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The Spiritual Gatekeepers (part 29) - Balance

The Spiritual Gatekeepers (part 29) - Balance

scales and balance

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February 19, 2013

The Balance of Creation

God created polarities

Then God gave us freewill

Freewill allows us to experience

And our experiences encourage us to grow


God created a balanced foundation

But it is we who create a foundation of balance

God created freewill

But it is we who create the will to be free


Darkness creates an appreciation of the day

And the long days help us to appreciate the night


Challenges help us to appreciate the bliss

And the bliss creates the need to be challenged


To learn the secrets of the light and the dark

Is to learn the secrets within ourselves

And to learn the secrets within ourselves

Is to learn the secrets of the Universe

Footnote Regarding God

God in this context refers to the Universal God (not tied to any single religion), the Creator, the Great Spirit, the Universal Consciousness, Source, Creation, the Universe , etc


God Is That Which Connects Everything Together

God, the Creator, is a loving being (or a state of being). The true Creator does not need to be worshiped. Whether (or not) we choose to be thankful for the blessings in our life is entirely up to us. The Creator of Creation is not a vengeful god, a jealous god, a vindictive god, an egotistical god or a murderous god. The true Creator does not demand, nor desire, human or animal sacrifice. These are the traits of the "gods". 

The gods have genetically modified the Human race and they have socially and psychologically programmed us. They have changed us and they have manipulated us. In some ways, you might even say that they have created us. But even through all of this manipulation, the true human spirit has never been lost. It has remained strong within many of our hearts. It has prevailed once before, and it will prevail once again. 

The Creator does not punish the sons and daughters of Creation (no matter who, what or where they may be). The Creator also does not directly interfere with our evolution (but is always willing to help guide those who sincerely seek guidance). We are all here to experience, to learn and to grow. God (the Creator) is within all of us and works through all of us. We are all separate, but we are also all connected as independent and unique parts of the whole.  

Balance within the greater Universe(s) is always maintained. However, that does not mean that balance is always maintained on the micro level. In nature, things are always changing and always evolving. For example, a planet of light can turn into a planet of darkness while somewhere else a planet of darkness turns into a planet of light. A universe of light may exist beside of a universe of darkness. And a human of darkness may exist beside a human of light.

The scales tip to wherever our energy and our focus flows. Or, equally as important, from wherever our energy and focus is lacking.  

The human race has been advised by a great number of people throughout the ages. The individual path that we choose is entirely up to us. If the same message is given many times over many decades (or over many centuries or millennia) but we still choose not to hear it, is what occurs after that the result of a punishing God, or that of a willfully ignorant child?  

People often joke, mock and ridicule serious situations (and the people who try to communicate the reality of such things). Some people even appear to crave doom and to feed off of it. However, how many of the jokers and doomers out there have actually gone without food for even a couple of days? Without access to clean water? Without heat or air conditioning? Without money? Gasoline? Transportation? Electricity? How many have been in a riot situation before? A war situation? How many have seen (recognized) all of their freedoms stripped away from them? This is not a funny situation or one that should be ignored or wished for. The time to act is not after we have had all of these things stripped away from us, it is before.  

What if someone informs us that it is 30 degrees below zero outside and we go outdoors in a pair of shorts and a t-shirt and subsequently freeze to death. Is that the result of an evil vengeful God? A vindictive winter? Or is the responsibility of that fate entirely our own? People often blame others for their misfortunes. In the short-term, sometimes others are to blame. However, in the long-term it is we, individually, who create and choose our own reality, our own state of balance and our own destiny.

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