignorance and their denial.


A conspiracy to one person, may be a valid experience to another. Crazy to the uninformed person (that is in blissful denial), may be fact to a researcher (that looks at all of the evidence). That which is dismissed by the religion of modern science, may be known as fact to the science of spirituality for many millennia.  

The experience of learning and process of growth is/are always unfolding and never-ending because the process of Creation is always evolving and always expanding. This is the nature of progress.

---------- February 5, 2014 ----------

Ignoring, Understanding or Feeding the Darkness?

To ignore that the darkness exists (within/without) is just as dangerous as driving down the highway in a car with the headlights turned off. To recognize and understand the darkness is to travel wisely. To ignore the darkness is an accident waiting to happen. To become enamoured, fearful or lost in the darkness is to feed it and loose sight of the dawning of the (day)light.


The Spider, the Fly and the Web

A spider can walk on the web without getting stuck in it. However, the fly cannot. But if the fly learns to take a different route (around the web) then it will remain free and may continue to travel to its original destination. If there are no flies for the spider to consume, then the spider will not have the raw material that is necessary to spin its webs. Without its web and without flies to consume, the spider cannot survive.

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