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The Spiritual Gatekeepers (part 17) - Spirits in the Sky

The Spiritual Gatekeepers (part 17) - Spirits in the Sky

Image of winged being in the sky

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Awakening to Conscious Awareness

October 7, 2012

Life is abundant. It is everywhere. According to several estimates, there are approximately 9 million different species residing here on Earth. We live in an incredibly diverse ecosystem. However, what we can see with our eyes and perceive with our traditional senses, is only a tiny fraction of what actually exists all around us. 

In fact, there are many other life forms that inhabit the space that we live in. We don't see them because they occupy an area (realm) that is outside of our normal field of perception. Just like humans, these beings can either be benevolent, malevolent or neutral. Many of these life forms communicate with us every day, we are just not consciously aware of it.  

These beings/entities can interact with us on a variety of different levels including dreams/visions, synchronicities, sparks of imagination/creativity, simple ideas or even grand revelations. Communication from both positively aligned beings and negatively aligned beings is possible. It is how we react to those communications that ultimately determines the true nature of the information that we receive.  

These beings/entities can communicate with us by either directly connecting with our consciousness, manipulating the energy in the world around us or by physically appearing to us. For many of these beings, manipulating energy is as natural as us manipulating something in our own physical environment.  

Most of the time, their communication with us is very subtle in nature, however, other times it is more obvious. This is becoming more evident as we begin to awaken to the true nature of this existence and who we are. As we move towards greater understanding and awareness, our natural ability to recognize these communications increases as does their willingness and ability to communicate with us.  

Our time here on Earth is just one brief (but very important) experience in our ongoing spiritual journey and awakening process. Both positive and negative beings (be it human or other) are an essential part of this growth process. 


Sometimes Cirrus (or other) clouds are just clouds. However, other times there is a distinct consciousness contained within those clouds. This consciousness can be clearly felt for those who are open to it and are able to tune into it. Quite often other beings/entities will use a combination of nudges/hints/ideas implanted into our consciousness along with some type of subsequent visual confirmation when they attempt to communicate with us. 

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